Of the Magi

Christmas, 2017. Age 12.


Yesterday I said 2018 had not been a bad year personally. Not exactly true. Bandit blew a knee. Then after treatment he stopped eating, ended up on IV, had his guts x-rayed daily and needed months to recover. No stairs now. Flowing hair shorn to patches. Our walks are shuffles and take forever. He’s deaf in one ear, has cloudy eyes and, despite what he says, I know he’s in constant pain. The clock runneth out.

Yes, only a dog. Of course. We’ve had him eleven years and he was of indeterminate age when we met. Thirteen is the best guess. Might be more. He won’t tell. At least he’ll be with us to shed copiously through one more winter.

Having an old animal is trying and emotional at any time. As you age, it’s worse. Life is a series of gains and losses, punctuated by those events that change everything. Marriage. The birth of children. The death of parents. Fading pets. Each spring that arrives brings your own autumn closer.

So Bandit is the fifth. Three shepherds, one husky and this sad, hurt, shaved shelter beast who turned into a magnificent Chow. The day I walked into that humane society I was defeated, rudderless. He was abandoned, caged for months. We left together.

On this blog I have said canines represent good. No greed, malice or venom. It’s rare to find one unwilling to offer loyalty and love. They value play, routine, company. Watch a service animal for a while and witness one of creation’s best marriages. Seems we all found each other. Therefore it’s no coincidence when you come to this site, you will see a dog.

What does this have to do with Christmas?

I give thanks to have him another year. Jesus knew. Life is the gift.



#1 crowdedelevatorfartz on 12.24.18 at 9:29 am

Great post.
Enjoy your Christmas Garth and give Bandit an extra treat!

#2 The real Kip on 12.24.18 at 9:32 am

Merry Christmas

#3 Braj on 12.24.18 at 9:40 am

He’s such a sweetheart, most dogs are. Merry Christmas Garth!

#4 Linda M Youell on 12.24.18 at 9:42 am

Christmas Eve 2018

Dear Garth, Thank you. Life is good.

May 2019 bless you with good health, good times with good friends.

#5 Jarad on 12.24.18 at 9:42 am

Merry Christmas, Bandit (and Garth)!

#6 joblo on 12.24.18 at 9:44 am

MERRY CHRISTMAS Garth, Dorothy and of course Bandit!
(You Rock.)
Best wishes for Health and Happiness in 2019.

#7 Frank Blood on 12.24.18 at 9:45 am

Merry Christmas to you Garth and family (and Bandit- world’s best blog dog). Thanks for all the good work you do.

#8 Buy Low Sell High on 12.24.18 at 9:47 am

Today, I’m going to give out a milk bone to every dog I meet just as a little token of love for all they provide to us.

#9 Peter on 12.24.18 at 9:48 am

Merry Christmas Garth! Thanks for continuing to share your thoughts and love of dogs and people (we know you are really a big softie inside). Here’s to Bandit and one more good year!

#10 dharma bum on 12.24.18 at 9:48 am

Merry Christmas Garth.
All the best to you and your family.
Thanks for another year if insightful advice and commentary with a healthy dose of humour and sarcasm.
Looking forward to another.

#11 Loon on 12.24.18 at 9:49 am

…and please bless Bandit too for he is a beaut.

#12 TurnerNation on 12.24.18 at 9:56 am

Put your faith in gold(y) right now.

#13 Long Time Lurker on 12.24.18 at 10:02 am

Merry Christmas Garth. Thank you for this blog. Wish you, your family and Bandit good health in the new year.

#14 cmj on 12.24.18 at 10:05 am

I’m thankful that you are able to have another Christmas with Bandit’s unconditional love and loyalty

#15 Godth on 12.24.18 at 10:06 am

#8 Buy Low Sell High
oh geez, you’re one of those people. don’t feed my dog, especially not that garbage, thank you very much.

#16 Dan on 12.24.18 at 10:16 am

A beautifully written truth.
Merry Christmas Mr. Turner.

#17 Canadian Moose aka Eldon Hirsekorn on 12.24.18 at 10:20 am


Thank you for this wonderful, insightful and helpful commentary. Best in the world!

Merry Christmas to you, Bandit and family and all the best in 2019, AND that includes all the blog dogs as well. okay well most of them.


#18 Ex-Cowtown on 12.24.18 at 10:24 am

Merry Christmas to you and your family Garth and to all the Blawg Dawgs!

#19 SamC on 12.24.18 at 10:24 am

I want to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year (family includes Bandit).

#20 Ken Jensen on 12.24.18 at 10:27 am

Amen to your post,

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Garth and Family

#21 Felix on 12.24.18 at 10:31 am

Oh, all right…..Merry Christmas Bandit.

May Santa turn you into a cat – best gift ever!

#22 Property Accountant on 12.24.18 at 10:37 am

Merry Christmas Garth,

Thank you for another year with your blog, your Bandit, Dorothy and the Word of Wisdom – than may fall upon us all yet another year and many years to come.

#23 Mirza on 12.24.18 at 10:49 am

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to you Garth&Your family & colleges & Your Blog followers.

#24 Yuus bin Haad on 12.24.18 at 10:52 am

Service dogs RULE!

#25 Remembrancer on 12.24.18 at 10:52 am

#12 TurnerNation on 12.24.18 at 9:56 am
Uncool but not unexpected given the source…

And Garth, a Merry Christmas to you and yours w/ hopefully a brief break from this…

#26 NumNum on 12.24.18 at 10:53 am

Merry Christmas Garth, I am sorry for what you’ll have to go through. You sound like a kind and compassionate owner. I am sure Bandit could not have lived a better life.

#27 Igor on 12.24.18 at 11:00 am

Merry Christmas!

#28 Franco on 12.24.18 at 11:02 am

I am sure Bandit knows how much you love him and it’s the love that really counts.

#29 Rjag on 12.24.18 at 11:05 am

Thank you Garth, my dogs have helped me more than anything getting through the BS of life. They truly are mans best friend. We could learn so much from them…. how uncomplicated life should be.

#30 yorkville renter on 12.24.18 at 11:07 am

Health is wealth

#31 Sean on 12.24.18 at 11:07 am

Very nice, Garth! Merry Christmas to you and all the blog dogs!

#32 Doug t on 12.24.18 at 11:11 am

Merry Christmas to All – hang in there Bandit


#33 dgb on 12.24.18 at 11:13 am

goodmorning Mr.Garth&Dorothy&Bandit,I just want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas with family and friends. The invaluable information that you give to each and every one of us is very much appreciated. I will need to go to an addiction center if your blog ever becomes silent! Many prayers,wishes and thoughts are with you each and every day. Thank you for all that you teach us through “the greater fool”. You are loved much…Happy New Year,Garth and Family!!

#34 broader mind on 12.24.18 at 11:15 am

Merriest Christmas wishes Sir Garth and family. Thank you for all you try to accomplish.

#35 Ace Goodheart on 12.24.18 at 11:22 am

Merry Christmas to everyone.

Hoping Bandit lives to see many more Christmases.

On a darker note, did anyone notice who the Trumpster picked to replace Mattis? A Boeing executive.

Remember VP Dick Cheney and all the wars that the USA suddenly had to become involved in when the VP of a defence contractor suddenly became involved in politics?

What does Boeing manufacture other than civilian aircraft?

If you guessed military equipment, you are right! Take the prize!


One of the world’s largest manufacturers of military aircraft and other engines of war, Boeing will surely see a surge in their market price now that one of their executives is the US secretary of defence.

