Star 2, truth 0


“Christina Cleveland was feeling overwhelmed by the process of buying her first home.”

So began a feature story in the Toronto Star two days ago, accompanied by a honking big picture of the fetching Christina assaulting a cucumber. Turns out the management consultant from the distant GTA burb of Milton learned a valuable lesson as she minced through the minefield of home ownership – mortgage brokers are good. You should use one.


“A friend suggested she go with a mortgage broker, who facilitated things,” the Star reporter wrote. “She did. ‘He has relationships with many banks and financial institutions, so he was able to provide me with a variety of options and rates,’ Cleveland says. ‘And the rate I got from the broker was better than what I was able to find on my own.’”

There may be a good reason for that.

The Star’s go-to guy for mortgage broker information, and presumably Christine’s lender, is Raj Babber. He is president of Toronto-based CLN Mortgages, a broker, former banker (Canada Trust, CIBC) and head of the Independent Mortgage Brokers Association of Ontario. In the article Babber pumps brokers as being independent, well-trained and more flexible than the banks.

RAJ BABBER  “In trickier situations, where individuals might be self-employed or their credit might be flawed, brokers have access to private funds and specialized institutions that could meet the needs of that particular client,” he told staff reporter Ryan Starr.

What Raj did not tell Ryan (at least what didn’t make it into print), is that his wife, who is Director of Marketing at CLN Mortgages, has a sister. Michelle Cleveland-Babber’s sibling is, you guessed it, Christina Cleveland. In fact Michelle was so proud that the Toronto Star fell for their professional ménage a trois that she bragged about it for a few hours on her Facebook page.

Facebook Christine

If this reminds you of the Star story last week in which a condo tenant bitched about unfair rent hikes, and turned out to be a mortgage industry executive, then you have an additional insight on the state of Canadian journalism. That story featured Kerri-Lynn McAllister, a media marketing whiz specializing in social media, whose income depends on consumers chasing mortgages to buy (among other things) condos. Did she dupe the Star into portraying her as a hapless victim renter to underscore the benefits of owning? Or did the Star reporter (Susan Pigg) know this and suppress it?

Beats me. But KLM was some pissed with your scribe, and let the Twittersphere know all about it.


Of course now we have a story promoting mortgage brokers featuring the sister of an executive at a mortgage brokerage firm that her husband is president of, who is used as an expert source for the same story, and likely arranged her mortgage. That might have all been okay, if somewhat smelly, had any of it been disclosed. Then readers would have been fully aware of not only a serious conflict of interest, but a nepotistic bias in the comments being made.

I’ve nothing against mortgage brokers. Many do an outstanding job and love their clients. I have nothing against the Star. It’s the largest newspaper in Canada and has a rich and deep history of truth-telling. But this is an appalling breach of reader trust. And another nail in the media coffin.

“If your bank can’t offer you a competitive rate, you can consider following Christina Cleveland’s example, and take your mortgage business elsewhere,” the article concludes. “’People might think they’re loyal to one particular institution, and that’s great. But if they’re not going to give you the best rate on the biggest debt you’ll have, why would you continue to work with them?’ she asks.”

Perhaps because they’re honest.


Testimonial from CLN web site in which Christina Cleveland claims to have first met Raj Babber as a mortgage broker – even though he is the husband of her sister. This family relationship was not disclosed by the Toronto Star. The testimonial was removed by CLN after this blog post was published.

Update: On May 4th the Toronto Star added the following clarification to the article referenced above. Disclosure is a good thing.



#1 Alan on 05.02.13 at 3:41 pm

nice one

#2 Craig on 05.02.13 at 3:43 pm


Good work Garth, you nailed their asses again.

That puts the Toronto Star in Tabloid territory, in my opinion.

Great Job

#3 I am in C on 05.02.13 at 3:55 pm

Garth . The most frightening thing about all this is the F___ you attitude from KLM.

#4 Sye on 05.02.13 at 3:55 pm

Oh man. This is a new low for the Star.

#5 The Peg on 05.02.13 at 3:55 pm

Busted! Nice sleuthing Garth (and you’re really early today)!

#6 Not on the boat on 05.02.13 at 4:00 pm

Lol. Nice one…

#7 Brian on 05.02.13 at 4:02 pm

Brilliant journalism.

Why I am not surprised hearing of a planted storey?

Friends of mine in PR make a career penning articles for lazy journalists; they appear in newspapers and magazines. Content has costs, borne either by the marketer or the media company, but ultimately it’s the consumer bearing the cost on the front-end (subscription) or the back-end (product). This is how it’s done, which is why the mass-media is worth what you pay for it.

BTW, they were giving away The Star for free at Union Station this morning…

#8 Craig on 05.02.13 at 4:04 pm

Garth won’t say it but I will;

Do you folks know what a full page add, like this story takes up, in the Star would cost a company?

I’m guessing but a full page might go for around $50,000…more?

Anyone know for sure?

What I’m purely speculating on is this story and the KLM job REEK of kick backs to the Author. Why else would they allow stories like this to be run, naming a specific company and they all turn out to be blood or marriage related??!!

A professional journalist working for the largest paper in Canada and they don’t know the basic facts?


Seems just a tad to cozy!

I’m thinkin’ they’re in the – dumb like a fox – category.

Will the Star investigate or will they just allow their reputation to go down the tubes?

Will we similar “corrections” to this story as well?


What a HOOT!

#9 I am in C on 05.02.13 at 4:07 pm

Here’s another KLM tweet:

KL McAllister‏@KL_McAllister28 Apr
I’m un-friending anyone on Facebook I don’t trust as a result of screenshots shared from my personal account to fuel more garbage reporting.

Yep, it’s garbage reporting to note a conflict of interest

#10 BOYCOTT THE STAR and all those who advertize on them on 05.02.13 at 4:09 pm

Thestar is pathetic and good job garth. Everyone get out there and spread the truth via the internet. The media is a joke and i love to see every single last one of them go bankrupt. the Star you are a joke and I will boycott all of those who advertized in thestar. Putt your ad dollars for thestart or face being boycotted. As least by me you will./

#11 kww on 05.02.13 at 4:17 pm

Aren’t reporters obligated to disclose relationships like this?

#12 Ian on 05.02.13 at 4:17 pm

Hi Garth, I know your busy. Read the blog when I can. Curious if you could describe “discharge of developers Mortgage fee” for new condo owners. I rent, but I am unaware of this fee/tax/levy ??

Thank you for your time,

#13 economictsunami on 05.02.13 at 4:17 pm

It appears that the Star has abandoned investigative reporting, in favour of advertisements lamely disguised as well researched articles.

Apparently the editing/ fact checking department has faced deep cuts and The Star cares not about it’s ongoing, lightweight reputation.

Tip of the hat GT…

#14 Smartalox on 05.02.13 at 4:22 pm

For what it’s worth, I leafed through a copy of that infamous “buy a by-line” tabloid, the Vancouver Province, and lo, it ALSO had an “article” describing the pros and cons of using a mortgage broker, though the article did confront some of the negative opinion of the industry and practitioners. (I hesitate to use the word “professionals”)

Anyway, the highlight for me was the inset picture of Tsur “dial a pundit” Somerville, with the caption “I study this stuff for a living, but I STILL use a mortgage broker to sort out all the details for me”. Gack.

Reputations are falling faster than house prices, here on the West Coast, and venerable old UBC is next on the edge of the cliff!

#15 TnT on 05.02.13 at 4:24 pm

Funny how I just cancelled my Toronto Star subscription right after the KLM scam only to read this….

#16 Zoe on 05.02.13 at 4:27 pm

What’s interesting is that people like this woman clearly, honestly don’t think that they’ve done anything wrong. And newspapers (via reporters) let this happen. Unapologetic plagiarism at the Globe and Mail, rampant advertorialism at The Star, kerfuffle here in BC when Metro ran a pro-Christy-Clarke-ad that looked like a column on their front page. No wonder they’re dying. They deserve to.

#17 Deb on 05.02.13 at 4:28 pm

There was a time when something called ethics was paramount in human relations. As I recall, so was critical thinking. Star 2, truth 0. Indeed.

I appreciate the choice of pics which accompany your posts. But I sure would like to see one of you on your Harley this May, with the wind blowing through your chestnut locks. Now that would be something to see.

#18 Sebee on 05.02.13 at 4:28 pm


Did I spell it correctly?

#19 Smartalox on 05.02.13 at 4:37 pm

From Today’s Vancouver Province, note that it’s form the “Focus” pages

#20 OlderbutWiser on 05.02.13 at 4:39 pm

Another blatent example of the lack of integrity of MSM today. You can no longer take what you read at face value. Everyone is trying to scam you, lead you or take something from you. Money is big business.

Unfortunately there are many people that still believe everything that they read. My parents, aunts and uncles are prime examples. I am way less trusting – probably a result of my husbands influence. What a cynic he is.

His wonderful grandmother used to tell him….if you believe the worst in everyone…you are seldom disappointed.

#21 Retired WI Boomer on 05.02.13 at 4:41 pm

So another not quite what it appears journalistic episode.

Should I now go to Zerohedge for balance?

#22 tf on 05.02.13 at 4:41 pm

It’s all quite something…
I agree with comments except to clarify #8 Zoe – it wasn’t Metro, it was 24 Hours – if we’re talking truth, we need to be straight with facts:)
Thanks always Garth!

#23 Chris on 05.02.13 at 4:42 pm

First…..Good job Garth.

#24 rosie "moving forward" on 05.02.13 at 4:50 pm

I smell fear.

#25 Dean Mason on 05.02.13 at 4:53 pm

This is why people should not blindly take advice without checking things out first.Don’t believe what any professional tells you.Look at the numbers,research the facts as much as possible.

Also,try to find out past information about the professional and if you can’t find much information than that is likely a warning sign.Just be cautious as much as possible and don’t sign anything until you understand everything about a big financial transaction.Avid dealing with just one company or person as this maybe another sign of buyer beware,caveat emptor.

It should be fully disclosed that there is a family connection even if it is a small one.

#26 Dean Mason on 05.02.13 at 4:55 pm

Avoid dealing with just one company or person as this maybe another sign of buyer beware,caveat emptor.

#27 rob on 05.02.13 at 4:57 pm

At least when the bubble bursts, the media will have stories such as this one above as escape goats.

#28 Old Man on 05.02.13 at 4:57 pm


#29 Franks & Beans on 05.02.13 at 4:58 pm

G, this has to be one of your top 10 best blogs yet – awesome coverage – just confirms the horse and pony show that goes on exploiting the masses!

