Is this blog too, you know, sexy? Does it make you uncomfortable with its arousing financial metaphors and suggestive fiscal foreplay? Do you finish key paragraphs and need to pant? Are you convinced after reading this that people can smell it on you? Do you minimize when your spouse walks in? Have your kids started turning tricks after glimpsing my photos?

Have you been drawn here again today, a vessel of heaving desires, yearning to be sated, but knowing only shame will come of it? Then join Julie.

She writes:

I have read a couple of your books and have great respect for your opinion.  My nephew is in his mid-twenties, recently married, and learning about the housing market.  I would like to send him your blog as an antidote to all the “Buy a house now!” propaganda directed at people in his situation.  However, I find myself reluctant to send him some of your blog articles which might be helpful.  I could send him Bad Advice (II) which shows him how a couple can lose big by buying a house. But he is gonna be weirded out by the guys in bathing suits.  I could send him Mea Culpa, but it has this rather intense phrase: “the hope is that young couples will deep throat enough debt to stimulate the economy”.  I do not want him to be offended by this phrase, or worse, write back and ask me what it means.  That movie is before his time.

I am concerned that using intense language will leave you preaching to the choir, and will turn off people who need to  hear your message.  Could you perhaps provide two versions of your blog – one written to express yourself freely and one written to a PG audience?

Dear dogs, I need an answer on this. Do I scare your kids? Even the mid-twenties, sensitive, momsy kind? More importantly, is my message lost within the taut ripples of my massive masculinity? How shall I answer Julie?

<< >>

Days ago, as mentioned, I was asked to be part of a panel on the state of real estate for an upscale Toronto magazine. Below is an abbreviated and lightly edited version of that discussion. You will find the full article here.

At our last roundtable, our experts were, again, optimistic about the future of Toronto real estate. Top carriage trade realtor Elise Kalles suggested that the perceived market slowdown was a “seasonal” issue, not an economic one. Sherry Cooper, executive vice-president and chief economist at BMO Financial Group, agreed. Garth Turner, our panel’s outspoken business and real estate commentator (and former MP), had a doomier-and-gloomier outlook: “The economy is not eternal,” he proclaimed, “it seems clear we’re in a period of deflationary angst.”

Sherry Cooper: The year 2010 was a great year for Toronto real estate, and despite the concern about over-leveraged households, sales held up while price increases were moderated. Over time, home values increase with incomes. Indeed, average resale prices and personal incomes both rose 5.7 per cent per annum in Canada in the past 30 years. However, prices more than doubled (113 per cent) in the decade to late 2007 and grew twice as fast as incomes from 2002 to 2007 — largely due to the dramatic decline in mortgage interest rates and the easing in credit conditions by the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC). Even after sliding 13 per cent through the recession, prices quickly rebounded and are now 10 per cent above their 2007 peak for Canada as a whole. Looking ahead, incomes should grow faster than prices in the next one and a half years — the time frame in which interest rates are expected to normalize — allowing valuations to improve. If incomes climb eight per cent and prices stabilize, as I expect, the current overvaluation would fall to six per cent, hardly the stuff of corrections.

Harry Stinson: Frankly, I am becoming uncomfortable with Toronto prices. Typical “new construction” prices in Toronto are moving past the point of sensibility, in terms of positive cash flow or resale upside.  More and more I am hearing people tell me about their “great investment”: a one- bedroom for only $500,000, in a new building the name of which temporarily escapes them at this moment — but it’s definitely in a “hot area.” With apologies to President’s Choice, the term that comes to mind is “memories of ’89,” when condos eased into becoming a financial commodity rather than accommodation. When the majority of suites in most new projects are pre-sold to investors being wined and dined at lavish “VIP” receptions, my spidey sense starts tingling. I don’t anticipate an across-the-board price correction, nor a wave of U.S.-style foreclosures. But the premium price bandwagon is overcrowded, and it would not surprise me if a number of projects were redesigned, repackaged or even deferred.

Garth Turner: It is comforting to hear Harry Stinson has joined the ranks of the realistic. Those who cry that Canada cannot and will not have a “U.S.-style” housing correction are wasting their breath. A Canadian-style correction, given the tapped-out status of most families, is enough to worry about. A correction of, say, 15 per cent followed by a slow multi-year melt will be enough to make newbie, equity-less buyers or boomers with the bulk of their net worth in a house, regret that they were ever lulled into a complacent stupor by the real estate and banking cartel.

Harry Stinson: I am not booking passage on “Garth’s ark” quite yet, but I’m certainly no longer of the “Don’t worry, be happy” state of mind. And even if there is a correction, I don’t foresee a wave of Canadian defaults. When prices dropped seriously in the early 1990s, most [Canadian] owners simply held on.

Garth Turner: True enough, Harry. But the problem is not defaults, it’s negative equity. That dissipates the wealth effect, which rising house values give and nukes consumer spending. We do not need a “U.S.-style” housing collapse here to reap similar results. When most middle-class people have most of their net worth in one thing, time to split. Still some room on the ark, pal. The lemmings left for an open house.

Harry Stinson: Well, I will put my first-class ark ticket on my credit card.

Garth Turner: Excellent. I have an Ark Miles program.

Barry Cohen: Residential real estate in the Greater Toronto Area has posted one of the healthiest decades on record, with prices steadily increasing since 2000. Housing values have risen 77 per cent, up from $243,255 in 2000 to $431,463 in 2010. Given the current trajectory, since the levelling of 1996, real estate only has one place to go … UP. Unlike other Canadian markets that have seen serious double-digit increases in average price, housing in the GTA has appreciated at a stable, healthy pace, a five and six per cent yearly rate. Given the many failed predictions over the past 15 years, why correct now? They have hardly got it right thus far. While the housing units of sales may appear to have softened somewhat from 2010 levels, due to the limited supply, the market is expected to remain hearty, with the average price forecast to climb a modest but healthy and sustainable two to four per cent by year-end. What’s wrong with that?

Garth Turner: This is the kind of statement that so misleads inexperienced, impressionable, house-horny young buyers. I almost fear it is intended to do so. But I’m worried even more that you believe it. Real estate is an asset class like all others. It does not go up forever. It is heavily influenced by economic factors as well as hormones. And those who say buy now or buy never are almost always the sellers. I would counsel first-time buyers to put their desires back in their pants and wait for an inevitable price correction. Buying today with five per cent down is to condemn them to being underwater with the first move downwards. Barry’s good at pumping sunshine up rear ends, but not so much at being responsible.

Brad Lamb: Two thousand and ten was not the best year in total sales in the history of Toronto. It was actually the third. It was, however, a very good year. It also appears that 2011 will be a strong year as well. I expect that 80,000 resales will take place this year, making 2011 a year not unlike 2003 in volume.  We do have a problem in Toronto. Prices are rising too fast. This is an issue for basic affordability. It is also a problem for condominium investors looking to carry an investment with a 25 per cent down payment. They can’t. If these five to 10 per cent annual increases continue, we will have a correction regardless of the strength of the economy. Essentially, what will happen is new development sites will have to shut down due to poor sales. Garth’s scenario is unlikely. Most of the risky mortgages were done two years ago, and by and large, these buyers now have excellent levels of equity. The U.S. meltdown was initiated through wildly inappropriate lending practices due to a unique banking and mortgage system in the U.S. We do not practice anything remotely like the U.S. model.

Garth Turner: This is a handy piece of Canadian myth, which also goes to the nature of the question regarding condos. Those property virgins enticed into buying with 5/35 financing two years ago only have equity now because of the illusory nature of market valuations. They have not paid a thousand bucks off their principals nor dumped in more cash. They are repeating the faux market mistakes of our American friends, thinking that unrealized capital gains are in fact real money. They’re not. And they will vanish in the slightest of market corrections. This is the danger that it seems nobody on this panel is willing to acknowledge (except Harry, who knows better), given the ritualistic chanting of “real estate always goes up” I’m hearing. It’s hard having a cogent argument with cheerleaders. Too damn flirty. We have allowed people without money to buy houses. We’ve lowered lending standards. We’ve introduced teaser interest rates. We have zero-down financing and liar loans. And we believe a market correction is impossible. So how are we not “anything remotely like the U.S. model”? Toronto condos embody this danger. The worst real estate investment in the country. Well, east of Richmond [B.C.].