#36 Renter in Burlington on 12.24.18 at 11:28 am

Dear Garth, I lost my dear Roxy the dog 2 Christmases ago and I dont think I can go through that again. Who but our dogs accept us for who we are always and greet us so joyously whenever we walk through the door. Enjoy Bandit for as long as he has left. He will always bring you joy.

#37 slam on 12.24.18 at 11:28 am

Merry Christmas to you Garth and your family!!!

#38 Scully on 12.24.18 at 11:28 am

Garth, I lost my mom too young to cancer this year. This Christmas will be difficult. But I am thankful. I am thankful for good friends and family. I’m thankful for your blog. An excellent writer, a rational financial advisor, with values we should all aspire to. Thank you for all you do for us dogs. Merry Christmas to you, Dorothy and Bandit.

#39 Mapleridgeguy on 12.24.18 at 11:28 am

Thank you for the beautiful post. I hope you and yours have a Merry Christmas.

#40 Terry on 12.24.18 at 11:34 am

Thank-you Garth. God and Jesus do know and always remember that God is still in control. God bless you and your family throughout this Christmas season.

#41 Frances on 12.24.18 at 11:36 am

Treasure all the time with Bandit…..what a beautiful dog…such a kind face.

#42 TheBman on 12.24.18 at 11:37 am

Marry Christmas Garth, Dorothy, your colleagues and fellow blogdogs!!

#43 JRH on 12.24.18 at 11:42 am

Merry Christmas Garth.

#44 Shawn on 12.24.18 at 11:48 am

The FED & BOC will likely cut rates in 2019. 50:50 for the FED. 100% for the BOC.

#45 Shaquille McDufferin on 12.24.18 at 11:52 am

Foreigners who poison the minds of hysterical braindead Canadians will bring another lump of coal for millions of citizen working families. While Trudummy laps up the created accolades Canadian children suffer unnecessarily. Gerald Butts and his George Soros funded handlers are making out like bandits while seniors see their tax dollars stolen and sent to dictatorships in third world toilets. Anyone who voted LIBERAL SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF THEMSELVES FOR CHRISTMAS.

If youve bought a yellow vest and some hand warmers for the protests to come Merry Christmas. Its time to man the barricades.

#46 nlabixa on 12.24.18 at 11:53 am

Merry X’mas to you, your family (Bandit included) and to all your blog readers.

#47 Shawn on 12.24.18 at 11:54 am

When the market finally bottoms out in late Q1 it will be the S&P500 that leads again. Everyone is expecting outperformance from EMs. I don’t think so.

$CAD will leg down into the 60s in 2019.

#48 Glengarry Girl on 12.24.18 at 12:03 pm

Merry Christmas Garth, I enjoy reading your blog, I hope you have more time with Bandit. It is a blessing to have loved a Dog. This is my first Christmas without my Dog Rudy. He made it to 14 and died in my arms end of the Summer. I was carrying him in and out to the grass, worried about his pain and discomfort although he also never let on but it was obvious. We had lots of lost sleep for his last days, it was anguishing watching him die, but I’m glad I kept him with me. The Joy and Love that little guy brought our Family in his life is remembered daily. My hubby and I are enjoying time with our three adult Daughters on a Florida Beach this Christmas. Rudy is remembered fondly and in our conversations contantly, we miss him very much.

#49 Barb on 12.24.18 at 12:09 pm

Your post brought tears to my eyes, Garth.

Magnificent Bandit has that knowing look in his eyes…
A vet once told me that a dog will walk on four broken legs to follow his owner.

It’s ONLY through the unconditional love of our dog(s) that we’re truly grounded.
They teach us so much.

We were also at 5 four-legged family members and, at our advancing age, we just couldn’t bear the thought of one more loss.
I haven’t gone for a walk on our acreage since ours died.

So now there’s a hairless house, spotless carpet runners, collar/license hanging on a hook in the garage, dusty bowl beside freezer. No wagging tail at the gate when we arrive home.

I’d trade it all in a heartbeat.

Garth, any chance you’d allow blog dogs to post one dog pic for the New Year?

It would be my pleasure. Send to [email protected]. – Garth

#50 baloney Sandwitch on 12.24.18 at 12:13 pm

Merry X’mas Garth – thanks for the great blog and best wishes to bandit. We love out 2 shih-tzus – both curled up unconcerned at my feet while I watch my portfolio get totally & utterly crushed.

#51 Drill Baby Drill on 12.24.18 at 12:17 pm

Dogs truly are wonders at times. Merry Christmas all.

#52 Merry Christmas! on 12.24.18 at 12:20 pm

Going through a very difficult time with my beloved Simba for the past 20 months. Dogs are wonderful but it is heartbreaking when you lose them.

Merry Christmas everyone.

PS…Santa please make 1 p.m. get here already so we can halt this “healthy correction” ( actually more like a nightmare), for a day or two.

#53 Sm_yyc on 12.24.18 at 12:21 pm

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours Garth! Give my hug to Bandit!

#54 Our Christmas tree on 12.24.18 at 12:24 pm

has small pics of “passed” family members and pets. Miss them all, especially this time of year. Wish we all had more time together but I appreciate what time we did spend together. Make the most of life. It is short. All the best …

#55 DM in C on 12.24.18 at 12:26 pm

Merry Christmas to you and yours, Garth. Thanks for the posts and the efforts.

#56 Samuel on 12.24.18 at 12:34 pm

Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
GOD bless you.

#57 Andrewski on 12.24.18 at 12:37 pm

Merry Christmas to Garth & all the blog dogs!

#58 Dustmaker on 12.24.18 at 12:39 pm

Merry Christmas Garth, and thank you.

#59 Peppy sue on 12.24.18 at 12:56 pm

Pets are the best reminders of what is really important in life. My best to you, Dorothy and beautiful Bandit for a peaceful and loving Christmas. Thank you for all you do.

#60 Original Observer on 12.24.18 at 12:57 pm

“If you take a hungry dog, feed him, and help him prosper, he will never bite you. This is the primary difference between a dog and a man”.

…Samuel Clemens

#61 Crazed and a little confused on 12.24.18 at 1:02 pm

HI garth,
No discussion on money, stocks or real estate. We all know we cannot take it wIth us.
A big hug to bandit. He is your friend and he is in pain. A little sad for those who mean so much to us and we cannot help

#62 Spectacle on 12.24.18 at 1:04 pm

Actually fighting a few tears here Garth.

You know my thoughts and feelings Garth ,
– special guy,
– special Dog,
– massive contribution with your blog.

Merry Christmas to All the Blog Dogs

#63 I pray for Bandit on 12.24.18 at 1:06 pm

I love animals endlessly.
I’m not ashamed to cry when I read it.
He’s your candid spirit, cherish every moment with him.

I haven’t always been nice to you over the years.
No hard feelings this holiday season Garth.

Warm holiday wishes to Bandit and the rest of the family.
Merry Christmas.

#64 In Garth We Trust on 12.24.18 at 1:12 pm

Great post Garth! Dogs have much to teach humanity about unconditional love. They are a gift to mankind. All the best to you and your lovely wife in 2019 and of course to your faithful companion Bandit.

#65 Surfsideboomer on 12.24.18 at 1:17 pm

Merry Christmas Garth,
Beautifully written words. Many thanks for all you do. You are much appreciated.

All the best that life has to offer to you, Dorothy and Bandit.
Bev (Parksville)

#66 Kelly on 12.24.18 at 1:18 pm

Wonderful blog to read on Christmas eve.
Thanks Garth.
Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and good health in 2019.