This goes back to the day when my brother started his greenhouse operation – growing and selling at his location, first week of his grand opening – a few walkers – no major sales – he gets family and friends to park as many cars at his location, fill the carts with items – and behold – people came flocking in –

It’s all for show – I used to be a huge fan of the Star, even delivered it as a kid – now – this paper makes me laugh – who’s deep pockets made them change to a very questionable paper today!!

#30 Dorf on 05.02.13 at 5:07 pm

Ha ha ha ha !!!

I think I just peed, reading this…

Here’s another KLM tweet:

KL McAllister‏@KL_McAllister28 Apr
I’m un-friending….I don’t trust….more garbage reporting.

Yep, it’s garbage reporting to note a conflict of interest

SHE doesn’t trust anyone ????

Baby, you already nailed garbage reporting so hard, that NOBODY, INCLUDING GARTH, could possibly outdo you. You get the trophy for breach of trust, and garbage reporting. But as long as it’s all OK in your head.

#31 OlderbutWiser on 05.02.13 at 5:10 pm

#23 Dean Mason…Amen brother. Reminds me of a recent investment seminar I attended…hey, the food was excellent…guy is up there touting some fund that apparently tracks the top dividend paying stocks in the Dow. Anyways, he is going on about how the fund is returning 6% to investors. I pipe up and ask which top DOW stocks IN PARTICULAR are yielding 6% right now. Of course he starts blubbering…none of them are. So I told him I didn’t think it was right for him to be selling people on the concept of the return of their OWN capital as being yield….for some reason they wouldn’t let me stay for dessert……Never take what you hear at face value!

#32 Tripp on 05.02.13 at 5:10 pm

I am just wondering about the extent of this. Can we assume it also happens with other news categories?

#33 Timbo on 05.02.13 at 5:12 pm

lol, great find Garth…lol.

Ya just have to love truth-full of it, journalism……

“There’s lots more in this story, most of it disturbing such as 60 percent of Las Vegas home sales being all cash and a reminder that hot money from Wall Street doesn’t tend to stick around once the artificial appreciation stops – when that will be is anyone’s guess.”

when the music stops……

#34 Dorf on 05.02.13 at 5:16 pm

Nice to see that Christina wore a shirt from the “teen” section for the photo.

#35 Dorf on 05.02.13 at 5:18 pm

I bow to you Garth, you are an all-star !!

I thought today was going to be a BORING day.

A whore by any other name, is still….regardless of socioeconomic status or gender.

#36 Dorf on 05.02.13 at 5:19 pm

The Toronto Star…..

……puke, in paper form.

#37 PokerCat on 05.02.13 at 5:33 pm

Geez, this is crazy. What really scares me is the thought: how many similar stories in papers across the country do you guys miss?

#38 Jimmy Hoffa on 05.02.13 at 5:33 pm


Me and Elvis were going to try this new internet thingy…the hell with it.

We’ll stay in Incognito land.

PS howz Trudeau doing?

#39 blok existentialist on 05.02.13 at 5:33 pm

Ernest Hemmingway wrote for The Toronto Star … for $150 a week.

#40 DreamingInTechnicolour on 05.02.13 at 5:34 pm

Poll cites doubts about field’s reliability, honesty, trustworthiness, – despite advantages to some consumers

#41 thiscountryis goung down the toilet on 05.02.13 at 5:35 pm

The reason that newspapers don’t disclose the truth is they are not required to. Lies are part of the business. Anyone getting their information from a newspaper should get their head examined. Is this true every where? No it is not…….our civilized neighbor to the south has consumer protection laws that require such shenanigans as you have described to be disclosed as falsehoods placed in the paper as advertising….not as in Canada disguised as truth.

Heres another factoid…..we all hear about balanced portfolio’s being safer than equities because they have bond content which limits beta….bwahahahahahaha…this too is false…..out of the 352 mutual funds that call themselves bond funds ……hold equities….so you’re just as at risk holding ‘balanced ‘ products as you would be in any other sector…..which is why you see as much volitility in balanced portfolio’s as you do in common equity funds.

Lies are the enemy of the uninformed…. and the tool of the liars…educate yourself…pick your own stocks……stop reading newspapers…never believe anyone who collects a commission….and you’ll do just fine.

#42 Canadian Watchdog on 05.02.13 at 5:42 pm

Another one?
Toronto’s condo boosters see a market revival

Jeanhy Shim is a champion of Toronto’s condo market. She grew up in a small house with a backyard in Rexdale, but Ms. Shim is raising her four-year-old daughter in a condo in the King West neighbourhood.

Despite falling resale condo figures in this city in recent months, Ms. Shim believes that the outlook for condos in Toronto remains strong. And to those who think the units coming on stream in Toronto are too numerous and too tiny, she points out that urbanites in their 20s and 30s are just happy to occupy a rung on the property ladder.


Linkedin: Jeanhy Shim
President & Founder at Housing Lab Toronto
Past Jobs: VP Strategic Planning and Marketing at Mattamy Homes, Vice President, Sales & Marketing at Streetcar Developments Inc., President at ThinkBUILD Consulting Inc.

Jeanhy Shim's Volunteer Experience & Causes

High Rise Forum – Chair BILD Association

Her professional connection is disclosed in the article. — Garth

#43 Dr. Hoof - Hearted on 05.02.13 at 5:47 pm

Mortgage Brokers?

Getting curiouser and curiouser

Article from Vancouver Province:

This profession needs a facelift

Poll cites doubts about field’s reliability, honesty, trustworthiness, – despite advantages to some consumers

Tsur Somerville, of the University of B.C. Centre for Urban Economics and Real Estate at the Sauder School of Business, says he uses a broker for his own mortgage. ‘I know this stuff, but going through everything and checking out all the various products is hard,’ he says.

Mortgage brokers have a bit of an image problem, according to a new survey.

Most Canadians say a broker, generally speaking, would be a good choice – but not for themselves.

A recent survey for the Canadian Association of Accredited Mortgage Professionals found brokers compare favourably with banks and credit unions on the mechanics of arranging a mortgage, such as getting favourable interest rates and quick approvals.

But banks do better than brokers on relationships with homeowners and first-time buyers. Only 25 per cent of those surveyed said they would be better off with a mortgage broker.

“Put bluntly, the mortgage-broker channel has an image problem in regards to perceived reliability, honesty and trustworthiness,” states the survey by Maritz Research Canada.

etc etc.


Shills to the left..shills to the right…ahhh

Sommerville is one of those industry shills professors..the go to guy for Real Estate sound bites and pithy expert quotes.

Wonder if the Banks, realtors etc. cabal are shaking the trees in a desperate bid to drum up business?

Why buy now anyway…..the odds are the prices still have a major correction to go.

#44 L on 05.02.13 at 5:49 pm

“A friend of mine suggested I go with a mortgage broker…” ?? It was an intentionally deceitful article.

#45 Fzzzz on 05.02.13 at 5:50 pm

Garth exposes a incestuous relationship within the financial industry. Safe bet this is the only place where you’ll read about it! Good job O bearded one!!

#46 Smartalox on 05.02.13 at 5:53 pm

Does anybody know what the print equivalent is for the CRTC? Or the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council?

Are newspapers essentially unregulated in this country?

#47 Canadian Watchdog on 05.02.13 at 6:05 pm

Her professional connection is disclosed in the article. — Garth

Oh well. It's still a condo pumping ad full of biased views and lies intended to lure the next sucker to sign-off an assignment, like this one: On Site: ‘Soft’ opening of Toronto condo already has half the units sold.

"We’ve done a broker launch and a soft opening to registrants, so we’re about 55 per cent sold”

Remember those days of 100% sold out? Then 80%? Now 55%? Can anyone guess the next few numerical sequences?

#48 Papers Please on 05.02.13 at 6:06 pm

#27 Rob “At least when the bubble bursts, the media will have stories such as this one above as escape goats.”

Don’t make a scapegoat out of someone who let the goats escape.


#49 gladiator on 05.02.13 at 6:06 pm

“fetching” Christina?
having trouble with this one here…

#50 Vamanos Pest on 05.02.13 at 6:08 pm

Simple questions for KLM in response to her tweet regarding the discussion of the article in the Star:

Did Garth Turner say anything that you would deny or claim to be untrue? If so, what? And, if so, are you seeking legal action regarding this alleged libel?

I suspect the answers are no, no and no. Since she cannot protect her good name with the facts, she attempts to do so with rhetoric. Buy hey, what’s the truth got to do with making a living, right? Especially in the housing industry.

#51 Craig on 05.02.13 at 6:09 pm

Look what I found on CLN’s page;

A testimonial from Christina Cleveland !

If that isn’t even sleazier than the Star story…what is?



“I must admit that at first, I wasn’t sure what the role of a Mortgage Broker was, then I met Raj and his team. As a new home buyer, I was overwhelmed by the process and paperwork involved. Raj took all of the guesswork out of the situation for us. He considered our personal circumstances, negotiated a competitive rate and made recommendations to guide us through all of the details involved. He was very patient with me, responsive to our needs and definitely helped to simplify in otherwise complicated process. I would recommend him to any home buyer based on our personal experience.”

Christina Cleveland


” then I met Raj and his team….”

What a lie. Raj is her Brother in law.

Is this not illegal…misrepresentation…??


Found another interesting link to this BS

Read this from CLN’s Blog Section;

“It’s the lowest rate available but I would only recommend it to people who are very sure of their circumstances for the next five years,” said Kerri-Lynn McAllister of, a Web site that compares mortgage rates.

“You may want to look at a slightly higher rate that offers all the flexibility of a standard mortgage.”


Quite the coincidence that KLM is tied to CLN and appears on their blog.

Does it ever end?

What’s next?

Gezzz, I need a cold one!

#52 Screwed on 05.02.13 at 6:10 pm

Happy Days are here again.

Stephen Poloz will be good for the Canadian economy. He understands exports and will do the currency bidding to facilitate exports from Canada to the rest of the world at a cheaper rate.

Mario Draghi lowered the ECB key rate by a quarter point to 0.5% and is hoping to deliver more and cheaper money to the people so they may consume more.

I know what’s next for Canada and the BOC.

#53 blok existentialist on 05.02.13 at 6:13 pm

#27, escape goats? I like it … have to wonder if you’ve been out drinking with Smoking Man, though.

#54 Tom Vu on 05.02.13 at 6:25 pm

#39 blok existentialist on 05.02.13 at 5:33 pm

Ernest Hemmingway wrote for The Toronto Star … for $150 a week.


Yeah…and he blew his brains out…

NOTE: If live in Toronto , suicide is redundant.