#1 Mickey on 03.24.11 at 9:35 pm

Garth, all this talk sex and million dollar shacks in Vancouver is making sellers here in the GTA house horny to list at mount Olympus prices. Not sure if the metaphors are working but they sure are fun reading.

#2 Bobby on 03.24.11 at 9:40 pm

Even the home run king thinks it is time to wait:


#3 Shaq on 03.24.11 at 9:42 pm

You think you mid twenties nephew cant handle some street lingo tell him to go live in Mormon farm out in the boonies.
for the love of women lighten up its 2011. some sexually perverted language is preaching to the wrong crowd.
then they should just stay under the stone.
Garth keep up with ur juicy perversion.

#4 T.O. Bubble Boy on 03.24.11 at 9:42 pm

It is quite telling that Harry Stinson is now a voice of reason on this panel!

Sherry Cooper’s math is also quite interesting:
“If incomes climb eight per cent and prices stabilize, as I expect, the current overvaluation would fall to six per cent.”

So, somehow, if incomes grow just 8%, and prices are flat, this all evens out?

Price-to-Income ratios are 5-to-1 and higher in Toronto and 9-to-1 in Vancouver. Dropping this by 8% would still be 4.6-to-1 and 8.3-to-1… hardly the stuff of “normal” markets.

#5 Mr. Plow on 03.24.11 at 9:44 pm

Too busy at work today to check in. So looks like I am near the top of the comments section for once.

I did get a good chuckle at Julie after a hard day and being up at 500am.

Julie, I would suggest not worrying so much. Worry does nothing but bad things to the body and the mind.

If you find Garth’s pictures and writing too R rated for you and yours, but you can absolutely not go without, I would suggest accepting the fact that you may see or read something that bothers you; that way it won’t be such a shock.

#6 prairie gal on 03.24.11 at 9:45 pm

I say give the nephew, an adult, more credit. And he knows exactly what ‘deep throat’ means.

#7 Mr. Plow on 03.24.11 at 9:45 pm


Thought the article was interesting thanks for posting. Interesting in that it would seem some of them have come around since the last panel discussion.

#8 Tim on 03.24.11 at 9:45 pm

Why would one want to live in Richmond, even if it was affordable?

#9 Mr. Lee on 03.24.11 at 9:48 pm

Mr. Turner, these people commenting on your writtings should get a life. Colourful language has always been used to get one’s point across, in fact I think that you are quite tame. On one hand we have idiots that see their homes as a stock of bond and yet believe the same principles that guide the aforementioned investment vehicles will not apply to their “investment”. Then we have the Presstitutes who peddle the official line of, “it cannot happen here because we are different.” without a single regard to any analysis or Allah forbid, informative journalism just more info-mercials.
Keep up the language and the message, and the lessons in finance.

#10 JO on 03.24.11 at 9:49 pm

Way to bust those snake oil salesmen Garth.

I love the hogwash excuses to justify the future price gains. Income growth will catch up is probably the most sneaky one. The only other nonsensical excuse is the myth you talked about at the bottom of the post…that recent buyers have good “equity”. The YOY change in th rate of growth in mtg debt has been slowing for several years now and no doubt will accelerate sharply now that more of the marginal buyers are out of the picture due to the end of the 35 yr amort. And make no mistake, the demand for and supply of heavily subsidized debt is the engine that keeps this Ponzi scheme going. The same massive mountain of debt that has imposed the most regressive tax of all on the middle and working classes to facilitate the greatest transfer of wealth to the government sector and senior execs in the RE and finance industry.

This myth of income growth appears highly unlikely unless we experience a massive boom that might happen but for now appears unlikely. What is more certain is that income growth slows as the rate of growth in debt levels die off in the next 2-3 years. Job growth will likely slow down too further reducing income “gains”.

As i have stated many times before, most recent buyers will be in shock between now and 2013-2015. Houses down up to 20 % or so (even if houses stay flat in nominal terms, most of these people will still be wiped out), property taxes up 30-50 % (watch this baby go..it will not make sense..gov’t coming after the house to help pay for those inflated retired public servant pensions),and most other costs up 30-50 %.

On an after tax/real return basis, most will be solidly negative and financially wiped out.


#11 David_Ricardo on 03.24.11 at 9:58 pm

Manias last longer than we expect. The Canadian real estate one is no different. When it’s over, people will finally ask…”How could we have known?” It was a “Black Swan!” In my not so f’ing humble opinion, 80% of people are complete morons in terms of timing their investments (homes, stocks). It’s amazing…and never ceases to be so.

#12 Elmer on 03.24.11 at 10:05 pm

Garth has a big head.

#13 random guy on 03.24.11 at 10:08 pm

if the kid doesn’t know what deep throat means in his mid-20s, real estate valuations are the least of his worries

#14 BPOE on 03.24.11 at 10:15 pm

It’s official folks. The US dollar is dead. Interest rates never going higher again. The flood gates burst open with cash from over the world seeking safe haven in Vancouver
(Reuters) – The U.S. debt situation is at a “tipping point,” Dallas Federal Reserve Bank President Richard Fisher said on Tuesday, and urged the U.S. central bank to refrain from any further stimulus measures.

“If we continue down on the path on which the fiscal authorities put us, we will become insolvent. The question is when,” Fisher said in a speech at the University of Frankfurt.

Fisher, seen by economists as one of the most hawkish policymakers within the Fed, said that although debt-cutting measures would be painful, he expected the U.S. to take the necessary actions.

“The short-term negotiations are very important. I look at this as a tipping point.”

He said the U.S. economy was now growing under its own steam, but voiced his concerns about building global inflation pressures and said it was now time for the central bank to stop pumping out extra support.

“The Fed has done enough, if not too much, and we should do no more.. In my opinion no further accommodation is necessary after June either by tapering off the bottom of treasuries or by adding another tranche of purchases outright.”

Fisher warned there were signs that the speculative style of trading that had helped fuel the financial crisis was beginning to resurface.

“We are seeing speculative activity that may be exacerbating (price rises in ) key commodities such as oil.”

Asked by reporters afterwards whether the Fed was currently changing course toward tightening monetary policy, Fisher said the bank’s latest statement “speaks for itself.”

He added that the Fed has a number of ways to tighten policy aside from hiking interest rates, and that the bank’s exit strategy would be laid out when the time came.

“The real question is when do we stop accommodation.”

“We need to continue to discuss the exit policy… but before you can tighten you have to stop accommodating,” he said.

He said it was also too early to gauge the impact Japan’s disasters and the rising tensions in the Middle East would have on the U.S. economy.

“There are different views (on the impact from Japan and the Middle East) being expressed, but we are central bankers. We have to think about the long term… It is way too early to tell,” Fisher said

#15 Alero01 on 03.24.11 at 10:16 pm

Year-long reader, first time poster.

My vote is that you follow Julie’s suggestion and tone down the sexuality of your comments. You’re a good writer. Your entries display well-considered and thoughtful analysis of the financial problems facing a vast majority of the population and the housing problems which will soon have to be acknowledged by the mainstream media.

The sexual references add nothing to the substance of your insights and wisdom; their elimination from this blog will not stop those interested in avoiding the housing calamity from continuing to visit this blog.

#16 Herb on 03.24.11 at 10:17 pm

You held up the side well, Sir. The next panel should be even more interesting.

And hang the rhetorical questions. You know what to do about prudes and the painfully politically correct.

#17 paulb. on 03.24.11 at 10:21 pm

Thank you Garth, and what a great opportunity to sort out these windbags.