#67 Sideshow Rob on 12.24.18 at 1:25 pm

An extra reminder to hug your dogs today. They are family.

#68 Cbo on 12.24.18 at 1:29 pm

Thank you for your time, taking my call this year and discussing my options. My boy Junior will be 14 in March. Cloudy eyes, also deaf in one ear but still gets his maniac fits now and again. When we met 7 years ago, we made a deal. For every morning we wake up together we have to take the opportunity to enjoy each other’s company, each passing day. I hope you have many more moments like that with Bandit as we all march forward. Merry Christmas peeps.

#69 South Okie on 12.24.18 at 1:30 pm

Merry Christmas to all

#70 miketheengineer on 12.24.18 at 1:32 pm


Sorry about your dog. I don’t know how this stuff works, but it is supposed to help aged dogs…and owners who have used it, seem to say that the dog’s overall health has improved after using it.

C60 in Olive oil.

They have blended special one for dogs.

Check into it yourself.

I have not used this on a dog. Do some research and check out the Youtube vids on it. You may want to try it…or not…it is up to you.

Good luck and Merry Christmas to you and your family.


#71 espressobob on 12.24.18 at 1:36 pm

Good time of the year to donate to an animal shelter, and we get a tax receipt for the effort. Win Win.

Happy holidays.

#72 gillian angove on 12.24.18 at 1:39 pm

I have been reading your blog for a while, never posted. Just had to say thank-you for saving Bandit. You brought years to my eyes and made me think of all the beautiful dogs that have owned us, and that we have loved dearly, over the years.
Merry Christmas

#73 J on 12.24.18 at 1:42 pm

We’ve been adopting rescue greyhounds for 20 years. Each time we lose one it gets that much harder to adopt the next knowing the pain to come, but the joy they give can’t be beat. And every dog or animal deserves kindness in life from people. Those who love animals of any kind are the best people. Merry Christmas!

#74 Shawn on 12.24.18 at 1:49 pm

The FED could come out and either do an emergency cut or make a statement as early as next week.

The S&P500 is down >10% since the statement

#75 Stephen on 12.24.18 at 1:51 pm

Thanks for another year of blog posts. Your financial advice is always appreciated. But the personal posts like the one today are particularly special. Merry Christmas to you and Dorothy and Bandit.

#76 Blacksheep on 12.24.18 at 1:51 pm

Merry Christmas to Garth & the dogs!

#77 ALFRED E. NEUMAN on 12.24.18 at 1:56 pm

Those who don’t like dogs, we simply don’t like them. Nothing personal .. just the way it is.

I’ve held seven of ours as they’ve departed for Heaven. They know when its time .. they tell you. They wait for you there, to reunite.

And in the interim, although you think YOU pick their successor(s), you actually, do not.

It is our departed pets that orchestrate who you think YOU find as your next, but rather, THEY find you. Coincidences? Never.

To-day I brought home to my wife, seven white roses to their memory. Christmas is about family, friends and fond memories.

Paid for out of our 5-yrs-young pup Stone’s allowance. His idea.

#78 My Gold is falling! on 12.24.18 at 2:00 pm

P3t3r $chiff and Gerald Celente have predicted a recession for 2019.
But rents here in Toronto are obscene as a Playboy magazine.
$1,800+hydro to rent a slumlord apartment in Crescent Town.

#79 greyhound on 12.24.18 at 2:14 pm


#80 Evangeline on 12.24.18 at 2:16 pm

Garth, That was a beautiful tribute to your beautiful friend.

Yes, Jesus knew.

As did the writer of the Book of Revelation.

The word “apocalypse” has taken on a much different meaning in these modern days than the original Greek, meaning “revealing”.

Rev 5:13
¶And every creature which is in heaven, and on the earth, and under the earth, and such as are in the sea, and all that are in them, heard I saying, Blessing, and honour, and glory, and power, be unto him that sitteth upon the throne, and unto the Lamb for ever and ever.

Rev 21:4
And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away.

#81 Man Of The Cloth on 12.24.18 at 2:18 pm

Merry Christmas Garth, and to your family.

#82 acdel on 12.24.18 at 2:21 pm

That face; how can anybody not love dogs? The pic even won Felix over! :)

Merry Christmas to you and loved one’s Garth, thank you, and of course to the rest of the dawgs out there.

#83 mark on 12.24.18 at 2:22 pm

sorry to hear about the dog

So gold is useless eh garth. it will do a bitcoin 2017 very soon

#84 Deplorable Dude on 12.24.18 at 2:24 pm

Happy Christmas Garth to you and your family.

Dogs truly do give unconditional love.

And looks like Trump is alone in the White House……with an Internet connection…….

Buckle up!

#85 tccontrarian on 12.24.18 at 2:29 pm

“Bandit” – now I understand the name: he stole your heart!

Lovely picture, BTW

Enjoy whatever time together you’ve got left, Garth.


#86 Goldie on 12.24.18 at 2:29 pm

Our dogs reflect us and teach us. My dog taught me to care so much more for all animals and all life. I was never the same again.

#87 Evangeline on 12.24.18 at 2:30 pm

Garth, did you name him Bandit because he stole your heart?

#88 Tamsen on 12.24.18 at 2:33 pm

Yes, Christmass is about Jesus. Merry Christmas!

#89 Maka on 12.24.18 at 2:39 pm

Merry Christmas to your family.

I like dogs but cannot handle the attachment. So less attachments less things to worry.

#90 Yanniel on 12.24.18 at 2:39 pm

Heart felt post. Merry Christmas.

#91 MicroGX on 12.24.18 at 2:39 pm

Truth…. thanks for sharing, and well,Thanks.
Happy Holidays.

#92 Rexx Rock on 12.24.18 at 2:45 pm

Give thanks for your blessings and give to a charity in return.Having no kids,pets are the alternative.Lets just say having a pet is a gift from God.Merry Christmas and a HAPPY NEW YEAR !

#93 Viorelli on 12.24.18 at 2:49 pm

Merry Christmas Garth, keep up the great job! You are doing lots of good, many just don’t realize or appreciate. All the best to you and your family.

#94 Sold Out on 12.24.18 at 2:50 pm

Looking fondly upon 4 little urns, and one spindly-legged, little Mexican rescue mutt. A home without a dog is a sad place indeed. Merry Christmas to all good dawgs.

#95 LP on 12.24.18 at 2:59 pm

#49 Barb on 12.24.18 at 12:09 pm
Your post brought tears to my eyes, Garth.

So now there’s a hairless house, spotless carpet runners, collar/license hanging on a hook in the garage, dusty bowl beside freezer. No wagging tail at the gate when we arrive home.

I’d trade it all in a heartbeat.
Ditto with the tears, sobs too. Not for Bandit, worthy as he is, but for all the dogs in my life, the last one Robin. She had to leave us under circumstances I won’t go into here.

It was her habit to stand at the walk-out in the kitchen and then to leave her nose prints on the glass. I’d clean them off, she’d do it again…over and over again she and I fought the battle, neither one of us ever the victor.

After she left for another family I couldn’t bring myself to clean the window. Fast forward to moving day, the house was professionally cleaned for the new people but I couldn’t bring myself to have that glass cleaned. It was the very last thing I did myself before handing over the keys and one of the hardest too.