#55 Bidding wars debunked -GTA and Toronto -May 2 on 05.02.13 at 6:33 pm

#56 Mocha on 05.02.13 at 6:53 pm

So many people here cheering for the destruction of printed media with gleeful malice… Depressing… :(

#57 happity on 05.02.13 at 7:00 pm

Nothing to see here

Politicians past and present, bankers and global warming scientists are all an honest bunch with the best interests of all the little people at heart.

#58 Dorf on 05.02.13 at 7:02 pm

They weren’t even smart enough to get testimonials from fictitious people WITHOUT the same last name as Raj.

Aaaaaaggggggghhhhhhhh !!!!

How dumm….

#59 HogtownIndebted on 05.02.13 at 7:02 pm

It’s even sadder when you realize that the Star is, heads and shoulders, still the best (the only?) paper in the country when it comes to actual investigative reporting – think Ornge and other scandals they have uncovered.

The electronic media is a bunch of pathetic repeaters, and right wing papers like the National Post and Sun merely repeat and comment on wire stories from elsewhere.

This speaks to serious lack of oversight within certain departments at the Star. Hope they get their act together.

I’d hate to have to cancel my free subscription.

#60 Dorf on 05.02.13 at 7:04 pm

Rename every newspaper “Pulp Fiction”.

Heyyyy, wait a minute !

Is that nickname taken ???

#61 Dorf on 05.02.13 at 7:07 pm

#49 – gladiator ……(we wasn’t just glad, he was really happy about it)

“fetching” Christina?
having trouble with this one here…

She is in good physical condition, she’s a healthy girl.
I think we could give her that much, hey ???

#62 Andy on 05.02.13 at 7:09 pm

Those who follow Garth on twitter, please retweet !…I did…

Great job Mr. Turner

#63 Ronaldo on 05.02.13 at 7:12 pm

Nice going Garth. Keep up the good work.

#64 rosie "moving forward" on 05.02.13 at 7:14 pm


I see a Nigella look myself. The knife and veg are a nice touch too. Mind you I’m a boomer so what do I know.

#65 Notta Sheeple on 05.02.13 at 7:16 pm

Nice day today.

Kicking back on the (rental) balcony after work, drinking rum from a glass and truth from an iPad.

Grateful to have a reminder (GT) on my Mustang every day.

A toast to you.

#66 Dorf on 05.02.13 at 7:17 pm

Furthermore, I can’t stop laughing about sister Michelle,

(sporting the same last name as BOTH of the other parties named, boy she doesn’t leave anything to the imagination)

…who can’t help herself, but to run immediately to the computer and spill the beans about the entire familial relationship !!!

For those of us who COULDN’T put it together after reading her name !!!!

That’s smrt ! You just can’t make that sh!t up !!!

I can’t stop laughing….

……I think I’m going to pee again !!! Ha ha ha !!

#67 minus40 on 05.02.13 at 7:25 pm

Much respect from a (former) ink-stained wretch, Garth. I spent twenty-some years in a lot of places fighting off requests from the golf dolt salespeople to turn their advertisers into front-page news. Course I never worked at a paper with a Code of Ethics™ like TorStar. Just places where you had to fact-check and where you’d be fired if something like this went in under your byline. Nice catch.

#68 45north on 05.02.13 at 7:29 pm

What Raj did not tell Ryan, is that his wife, who is Director of Marketing at CLN Mortgages, has a sister. Christina Cleveland.

this is the great unraveling

I used to deliver the Toronto Star – with pride.

#69 Carpicker on 05.02.13 at 7:34 pm

#51 unbelievable, Garth please post a screenshot of that before they remove it.

#70 Arse on 05.02.13 at 7:38 pm

I guess, another conspiracy!!

#71 Devore on 05.02.13 at 7:38 pm

“Reporters” these days seem to have lots of trouble with journalism basics, such as getting people’s names (MAC Marketing), who they work for (KLM) and their official relationships (Christina Cleveland). This is all easily obtainable information, even a matter of public record, would take all of a few seconds to verify.

The problem with these types of stories, even if it is just a momentary slip up and a correction and apology is issued, is that they start to cast doubt on every story published, even the really good ones.

Regardless, this is inevitable, and I stand by my assertion that those who do not pay for journalism should not expect any. This is the ultimate consequence of our collective decision that news should be free (or nearly so), and that we’d rather spend our money elsewhere.

#72 Mr. Frugal on 05.02.13 at 7:45 pm

The Star is not without it’s good points. For example, if you add enough gasoline, it’s great for starting camp fires.

#73 Spiltbongwater on 05.02.13 at 7:52 pm
#51 Craig on 05.02.13 at 6:09 pm

The line at the top is now taken out of the testimonial

“I must admit that at first, I wasn’t sure what the role of a Mortgage Broker was, then I met Raj and his team.” is removed

#74 Smoking Man on 05.02.13 at 7:57 pm

Lier lier paints on fire…

Why is every one so upset.. KLM got caught fibbing an the Ford bashing band of southpaws are in on it.

It’s business.. I might just pull in this weasaly chic to promo my invention.

Like her style

#75 souvereigninternational on 05.02.13 at 7:57 pm

furst…what a Lovely day… great article from Garth…and the Gold shining again…what a great day

#76 blok existentialist on 05.02.13 at 7:59 pm

#46, Yes. In the sense that you mean, newspapers are unregulated in Canada. Brave attempts have been made in the past to establish a code of ethics (by journalists), but these have always been drop-kicked to the curb by the owners (and their owners).
There was one last outstanding national effort spearheaded by a CP Press editor that came close to achieving a code before ultimately failing. I think it was in the late 70s, but I could be a few years off.
I do not fully understand how the Charter of Rights and Freedoms can have become so misconstrued, but owners of newspapers (and other media) are essentially able to interpret it to the detriment of free speech, not the betterment.
Advertising lurking as news has somehow gained extra invulnerability due to the Charter.
To legally go after the specific kind of shoddy advertising that Garth is exposing would be difficult. You’d have to produce a complainant who was financially hurt by following the hurtful ‘advice’ and be able to prove that that was the sole factor in said complainant’s loss. And you would invariably end up in the high courts and go stony broke in the years-long process.
In addition to our current yellow journalism, Canadian readers should be concerned about Letters to the Editor. Now there’s an escaped goat.
In my day (pre-Conrad) we printed EVERY LETTER. If we ran out of room on the pages, we kept printing the letters on succeeding publication days until we had printed EVERY LETTER.
We never edited for what they call ‘brevity’ these days (this is a cute way of removing any paragraphs that the newspaper doesn’t like). We did take out the swear words or paraphrased them e.g., s–t because we’d otherwise be ‘against the public morals’ and in legal trouble. If we had to edit for clarity, swearing, inaccuracy or for any reason (other than a very obvious spelling mistake), we would phone the letter writer and seek their permission.
It’s terrible to see such infamously bad reporting, but it’s worse in my book to see the public’s reaction to it edited down to a dull roar (or whimper).

#77 souvereigninternational on 05.02.13 at 8:02 pm

“The Star’s go-to guy for mortgage broker information, and presumably Christine’s lender, is Raj Babber. He is president of Toronto-based CLN Mortgages, a broker, former banker (Canada Trust, CIBC) and head of the Independent Mortgage Brokers Association of Ontario. In the article Babber pumps brokers as being independent, well-trained and more flexible than the banks.”

-sounds like another conspiracy theory you are trying to eradicate from this blog:)

#78 Roy on 05.02.13 at 8:04 pm

The media once again whoring themselves to the real estate industry. They are all in it together, with the common goal of getting the naive public to sign on the dotted line for their debt enslavement. Or for 20 and 30-somethings in today’s housing market, financial ruin.

#79 Freedom First on 05.02.13 at 8:06 pm

Christina and KLM exposed. Guys, be very careful, there is a lot of women like these 2 out there. I wonder if they are related to Brad Lamb.

Garth, I would truly like to see the Mayor present you with the “Key to the city”, as citizen of the year, and of course the photo would be the front page of the Star.

#80 souvereigninternational on 05.02.13 at 8:08 pm

Here is a n article about Dutch Bubble in RE from Garth’s favorite deflationists. Eerily similar to US/Canada

#81 Sebee on 05.02.13 at 8:19 pm

Did Garth out himself as a Sens fan?
Leafs play – mid game post.
Ottawa play – way early post.

#82 Squatter on 05.02.13 at 8:23 pm

There is advertising hidden everywhere it seems:
in the news, in the movies, etc.
Advertisers love hiding their ads behind a smoke screen.
It is more effective like that…

#83 CrowdedElevatorfartz on 05.02.13 at 8:24 pm

@#39 blok
“Ernest Hemmingway wrote for The Toronto Star … for $150 a week.”

Is that why he shot himself?

#84 X on 05.02.13 at 8:24 pm

The Toronto Star has to be getting some $ for these ‘articles’. Both RE based articles, doesn’t pass the sniff test.

Thank You Garth for posting these for us.

#85 wallflower on 05.02.13 at 8:25 pm

Perhaps it is so much simpler than posited by these various commentators; the medium is setting up to report on the medium as it is, possibly, all it can afford to do now. We are observing a graceless death.

#86 lee on 05.02.13 at 8:28 pm

Ask your mortgage broker the following: a) what’s the prepayment penalty b) can the interest rate go up on default from 3 to 6 % c) are the broker fees tacked on the mortgage debt d) what are the monthly administration fees e) if you default and the lender gets a judgement against you what is the interest rate f) do you need a cosigner g) do you have to promise to not run up any other debt h) are you required to make additional capital payments each year I) are you required to buy expensive credit life or disability insurance – if you can satisfy yourself with the answers then give it a try – otherwise remember they get paid by the lender

#87 CrowdedElevatorfartz on 05.02.13 at 8:35 pm

If newspapers continue down this road of issueing “news” stories about things that are total bullshite……
I wouldnt be surprised to see them eventually regulated by some new authority.
This is out and out fraud.

#88 lee on 05.02.13 at 8:36 pm

Before using a mortgage broker ask what’s the prepayment penalty, do I need to buy credit or disability insurance, what are monthly administration fees, can the lender up the rate on default and yet again when they get judgment, can I increase other debt, can I rent out the house, do I need a cosigner, must I pay down my unsecured debt first, must I buy a second product before they give me the loan – and how does the mortgage differ from a normal mortgage?

#89 Yaroslav on 05.02.13 at 8:43 pm

Want incestuous? Check out the branch manager for CIR Realty in Calgary.

He is the person who’s job it is to ensure that CIR Realty sells lots of condos in the downtown Calgary market.