#18 Scare Crow on 03.24.11 at 10:24 pm

G-Man – Awesome article – I knew you had the goods – you put those clowns on centre stage and all they could do was dance like poddles – very clever –

I had the fortune in dining with Harry Stinson many years back – a very bright and courteous individual. Whenever we discussed any topic – I would swear he was thinking out 7 other problems all at the same time. I am not sure why he’s trying to lay the ground work in Hamilton, yeah, it may be cheaper then neighbouring Burlington and has some very historic buildings and modern infrastructure – I wouldn’t be walking those streets on York after dark. I call it Buffalo’s ugly cousin –

Brian Lamb – what a turd – or should I say real turd – a monkey could easily fit in his shoes and probably score even higher sale numbers during the height of this market. That Bald Headed baffoon – hey Brian – do you shine your head cause I can see it over here in Barrie – Throw on a suit – use a few key catch phrases and presto – your an experienced sales agent – WTF –

Reading how the Japanese are considering shutting down 2 key car manufacturing plants in Ontario, Cambridge and near my neck of the woods – Alliston – on my street alone there are 4 Honda workers (Hon doids) very very unlikely it would last for long – but if it did – Barrie and the surrounding area may just be the epic centre of the crash – 2000+ workers making over $70K and over 60% live in the vacinity – pay a guy that much with little more then a high school education – watch how they become fiscally responsible – naught!

Cheers on you Garth – you da Man!!

#19 librarykaren on 03.24.11 at 10:25 pm

um, didn’t she say he was married? gee, in my day we didn’t wait that long…. kids… Looks like real estate isn’t the only bubble he’s waiting to prick.
But seriously, I think your choice of language just provides the appropriate “foreplay” for the message.

#20 Ayn Rand on 03.24.11 at 10:26 pm

I love the well written, clever sexual prose. Keep it up! It is all in good taste (to me).

#21 phinny on 03.24.11 at 10:27 pm

Jeez Garth, you kicked butt in that debate.

Oh, and Julie might have an angel nephew that would do better to avoid this site, and she might have a nephew who does coke off the urinals of peeler bars when Auntie isn’t looking.

In which case, welcome to Garth’s blog.

#22 Joe on 03.24.11 at 10:27 pm

“Ark Miles.” Tee hee hee. You crack me up.

The idea of prices of houses and incomes being balanced is interesting. What would our incomes have to be to balance out if you assume that it’s not balanced? $68,000 average income in Vancouver, 9X income on “average” house of $1 mill, so you need to get to what, 3X? So we need incomes of $300,000. …and milk would cost $24 a jug.

#23 Frank on 03.24.11 at 10:29 pm

Who gets 8% wage increases? Markets go up and markets go down. Sell high, buy low. We are definetely at the high end. Time to wait.

#24 Devore on 03.24.11 at 10:31 pm

#4 T.O. Bubble Boy

So, somehow, if incomes grow just 8%, and prices are flat, this all evens out?

I wonder what will provide us this economic miracle of 8% growth in incomes and flat real estate?

#25 Sean on 03.24.11 at 10:31 pm

Something tells me that if the mid twenties nephew needs to ask his aunt the meaning of deep throat… well, I dunno, maybe he should just buy a house. BTW Garth, excellent interview… it seems as though you pretty much silenced Sherry Cooper. I am sure I am not alone in thanking you for that!

#26 This is Wonderland on 03.24.11 at 10:33 pm

Doc Zone March 24th
The world awoke to Vancouver’s gang problem in the winter of 2008-09 during a period of time on the streets of the lower mainland when there was a targeted hit every six days. The gunfights became increasingly audacious and public – robbing the community of its sense of safety. The collateral damage from the gang problem spreads out in waves out from every horrific incident –staining the lives of parents and grandparents, children and old friends, bystanders and the community itself. Nobody’s immune.

WOW! Just watched Doc Zone tonight. Had no idea, who the hell would drop money in a town thats run by drug gangs.

LOL, Coltural Capital of Canada?

#27 Jon B on 03.24.11 at 10:35 pm

Might want to tone it down a notch on the pics GT. You wouldn’t want the dogs to be considered and referenced as a cult by the major media outlets that interview you.

#28 a prairie dawg on 03.24.11 at 10:36 pm

G, the opening paragraph was a masterpiece. lol

In the next few years a lot of Canadians (among others) are going to experience what the term “wealth transfer” really means. This stuff has been going on since money was invented.

If you think a hedge is only a bush out in the yard, then you’re doomed…

#29 Alex on 03.24.11 at 10:38 pm

Anyone old enough to contemplate buying a house is old enough for the odd burst of profanity and sexual innuendo. Period.

#30 David_Ricardo on 03.24.11 at 10:38 pm

#14 Alero
In addition to the most amazing commentary on the net about investing and the stupidity of investors, his blog offers some of the most practical investing advice I have ever seen for FREE! In addition, the references to sex and the pictures only add to the quality and depth of the blog. I suggest you consult SSRN.COM for the dry stuff you like. I bet you’ll get off on it.

#31 45north on 03.24.11 at 10:44 pm

But he is gonna be weirded out by the guys in bathing suits.

I have the same problem as Julie. On more than one occasion, I have decided I did not want to send the links to my children. So I didn’t.

I sort of think you are trying to change the standards of sexual morality. You are also trying to change the political/ economic system. You think you can do both?

#32 TaxHaven on 03.24.11 at 10:45 pm

“Residential real estate in the Greater Toronto Area has posted one of the healthiest decades on record, with prices steadily increasing since 2000. Housing values have risen 77 per cent, up from $243,255 in 2000 to $431,463 in 2010. Given the current trajectory, since the levelling of 1996, real estate only has one place to go … UP.”

Yeah, but that depends on counterfeiting real money: abolish CMHC and the BoC and see what THAT does to Barry Cohen’s ‘healthy prices’.

His “one of the healthiest decades on record” means that most people can’t afford a house without BORROWING. Increasing debt.

#33 cornstars on 03.24.11 at 10:46 pm

Garth , talk dirty to me all you want ! Don’t change a thing !

#34 Moneta on 03.24.11 at 10:48 pm

Dear dogs, I need an answer on this. Do I scare your kids? Even the mid-twenties, sensitive, momsy kind?
I dunno. I get the feeling that a 25-year old who reads a text peppered with the word “lovely” a few too many times will tune out just the same.

Let’s face it, many readers can’t even stand to look at a pearl necklace… how much more Victorian can you get without scaring off all of your readers?

#35 BrianT on 03.24.11 at 10:53 pm

#3Shaq-Hate to be sexist here, but is there a guy on the planet who would assume his mid twenties nephew doesn’t know what deep throat is or actually hasn’t experienced it? If you actually thought this, as a proper Canadian uncle you would be obligated to spring for his trip to Mammolitti Island.

#36 April on 03.24.11 at 10:53 pm

Re Garth and the panel of realtors. Seven against one and the one [Garth] has the most credibility. Is it any wonder so many have no respect for realtors and those who might are just plain naive.

. Seven against one

and the one

[Garth] was the most credible. All the more power to


#37 Devore on 03.24.11 at 10:54 pm

So I assume many readers will not appreciate the writings of Money McBags?


#38 Throwstone on 03.24.11 at 10:54 pm

Use whatever language you feel best delivers the message.

Property lust is alive and well. Your just commenting on it.

Suppose the old bird thinks ‘property virgins’ should be rated ‘R’.

Do geezers these days have any F-ing idea of how crued, cruel, and corrupt the world really is?

No wonder gen x and y are gonna get bent over the barrel with these softies in front of us.

#39 April on 03.24.11 at 10:55 pm

Whops! The word ‘naive’ was supposed to be the end of the paragraph.

#40 Devore on 03.24.11 at 10:59 pm

#18 Scare Crow

Brad Lamb (it’s Brad, not Brian), like Vancouver’s Bob Rennie, “cut their teeth” on a bull market. It’s like investing in the late 1990s; throw a dart at a board, and you too can be a genius. It’s when things head south, everyone is fighting for scraps, and there’s blood in the water, that the weak hands get flushed out. I wanted to use the tide going out analogy, but that may have been too hot and heavy for our more easily bothered readers.