I’m too old now to have another dog or cat (I love cats too, Felix) because they’d likely outlive me. If I can’t be certain they’d be well loved and looked after when I’m gone it seems irresponsible to bring a pet friend into my home. But in the next few weeks I’m getting another grand-dog who will live with my son’s family. I will make do.

#96 VICTORIA TEA PARTY on 12.24.18 at 3:01 pm



I wish you and yours the best for this season and 2019. We’ve had to say good bye to dogs and cats, in our family, over the decades. We miss them.

Bandit is also special to all of us blog dogs, because not all of us have dogs . We are grateful that you share your stories about this handsome creature.


In a change of subject, I wish to draw all of you to the BNN channel in your area, before tonight is out, and a public service spot from Questrade company.

It shows a lonely little boy, with his toy truck, waiting at the kitchen table for his parent to share food sitting in a frying pan.

He gets up, looks out at the night sky, turns back to the table then looks out the window, all to the music of “Star night, start bright…” Fonts on the screen tell of our nation’s hungry children and how Questrade is helping kids.

Most public service spots don’t attract my attention. But this one is different.

It’s not enjoyable, but emotional if you care about the future of our young people.

I know you all do.

Merry Christmas.

#97 praire person on 12.24.18 at 3:03 pm

Thanks Garth.

#98 Leo Trollstoy on 12.24.18 at 3:05 pm

Poor bandit. The golden yrs they ain’t so golden

All the best. Merry Xmas and happy holidays

#99 Lost...but not leased on 12.24.18 at 3:07 pm

Season Greetings to all and may you all have a prosperous New Year!

#100 Greg Rowinski on 12.24.18 at 3:08 pm

Thanks for another year of educational lessons. Merry Christmas.

#101 dosouth on 12.24.18 at 3:10 pm

Dog’s lives are too short…

Their only fault really.

#102 Hammerhead Hogger on 12.24.18 at 3:11 pm

Yes, life is the gift. Thank you Garth, Doug and Ryan for all that you do. Merry Christmas Mr. Turner & family

#103 not 1st on 12.24.18 at 3:18 pm

Bandit looks pretty perky a year ago. Sorry to hear he has gone downhill.

But you might be interested to know, those shortened life spans for our pets (and us) could be a thing of the past.


#104 boomorbust on 12.24.18 at 3:21 pm

If your veterinarian hasn’t suggested some on going pain medication for Bandit its worth asking. Our elderly Shih Tzu/Bichon Frise had a really good last year and a half thanks to Tramadol. It was like rolling the clock back several years, didn’t stop the clock but he was much happier and even playful without the pain of his arthritis.

#105 Alex on 12.24.18 at 3:22 pm

Merry Christmas and happy new year,
Thank you for all the great posts and I look forward to the coming year!

Thanks !

#106 Ronaldo on 12.24.18 at 3:24 pm

Merry Christmas to you and your family Garth and wishing you a healthy and prosperous New Year. My 10th year following this blog. Hard to believe where the time has gone. Keep up the good work Garth.

#107 Bill Grable on 12.24.18 at 3:28 pm

Mr. Turner – we’re very sorry your beloved Bandit is having his challenges. Big Hug for your pal.

I hope that you and Dorothy enjoy your Christmas on the Atlantic, and thank you for another year of amazing posts here at Greaterfool.ca

Happy New Year!

#108 Smoking Man on 12.24.18 at 3:28 pm

May all you mutts have a greatest xmas ever.

#109 thesecondcomingofjohngalt on 12.24.18 at 3:33 pm

Beautiful post Garth, I read this to my wife, and got 2/3rds of the way through, and I had to stop to collect myself, and control my tears,

Merry Christmas to you ,Bandit, and family.

#110 brydle604 on 12.24.18 at 3:34 pm

Merry Christmas Garth, Dorothy, and Bandit. Thanks for your very informative and entertaining Blog.

#111 Sam on 12.24.18 at 3:37 pm

If only people care so much about their extended families and parents as they do for dogs. Life would be different. Happy holidays.

#112 saskatoon on 12.24.18 at 3:40 pm

Merry Christmas, Garth.

#113 Shawn on 12.24.18 at 3:43 pm

$RUT is down ~28% in 4 months. Provided that we don’t go into a recession I think small & mid caps lead significantly on the otherwise side.

If we enter recession declines will continue.

#114 TurnerNation on 12.24.18 at 3:45 pm

#25 Rem so what’s the cool source for opinions on gold? The market was open today. Or is this slinging your way of remaining ( more ) virtuous than I. Extra points. I hope you win.

#115 Cheese on 12.24.18 at 3:48 pm

Merry Christmas to you and your family sir.

#116 just a dude on 12.24.18 at 3:52 pm

Garth, yet another wonderful post. Thank you.

I can relate. Our 11 year old beastie blew out a knee as well back in ‘16 so it’s been no stairs and no running for her since then either. I miss seeing the sheer joy on her face as she ran like the devil after her favourite toy at the park. The tremendous bursts of speed she was capable of would always blow me away. She still acts like a puppy but her slightly cloudy eyes are a painful reminder of the inevitable that is to come.

Your post is a sober reminder that all our days are numbered and that we should focus on all the good and love that surrounds us. Thanks again. We need reminding.

Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays to you, your Squeeze, Bandit and all blog dogs here.

To those of you who have lost a loved one recently or who find yourselves alone this holiday season, may peace and happiness come your way in the new year.

#117 [email protected] on 12.24.18 at 3:57 pm

Merry Christmas Garth and everyone. Thank you for this blog.

#118 Andy on 12.24.18 at 4:04 pm

Merry Christmas Garth! Yes dogs are the best! All the best to you and yours in 2019.

#119 Bezengy on 12.24.18 at 4:12 pm

While I was frying up some corn pancakes for my chickens this morning, I was wondering how a hard ass farm kid could become such a softy. I had plenty of dogs as a kid, some good, some not so good. It was my responsibility to make sure they behaved, and if they didn’t, well that was my responsibility too. Then came Lily, our family’s Cocker Spaniel, and in 15 short years she changed everything. I sure do miss that little pooch. Merry X-Mas Everyone!

#120 yvrmc on 12.24.18 at 4:13 pm

Your post brought tears to my eyes. My own girl , a lab , is now 14 . In her mind she is 3 and can still sprint like the wind and swim like a shark, retreiving whatever I throw at remarkable speed. Sadly reality is she can now barely move to walk outside to the bathroom. So loyal , so true, so loving and obedient. The greatest friend a human could have . When her time comes I shall miss her terribly. Love from family to Bandit and his family… Merry Christmas .

#121 MSM-Free Zone on 12.24.18 at 4:19 pm

A wall picture in my 10-year old Samoyed’s veterinarian front office reads:

“…Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened….” – Anatole France

Excellent post, Garth. Merry Christmas to all three of you.

#122 ts on 12.24.18 at 4:21 pm

Merry Christmas and best wishes to you, Dorothy and Bandit for a healthy, happy, and prosperous New Year!

Also thanks for this heartfelt post today – brought tears to my eyes.

#123 mark fazakas on 12.24.18 at 4:25 pm

Great article , from one dog lover to another Merry Christmas !!

#124 HT on 12.24.18 at 4:26 pm

Thanks for being part of my daily routine.

Merry Christmas to you and your family, Garth, and you all the blog dogs out there!

#125 Lost...but not leased on 12.24.18 at 4:32 pm


Special thanks to Garth and his gratis gift of this GREATER FOOL BLOG to all of us for the past 10+ years….

Mucho gracias !