Now check out the Document Review Specialist at the Condo Document Inspection Centre (CDIC) in Calgary. She also happens to be his wife.

Her job is to review your condo documents, and inspect the particulars, to ensure that you are not buying a place that has an underfunded reserve fund, etc.

CIR Realty sends ALL of its condo buyers to CDIC for condo document inspections. Those inspections get approved by CDIC, with minimal oversight.

Why? Because if she don’t approve, his sales people (realtors) don’t eat, and therefore he doesn’t eat either, and nor does she…

How’s that for conflict of interest. Been going on for years people. The whole damn industry is like dat.

#90 Ronaldo on 05.02.13 at 8:46 pm

#72 Mr. Fugal –

”The Star is not without it’s good points. For example, if you add enough gasoline, it’s great for starting camp fires.”

And there should be a copy in every outhouse.

#91 Westernman on 05.02.13 at 8:48 pm

The Canadian public does it again, they seem to be amazed at the fact that the MSM spouts lies and that Realtors also lie to make sales – and sometimes they get together and act as a force multiplier to make more and bigger sales…
Presumably the average Canadian gazes upon each sunrise as if it were the first time they’d seen it…

#92 Craig on 05.02.13 at 8:49 pm

#73 Spiltbongwater on 05.02.13 at 7:52 pm
#51 Craig on 05.02.13 at 6:09 pm

The line at the top is now taken out of the testimonial

“I must admit that at first, I wasn’t sure what the role of a Mortgage Broker was, then I met Raj and his team.” is removed


That tells me many things;

1 – Confirms they were purposely trying to mislead

2 – They are unethical

3 – They actually read this god forsaken blog

I’m guessing it was that KLM that informed them

Time for an investigation?

Mortgage gate?

All that’s missing is a pic of all 6 of them on a beach somewhere;

Miss Piggy

Christina just meeting her sis and Raj for the first time in her life apparently – the look of surprise on her face – and of course Ms KLM

Still nothing from the Star and their qualifying notes section at the bottom of the report.

Someone should send it to Rick Mercer just for fun. Maybe he’ll do a Rick’s Rant segment on these clowns.

#93 TurnerNation on 05.02.13 at 8:54 pm

Attn. new blog dogs. The following usernames are still available; reserve yours today.

Stephen who?

REITa MacNeil

NDP caucus sucker

Canadian Swatchdog (you want a piece of me?)


Burn your BRAs

Ingot we Trust.

Batman’s Camel

Chancellor Rebalancer

Joe Howmuchamonth

How to talk to a Track6er (if you must).

Fancy Coloured Kias

Dip the Drain Operator

Blog Dog Poloz

#94 Angry Mann on 05.02.13 at 9:00 pm

Someone should start Facebook group dedicated to people like this who whore themselves out for profit. You can unfriend people all you want but you cannot hide from a group on FB!

#95 Star 2, truth 0 — Greater Fool – Authored by Garth Turner – The Troubled Future of Real Estate – The Affluent Boomer on 05.02.13 at 9:02 pm

[…] So began a feature story in the Toronto Star two days ago, accompanied by a honking big picture of the fetching Christina assaulting a cucumber. Turns out the management consultant from the distant GTA burb of Milton learned a valuable lesson as she minced through the minefield of home ownership – mortgage brokers are good. You should use one. Continue reading → […]

#96 Mike T. on 05.02.13 at 9:09 pm


If you need additional amazonian body guard types….I know a few who would volunteer for the cause.

As an aside, there was an outstanding article in the Globe today by Rob Carrick outlining the real costs of home ownership vs renting.

I can’t link to it because I am a dinosaur and still buy a physical copy of it – and don’t subscribe to the online edition – but just know that not everyone in the ‘journalism’ profession has sold their soul.

Outstanding work Mr Turner and all others interested in telling the truth.

#97 Victor V on 05.02.13 at 9:09 pm

KLM’s latest tweet If you needed further evidence that Garth Turner and his followers are a load of crazies, check out this threat:

#98 gman on 05.02.13 at 9:09 pm

My girlfriend wants me to sell my condo and buy something bigger.I told her the market is bad right now and it will be tough to sell.My problem is one of the suites on my floor just sold in 5 days.What do I do?

#99 Keith in Calgary on 05.02.13 at 9:15 pm

35-40% of the Calgary Herald on weekends is REIC advertising…………….if it wasn’t for them they’d be broke and out of business at a time when all other businesses are CUTTING their advertising.

I’ve said it for years now, those employed in the REIC are, for the most part, liars, cheats, thieves and conmen.

#100 bill on 05.02.13 at 9:21 pm

Someone should send it to Rick Mercer just for fun

#101 Smoking Man on 05.02.13 at 9:24 pm

It’s funny, read my posts from last year I announced when C and lthe little F and MSN decide to cool the market the second mission accomplished you would see the gloom dry up on MSN and the machine start blowing sunshine…….

Well no applause? to bowing the oracular of supreme knowledge and wisdom, the man with vision far beyond this dimension, the one with the crazy voice inside his beautiful bald head.

The apple short, the Apple long two weeks ago.

There is only one, there can be only one. His name……


#102 Liz on 05.02.13 at 9:30 pm

This reeks of yellow journalism Garth, and you nailed those bastards to the cross. Shame on the Toronto Star for horseshit research. Articles that lack journalistic credibility and thumbs up Mr. Turner for making a mockery of all these tyrant assholes. All scumbags.

#103 CharlesManson on 05.02.13 at 9:35 pm

The following link shows why Vancouver is going tits up very soon, Garth you are bang on.

#104 Victor V on 05.02.13 at 9:35 pm

For this inclined to contact The Star to lodge a complaint, here’s the link:

#105 Ralph Cramdown on 05.02.13 at 9:43 pm

98 gman — “My girlfriend wants me to sell my condo and buy something bigger.”

I think Garth covered that in this post, specifically in the picture:

#106 Cici on 05.02.13 at 9:53 pm

#3 I am in C

Definitely, you’ve nailed it on the head.

And if she were smarter, she’d quit playing the victim game and assume.

It’s only making her look like a big-time rooky.

#107 Cici on 05.02.13 at 9:59 pm

# 9 I am in C

“Gargage reporting”…man that little %$/*&”! has a bloody nerve. She doesn’t have a clue as to the real meaning of the word “reporting!”

My God, save us from the Star and its lousy, messy journalists who don’t even try to cover their tracks!

#108 Tom Vu on 05.02.13 at 10:04 pm

Realtors want Property Transfer Tax bite eased

B.C. realtors are prodding provincial election candidates to agree to ease the bite of the Property Transfer Tax for home buyers.

The Property Transfer Tax (PTT) consists of one per cent charged on the first $200,000 in property value and two per cent after that.


Not understand problem.

Not making any more Reel A$$tute…so good investment regardless of overhead costs.

Do not put impediment to eternal good times !

PS: If must prod politicians, use cattle prod after seeing if brain waves activity not flatline.

#109 Q on 05.02.13 at 10:04 pm

Good work Garth on exposing this latest media scandal. Blog dogs don’t forget about the MAC Marketing scandal in which employyes employees of a condo marketer appeared on CTV news in Vancouver as prospective buyers from China.

Also, Whispers from the Edge of the Rainforest revealed another media scandal back in March, this time in the Financial Post. The article talks with Team RRP (Rob Regan-Pollock) on how to unlock the equity in baby boomers’ homes to finance their retirements. The story features a baby boomer couple who are interested in doing just that. But it turns out the man in the couple actually works for Team RRP.

Even worse example appeared in The Province in March. The Province has started allowing people to write “newsvertorials”. These are advertisements that look like news stories but they are not disclosed as such. There is no disclaimer saying that it is an ad. It is called the Province Focus pages. The only hint that it is not real news is the sentence at the bottom of the page that says “To be featured in the Province Focus pages, please go to” Once you go there, you see the prices you have to pay for advertising. So basically, if you have enough money, The Province will let you write your own fake news story and there is nothing in the paper to tell you that it is an ad. There was one of these headlined “Real estate sales finally recovering”–which was a complete lie because real estate sales were not recovering in Vancouver in March.

#110 Smoking Man on 05.02.13 at 10:06 pm

#104 Victor V on 05.02.13 at 9:35 pm
For this inclined to contact The Star to lodge a complaint, here’s the link:

So Canadian, I can see the headlines now.

We the star apologize to all the basement dwellers that missed the boat in real estate, we are apologizing at the risk of having what little advertising revenue from builder and realtors stop doing business with with us…..

Ah just when I think I’m smokeifing the lost, comments like this.

So need to start a school that teaches…….. You guys are all killing me…

#111 Sydneysider on 05.02.13 at 10:07 pm

I have to admit that is some good detective work.

#112 Nemesis on 05.02.13 at 10:08 pm

Another DarkArts TourDeForce.


By the way, just between the two of us, Graydon Carter called earlier and said Annie’s ‘OnBoard’ for your illustrated ‘Show&Tell’ – even though she suspects you’re a ClosetMaleChauvinistPig (on the BrighterSide though, Matt Taibbi has already been advanced for the interview/verbiage)…

And now for the BadNews – I’m sorry, OldPol… but they’re HellBent on reliving the past.

Accordingly, (&Embarassingly), here’s the StyleGuide (Graydon’s hoping to slot you in for the DecemberIssue – so please try and keep the LabourDayWeekend free… & now might be a good time to renew that gym membership):

#113 media madness on 05.02.13 at 10:08 pm

Garth, Of all the good you do with this blog (for those who head your words), busting media idiocy wide open, to me at least, is the most important and confirms my belief that most newspapers are not worth taking seriously.

#114 Smoking Man on 05.02.13 at 10:09 pm

#106 Cici on 05.02.13 at 9:53 pm#3
I am in CDefinitely, you’ve nailed it on the head.And if she were smarter, she’d quit playing the victim game and assume.It’s only making her look like a big-time rooky.


Please take no offense I like you but KLM is on the ice trying to score goals….. Most here are in the stands..

That’s why I respect KLM

#115 Devore on 05.02.13 at 10:10 pm

#41 thiscountryis goung down the toilet

out of the 352 mutual funds that call themselves bond funds ……hold equities

What’s their mandate? Just because there is “bond” in the name does not require them to have 100% bonds.

#116 Amber on 05.02.13 at 10:13 pm

Hope KLM loses her job. Then she’ll REALLY be whining about rent increases!

#117 Freebird on 05.02.13 at 10:18 pm

Always follow the money.