#41 Danforth on 03.24.11 at 11:04 pm

As a reminder to everyone, GT is his own publisher, and can write whatever he wants to within legal boundaries. He doesn’t ‘owe’ anybody anything.

So after that, its a matter of choice for people to read the blog.

I suspect that link-forwarding is likely impacted a little due to some colourful language or intro-pix, particularly within families. As such, audience growth might be hampered nominally.

Personally, I get quite a chuckle out of it. :)
And I’m appreciative of the fact that someone of GT’s age bracket has the moxy to write with a bit of tongue in cheek risque innuendo. Typically the 50+ crowd behaves like a bunch of prudes because society’s mores dictates they’re supposed to!

GT – Sounds like you no longer need employment or income to secure your retirement nest egg. You’ve done well, and congrats for that. As such, expanding your reach through Disney-fication of your writing isn’t mission critical.
Based on that – i’d say, call your own shots and don’t bow to any so-called pressure. If someone doesn’t like it, they can read Financial Facelift in the Globe & Mail.


#42 Timing is Everything on 03.24.11 at 11:08 pm

#12 Elmer

And you know this…how? Never mind, I don’t want to know.

#43 cool on 03.24.11 at 11:08 pm


Can you recommend a good independent fee based financial advisor in Red deer/Edmonton/Calgary?


#44 tunano on 03.24.11 at 11:14 pm

Advice for Auntie Julie: if your nephew is old enough to be thinking about a mortgage, he can certainly handle being “exposed” to Mr. Turner’s opinions and method of delivery. I say it’s the kindest thing you could do for him. Some day soon he and his wife will want to get busy filling up all the other bedrooms with little Juliettes.

#45 Westcoaster on 03.24.11 at 11:25 pm

Re: Julie. I agree with her concerns. We have enough of the TMZ/MuchMusic/Paris Hilton dross in this world. Without wanting to sound overly moralistic I think the frequency of your innuendoes (and more overt efforts) diminish your message significantly – and this from one who has read every single blog you’ve posted on this site. It may make for more readership but appealing to the lowest common denominator in this way is, in the end, not wise on your part (IMHO).
PS: I also think you should desist from posting the patently moronic “first” bloggers – enough already, it wasn’t funny in the first place.

#46 AG Sage on 03.24.11 at 11:25 pm

The only suggestion I have to satisfy all comers (ehem) is to create another section at the top called Key Posts, which are edits of your favorite postings in a less sexy persona. They would cover the six or seven main points you’d like to get across to a newbie. People interested in sharing with prudish relatives can send them directly to that Key Posts area. If they wander out into the red light district, you know, the one by the quay where the ark is moored. Well, oh well.

#47 Enlightened on 03.24.11 at 11:28 pm

Please Garth keep it real……..a little warmth in the nether regions never hurt anyone…….

#48 Burnt Norton on 03.24.11 at 11:36 pm

#14 BPOE on 03.24.11 at 10:15 pm

(Julie, avert your eyes)

Hey BPOE, suck on this:


News flash: We are now in phase one. None of your typo-ridden rants or pseudo-technical references can change the inevitable.

#49 hahahahaha ouch my ribs! on 03.24.11 at 11:37 pm

Wow this is too much.

Julie can’t be for real….her nephew sounds like an 8 year old.

I am not a big fan of Garth’s sexual innuendo, but it sure doesn’t offend me. It just seems kinda lame and non-relevant….

He makes good points, and there are some great repeat posters here so I don’t care. But it makes me wonder if he’s kind of, you know, “unfulfilled”…..

Them that talk about it vs them that do it, etc…..

Hey GT just kidding man, don’t ream me please :)

#50 Increasing that 1% on 03.24.11 at 11:39 pm

>Mr T, let Julie know that you have been experimenting with your other talent, the writing of ‘romantic’ fantasy- to get your foothold in the Harlequin type market. Thank her for confirming your abilities to be successful in this area– under a pseudonym.
>Mr Lamb is concerned about the prices rising too fast?(!)
>Does it really matter what anyone says in this panel, all on it seem to basically keep thinking whatever they want to think anyways

#51 Kurt on 03.24.11 at 11:40 pm

# 34 – Moneta – was the double-entendre in your last paragraph intentional? If not, that makes it all the more funny!

#52 Enlightened on 03.24.11 at 11:43 pm

#31 – 45 North

“I have the same problem as Julie. On more than one occasion, I have decided I did not want to send the links to my children. So I didn’t”

What a shame – for both you and your children…if I found out that my parents thought I would benefit from this info yet were holding back because of it’s somewhat racy content I would be devastated. Ask your kids if they’ve ever watched MTV, Much Music…pretty much any non CBC/PBS preschool TV in general these days…..the language, metaphors and so called morality bending on here is nothing compared to the crap strewn through MSM and anything you might overhear in a high school hallway. Do your children a favour……..if you love them – suck it up, tell them they won’t really go blind if they touch themselves and forward the blog..

#53 Don on 03.24.11 at 11:46 pm

No need to PG this site…this manchild is an adult and has been exposed to violent movies/video games etc since he was born. Time to pop the tit out of that Boys mouth, I’m sure he’ll thank her for it later.

#54 Dan in Victoria on 03.24.11 at 11:53 pm

Send Julie some fresh baked cookies.
Julie, send your nephew over here to work with me for a while.
He’ll come back as either a crying wimp ( The big guy picked on me, he cussed me out too!!!!!)
Or…. he’ll come back a hell of a lot tougher and able to at least not be afraid of….pictures and printed words.
Whats that kid got for a back bone.
Seen them come and go, the tough, smart ones always seem to do the best.

Don’t change a thing Garth, I get a chuckle out of the pictures and responses.

#55 Jack the Lad on 03.24.11 at 11:55 pm

I’d be more concerned if Garth’s blog was too buttoned down and “straight laced”… it’s always that crowd who turn out to be the ones diddling little boys (or trying to convince young kids to take on a life-time of debt…)

As John Ralston Saul would argue, language can be used as a form of social control.

If Garth’s uses “respectable” speech, then in a way he’s just playing into the ideology and its propaganda rather than standing outside of it and questioning it.

On a less pointy-headed note, Garth does it all in a ‘witty’ way, so it’s not tasteless at all.

#56 ALE on 03.24.11 at 11:56 pm

I think parading out the top one percentile net worth “I have $500,000 cash how do I invest it?” crowd is more alienating to your core readers than the entertaining pics.

If the kid in question is offended by the style of writing there are other less colourful blogs out there that deal with the housing bubble.

#57 Chaos on 03.24.11 at 11:58 pm

Ark miles.


#58 t.o.living. on 03.24.11 at 11:58 pm

I dont know, I dont know….prices are RIDICULOUS!!!!. In a matter of weeks prices have gone up considerably. Oh my God. Will it happen”? or We’ll stay more like “Best place on Earth”||?..Garth, give us an exactly time or close shop!

#59 TS on 03.24.11 at 11:58 pm

How shall I answer Julie?

Just be yourself Garth.
Those people pleasing politician days are over.
It is more important what you think about what you do than what we think.
I get the feeling you are ok with your communication skills.
Some people need the raw honest truth.
I quite frankly enjoy your style.
Let Julie explain it in PG to her nephew.
She can watch his eyes glaze over.
Than she can direct him to your site.

#60 Everythingforlease on 03.24.11 at 11:59 pm

Anybody need space for a business in Vancouver ,there are about 40 buildings for lease and more coming on to the market. No one is bringing their business here. I’m sure this will end pretty awesome.

#61 Ronaldo on 03.24.11 at 11:59 pm

Don’t change a thing Garth. Although I don’t have the time to read most of the posts, I always make sure I log on and read your latest post and look forward to seeing what you have come up with for the accompanying photo.