#126 jimbo on 12.24.18 at 4:47 pm

merry Christmas Garth….touching to say the least.enjoyed my visit to Lunenburg in sept and visiting your new digs.God bless in “19.

#127 Dolce Vita on 12.24.18 at 4:55 pm

Buon Natale Garth dall’Italia.

You’re a beautiful human being.

#128 Ardy on 12.24.18 at 5:02 pm

Merry Christmas Garth!

A lot of animal owners these days are selfish. So few who selflessly challenge themselves to care for a shelter animal. In spite of all that crusty bravado Garth, your deeds (like offering this blog) show the character so lacking in folks these days.

Like Christmas, life is not about getting, it’s giving.

Bless you Bandit! You make Garth a better man.


#129 john m on 12.24.18 at 5:06 pm

Merry Christmas!…and all the best in the new year!

#130 Party on Garth on 12.24.18 at 5:11 pm

Great post Garth.

Merry Christmas to you, Dorothy, Bandit, and blog dogs.

#131 Michael M Caligiuri on 12.24.18 at 5:14 pm

The unconditional love of a dog is the best gift mankind was given

#132 will on 12.24.18 at 5:18 pm

merry christmas Garth

#133 suburban coyote and pup on 12.24.18 at 5:18 pm

Tears in my eyes as I read your post Garth….all good dogs go to heaven. Blessings to you, Dorothy, and Bandit. Merry Christmas blog dogs.

#134 RickCee on 12.24.18 at 5:20 pm

Thanks for the valuable, straightforward info and advice, Garth. Wishing a Merry Christmas to you and your family!

#135 ALFRED E. NEUMAN on 12.24.18 at 5:21 pm


Why do dogs live less than people?

Here is the answer (according to a 6-Year-old).

As a Veterinarian, I was called to examine a 13-Year-old Irish dog called Belker.

The Dog’s family, Ron, his wife Lisa and their son Shane, were very close to Belker and waited for a miracle.

I examined Belker and found out he was dying of cancer. I told the family I couldn’t do anything for belker, and I offered to do the euthanasia procedure at her house.

The next day, I felt their feelings of full whip when Belker was surrounded by his family. Shane seemed so calm, caressing the dog for the last time, and I was wondering if he understood what was going on.

After a few minutes, Belker fell peacefully in sleep to never wake up.

The child seemed to accept the transition of Belker without difficulty. We sat down for a while to ask why misfortune makes dog life shorter than human beings.
Shane, who listened carefully, said, ” I know why.”

What he said then surprised me: I never heard a more comforting explanation than this. This moment changed my way of seeing life.

He said, “people come to the world to learn to live a beautiful life, like loving others all the time and being a good person, right? ”

“Well, as dogs are already born knowing how to do all this, they don’t have to stay as long as we do.”

The moral of history is: If a dog was your teacher, he’d teach you things like:

* when your loved ones come home, you always have to go say hello;

* never let an opportunity to go for a walk;

* experience fresh air and wind;

* Run, jump and play every day;

* Improve your attention and let people touch you;

* Avoid ” bite ” when only a ” growl ” is sufficient;

* in hot days, lie on the grass.

And never forget: ” when someone has had a bad day, stay silent, sit near him and gently make him feel you are here…”

It’s the secret of happiness that dogs teach us every day.

#136 NoName on 12.24.18 at 5:24 pm

Merry Christmas and all the best in new year.


#137 Dave Hanson on 12.24.18 at 5:25 pm

Merry Christmas Garth and best wishes to you and yours. Thanks for information and insights that have helped me and many others. Love to Bandit.

#138 Stealth on 12.24.18 at 5:27 pm

Merry Christmas Garth his family and his team.
Thank you

#139 Ustabe on 12.24.18 at 5:28 pm

Merry Christmas all and to Bandit tell the Boss you want warmed blankets to sleep and nap on/under.

When we had the clinic we had an actual warming cabinet, fresh, warm bedding for the taking but a few moments in the dryer works well too.

Conversely, place a heating pad under his bedding.

Speaking of cons…how lame is this man?

#140 1% Prepper on 12.24.18 at 5:30 pm

Who’s cutting unions in here?

#141 Geoffrey on 12.24.18 at 5:32 pm

Life is a gift! Merry Christmas Garth!

#142 David Pylyp on 12.24.18 at 5:33 pm

A dog is unconditional love.

Getting old is just for the mean, the tough and surly. You have to grit your teeth and endure the hardships of age relishing our golden years.

Be well my friend.

David Pylyp

#143 Juve101 on 12.24.18 at 5:36 pm

Beautiful moving post sir. Merry Xmas!

#144 theoryAndPractice on 12.24.18 at 5:36 pm

Merry Christmas and happy new year !

#145 Mrs. Fool on 12.24.18 at 5:41 pm

Merry Christmas to everyone!!! Happy holidays!!! And a big thank you to our host for the amazing gift he gives to us everyday.

#146 Troy McClure on 12.24.18 at 5:48 pm

I must have been cutting up some onions. Yeah, that’s why my eyes are tearing up.

Merry Christmas, Bandit, and all other blog dogs!

#147 50 YEARS OF MAPLE LEAF INCOMPETENCE! on 12.24.18 at 5:48 pm


I could only wish that the people of the GTA could take a pause from senseless violence and killing each other, and instead hug their dogs and care for their families. It would make the whole area much more livable.

Merry Christmas to all.

#148 Long-Time Lurker on 12.24.18 at 5:57 pm

#13 Long Time Lurker on 12.24.18 at 10:02 am
Merry Christmas Garth. Thank you for this blog. Wish you, your family and Bandit good health in the new year.

>Not me again but nice message. Bad market call two weeks ago and lose the man-bun. Ha!

Now I know how The Real Mark feels. Anyway, any bad calls are his.

Garth, give Bandit a treat and Merry Christmas again everyone!

#149 Tim on 12.24.18 at 5:57 pm

All the best to you and your family this Christmas, Garth. Thanks for all your writing and advice over the years.

#150 Muttley O'Toole on 12.24.18 at 6:06 pm

I have to post to say thank you to Sir Garth Turner for another great year of informative posts and wonderful doggy pictures & stories.
I firmly believe God put dogs on this earth as a constant reminder to us of that unconditional love is above all things.

#151 Dan on 12.24.18 at 6:15 pm

Merry Christmas.
May this year ahead be the best yet!

#152 Barb on 12.24.18 at 6:34 pm

Garth very graciously will allow us to post one dog pic (in his reply to post #49).

Send your loved dog photo to our friend Bandit:
[email protected]

Thank you Garth for allowing this.

We’ll start the New Year with the kindest smiling eyes we’ve known.

#153 SmarterSquirrel on 12.24.18 at 6:38 pm


Your post today reminded me of the last time I saw my shep. Got him when I was ten and got to enjoy 14 years with him.

Hope you get to enjoy more time with Bandit and hope Bandit gets to enjoy it with as little pain as possible.

All the best to you and yours. Thanks for all the insight you provide including the non-financial and non-political thoughts. Always good to reflect on the wonders and joys of life.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

#154 AGuyInVancouver on 12.24.18 at 6:53 pm

Who could resist that face? Happy Holidays to you, Bandit, the Boss and all your family.

#155 cecil1 on 12.24.18 at 7:00 pm

Merry Christmas:

Enjoy the real beauty and truth of the season


#156 WUL on 12.24.18 at 7:01 pm


You shine like a diamond. I’m glad that in about 2013 while in Fort Mac I discovered this priceless service you provide.