#118 Keeping the Faith on 05.02.13 at 10:20 pm

Somebody PLEASE Sue these people already!!!
I don’t care what for a class-action something … for fraud, for misrepresentation, for being morons …

I know none of these will stick, well maybe the morons charge has a chance but this is ridiculous!!!

#119 Freebird on 05.02.13 at 10:25 pm

The mainstream news media stopped being truly objective a very long time ago…if they ever were. We live in a capitalistic society and while not all of us lie to make money many do. The higher the stakes the deeper the lies. Not new. Now though social media is changing the game so spinning, whitewashing and lies are harder to maintain. Follow the money.

#120 Victor V on 05.02.13 at 10:25 pm

Christina and Raj both tweet. Feel free to connect with them on twitter and let them know what you think of their shenanigans.

#121 Paully on 05.02.13 at 10:29 pm

The Toronto Star is a very useful newspaper — if you have a birdcage to line.

#122 blok existentialist on 05.02.13 at 10:31 pm

#114, I often get a kick out of your attitude, Smoking Man, but sometimes you go too far in your need for attention.
Hitler was a helluva go-getter and the guy made the trains run on time, too.
Doesn’t mean he earned anyone’s respect.

#123 BookTalker on 05.02.13 at 10:32 pm

Every body talks their book. If you dont talk your book and work your angle you dont get a shot at the jackpot.

Churches the world over talk their book and nobody rips them a new one over it.

#124 Bottoms_Up on 05.02.13 at 10:33 pm

Disclosure is important, as is ‘telling both sides of the story’. Unfortunately both usually don’t happen these days, rendering papers at best amusement reading, and at worst tabloid.

Not sure if this happens in other cities, but consider the free metro papers they hand out every single day in Ottawa. Dozens if not more people working, handing these things out to good little consumers. Do people think that free papers are going to be truthful, or have their best interests at heart?

#125 Smoking Man on 05.02.13 at 10:42 pm

J#116 Amber on 05.02.13 at 10:13 pm

Hope KLM loses her job. Then she’ll REALLY be whining about rent increases!

I hope she does too, then with her back against the wall she will take business to the next level….

You want your army to win the battle, burn the the boats, then there is no retreat……

Why am I the only one that thinks this way…..

I’m a smoking man……… Been there done that, in the 90s coke and strippers, I lost it all.. Including my life for about 10 min…

Universal consciousness consolidation indoctrination.

2 months later

Went all in….. Arriving in Bangkok with 20 bucks in my wallet, I had to make the deal… Or I wasn’t making it home.

Shirt like that makes you kind of fearless, scared money never makes money.

#126 dosouth on 05.02.13 at 10:44 pm

#114 – Smoking Man “…That’s why I respect KLM”

Still tilting at windmills, just because….meme.


#127 2centsCdn on 05.02.13 at 10:47 pm

It’s not about reporting anymore .. it’s about getting people to read your paper (and more importantly .. . read the ads). Everyone wants to believe this real estate dream will continue forever …. the media wants to keep fanning the fire ($$$ for them in shrinking printed ad times). I have friends who get visibly angry when I say RE is way due for a correction. They get angry I’m threatening their dream … (their delusion). Most are so financially strapped and so stressed out (anxiety medication in a Pezz disspensor) … yet a pretty house patches the pain somehow. Ridiculous. How do we save people from themselves? Should we?

#128 Smoking Man on 05.02.13 at 11:07 pm

#127 2centsCdn on 05.02.13 at 10:47 pm

Don’t you know, if your not an owner of grant, and hardwood. Your nothing, toe nail scum to those who are barried in debt…..

And there are a lot more of them than you… You Wana have your little lady keep dropping to knees to please… Get in debt buy some big as hard wood, and keep her happy… It’s what they do.

When my wife had the big C scare few months ago I was crying. She is not replaceable..

How many woman would follow there man into faking poverty to get kids off game boy,.the gossip of old friends, she’s a beauty, I love her……

#129 gman on 05.02.13 at 11:11 pm

@105 Ralph
Thanks,I feel better now after seeing the picture.

#130 2centsCdn on 05.02.13 at 11:29 pm

I agree SM …. I’m in my 50’s .. have a great great girl friend who I ride road bikes with (I’m slim … I can pull off lycra : ) we trail run …. do fun stuff … not expensive stuff. We don’t focus on “the house”hers or mine. I’ve done the big house thing …. back in the 80’s and early 90’s … did well. But it cost me a marriage. Take a giant house ……… sell it (god forbid in a declining market) ……. subtract the mortgage, then subtract two lawyers bills …… both people can easily end up back in basement apartments. No fun for anyone. I still like the phrase that popped up here a few months ago …. it’s not about stuff, it’s about freedom. I still think rental property (if bought NOT at a 15 year peak) is a good thing. …. but all these people thinking their house is their total retirement fund are dreaming in techni-colour …… I only waisted about 10 years chasing the dream …. didn’t make me any happier. Some of my friends approaching 60 still think the big house is the goal. Very sad.

#131 NorthOf49 on 05.02.13 at 11:31 pm

Looks like The Star cranked out one heck of a Cleveland Steamer!

#132 InvestX on 05.02.13 at 11:36 pm

Thank you, Garth!

Good job on exposing another scammer!

#133 Coho on 05.02.13 at 11:52 pm

There’s so much BS in the media, written history, etc that people really have to spend time to research issues they truly care about if they want to get to some truth. The story above, offensive as it is, is just a very small example as to the lies and deception directed at people all day everyday.

A point of interest to some: It has come to light that the entire family of the ‘Boston Bombers’ are in fact, employees of the DHS. I wrote a long time ago that evil will eat its own when it suits it. This is just another example. Everyone is expendable. No one comes off better for making a deal with the devil. On some level one has made a ‘contract’ with it and the fine print is always too small to see. Short term gain, ultimate pain.

It took the authorities a few days to arrive at an official story of the ‘patsy bros’ being guilty of the Boston ‘psyop’ as many are calling it now. And each day, they further embellish the official story of these two brothers who have been hung out to dry. They’re really running with it now. More planned attacks, more arrests, etc. They’ll just keep shoveling the bullsh*t until it becomes a mountain of lies sprinkled with half-truths.

#134 Smoking Man on 05.02.13 at 11:53 pm

#122 blok existentialist on 05.02.13 at 10:31 pm#114,

I often get a kick out of your attitude, Smoking Man, but sometimes you go too far in your need for attention.Hitler was a helluva go-getter and the guy made the trains run on time, too.Doesn’t mean he earned anyone’s respect.


Alot of people respect hitter, just no one I associate with, his boys had my old man in labour camps, his boys stoll my mom’s massive inheritance, and sunk my grandfather, ship with him on it.

KLM is not hitter she s a young kid trying to score a goal, her tactics are unrefined, but she’s on the ice trying.

You buggers drank the teachers cool aid, belive in honesty truth justice and super man, who by the way shares the same initials with me.

My logo is upside down…..

If we became a nation of smoking men, looked for our targets outside our boarder, we would rock…….

But sadly we have contempt for those who make easy money, our mind set is tuned to work hard, sweet, obey, and dangle the obdiance certificate like it’s a Stanley Cup even though you never put on skates..

Go KLM my leafs such, got to cheer for some one.

#135 Stoopid Idiot on 05.03.13 at 12:00 am

I think It was Gerald Celente that called them first prestitutes

#136 meslippery on 05.03.13 at 12:16 am

Smoking man
Pawn to kings level four.

Can I be one of the dozen you play at once?

#137 Vangrrl on 05.03.13 at 12:41 am

Can we call Marketplace on The Star?
Toronto Star- “YOU’RE busted!!” :)

#138 Saskatoon-Living on 05.03.13 at 12:49 am

Yep, still different here:

#139 dienekes on 05.03.13 at 1:30 am

Anyone watching Phillips 66 (PSX)?
Is this thing going to go up, or explode in my face.
I’m in it pretty heavy.
Talked to the union today, still same amount of men on the books, no work in sight for them. We are actually starting to get hammered by cheap, cheap Ontario contractors working west into the mines. They kill us on the LOA, we pay 150 a day, they pile two men a hotel room at 75 a day.
What does a high unemployment rate among union construction labour in Winnipeg indicate? A slowing economy or a crummy spring?

#140 Sgip on 05.03.13 at 1:33 am

Who Killed Canada
Media Ownership and the Radical Right in Canada
Part 1, 2 & 3. Note: each video about 10 minutes long
Wednesday at 12:53pm

No time for video? Read review instead:

Mr. Hurtig begins by discussing the Canadian media and how we now have the greatest concentration of media in the western world. In fact, he states this would simply not be allowed in any other western democracy.

And since these same media outlets control newspaper, television and radio news; we are essentially only being given one voice. There are few or no alternative views. As stated in the video, a healthy democracy should foster a healthy and independent news media.


#141 Jordy on 05.03.13 at 1:40 am

I’m really starting to worry how we are all going to start our wood stoves and fireplaces when the newspapers all point their hoofs at the sky. I subscribe to my local daily and that’s about all its good for.

#142 Canadian Watchdog on 05.03.13 at 3:12 am

How the real estate industry is killing its only remaining advantage

#143 Humpty Dumpty on 05.03.13 at 3:24 am

AHHH…..”You can’t handle the truth”…..

In order to recognize the American spirit of loyalty and the sacrifices that so many have made for our Nation, the Congress, by Public Law 85-529 as amended, has designated May 1 of each year as “Loyalty Day.” On this day, let us reaffirm our allegiance to the United States of America, our Constitution, and our founding values.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, BARACK OBAMA, President of the United States of America, do hereby proclaim May 1, 2013, as Loyalty Day. This Loyalty Day, I call upon all the people of the United States to join in support of this national observance, whether by displaying the flag of the United States or pledging allegiance to the Republic for which it stands.

Its alittle late to be yelling “May Day”, “May Day”, once your nailed inside a coffin….

Stevie Wonder ★ Signed, Sealed, Delivered

#144 Stoopid Idiot on 05.03.13 at 3:58 am

#72 Mr. Frugal

The Star is not without it’s good points. For example, if you add enough gasoline, it’s great for starting camp fires.

May I add, Bird Cage Liner

#145 You Can't Trust Anybody. Except Me. I'm Cool. - Financial Uproar » Financial Uproar on 05.03.13 at 6:21 am

[…] But wait, there’s a pretty giant conflict of interest that wasn’t disclosed. For the deets, (do the kids still say deets?) let’s go to everyone’s favorite real estate bear, Garth Turner. […]

#146 maxx on 05.03.13 at 7:09 am

#57 happity on 05.02.13 at 7:00 pm

Spot on. All is normal, remain calm……

#147 Craig on 05.03.13 at 7:18 am

#96 Mike T.