It’s always good for a good laugh and don’t think either of my sons (who went to hear you speak in Red Deer) would take any offense with your posts. They’re of the dadsy kind. Poor Julie, just can’t stop being a mommie even to her nephew. How old was he again? 25? Yikes.

#62 City Slicker on 03.25.11 at 12:00 am

Calgary school board to lay off 172 teachers. Shaw just layed off 140 in Calgary, and 500 across Canada in mostly management positions. Doesn’t bode well for real estate and 2011 is still young.

#63 Houston on 03.25.11 at 12:00 am

I hope this guy’s aunt is helping him choose PG DVDs with no DVP down at the local Blockbuster.

#64 Don't Believe The Hype on 03.25.11 at 12:01 am

First of all, Garth, another zinger that should go in the hall of fame: “..is my message lost within the taut ripples of my massive masculinity?….” This is pure genius at work, man.

Secondly, this woman’s nephew is in his mid-twenties, right? Is she trying to protect him from any sexual innuendo because he was raised in a convent? Good God, lady. The kid probably knows more and/or has experienced more sex-related things in his short life than she has in two lifetimes.

#65 Aaron - Melbourne on 03.25.11 at 12:02 am

If the young ‘un is a moral prude, there remains hope he could be a financial prude.

#66 nonplused on 03.25.11 at 12:02 am

Garth, in response to your question:

You’ve got to write it your way or it won’t be as much fun for us, but more importantly it won’t be as much fun for you and you’ll loose interest.

As for Julie’s poor innocent 25 year old nephew, you have to remember that this is the first generation that actually grew up with the internet, at least in adolescence. They have had access to free “training films” of all qualities for years, and the reason they didn’t get caught “educating” themselves was because they knew how to remove the evidence from the computer much better than mom and dad even knew it was being accumulated. Unless he is some kind of ultraconservative religious dude, the only reason he hasn’t seen Deep Throat is because he’s interested in the newer stuff, which is far, far more “out there”. XXX isn’t a strong enough label anymore. And a lot of it is available free. But of course anyone reading this already probably knows that, except Julie.

The internet is a lot like the VCR, which blossomed in popularity mainly on the back of XXX film sales. In it’s modern form it’s an interesting look into the collective mind, with pretty much anybody able to start a blog and post whatever crackpot ideas they are thinking about and the main stream media still struggling to capture this mind the same way they used to be able to influence people through TV, which they had captive control over. But it isn’t working, pretty much as soon as they get a global warming argument out, there is a hugely popular climate site debunking the argument.

The internet can be looked at as a sort of collective picture of what’s on people’s minds. And from what I’ve seen, a lot of that is sex. I thought I was bad.

In Julie’s case, what is probably more the issue is that she would like to send her nephew your solid investment advice without letting on that she knows what it is to “deep throat”, or (Gasp!) that she might know how to do it. But no worries, every generation figures they invented sex, so he won’t put 2 and 2 together. That is one thought that won’t cross his puritanical young virgin mind.

And he won’t read the article either. His wife will think he’s some sort of degenerate if he’s reading financial blogs instead of surfing youporn.com, gambling, or posting narcissistic updates to Facebook.

It’s a bit of a boomer mentality, really, to assume that since you rebelled in so many ways against the stiff clean cut image of your parents, introduced the sexual revolution, drug culture, and the me first attitude, that your children must have ended up like your parents because they didn’t rebel against you. No, they did not. We have been living with “the cool kids” smoking pot in the alley at lunch time ever since junior high school. To us (more so GenY and the millennials, I’m GenX), navigating this minefield is all they have ever known, and they think it’s normal. They don’t “miss” a more civilized era, because they never knew one. They don’t even know one existed. They do think their parents are a bunch of hypocrites though, because they knew how to check your browser history before you knew how to clear it, and they can tell when you are high.

#67 Gord on 03.25.11 at 12:03 am

If you tone it down, I’m out of here.

#68 Ronaldo on 03.25.11 at 12:05 am

And Garth, I forgot to congratulate you on your performance with the panel members. Good job. I left a comment on the article in your favor. At least Harry has if figured out. The rest of the bunch though I’m afraid are all out to lunch. Can’t wait for your next go around with them. (if they let you in that is)

#69 cendrine on 03.25.11 at 12:11 am

Julie (and others who feel the same way as her), you could always rewrite the entire post, edit the naughty bits and then send it to your nephew, if you feel that strongly about it.

Frankly, I enjoy both the advice and the spice. The best laughs are here six days a week (or seven if I reread old posts on Saturday).

Good work, Garth!

#70 QH on 03.25.11 at 12:13 am

Auntie is really, really out of touch if she thinks her nephew doesn’t know what “deep throat” means. The activity has only become more popular in the past thirty years.

#71 Dodged-A-Bullit-in Alberta on 03.25.11 at 12:14 am

Greetings: Well golly gee whiz Mr. Turner, I had a close look at the photo in the main article. Almost certain there is some “pocket pool” being played. Possibly Julies’ nephew needs instruction!!!

#72 a prairie dawg on 03.25.11 at 12:14 am

@ #23 Frank

Who gets 8% wage increases?

We’re assuming you meant besides doctors, judges, politicians and bankers…

#73 Don't Believe The Hype on 03.25.11 at 12:16 am

About the article, Brad Lamb says that the risky mortgages that were done two years ago are now with buyers that “have excellent liquidity”? What?!?!

Those people have a house value that is maybe up 10%-15% in two years, barely enough to cover their closing costs on the purchase and moving costs into the current housing. It certainly doesn’t cover closing costs/commission if they were to sell it now. Doesn’t feel like “excellent liquidity” in my book.

If there’s even a whiff of a price drop and they try to sell, they will lose money as the “asset” becomes very illiquid.

#74 Abitibidoug on 03.25.11 at 12:17 am

It’s easy to get the impression many people have no memory of, or were even old enough to remember other real estate market corrections like the early 1980’s or early 1990’s. That last one in the 1990’s hit commercial real estate hard also, causing bankruptcy of over leveraged companies like Bramalea Inc or Campeau Corporation. Is there any one out there who remembers what happened in the 1990’s?

#75 DM in Calgary on 03.25.11 at 12:20 am

Garth, I appreciate your daily dose of wisdom peppered with suggestive language — most things you say you can take two ways — just goes to show which way most take them. ;-)

Don’t change a thing.

#76 BC Bring Cash on 03.25.11 at 12:20 am

Barry Cohen’s comments about housing values in the Toronto area have risen 77% from year 2000 until 2010 as a positive and a healthy decade is a bunch of crap. That would be fine and dandy if real incomes were rising faster than the rate of inflation of RE. That is not the case and the rise in RE values is little to celebrate. Except of course for the few that benefit from this insanity. Nobody talks about the rise of RE values as inflation. But that is exactly what it is.

#77 wetcoaster on 03.25.11 at 12:20 am

Touche Garth ! Spoken like the true realist and put these illusionists in their place.

Sherry Cooper’s “wages going up theory” shows how out of touch with reality this woman is and is a disgrace to her profession. Every union in BC is being offered zero, zero and zero over three years. She’s talking 8 percent ?

“Looking ahead, incomes should grow faster than prices in the next one and a half years ”

Yeah, just like us joining the Loonie with the US dollar back at 60 cents. See a shrink lady !

#78 West Coast on 03.25.11 at 12:25 am

“mid-twenties, sensitive, momsy kind”

This is the age of the internet. There is no such thing. I don’t even want to imagine what you would have to post to shock or even titter a mid-twenties person.

#79 betamax on 03.25.11 at 12:28 am

Let the prudes start their own blog. They’re afraid of sex; they think it will lead to dancing.

#80 Mr. Reality on 03.25.11 at 12:31 am

That poor girl just doesn’t realize that this world operates in XXX not PG.

Mr. R.

#81 Carp on 03.25.11 at 12:34 am

I just watch the Inside Job which pertains to the The 2008 Crisis. Your kids should watch it.