I extend my very best wishes to you, Dorothy, dear Bandit, all your readers and all my kennel mates here in the comment section for a healthy and happy 2019.


#157 Brad on 12.24.18 at 7:08 pm

Merry Christmas Garth!! Thanks for the valued information.

#158 Yogi on 12.24.18 at 7:09 pm

Been forever since I commented but have been reading the blog for 10 years.

You made me cry today… amen Garth

Thank you for all that you give, you have helped my family a ton. We happily rent and have enough to retire and I am 45… you do good work, thank you and merry Christmas to your family.

#159 kc on 12.24.18 at 7:21 pm

Merry Christmas Garth, Thanks keeping the blog going! All these years!!

#160 April on 12.24.18 at 7:22 pm

Great to see Bandit in the feature spot. Merry Christmas to you both. Happiness is giving back to this wonderful species by caring for one (or two or three) from puppy through to the senior years. Its always painful to see them age and to eventually say goodbye. A lifetime of warm, unconditional companionship makes the hard parts worth it.

#161 Roberto Padinha on 12.24.18 at 7:31 pm

Just wanted to wish you and your family a merry Christmas

#162 mitzerboyakaQueencitykidd on 12.24.18 at 7:31 pm

old dogs and children and watermelon wine

happy christmas and a merry 2019 everybody

#163 Silent Night... "Dog" is "God" in reverse.. on 12.24.18 at 7:33 pm

It is posts like this one that give you most credibility in my eyes! Bandit, Dorothy and you are in my thoughts and prayers.
I have sat a long time over this post…words fail in situations like this. I have had 5 times as many dogs as you (life is too short – so many deserving dogs need help out there)….they come to me usually in the condition Bandit is now (mostly worse)….it never gets any easier.
Dogs are like children- they accept limitations without all the emotional connotations of adults. If Bandit wants to downplay his problems …let him. Follow his lead – be upbeat…remember he can read your mind and your mood will be reflected in him. He is telling you- life is very precious where there is love.

Cook for him….dark turkey meat(NO GRAVY), sweet potatoes, broccoli…..raw food. Supplements…judicious pain meds. “Though much is taken, much remains….”
If you want more advice ….I think you have my email.
For human patients I have office hours…for dogs: I am available round the clock, free advice. I mean it.

And when Bandit is no longer with you- I have advice about this too. People always say “it is too hard for me to do this again” …remember – then you only are feeling sorry for yourself and it is not about you. You have a great family/home and while you delay feeling sad/ sorry for yourself…another deserving dog is living out his short life in misery waiting…. Bandit- or any other dog can never be replaced…but a new dog needing training will be a distraction – you will never regret it.
(where many of my dogs originated…)

I have a manger scene (found on internet) …with all the creche figures as dogs …some people may think it is blasphemous …but I respectfully disagree.
Merry Christmas!

#164 rookie57 on 12.24.18 at 7:37 pm

Garth, Dorothy, and Bandit,

Merry Christmas!

I look at the number of different posters with positive messages today and realize how many lives you have touched with your posts. Obviously everything is not doom and gloom and the daily posters are not a real reflection of your total audience. Keep up the good work.

#165 Atrate on 12.24.18 at 7:41 pm

Loved your post, Garth. Having a pet is the greatest joy, but comes with the potential for the most profound sorrow when we inevitably have to watch them walk the darkest road far, far too soon and well before we are ready. I love dogs, but my lifestyle doesn’t lend itself to having a dog. So, instead, I treasure a 13 1/2 year old cat who has seen me through some pretty dark times, as well as some pretty wonderful ones. When the day comes that I have to say good-bye, I will be gutted. I will hate it. But I will do what needs to be done. I wish you a very Merry Christmas, and my hope for Bandit is a pain-free and happy time, whatever time is left.

#166 Out Of Work CEO, Will Travel on 12.24.18 at 7:43 pm

Feliz Navidad.

#167 DON on 12.24.18 at 7:47 pm

I have a dog that acts like a kid and a cat that plays fetch (dog not into fetch). Inherited the mountain dog and rescued the kitten. I figure the dog taught the kitten to play catch so he didn’t have to. Felix, if it makes you feel any better I have an older cat that acts like a King, He only bows to the Boss.

Merry Christmas Garth, Doug, Ryan, Blog Dogs.

Enjoy your time with friends and family (human or not).

#168 Rural Rick on 12.24.18 at 7:47 pm

Merry Christmas Garth to you and yours. May you all have many more comfortable days together. Give Bandit a hug for me.

#169 raisemyrent on 12.24.18 at 7:54 pm

Beautiful post. We just got our pup back after a few days with my in-laws and the first thing we did was have a much needed nap, together. It’s been a long year and a long few days but in an instant, everything was right again.
Happy holidays everyone.

#170 Whitey on 12.24.18 at 7:55 pm

Merry Christmas to you Garth and Bandit and the Mrs.

#171 Northone on 12.24.18 at 7:58 pm

Merry Christmas Garth

Life is a gift, enjoy your time with the people and animals you love.

#172 Snapdginger on 12.24.18 at 8:12 pm

You nailed it.

Thank you for all you do and the love you put into this project.

#173 Petawawa Renter on 12.24.18 at 8:14 pm

To Garth, Bandit, and all of us unwashed plebes in the steerage section: A very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Thank you, Garth, for 365 days of free info and patience for the ‘entertaining’ comments section. My life has changed for the better since stumbling onto this blog two years ago.

#174 the Jaguar on 12.24.18 at 8:21 pm

I had a feeling about it. The references and photos had become more infrequent. Last weekend a story in the G&M about the importance of a dog in a person’s life that I was unable to finish. I just put it aside.
There are no words. What do we do when we love something or someone more than ourselves and we can’t save them? This is the misery of being human. We think we exist in a higher place, but it’s desolate without them. It’s small consolation, but what a wonderful life you were finally able to give him. And when it’s time to go he’ll be with the loves of his life.

#175 Rich C on 12.24.18 at 8:24 pm

Merry Christmas Garth! Thankful to have been introduced to your blog six years ago. Wishing you good health!

#176 Nonplused on 12.24.18 at 8:46 pm

“This is not a platform fo AB secessionists. If you wish to leave Canada, start by leaving here. – Garth”

Ok, but that isn’t a violation of your terms, that’s censoring political content.

Alberta, like Quebec, is not going to secede if we can get better terms on the transfer payments, like Quebec did when they actually had a vote to secede, at least until the oil crises goes away, in which case I am sure we’d be happy to start paying in again.

It’s a conversation that has to be had. Quebec is taking transfer payments that in large part come from Alberta (yes I know the total biggest dollars come from Ontario but not per capita Alberta is 4x’s higher) whilst Alberta has to borrow money to come up with it. I think it was all fair and didn’t have a problem with it when Alberta was thriving. We need some relief now, and Trudeau (look I spelled his name right so as not to get deleted) is not providing it in any meaningful way.

As I understand it the transfer payments are not due to be reviewed until 2021. That’s the problem with governments, they think they can draw straight lines into the future. Simple minded folk every one of them.

Anyway, if you want to rebut the case for Alberta to use the Quebec playbook I think that’s fair. The conversation has to be had, both sides need to be aired. But to delete it for that reason? You risk your reputation for impartiality. And the talk is occurring, so don’t get blindsided when Jason wins this spring. Quebec is taking our money but they’d rather buy oil from the Saudis, even with all that they have been up to. This will not stand. Dirty Alberta oil? Well maybe a bit dirtier but not much and we don’t have any head-choppers. Also our women have been allowed to drive since the cars first got here.