As an aside, there was an outstanding article in the Globe today by Rob Carrick outlining the real costs of home ownership vs renting.

I can’t link to it because I am a dinosaur


Hi Mike, thanks for the info – good read. Here is the link.

#148 Kent on 05.03.13 at 7:20 am

We bought twice using a broker, moved to RBC to refinance and got screwed over (the rep misrepresented the deal, even hid parts of the contract from us). So, I’d definitely go with a broker next time if required, better still, pay cash and don’t give the banksters a dime.

#149 Victor V on 05.03.13 at 7:30 am

Stephen Poloz is inheriting an economy that has been losing momentum for months.

The good vibes that carried the Canadian economy out of the Great Recession are gone in the face of a host of new hurdles.

Now, the country faces a troubled neighbour to the south, the end of a long commodities supercycle, a deflating housing bubble, much more cautious consumers, and governments unable or unwilling to make up the gap.

#150 AK on 05.03.13 at 8:08 am

#139 dienekes on 05.03.13 at 1:30 am
“Anyone watching Phillips 66 (PSX)?
Is this thing going to go up, or explode in my face.
I’m in it pretty heavy.”
I also own it.

P/E – (7.8x)

#151 Angie on 05.03.13 at 8:20 am

Thanks again for opening my eyes. I am just astounded that the Star would allow it. They should have at least put the disclaimer on the top that says the article is a paid advertisement.

#152 T.O. Bubble Boy on 05.03.13 at 8:20 am

Speaking of media manipulation, check this out from the Toronto Real Estate Board:

“In conjunction with TREB’s redistricting project, historical data may be subject to revision moving forward. This could temporarily impact per cent change comparisons to data from previous years.”

Hmmm…. Funny, that isn’t mentioned when they lie (errrr, publich

#153 Centre-ville on 05.03.13 at 8:24 am

Love it. In your face, scammers.

As an extra perk, I now know what paper NOT to read if ever I leave Montreal to move to Toronto.

That was a sloppy job. One has to wonder how many other scams – run by competent people, in comparison – we never get to hear about…

#154 EIT on 05.03.13 at 8:25 am

@BlackListedNews: Ratings agency Moody’s slashes Slovenia rating to “junk status”

#155 T.O. Bubble Boy on 05.03.13 at 8:25 am

iPad fingers….

Funny that this isn’t mentioned when they lie (publish) stats in articles like this:

Were sales really only down 2%??? Or, did the GTA zone grow 20%?

Every other reference point in the article points to larger declines:
– Sales of detached homes in the downtown 416 area code were down 11.8 per cent year over year.
– Condo sales in the suburban area covered by the 905 area code were down 7.3 per cent

#156 Loopback on 05.03.13 at 8:37 am

The European Central Bank has cut its benchmark interest rate from 0.75 percent to an all-time low of 0.50 . . . the move comes on the heels of dismal economic indicators and unemployment has risen to a record 12%. Some recovery.

#157 AK on 05.03.13 at 9:10 am

More proof that the Stock Market is a leading indicator.

US employers added 165K jobs in April, lowering unemployment rate to 4-year low of 7.5 pct.

US employers add 165K jobs

#158 Pounding sand in Peachland on 05.03.13 at 9:19 am

Shocking! They still have newspapers, and people look at them!

#159 CP on 05.03.13 at 9:24 am

#134 Smoking Man

“You want your army to win the battle, burn the the boats, then there is no retreat……”

Someone watched “The Office” last night…

#160 Grantmi on 05.03.13 at 9:29 am

The other part of the Greater Vancouver area. Fraser Vally Real estate..

Sales AND PRICES for Condos and Townhomes.. plunging YOY… Home sales dropping YOY.. but mysteriously Prices holding!!

Hmmm.. Next shoe to drop?

Stay tuned!!

#161 Buy? Curious? on 05.03.13 at 9:35 am

What Bastards! The Star, KLM and Christina should be mocked mercilessly and flooded with hate mail! Once a paper loses its trust with the public, they’re finished. As for these other people, Raj and his harem, and KLM, I hope they last as long in their profession as the Leafs will in this playoff series.

Leafs fans, you are honestly the stupidest fan base in all of professional sports! It’s embarrassing. They are like some guy’s drunk mom trying to lapdance.

#162 thiscountryis going down the toilet on 05.03.13 at 9:37 am

Reality is when the rubber hits the road.

Canadians are increasingly living below the poverty line. But the sad fact is that is is these very studies that support higher wage demands by the civil service. Thos results in fewer people able to work because taxation on business has to rise to feed the greed…..a vicious circle of poverty surrounds Canadians who are not among the elite….this country is going down the toilet.

#163 skube on 05.03.13 at 9:43 am

I noticed someone posted a comment about the intertwined relationship yesterday on the Star’s site and today it is gone! For shame.

#164 Van guy on 05.03.13 at 9:49 am


Your call on the US recovery has been nothing but correct. There hasn’t been any bad news to shock the markets. Even after the Boston bombing, the markets did not react to negatively. So if that didn’t correct the US markets, what will? I know you see a dip, but good news won’t do it.

#165 Party On Garth on 05.03.13 at 9:51 am

It’s been fun watching the comments section at the bottom of that Star article this morning. The few critical comments that made it past moderation were eventually deleted. So now the Star is censoring watchdogs.

#166 Ballingsford on 05.03.13 at 9:51 am

#97 Victor
Thanks for the link to “Garth and his followers are a bunch of crazies”.

That gave me a good laugh! That woman is a nutbar.

We should bw referred to as ‘Garth’s Army of Saneness’.

On another note, are you posting early again tonight Garrh?

Go SENS Go!!!!!!!!!!!

#167 HogtownIndebted on 05.03.13 at 10:04 am

Garth must be so wrong.

Looks like the Star has scored two more goals: Star 4, Truth 0

Condo prices are going up! No problem here!

And people in hogtown are happy even to buy houses that are recent murder scenes!

(Though perhaps recent buyers in the 905 might find themselves getting…er…killed)

#168 AK on 05.03.13 at 10:07 am

#164 Van guy on 05.03.13 at 9:49 am

Your call on the US recovery has been nothing but correct. There hasn’t been any bad news to shock the markets. Even after the Boston bombing, the markets did not react to negatively. So if that didn’t correct the US markets, what will? I know you see a dip, but good news won’t do it.”
The S&P 500 is trading @ 14X forward earnings.

What kind of a correction are you expecting?

#169 HogtownIndebted on 05.03.13 at 10:26 am

And another sign of trouble – can you say “cottage country implosion?”

This timeshare is so desperate to unload fractional condos they are willing to accept anything, even at the reserve bid.

Watch out for those killer fees, and enjoy your five weeks every year in winter, LOL!

#170 lawboy on 05.03.13 at 10:28 am

Pathetic how the Star has deleted comments which referred to the information Garth gave us…

#171 Swift on 05.03.13 at 10:30 am

the Star didn’t even publish my comment, and it was written politely, I had only stated the obvious.

I had also included the quote from Raj’s testimonial’s page ….. that might have pissed them off….but whatever. There was absolutely nothing wrong with my comment

Pissed off..

oh and they deleted all the comments that reference who she is related to

#172 EIT on 05.03.13 at 10:35 am

Heard a mortgage broker commercial on the radio this morning. Basically 5% down is for suckers, cause you can get away with 1% down.

#173 Nathan Hughson on 05.03.13 at 10:35 am

Complain about the Star’s journalism standards to their public editor (ombudswoman) here –

Reference the Star’s Statement of Principles here –

#174 Loon on 05.03.13 at 10:39 am

The cons of dealing with a mortgage broker indeed!

#175 blokexistentialist on 05.03.13 at 10:39 am

#134. No. I used an extreme example to make a point.
You yourself are honest enough to admit that the best thing in your life is your wife. And what do you prize most about her? To use an archaic word, her virtue.
If she herself followed the Smoking Man Principle of Life, then she would divorce you, take the money and run.
The one solid anchor in your life is based on what you deride in others. So drop the crap, please.
People should sell things, invest in things, ditch housing as a losing proposition and so on. You and others on this blog are bang-on with those ideas.
But a healthy economy thrives on repeat business, not scams. And repeat business necessitates supplying good value/service to customers. You can’t grow a healthy business without it.
Cheaters, liars and manipulators need not apply. I’m a little tired of the infantile attitudes on this blog that people who aren’t willing to lower themselves into the mud are somehow naïve or stupid.
Perhaps they’ve just thought things through a little more deeply.

#176 jess on 05.03.13 at 10:40 am

abandoned investigative reporting

Israel Tonge the an honest fanatic meets Titus Oates (15 September 1649 – 12/13 July 1705) was an English perjurer who fabricated the “Popish Plot”, a supposed Catholic conspiracy to kill King Charles II

The Popish Plot was a fictitious conspiracy concocted by Titus Oates that between 1678 and 1681 gripped the Kingdoms of England and Scotland in anti-Catholic hysteria.[1] Oates alleged that there existed an extensive Catholic conspiracy to assassinate Charles II, accusations that led to the execution of at least 22 men and precipitated the Exclusion Bill Crisis. Eventually Oates’ intricate web of accusations fell apart, leading to his arrest and conviction for perjury

Libel trial of Joseph Howe
^ Saul, p. 10; Kesterton, pp. 21–23
^ Kesterton, W.H. (1967) A History of Journalism in Canada. Toronto: McClelland and Stewart Limited, pp.21-23.

#177 What about CMHC? on 05.03.13 at 10:42 am

Mass media is going down the drain at the speed of light.

GT said: “I’ve nothing against mortgage brokers. Many do an outstanding job and love their clients.”

They love money just like everybody else… A mortgage broker will give you 100% attention only when he gets to pocket a fat commission from the lender!

#178 Van guy on 05.03.13 at 10:43 am

#168 AK

The S&P 500 is trading @ 14X forward earnings.

What kind of a correction are you expecting?

I don’t know what to expect. Garth has made some good calls on the market sinced I’ve followed this blog in sept 2011. He mentioned one us coming for the US markets.

#179 I am in C on 05.03.13 at 10:52 am

Todays’s news-adfo-mercial from the Toronto Star’s resident realestate pumper Susan Pigg. It’s nothing more than a tarted up press realease from TREB

My favorite part of the article:

Suburban condo sales were the flip side of the coin, however, in a market that appears headed for a soft landing, rather than the devastating crash many economics and housing experts had been predicting just last fall.

#180 HAWK on 05.03.13 at 10:53 am

The Dow breaks 15,000………onwards and upwards.