I lived in Richmond and it was a swamp with dikes holding back sea and those were not impressive. Some day Lulu Island will sink back into the sea.

#82 AxeHead on 03.25.11 at 12:37 am

Keep the sexual connotations Garth, it makes this blog interesting and really drives home the point…and besides, I think it’s an art trying to work sex into a house blog.

All the white bread, self righteous, milk toast readers who have no sense of humour, should get over their sexual inhibitious organ envy.

#83 Nostradamus Le Mad Vlad on 03.25.11 at 12:38 am

Agree with #16 Herb — “. . . what to do about prudes and the painfully politically correct.” (Imbeciles, wannabees, juveniles, etc.) and others who have said you should not change your style, or pix at all.

If the Victorian-era judges of poor moral taste don’t like it, they should try listening to some of Frank Zappa’s lyrics in “Bobby Brown Goes Down”, “Don’t Eat The Yellow Snow” or “Titties ‘n’ Beer”. That will shake their foundations of reality!

Plus listening to Brad Lamb, dubya and anyone else with a penchant for lying.

“Do you finish key paragraphs and need to pant?” — No, just laugh uproariously!

“. . . lost within the taut ripples of my massive masculinity?” — Are you referring to The Incredible Bulks (C-H-F)? They deserve an awful lotta credit for this mess we’re in.
Gold as currency (?), and Soros — getting nasty. The Toilet Seat of Omaha Buy and hold? 90210 Tad excessive, n’est-ce-pas?

Portugal The IMF must love this, and The last thing a corrupt and broke govt. does is to steal the nation’s wealth, and make themselves richer at the expense of others. So the west’s cycle is almost complete.

Lockerbie, leading to Reuters Exposed for manufacturing ‘news’, as well as other m$m outlets.

‘Quake time in Myanamar, and Unknown Stranger “All men die, yet most never really live.”

2:04 clip Liquifaction in Japan, Singapore Radiation in some veggies, and Work slows. Nuclear vs. Oil Alternatives to either? 35 States store a lot of nuke waste.

Proven Theory — Men are actually zombies in disguise.

Pix in links — 50 feet of snow in california, Japan’s tsunami was between 70 – 77 feet and Musk oxen freeze to death in Alaska. Sarah Palin?

#84 race against time on 03.25.11 at 12:39 am

I am far from being a prude having grown up in a small town in the north where the “f” word makes up 40% of the conversation, but I do have to say, that over the last 6 months as I have tried to convince my in-laws to unload the townhouse in richmond, it would have been helpful to be able to direct them to your site more often.

Unfortunately, although they are not exactly prudes, they find it impossible to look past the slapstick, irreverent, sexualized,, often borderline chauvinistic biker talk, even when I point out that you were an MP in charge of Revenue Canada.

As a result, they are not hearing your message. I think you need to decide whether you are running a clubhouse or providing an alternate informed opinion, with the hope of helping a few people.

I would venture that you will reach more of the people that need to hear this stuff if you lay it out straight and TEACH them something.

Save the satire for your memoir. I’ll buy it.


#85 Barbara on 03.25.11 at 12:42 am


I love your blog and have been reading it daily for years, although I rarely write comments.

I have learned a lot from you and am grateful for your insight.

But to be honest, the sexual comments have been turning me off and unfortunately make me reluctant to recommend you to some key people in my life who I know would benefit from hearing what you have to say.

I hope you can tone it down just a little.

Thanks for asking for our opinion

#86 wb on 03.25.11 at 12:47 am

Remember this from 2008? Hitler’s real estate downfall.

#87 (low density) Sam on 03.25.11 at 12:49 am

#6 prairie gal on 03.24.11 at 9:45 pm
I say give the nephew, an adult, more credit. And he knows exactly what ‘deep throat’ means.
I’m scratching my head.

??? Deep throat?

What does Woodward & Bernstein’s informant on the Nixon white house have to do with Canadian real estate in 2011?


#88 BBC on 03.25.11 at 12:49 am

@ Julie:
Cut and paste…. but the pictures are what will keep you nephew comin’ back for more!

#89 Extra on 03.25.11 at 12:49 am

Does the sexual innuendo cheapen your message? Are there Seven Words You Can’t Say on a Real Estate Blog? Does wallowing (at times) in poor taste compromise (at times) your credibility? You really have to ask??

Of course it does, & of course you write it that way because it gets through and registers with a greater number of the people you’re trying to reach. Individual potential homebuyers. General Patton used the same technique with the 3rd Army. Would he have won fewer battles if he’d washed his mouth out with soap? Who knows, but consider that the movie they made about him got the Oscar for best picture. All the movies about Eisenhower, Bradley & the rest with better manners were TV movies.

Little nephew can get his ears slightly singed getting the straight dope from you or he can get his rear end fricasseed on his own listening to a RE agent with a flame-thrower for a mouth.

#90 wetcoaster on 03.25.11 at 12:50 am

Dubai bailing in Victoria you say ? Pity.

Incase you missed it, maybe the so called pompous experts would acknowledge that not all is perfect in the international financial world still when major Dubai money bails on a huge twin tower condo deal in prime time downtown Victoria where several towers have been built close by. But then again the smog in The Big Smoke keeps them from seeing reality.

“The effects of a shrinking world and a massive debt crisis turned up in downtown Victoria on Monday in the form of a for sale sign at 819 Yates St.

What was and remains a downtown parking lot was supposed to have become a $40 million, two-tower condominium development driven by the same Dubai company that built the world’s tallest building at a cost of $1.5 billion.

But just as Emaar Properties changed the name of the 828-metre, 200-storey tower from Burj Dubai to Burj Khalifa when it opened last January — a sign of respect for the ruler of Abu Dhabi, Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, who bailed out Dubai to the tune of $25 billion — Emaar has changed its mind on developing the Victoria lot.

“The principal, Emaar Properties out of Dubai, has obviously run into some issues over there, and while I can’t speak specifically about what is going on in their world, I guess they are re-trenching and have decided not to go on with the development,” said Michael Miller, vice president of Colliers International, which has listed the property.

Issues you say ? Maybe Sherry Cooper and the Lamb dude have some of those too that will come out in therapy next year.

Read more: http://www.timescolonist.com/business/Downtown+condo+site+block/4480189/story.html#ixzz1Ha9msjkI

#91 Rico Suave on 03.25.11 at 12:50 am

Dear dogs, I need an answer on this. Do I scare your kids? Even the mid-twenties, sensitive, momsy kind? More importantly, is my message lost within the taut ripples of my massive masculinity?
A resounding NO! Actually, I think a healthy dose of humour that you sprinkle over this blog makes otherwise very serious matter more receptive. And please, don’t ban those “first responders” … gagging people has never been a good thing (that unless they are really rude or obnoxious). Those folks on this blog who ask you to ban anyone take themselves way too seriously.

#92 jimmy on 03.25.11 at 12:50 am

“I do not want him to be offended by this phrase, or worse, write back and ask me what it means”

julie- if your newly married nephew has to ask you what that means you’re in more trouble than you think!

Does he think girls get pregnant from necking in a bikini?

#93 GregW, Oakville on 03.25.11 at 12:53 am

Hi Julie, You seem to have answered your own question but haven’t quit figured it out, if I can say so.

You say you have great respect for Garth’s option and have read more than one of his books.
You yourself read this blog and want to send the link to your nephew so he can have the chance to get the same information that you think is worth his time to look over.
But you are reluctant because you think he’s gonna be weirded out?!
If you actually learned what your nephew most likely has already seen and heard on the web… already!

Stop asking and just send your nephew the link to this blog and Garth’s books with your suggestion that he might find the info of some use. (in a fun weirded out way.)
You can then stop wondering what if I had told him.
It might end up be the best thing you could ever do for him.
He can make up his own mind, but only if you show him were he can find the info.

Don’t asking Garth to change. I’m not sure he can very much, it just seems to be in his nature. I’m not sure you’d like the result anyway.
And besides I thought this ~housing/economic blog was mostly about having some fun.
Isn’t that mostly why you come here?