Alberta should cut ties with Canada simply for the reason that the rest of you continue to do business with the Saudis, as if nothing has happened.

#177 espressobob on 12.24.18 at 8:57 pm

I feel like my former comment is incomplete. You see there are a lot of individuals who devote their time selflessly in an effort to do something about abused animals. Big hearts and unsung heroes working hard.

Without people like this maybe a connection with a loving animal wouldn’t be possible in the first place.

The best present anyone will ever receive is the one they give.

#178 Interstellar Old Yeller on 12.24.18 at 9:04 pm

Merry Christmas, Garth, Dorothy, and Bandit! I’ve been through the old-dog sunset process. Extra hugs to you all this year.

#179 Marc Roger on 12.24.18 at 9:06 pm

Merry Christmas Garth et al.

#180 KLNR on 12.24.18 at 9:10 pm

happy holidays Garth!

#181 SW on 12.24.18 at 9:11 pm

Many thanks for all you do, Mr. Turner!
A Merry Christmas to all!

#182 Nonplused on 12.24.18 at 9:13 pm

PS I wrote my comment on the delete yesterday before reading this post.

Whether we disagree on certain subjects, we can agree that dogs are beautiful and it is deeply saddening when the time comes, which always comes to soon. We aren’t geared to understand 15 year lifespans. It’s like every time a child has died.

But I know you gave Bandit a good life. So sad, but let’s not count the tears let’s count the joyful moments. There are still some ahead, although it sounds like twilight approaches. I have a dog. I’m not looking forward to saying goodbye.

#183 Gyga on 12.24.18 at 9:24 pm

Great post.
Mery Christmas, Garth!!!

#184 Ian "Blog Dog" on 12.24.18 at 9:38 pm

Merry Christmas Mr. Turner to you and your family. Many thanks for your though-provoking (and immensely entertaining) posts.

#185 Rargary on 12.24.18 at 9:43 pm

Merry Christmas Garth
Bless Bandit that he and all.of us made it to see xmas.

#186 stage1dave on 12.24.18 at 9:46 pm

Well said said, Mr. Turner…tho must confess as I write this that there is two very content but somewhat lethargic cats curled up on the bed alongside me and the wife.

And they got nowhere near the Crown Royal!

Merry Christmas to all!

#187 TheDood on 12.24.18 at 10:00 pm

Cannabis doggy treats!

Imagine the doggy dreams……bitches, rap, hot tubs, more bitches, and bones!

#188 Fish on 12.24.18 at 10:17 pm

Thankyou Always

#189 Brian on 12.24.18 at 10:20 pm

So sorry about Bandit. They truly are man’s best friend. To ease his pain, you can try him on some movoflex ( eggshell membrane for dogs ), turmeric powder with fresh ground pepper,fish oil and CBD oil. And of course your vet can prescribe pain killers like gabapentin and tramadol. Merry Christmas !!

#190 paracho on 12.24.18 at 10:22 pm

Thank you for adopting a sheltered dog . Way too many end up in shelters . Way to many irresponsible and ruthless inhuman individuals purchase these loving dogs at exagggerated prices from pet stores and puppy mills and then heartlessly abandon them ! Cruel !
You did the right thing by adopting him and caring for him till the end . We can learn a lot from dogs .
Merry Christmas !

#191 akashic record on 12.24.18 at 10:42 pm

Merry Christmas.

Thank you Creator for the greatest gift: life.

#192 Cici on 12.24.18 at 10:50 pm

Sweet blog tonight, and oh boy, do I know your joy and pain.

But in my case, the sweet charitable angel who found me when I was defeated and rudderless is an adorable and attention-starved cat.

She’s at least 14, and I’ve been blessed with her company for the past 10 years. She’s been going strong the whole time, but we just found a large growth on her tummy that needs to be removed ASAP, so she’ll be operated on Thursday. I pray she’ll make it through with no complications, and no undue pain or suffering. And that that the growth is not cancerous and won’t come back. Because she is wondeful, and she is family.

Peace out, and wishing all the blog dogs and cool cats a wonderful, safe, joyful and prosperous Holiday Season and New Year.

#193 Fortunate one on 12.24.18 at 11:01 pm

Merry Christmas Garth. Please give Bandit lots of hugs and snuggles for me.

Merry Christmas everyone.

#194 Ace Goodheart on 12.24.18 at 11:17 pm

So The Donald has indicated his displeasure with the Federal Reserve Bank and its Chairman Jerome Powell. I believe we all know what happens next. Trump will fire Mr. Powell at some point in the New Year, probably late January or early February if his historical firings are any indicator.

Mr. Powell will be replaced by a person who will do Trump’s bidding.

But at this point, does it really matter?

Powell already has a choice, and it is a stark one. Do what the President tells you, or be fired. Trump is not going to tolerate another Fed rate increase. Powell will be fired if he raises interest rates again.

So at this point, US monetary policy is no longer a secret, and we don’t have to try to guess what the Fed will do. If rates are raised again, Trump will fire Powell and put someone in his place who will not raise rates (and who will lower them if the President tells them to). If Powell wants to keep his job, he will not raise interest rates again.

We are entering uncharted territory here. The United States is acting like Zimbabwe. And we all know what happened to the value of their currency when their President started screwing around with their Central Bank…..

#195 Not So New guy on 12.24.18 at 11:24 pm

Only been here a few months but it feels like a long lost home.

Appreciate what you do here and that you let others voice their opinion even if it is completely opposite and maybe even a little crazy. Sometimes the best way to learn is to see what others see when you refuse to see it yourself

Pets are awesome. I had them myself when growing up. Being single and a renter they make it difficult to rent in the world. Plus much of the money I make goes to the starving in our world. If we had the decency to feed all our poor brethren then a pet would probably be my next priority

Merry Christmas

#196 Gmac on 12.25.18 at 12:14 am

Merry Christmas Garth. I’m with you on the pooches. Best friend you will ever have. No judgment, just loyalty. Keep up the posts. They’re the only thing that keeps me sane with all the propaganda about real estate.
Please don’t ever quit.

#197 Smoking Man on 12.25.18 at 12:24 am

Xmas eve at a casino in Southern California. . We had our xmas dinner on dec 1st in Orilia .

All the family members I use to hate showed up. It was nice. I actually missed them. Distance makes the hearth go fonder.

So tired of all the fake people and agendas.

Merry What ever. Love you all even the haters. It’s Jesus thing.
I never bought into it. But it’s good.

Hugs and kiss for all. Especially dogs. Gift from heaven.

Long live Bandent, Sofie and Wyatt.

#198 Smoking Man on 12.25.18 at 12:48 am

T2 is owned by Saudi Arbaia. The second the Star Bucks dewelers figure it out. NDP will get the check box.

Canadian trees eat 30% more co2 Canadian industry makes. No logic in the young minds. I blame your retaterd teachers. To scared to risk to stupid to invest. Seathing with jealousy for those of us than are not afraid to gamble and show off our boats.

They seek validation while knowing they are idoits.

That’s why I’m around. . thick skin and huge toxic nuts

I fear no man or God. It’s an exclusive club. Not everyone gets in.