#181 TomJefferson on 05.03.13 at 11:04 am

Canadian housing: Bursting bubble or gentle landing?

#182 J on 05.03.13 at 11:10 am

The original testimonial from Christina Cleveland is still on the CLN website, on the “Why Choose CLN?” page:

“I must admit that at first, I wasn’t sure what the role of a Mortgage Broker was, then I met Raj and his team…”

#183 Canadian Watchdog on 05.03.13 at 11:12 am

#152 T.O. Bubble Boy

April numbers are a mess. Let's review.

1) Two extra working days in April compared to last year. Adjusted for working days, daily dollar volume averaged $282M last year compared to $246M this year, down 12.7% y/y.

2) Always remove 3% to adjust for TREB revisions.

3) YoY Sales By Type

A = 0-$500,000    
B = $500,000-$1,000,000    
C = $1,000,000+

All Home Types
A. -8.0%
B. +0.2%
C. -7.8%

A. -5.1%
B. -6.3%
C. +8.1%

A. -10.1%
B. -0.6%
C. -6.9%

4) Presales added to resale data. ( just a few of many examples)  

MLS# / Sold Price / Address / Condo Name

E2599754  $463,500  200 Woodbine Ave 205  Two Hundred Condos
E2599700  $433,500  200 Woodbine Ave 302  Two Hundred Condos
E2599786  $503,500  200 Woodbine Ave 505  Two Hundred Condos
E2540496  $299,000  151 Village Green Sq 105  Avani at Metrogate
E2561555  $340,000  151 Village Green Sq 1607  Avani at Metrogate
C2572714  $378,380  88 Sheppard Ave E 2305  Alto & Parkside at Atria
N2575223  $294,900  8167 Kipling Ave   Woodbridge Courtyard
C2570123  $194,000  816 Lansdowne Ave 1106  UpsideDownCondoPrices Phase 2
W2570537  $225,000  816 Lansdowne Ave 221  UpsideDownCondoPrices Phase 2
W2581823  $194,000  816 Lansdowne Ave 225  UpsideDownCondoPrices Phase 2
W2577217  $248,000  816 Lansdowne Ave 311  UpsideDownCondoPrices Phase 2
W2566890  $255,000  816 Lansdowne Ave L02  UpsideDownCondoPrices Phase 2
C2573398  $399,900  996 College St 510  IT Lofts
C2544829  $534,000  10 York St 5001  Ten York Condos
C2566942  $481,000  10 York St 6104  Ten York Condos

5) Now I'm starting to find more of these sale errors. (it's the new guy's fault)

MLS#  /  Sold  / List  / Orig Price
W2567945      $4,950,000     $515,800     $540,000

Add it all up and you got nothing but TREB triple fudged stats being spoonfed to buyers.

#184 rosie "moving forward" on 05.03.13 at 11:23 am

#154 eit
Where’s Slovenia?

#185 pigg: stupid or smart? on 05.03.13 at 11:44 am

Susan pigg is either incredibly stupid, or a master propagandist.

you decide.

#186 WhiteKat on 05.03.13 at 12:01 pm

I guess IT REALLY IS DIFFERENT IN OTTAWA. May 3 statistics released today:

Members of the Ottawa Real Estate Board sold 1,573 residential properties in April through the Board’s Multiple Listing Service® system, compared with 1,568 in April 2012, an increase of 0.3 per cent.

“The Ottawa market is doing well, and gaining ground back since the “cool-down” of the market for the past five months,” says Tim Lee, President of the Ottawa Real Estate Board. “We are on par with the strong sales of last April, and the resale market is up 34.9 per cent since last month. With the late onset of warmer weather, the traditional “spring market” saw its upswing a little later this year. With interest rates continuing to be low, Ottawa remains a healthy, stable market.”

April’s sales included 302 in the condominium property class, and 1,271 in the residential property class. The condominium property class includes any property, regardless of style (i.e. detached, semi-detached, apartment, stacked etc.), which is registered as a condominium, as well as properties which are co-operatives, life leases and timeshares. The residential property class includes all other residential properties.

The average sale price of residential properties, including condominiums, sold in April in the Ottawa area was $371,565, an increase of 2.1 per cent over April 2012. The average sale price for a condominium-class property was $266,596, a decrease of 2.3 per cent over April 2012. The average sale price of a residential-class property was $396,507, an increase of 2.9 per cent over April 2012. The Board cautions that average sale price information can be useful in establishing trends over time but should not be used as an indicator that specific properties have increased or decreased in value. The average sale price is calculated based on the total dollar volume of all properties sold.

#187 jess on 05.03.13 at 12:38 pm

timing water:oil
The swindle was documented in detail by Norman C. Miller in The Great Salad Oil Swindle (Baltimore, MD: Coward McCann Books, 1965). The book is based on Miller’s coverage of the story in the Wall Street Journal, which won a Pulitzer Prize in 1964.

#188 EIT on 05.03.13 at 12:43 pm

#184 rosie “moving forward” on 05.03.13 at 11:23 am

Stupid question, try again.

#189 Craig on 05.03.13 at 12:48 pm

I would think there are a lot of emails and conference calls happening at the Star this morning.

Damage control?

It’s one thing for KLM and the CLN Clan to do what they did but far different for the Star to partake and jeopardize their papers credibility, integrity and ethical reporting reputation.

The two reporters, Starr and Pigg I’m sure are being cross examined by the Star’s Management Team today.

“Did you, in any way receive ANY form of compensation for those articles”?

Regardless of the truth, I’m guessing they deny, deny, deny, to save their butts.

So the next question would be;

“Since you didn’t do ANY due diligence on the characters in this story, you are suspended (or fired) for being a totally incompetent reporter, working for Canada’s largest newspaper.”

Just adlibbing here but I’m guessing it’s pretty nasty down at 1 Yonge St today.

If this kind of stuff escapes from the walls of this little blog and hits the mainstream media – WATCHOUT – heads WILL roll.

I wonder if the Stars competitors know about this?

How many more comments will the Star delete to try and “manage” this mess?

Gut feel – this is far from over.

#190 Calgary Rip Off on 05.03.13 at 12:57 pm

Your post illustrates the obvious that personal connections are what matters in finances. What is wrong with that, this is normal.

Anyone with half a brain knows the media is lying. You are correct that at least they should report non biased reporting, however what in this world is without bias? Even in medicine everything is biased. If there were a cure for a disease eliminating the need for certain pharmaceuticals do you think that this would happen? Not likely because it would cut into profits, and then all the reps that come in to hospitals and just sit there talking about their boring vacations somewhere would be canned.

The world is unethical, unfortunately people are stuck living in it. The key is what I call is bs management. There is a solution: Media is mind control and avoid the mainstream media and the junk it puts in the unconscious. This goes also for all those dumb shows like dateline where they are reporting on someone that got murdered. It’s like, “Ok, next!”, then flip the channel. Find a hobby, do anything but worry about your finances: Maybe play a board game. Play the drums. Lift weights. Go running. Ignore all the stupid stuff that makes old people act old and do things a teenager would do that are fun: Music, fast cars, exercise, having fun. That is the solution to crappy newspapers and unethical people.

#191 Johnny D. on 05.03.13 at 12:59 pm

Here are the numbers for detached houses in April in Vaughan, that same distant GTA suburb, that Garth predicted should have been crashing and burning by now. This is in comparison with the previous two months.

Feb. 747,262
Mar. 795,791
Apr. 801,646

Funny how all your predictions get more wrong with every passing month, eh, Garth?

Semi-rural houses cost more in April than February? Duh. — Garth

#192 bill on 05.03.13 at 1:07 pm

#159 CP on 05.03.13 at 9:24 am
or he knows about william the conqueror …
more tt vicar?

#193 BS Detector on 05.03.13 at 1:13 pm

The TREB numbers for April are pure bullshit.

Last year, they reported 10 350 transactions, to this years 9,811. Considering that we had 2 extra work days in April this year, the sales numbers in the GTA are down more than 10%

* April 2013 – (22 work days – Easter Monday)
** April 2012 – (21 work days – Easter & Good Friday)

#194 Smartalox on 05.03.13 at 1:24 pm

Print journalism may be unregulated, allowing realistic-looking advertorials to cower behind the legitimacy of a free press, but most papers now broadcast these ‘news stories’ on-line. As such, they should fall under regulation by the CRTC and Canadian Broadcast Standards Council. If an infomercial must air a disclaimer before broadcast, ‘news’papers should be obligated to enclose similar disclaimers when publishing paid coverage.

Complaints can result in fines based on the number of page hits mislabelled, misleading stories receive.

#195 Humpty Dumpty on 05.03.13 at 1:24 pm

Sign…Sign.. every where a sign…

Poll: 29% of Registered Voters Believe Armed Revolution Might Be Necessary in Next Few Years

Chinese police have broken a crime ring that passed off more than $1 million in rat and small mammal meat as mutton, authorities said, in a food safety crackdown that coincides with a bird flu outbreak and other environmental pressures.

It would seem the rich, in both Canada and the U.S., are getting richer while everyone else is getting poorer.

Marc Faber On Gold, Terrorism, & Democratic Wealth Confiscation

Here’s Telsa… in of all places Muskoka…

Have great weekend dogs…

#196 Rational Optimist on 05.03.13 at 1:44 pm

All right, now on to 16,000.

#197 DUI on Money Road on 05.03.13 at 2:00 pm

This blog now serves up vigilante justice for the MSM.

Hopefully we can enhance and maintain the pressure on them for reporting with integrity.

#198 DUI on Money Road on 05.03.13 at 2:02 pm

#189 Craig on 05.03.13 at 12:48 pm

Heads might not roll at the Star if it was management that approved the story knowing it was more an advertisement than journalistic reporting.

#199 DUI on Money Road on 05.03.13 at 2:07 pm

#186 WhiteKat on 05.03.13 at 12:01 pm
Isn’t Ottawa ‘slightly’ different — it is known to be recession proof (that makes it different than other cities?), has the 2nd highest family income in Ontario, and property prices haven’t spun totally out of control? In fact if you look at historical average prices for Ottawa, there are only 2 or 3 years of the past 50 where prices were negative — in the 1990’s, when the liberals obliterated the public service.

#200 AK on 05.03.13 at 2:22 pm

Here is the reason for the shenanigans that are currently unfolding.

‘Mortgage loan growth’ to get cut in half, say analysts

Outlook for Mortgage Brokers

#201 Ronaldo on 05.03.13 at 2:37 pm

#157 AK – The stock market is a leading indicator?165,000 jobs added? Is that suppose to be good?