If Garth actually starts to scaring the kids, which I don’t think he is. I’d guess that his loving wife will let him know.

That’s my two cents for Julie.

#94 Extra on 03.25.11 at 12:58 am

I might also add that the innuendo & poor taste don’t do anything to elevate the level of debate, but let’s face it; the way the other side has yet to find a level it won’t stoop to while it flogs its little boxes made of ticky-tacky, this fight was in the gutter long before you ever wrote your first blog.

#95 Rico Suave on 03.25.11 at 1:03 am

I forgot to mention, heck, after reading this blog I will even vote for you if you ever decide go back to the politics.

#96 LS on 03.25.11 at 1:04 am

OMG – Julie needs to get a life. I do believe that going too far is in bad taste, but personally, you don’t go too far for me. I never sit here and think – ooh what a pervert or that’s perverted. NEVER! I usually am too busy laughing. Garth you’ve got a great sense of humour but beyond that you’re witty. Some people just don’t get it. They don’t understand the fine line. They don’t get wit.

My mom, who is 71 years old, and in her own way a slight prude, reads your blog and I’ve never heard her criticize your it for being too riske. That said, I know she doesn’t appreciate the addition of “horny” to my vernacular when describing the house market, thanks to you, she just doesn’t like the word.

I get it. I get why you use it. It is fitting to use that word because it captures the fact that a bubble is based on emotion.

I believe that you write the way you do, to get people’s attention. To sit up and really pay attention. If you hedge all your words and are subtle it’s lost on most. The problem of course is then people also cast you as a doomsayer or as exaggerating things. I don’t think you sound like that at all, but I do take some of what you say with a grain of salt as I get you’re trying to get your message across.

I don’t know, as they say, you can’t please all of the people all of the time. Something tells me you’d have a hard time changing anyhow. Too boring.

Anyhow, bottom line is I have recommended your blog to 50 – 60 people, younger, older, my boss, my friend’s kids, my acquaintances, the lawyer, my tax study group, and never once did I preface it with, ignore the sexual language (I don’t find it sexual) or beware the pictures. Give me a break. Yesterday’s picture of men in speedos running down the beach was just too outrageous and funny for words.

I don’t think most of the population or your readers have a problem.

BTW, I LOVED the article. Loved the ark miles and the line, if I hated my kids…, you know if Julie loved her nephew, she’d send your blog for the fact that it’s honest and the truth and valuable – Julie, love your nephew! LOL!

#97 Mister Obvious on 03.25.11 at 1:05 am

The hoopla regarding Garth’s communication style grows tedious.

Those who take offence should ask themselves how they originally discovered this blog. Probably, you were seeking specific information not available in the all-to-correct (and blatantly dishonest) main stream media.

Apparently, risqué pictures and/or humorous semi-pornographic metaphors did not scare you off or you would not have remained a regular commenter here. You stuck around because you are adult enough to get the point and filter out the ‘color’ when you find that necessary.

If anyone you might refer to this blog lacks the sophistication to contemplate an exquisitely descriptive term like ‘house porn’ there is no help to be had here.

Its puzzling how one could be old enough to sign up for a life of indebtedness but still too naive to view the occasional comedic naughty image.

#98 CalgaryBoy on 03.25.11 at 1:06 am

Hmmm…your nephew is in his mid-twenties, he’s married, and you don’t think he knows what deep-throating means? LoL! Oh, please, we are in the year 2011!

I enjoy the hot photos! Makes it interesting!

#99 the commenter formerly known as... on 03.25.11 at 1:13 am

Too funny once again Mr. Turner.

Hey Julie, Sorry to let you know, but your nephew introduced himself to inner net porn when he was a teen and almost pulled the darn thing off.

#100 nate on 03.25.11 at 1:18 am

Alas I must side with the prudes. I think the colourful language and metaphors get in the way of your argument. It seems like frivolous rhetorical ornamentation. By all means keep doing it if it entertains you, but I think writing-wise it lessens the efficacy of what you are trying to get across.

On the other hand your message is a gravely serious one and perhaps it needs some levity to make it palatable.

The full panel discussion was an excellent read; thank you for linking to it.

#101 Kitchener1 on 03.25.11 at 1:19 am

Read between the lines in that article– here are some choice quotes:

Elli Davis

“unless the supply increases dramatically, the price levels will stay about the same.They are very high now and feel they will level, not increase very much at all.”

UMM, In a market that is dicated by decling sales volumes over that means that inventory will rise.

Brad Lamb

“If these five to 10 per cent annual increases continue, we will have a correction regardless of the strength of the economy”

UMM, thats a nice out there man, like how he sidestepped the question about Toronto having more condo’s then any other city.

All the guests in that post have left themselves an out.

One thing is for sure, the mood is changing, not as bullish on the RE market anymore.

Some personal observations– I have been to Home Depot and Rona a few times over the last couple of weeks to by some odds and ends. They were both dead empty– think there were more sales people in the building then customers. This was on the weekend in mid afternoon– prime time for those stores.

#102 Silentblogger on 03.25.11 at 1:27 am

Oh Julie Julie Julie..out of the shadows I come once again to say how utterly…oh wait…It’s so obvious there really is reason to stay silent…stupidity.

As for Lamb and the sunshine band…you know that sign on Wall Street the other day? Nuff said…

#103 South Sea Company on 03.25.11 at 1:33 am

Yeah, she’s right. As entertaining as this blog is, this is a serious issue. Robert Shiller will make the first page of the Financial Post, but not Garth Turner. Mr. Turner, you’re the best we got in this country. The powers that be will be able to dismiss you more easily ’cause of some of the lingo and pics. Nothing wrong with increasing your readership. No one already here will leave.

#104 The Original Dave on 03.25.11 at 1:42 am

omg, the aunt is nuts!!!!!!! I’m a only a handful of years older than her nephew. I can’t believe she thinks he won’t understand the terminology, lol.

Lady, you need to get out there more. Everyone his age and several years younger knows those terms.

G Man, keep up the dirty talk. I like all the strange things that come up. We don’t want you to be cautious with your words.

You need to mention Lawn Asians more. :)

#105 LS on 03.25.11 at 1:53 am

Maybe we could have one of your blog entries rated at kids-in-mind.com

A blow by blow of everything inappropriate.


#106 Not Wondering Anymore on 03.25.11 at 1:53 am

Since you asked, Julie’s point is well taken.

If you want your message to reach an ever increasing and wider audience, keep the humour and descriptive prose, but lose the detracting adolescent sexual referencing. It isn’t a matter of morality, it’s a matter of if you want your message to be taken to the next level and seriously, you act accordingly.

And your message IS serious. Enough that more people need to know it.

You don’t resort to the sexual schtick in your well received in-person presentations, so why do you deem it necessary to do so here?

#107 Rick in Japan on 03.25.11 at 2:03 am

#14 BIMBO (AKA BPOE) I knew you were an idiot, but now it is crystal clear that you cannot read well either.

#108 Vansterdam on 03.25.11 at 2:17 am

Yeah I wouldn’t send links here to my son either. Of course, being three years old, he’s not in much risk yet of taking on a mortgage he can’t afford.

If people aren’t comfortable sending links to their age-of-consent family members that’s just a sign of their own isolation and ignorance. The kids all know what’s up, they’ve been raised on the internet.

Write however you want, Garth. Tone it down if you feel it, ramp it up if it moves you. But please don’t lose the funny pics.

Oh, and first post! (for me)

#109 Sargon on 03.25.11 at 2:19 am

Garth please don’t ditch the prurient pics.

They serve as a reflection of the indecency being foisted upon our public by the three most predatory gang/cartels in the country:

Gov’t, RE Industry, Banks. (In no particular order.)

#110 DON'T CHANGE on 03.25.11 at 2:19 am

That is two votes. Me and my wife….and she’s hot.

#111 Mean Gene on 03.25.11 at 2:20 am

I am inclined to think Julie spends too much time in church.