#199 the Awakened One on 12.25.18 at 12:56 am

Merry Christmas to you and yours Garth, and to that cute, cuddly monster Bandit !!
Impermanence is the ultimate truth that permeates things… Realizing this truth, we will be awakened and live our lives to the fullest. Thou all shalt reincarnate in the infinite sphere of Doggy Heaven universe…

#200 Gulf Breeze on 12.25.18 at 12:56 am

I have a mini schnauzer who is going to be 15 years old soon. I’ve nearly lost her from various ailments about 5 or 6 times in the last 6 years.

She’s tired and grumbly at times just like me. I am sure her hips hurt her a little bit she still relishes going for walks and has a spring in her step. Her vision is very good still.

But deaf? Omg! And hungry all.the.time. We are aging together and have a lot in common.

I feed her whatever she wants as long as it doesn’t make her sick. We share the odd blueberry muffin, chicken with gravy, halibut, sockeye salmon, (her not me).

Feeding dogs nothing but the same dry dog food all the time is nasty. They need a little variety if for no other reason than it vastly improves their quality of life.

Garth, I am so sorry to hear about Bandit. You have sure given him a superb life, so far though. And I so hope for your and Bandit’s sake that he goes slowly and gently, gently.

If you ask most people who they grieved the most when they died it often isn’t a person but a pet.

When they get to be this old the key words are love, love, indulge indulge.

Merry Christmas to one and all! And thank you Garth for your blog!

#201 Al on 12.25.18 at 12:56 am

It’s not just a dog. Enjoy every moment! Merry X-Mas!

#202 Jpn on 12.25.18 at 1:01 am

Merry Christmas Garth. As you, this will be our last Christmas with our “Bo”.. similar age .. similar issues. We will love him untill the end and beyond. Best regards.

#203 Puzni on 12.25.18 at 1:04 am

Merry Christmas to you and your family Garth!

Thank you for all the great posts!


#204 Crazyfox on 12.25.18 at 2:20 am

Merry Christmas everyone!

#205 flamed out in Kitchener on 12.25.18 at 2:35 am

Thanks for clearing through all the noise for what really truly matters most. Time with who you love, and loves you, … on 4 legs and on 2.

All the best for 2019 to you and Dorothy, and Bandit.

Thank you for all of your efforts over the years … and for being one of the most mindful, authentic and honest leaders this country ever had, yet never had the chance to fully appreciate.

Merry Christmas

#206 SWL1976 on 12.25.18 at 3:31 am

Simple yet meanigful posts like this have kept me a daily reader since I discovered this blog way back when

Cheers, to Bandit, cheers to you Garth, and cheers to this disfuctional family here at the greaterfool

Merry Christmas all


#207 Stan Brooks on 12.25.18 at 4:30 am

Merīkurisumasu, soshite happīnyūiyā

#208 Steve French on 12.25.18 at 5:18 am

Merry Christmas to all from Australia, and to all a good night!

Yes, even to you, Smoking Man


#209 When Will They Raise Rates? on 12.25.18 at 6:54 am

Sorry to hear that Garth. I hope he gets better and gives you another 5 years.

But whatever happens, know that you did all that you could and you gave him a life that nobody else could have and he loves you for that.

Merry Christmas and thanks for all you do. You have touched lives and It is appreciated.

#210 Shawn on 12.25.18 at 7:33 am

Canada should be in recession by Q3 2019. I think the US avoids recession but GDP slows to 1-1.5% annualized.

#211 Joyeux Noël on 12.25.18 at 7:50 am

Joyeux Noël Garth, Dorothy and your special one Bandit. I wish you tons of health and happiness in 2019….the rest you can buy yourself!

#212 IHCTD9 on 12.25.18 at 8:47 am

Merry Christmas Dogs, Garth and family, and staff of TI. It’s a chilly, somewhat white morning out here amid the ice flows of rural Ontario, and I’ve got both stoves pumping out the heat.

Thanks to Mr. T for another year of good humour and great advice.

Here’s to a great 2019!

#213 Ponnaps on 12.25.18 at 8:56 am

As they say, the very best of friends start looking like each other.

Merry Xmas to you and Bandit.

#214 Trumpocalypse2018 on 12.25.18 at 9:36 am

Please stay tuned:


Awaiting the latest news from the White House any moment now.

Open your presents quickly. Use gift cards today to buy canned goods at gas stations and 7-Eleven. Fill up the tank. Load up your tree, you will need the firewood.

PREPARE (turkey with stuffing until further notice)

#215 Salutations Sally on 12.25.18 at 10:23 am

A Very Merry Christmas to Bandit and to Bandit’s Family. Bandit certainly has a wise and calming expression on his face.

#216 crowdedelevatorfartz on 12.25.18 at 10:30 am

@#214 Trumpocalypse2018

Are you having guests over to the Bunker for Christmas Tinner Trumpy?


Brought to you by your fave shopping website!

And the bonus of not choking on a turkey bone?
Only 6 more sleeps til you get to update your name !!!!!!

#217 Bytor the Snow Dog on 12.25.18 at 11:03 am

Merry Christmas to Bandit, Garth, D, and all of the blog dogs.

#218 maxx on 12.25.18 at 11:05 am

Each and every life unique, no matter what form it takes….

He couldn’t have a better companion than you – he had your back when you had that terrible fall and you’re there for him now.

Bandit knows he is well-loved.

#219 Tracey Schroeder on 12.25.18 at 11:19 am

Thank you for this reminder of what is really important in life, even though it made me cry. And I hope that the beautiful comments in response to your post are a reminder for you that the negative people who often comment here are the minority, and most of us who read your blog rarely take the time to comment but do truly appreciate you and your advice. Wishing you and yours a blessed Christmas.

#220 conan on 12.25.18 at 11:30 am

Merry X Mas, etc everyone. Hard decisions ahead re your loyal friend. Hope you decide to get another dog. Bandit would want that.

#221 Vangrrl on 12.25.18 at 1:00 pm

Haven’t been here in about 2 years. Today I thought of you, Garth, and came here to do some catching up.
And saw this post about Bandit…
I left Vancouver four years ago after my best buddy died at 15 yrs and 11 months. I was LOST. Now I’m living in Europe and have another best buddy who is 15 (took over his care from a relative). Couldn’t stop myself, I can’t live without a dog.
Enjoy every blissful moment with your B. Best wishes for the new year, and I think I’ll drop by again more often :).

#222 Pelican on 12.25.18 at 3:05 pm

So many people follow this blog to learn about finances but the thing that captivates is the personal touch such as the story about Bandit. Thank you for the gift you have given to us over the years. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

#223 finance mart on 12.26.18 at 4:33 am

interesting blog..

#224 Kitkat on 12.26.18 at 2:26 pm

Very good post Garth.
Thanks much.

#225 chopstix on 12.27.18 at 10:02 am

luv dogs, and miss having one..but being single it’s tougher to truly give them the care they need.

when i was dating a woman for nearly 2 yrs, she had a blue heeler….I totally loved that crazy, loyal, and fun dog named Comet…hanging with him brought back so many wonderful feelings/memories when i was much younger with my own dogs (mostly german shepherds).

anyway we broke up and a few months later and then we ran into each other…she noted how her dog had incurred some hip issues after running after a squirrel on one of their long walks, and as a result could no longer continue on their outings together.
comet just looks at her sadly when she leaves for her own walk…we chatted a bit more and then left….such longing and sadness started to well up in me…i started to lose it and began to cry hard, as i missed both her and that wonderful dog so much.
in short, dogs have such a wonderful way of weaving themselves steadfastly into our hearts, never letting go.
our lives are always made so much richer with a good dog.

#226 TRUMP 2020 on 12.27.18 at 2:59 pm