Heck, Canada added 58,000 jobs in April and we’re a tenth the size of the U.S.

Our market has been stalled in the 12,500 region since Oct. 2011 but it did amazingly hit 14270 in April 2011. Both the TSX and Dow reached the 14,000 level in 2007.

The Dow just hit 15,000 for the first time and with those kinds of numbers.

What does that tell us? Meaningless numbers. And now central bankers are getting into the ETF game. They should have that sucker up to 16,000 in no time I would expect.

The Dow was trailing the TSX by 1000 points for a good period of time after the 2009 rebound. Now its overtaken it by 2500 points or 20%. I fully expect that with what is taking place right now, we should see it hit 16,000 by end of summer if not earlier but I would be getting a bit nervous by then. As for the TSX, more of the same.

Every month, more jobs. And you moan. — Garth

#202 Piccaso on 05.03.13 at 2:51 pm

SJ-2 VAN-0

#203 Smoking Man on 05.03.13 at 2:58 pm

A apple a day keeps the debt collectors away, not late to load up.

Is it not absolutely amazing how my timing of picks for top and bottoms are..

Ok I’m a bit of loon not expecting respect, but look at my track record on here….

My advice free, see that proves I’m insane…

#204 Dorf on 05.03.13 at 3:09 pm

“I’d prefer those who I actually respect, ignore it.”

Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain !!

#205 bejabbers on 05.03.13 at 3:11 pm

This is nothing new with the Star. And almost every real estate section in Canada’s national papers.

All nothing but a schill for the industry.

#206 Craig on 05.03.13 at 3:16 pm

#157 AK – The stock market is a leading indicator?165,000 jobs added? Is that suppose to be good?


With a population of well over 300 Million that is nothing and considering if you drill down into the Dept’s numbers you’ll find most of those are in the service industry.

Yeah, like McDonalds…minimum wage crap with high turnover. So people quit and they hire more and count them again next month as newly created jobs and people cheer.

They sold out all the manufacturing jobs to China and India so they would get those great EPS numbers everyone clamours for in the Stock Market.

Find me one Apple product made in the good old U S of A.

#207 jess on 05.03.13 at 3:23 pm

how many died because of this scam! fake bomb detectors ……better check those pink bullet proof backpacks

“When people passed through checkpoints using these devices, they thought they would be safe,” she told the BBC. “But they are useless. The man who sold them has no conscience. He is morally bankrupt. How could he sell them just for money and destroy other people’s lives?”

#208 Dorf on 05.03.13 at 3:25 pm

#98 – gman

Sell her the condo, and pay her your share of “rent”.

Now you are free, and after a couple years of HER shouldering all the responsibility for the condo, see if she is enthusiastic about taking on even MORE responsibility, for an even BIGGER place.

#209 Canadian Watchdog on 05.03.13 at 3:40 pm

The Atari visualization of what's driving stocks to new highs. Link

Alas, while HFTs ping fake market orders like sonar finding a ship to sink, whatever is left of human activity now only makes up 15-20% of total US trading volume. This is what they call investing in today's world.

I don't know when this market will unwind, but when it does, it's not going to be pretty.

#210 I am in C on 05.03.13 at 3:49 pm

About an hour ago, perhaps due to the sneering on this blog, the Torstar reinstated the –one– comment noting the relationship between ‘fetching Christina’ and Raj the mortgae broker

#211 Holy Crap Wheres The Tylenol on 05.03.13 at 4:20 pm

What? You mean they twisted the truth! Manipulated and fabrication a situation to suit their own story line! Its all about trust, ya trust.
Oh here’s an update on the word trust brought to you by the letter T.–banks-re-establishing-trust-with-public-carney-205989491.html

#212 Craig on 05.03.13 at 4:22 pm

From CNN;

The Dow and S&P 500 finished at record highs as investors cheered the latest report on the U.S. job market.

So every FAST FOOD joint in the US hired one person last month!

Partyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy on dude!

Fun with numbers for the sheep….baaaaaaaaaaaaa

#213 Al on 05.03.13 at 4:32 pm

This has been going on a long time. My wife was working for a builder in the early 2000s that was the subject of an article in the Star about how poor the finishes were in their latest project. Unfortunately that builder was a constant advertiser in the New in Homes/ New in Condos section. They threatened to cut off the ad dollars and the story was never published. Regard much of what you read as advertorials or subtle reworkings of original wire stories. There’s no money in papers so they need to cut corners where they can. There’s no grand conspiracy here, just the reality that subscriptions don’t cover the cost of producing a paper.

#214 Ralph Cramdown on 05.03.13 at 4:37 pm

#201 Ronaldo — “Our market has been stalled in the 12,500 region since Oct. 2011 but it did amazingly hit 14270 in April 2011. Both the TSX and Dow reached the 14,000 level in 2007.”

I know. It’s just horrible. Every month, I laboriously load my dividend cheques into a wheelbarrow, trundle them down to the bank and, as the bankster is tallying them up for deposit, volubly complain about how the equities’ prices aren’t rising, even as some of them raise their dividends. It’s outrageous. I was seriously considering employing a temporary foreign worker to do the trundling and bellyaching for me, but now it looks like stricter regulations may put the kibosh on that. Will my tribulations never end?

#215 blokexistentialist on 05.03.13 at 4:52 pm

#210 I am in C on 05.03.13 at 3:49 pm
About an hour ago, perhaps due to the sneering on this blog, the Torstar reinstated the –one– comment noting the relationship between ‘fetching Christina’ and Raj the mortgage broker

I see this as free legal advice, courtesy of Torstar. One, it confirms there was, in fact, a genuine familial tie between the pair. Two, it means a media lawyer was called in. Said lawyer saw suppression of free speech, as per public feedback to the story, to be the greater threat to the newspaper.
And so he should.

#216 Ronaldo on 05.03.13 at 5:05 pm

#214 – Ralph Cramdown –
”Will my tribulations never end?”

In time. Just be patient.

#217 blokexistentialist on 05.03.13 at 5:07 pm

Distracted by gardening on a (finally) sunny day.
Didn’t put it well. I meant to say that suppressing the public reaction to the story (on their site, at least) will likely continue.
Garth, they threw you a bone, but not the whole goat.

#218 espressobob on 05.03.13 at 5:52 pm

#206 Craig

Some ’emerging markets’ exposure may help to diversify ones portfolio. Just remember to take some profit when the opportuity presents itself! And don’t forget the yield.

#219 Young Grasshopper on 05.03.13 at 6:11 pm

#203 Smoking Man on 05.03.13 at 2:58 pm
A apple a day keeps the debt collectors away, not late to load up.

Is it not absolutely amazing how my timing of picks for top and bottoms are..

Ok I’m a bit of loon not expecting respect, but look at my track record on here….

My advice free, see that proves I’m insane…

Hey Smoking Man,

Looking for some canadian stocks to put in my tfsa. Any companies listed on the tsx that you have your eye on?


#220 Aleksey on 05.03.13 at 6:38 pm

Crickets sound in Lotus Land

#221 cade on 05.03.13 at 6:45 pm

I started my working career when I was going to public school. The Toronto Star was 3 cents per copy. The Toronto Star averaged 60 pages. I could fold and throw a paper all well riding my ballon tired bicycle.Today I wouldn’t bother to bring one home. Good for wrapping fish or starting the fire. Never have I seen a newspaper that was so biased. Don’t have to read far to know it is a Liberal paper. Now thanks to Garth and the Cowman, life is good and I don’t have to deliver papers anymore. I would just hate to be spreading B.S.

#222 Ronaldo on 05.03.13 at 7:05 pm

#214 Ralph Cramdown – you missed my point the first time, all those other numbers I threw in for information purposes. Maybe this will help to clarify things.

#223 Dr. Hoof - Hearted on 05.03.13 at 7:05 pm

#213 Al on 05.03.13 at 4:32 pm

This has been going on a long time. My wife was working for a builder in the early 2000s that was the subject of an article in the Star about how poor the finishes were in their latest project.


There are blogs out there that disclose these builders.

Its almost a given that projects built during a boom are the lowest quality.

#224 Smoking Man on 05.03.13 at 7:23 pm

#219 Young Grasshopper on 05.03.13 at 6:11 pm

Grasshopper, I’m like a little kid bouncing from thing to thing, get board fast iRight now consumed with Forex and my invention, taken my eye of tsx……. I Listen to garth on preferreds, got loot in commercial mortgages

Mist of my gambling loot is in cash, apart from a small position in Bbry, and a big one in Apple…. Huge check to CRA, battery’s.

I’m not sofisticated, trade on fear and greed… Never give a shit about balance sheets, or earnings. I pay attention And look for stocks that went up or down fast, look for batman, or cancel toe.. The sign of profit taking..

#225 Victor V on 05.03.13 at 8:41 pm

Clarification: May 4, 2013- Christina Cleveland is the sister-in-law of mortgage broker Raj Babber. That relationship shouild have been disclosed in this article. The Star was unaware the two are related.


This feels like groundhog day. Yet again, The Star is forced to print a clarification because of the due diligence done by the author of this blog and his dogs.

Score another victory for truth.

#226 gman on 05.04.13 at 1:53 am

@208 dorf
Thanks,I would have never thought of that approach.Will try it next time the question arises again .BTW I think I should raise her rent to cover special assessments, rising hydro bills,etc.
A co-worker was charging his girlfriend $800 per month on a condo he owned ,and was almost paid off.Of course she didn’t know that.

#227 Ali A on 05.04.13 at 1:47 pm

How does it feel to fight and expose the nation-wide corruption single-handedly with a bare blog media and few research pals?

God bless…

#228 Pulp Faction (Dorf) on 05.05.13 at 3:44 pm

ANOTHER Conflict of Interest:

A nasty rumour has surfaced regarding Garth Turner !!

Sources close to the matter, claim that Garth Turner is on staff at The Toronto Star, in the capacity of proofreader of their financial articles !!

It was purely a financial decision to outsource this work, in view of the Star’s own costly and ineffective research dept.

Plans are underway to outsource the Star’s reporting to overseas immigrant workers, displacing the Canadians already employed as liars.

#229 Steve in Laval on 05.06.13 at 5:06 am

Well done uncovering this scam. I love it. One of your est blog.

Thank you for informing and protecting us.

Because of you, I now rent and pay half of what I should pay in mortgage for the same house. I now have zero stress about housing. I don’t shovel the snow or cut the grass. I love it.

#230 PerFi 3: Cheesy Populism on 05.06.13 at 6:01 am

[…] Garth Turner was again the vanguard of truth who unearthed this whole debacle. Nelson did a funny […]