#112 Utopia on 03.25.11 at 2:22 am

Loved the article. I can see a new consensus evolving amongst your panel group too. And I think I now have had a better glimpse into what you are really up against Garth as you try to disseminate your message.

It is not ignorance of the past and that is certain. The guests on your panel are all highly intelligent people and well aware of the facts of real estate in Canada already. But one or two in particular have such misplaced bullish sentiment it just baffles me.

Don’t they absorb the data the read?

They know the info from heart, can rehash it quickly, spout statistics and ream off data that they then use to make faulty assumptions and judgements about future market behaviour. They think it is a bed of roses coming up for crying out loud!

No, it is not an ignorance of past facts that has them stumbling or coming to wrong conclusions. I think it is a lack of vision though and the inability to see why the future can not always be predicted based on all the good things that happened in the past.

I think that is what has divided a few of the good rational minds from the unfortunate reality that is coming. They are making future assessments tied substantially to past facts alone and by doing so are not connecting the unseen future variables with the reality on the horizon.

You might recall where we once discussed why BNN was not interested in your interviews. I said then that it was because what you were talking about was not yet NEWS.

It (the correction) had not yet happened and did not seem even remotely possible to most as housing prices continued to rise month after month. So why would your bad news story about a coming housing correction be welcome there on that basis? Why would it resonate with the public who just saw it as fear peddling?

We need to recall that with more than 70% of Canadians fully engaged in home ownership in this country that also means that 70% of Canadians do not want to hear your version of future events (or even allow those ideas to see the light of day). It’s not good for business for Gods sake let alone future housing prices.

Your story in that sense would not really be desired or relevant unless and until it actually occurred (by which time it would be way too late to save the thousands of poor saps who were willingly signing off on 750 dollar per square foot condos in Vancouver with their own warm freshly-let blood anyway).

The reason your story was unwelcome was because you were predicting the future based on a narrative of unseen assumptions that few were willing to accept and fewer still willing to hear where it might hurt their bottom line and their interests.

Which is not to say you are wrong. You are not.

It is just obvious that few can see very far into the future. And that is what I mean by “vision” which incidentally is pretty much the basic skill that separates the winners from the losers in the big world of investing. Some just “get it” naturally while most do not.

I imagine it just confounds your critics all the more that you so casually dispense the news of the future which has come to you so naturally while you simultaneously talk dirty and post scantily clad pictures of the elderly and even squirrels (God Forbid) with the most risque of captions attached.

So while BNN covers accident scenes you are there in the background trying to offer tips on accident avoidance which just conflicts with the more exciting images of bent and twisted bumpers (and they likely don’t much care for your haughty confident stylings either)

I happen to think its hilarious which is why I come here.

So If you cannot deliver a good dose of fear and trepidation for the future of real estate on your own site without including the levity of naked wrinkly people and some strange animals then what the hell is the fun about anyway?

I say, give them what they came for. Babes, butts, fear, knowledge and a healthy repetitive dose of Turner-vision.

….plus free squirrel recipes.

Just no sunshine, thanks. Let BNN keep that franchise.

#113 Jas on 03.25.11 at 2:26 am

Julie, cease being uptight and give your nephew more credit. The turd is old enough to know what deep throat means. Jesus Christ man! Lighten up. garth, keep talking the way you do. Keep the creative spirit flowing. Julie, take some laxatives. That will help you loosen up.

#114 Nogg on 03.25.11 at 2:34 am

My father-in-law and I were just commenting on the topic of the pics tonight. As much as I enjoy the scantily clad women, I can see those anywhere. I think overall it detracts from the message.

#115 Aussie Roy on 03.25.11 at 2:34 am

Great article Garth

Deep throat, isnt that someone with a deep voice – LOL. Pearl necklace (hi Moneta – LOL) didnt think thay were very fashionable anymore but I would suggest Aussie NW coast natural pearls are very beautiful. Garth I think you may over step the mark at times for some more of your prudish readers but to me your colourful descriptions just add to the flavour of your articles.
Who knows maybe because I’m an Aussie I’m just not offended. Although I do have to stop and think at times, even though we share english there are some differences. Fanny is an excellent example of the same word having a different meaning. Down here, blokes dont have one and if you said you smacked you child on the fanny, many would think you are a pervert. It does make alot of the US fanny jokes very funny from an Aussie point of view.

Anyway Garth, its your call you may pick up more readers with less sexual references but most of us here come to read the economic content and I guess couldnt care less about those offended by deep throating, pearl necklace wearing fanny smackers.

Aussie Update





Well its back to picking grapes (machine picking that is), I hate harvest…

Excuse spelling today – cant find my dam glasses, again.

#116 Ghost of Tom Joad on 03.25.11 at 2:35 am

Since you’re asking, some of your pictures aren’t appropriate for all audiences and some of your language makes you seem like a pervert. I guess those without children get old, but they don’t necessarily mature because they miss stages of life. But I think you’ve got a good heart.

Other than that, I’m a fan, bought two of your books and respect your views and appreciate what you teach us. You balance out my Alex Jones views. I hope you’re right Garth, but I believe Alex is.

AJ -> http://www.infowars.com

#117 Valkyrie on 03.25.11 at 2:46 am

Dear Julie,
“Deep Throat is the pseudonym given to the secret informant who provided information to Bob Woodward of The Washington Post in 1972 about the involvement of United States President Richard Nixon’s administration in what came to be known as the Watergate scandal. Thirty-one years after Nixon’s resignation, Deep Throat was revealed to be former Federal Bureau of Investigation Associate Director Mark Felt.”
Tell your nephew all about it if he doesn’t already know!
Nice work G.T. and a tip of the hat to the liberated, free spirited dogs.

#118 beemster on 03.25.11 at 2:54 am

re. your style, don’t feel you need to change a thing. Your writing style is off the cuff, and has great rhythm and flow to it. So much blog writing is quite dull and unimaginative IMO. Your sense of humour brings colour to otherwise monochromatic content. And the pictures, well I’m regularly impressed with your resourcefulness.

BTW, I’m still chuckling over your Ark Miles quip. That’s a quick draw you got there fella.

[from someone who visits daily]

#119 lurker on 03.25.11 at 2:55 am

First-time poster here too. Been reading for several months now. Don’t change the format Garth – you have good writing style and I appreciate the laughs. As a busy working parent, this blog is one of my few daily indulgences I make time for.

#120 Bilbo Bloggins on 03.25.11 at 2:55 am

Lamb looks like the lame duck version of Mats Sundin… who was pretty lame to begin with.

#121 Jay Currie on 03.25.11 at 3:01 am

Way too many fat people in too few clothes. Scary.

I love the language. Horney gets it. Big wood for the little lady who has the stainless and the granite. (Not so much when she has to clean the “stainless”…can you say “fingerprint?

“Why would one want to live in Richmond, even if it was affordable?”

One word…”liqufaction”. An hour after an even 7.2 earthquake and you and your house are floating. It’s a Chinese thing.

#122 Einsam Solo on 03.25.11 at 3:09 am

Golly gee whiz! And I thought I was a prude.

I vote NO to sanitizing the blog, Garth.

Hope the nephew doesn’t have anything by Barenaked Ladies on his iPod.

#123 Michael Castanaveras on 03.25.11 at 3:14 am

Irreverence is your trademark. It suits you. Some of your catch phrases are overused. Don’t tone it down, just vary it a bit more.

Great article in Macleans today critical of CMHC and it’s role in inflating real estate.


#124 canadian down under on 03.25.11 at 3:15 am

C’mon people – what is wrong with you??

If you don’t like the contents of the blog – don’t read it!! The thing is – it’s Garth’s blog. He gets the say on the content.

You want to control content of a blog – go start your own!!

#125 pablo on 03.25.11 at 3:15 am

Garth; your sage financial wisdom be damned, the way you turn a phrase is almost poetic. With the constant stream of saucy adjectives and nouns; the witty banter infused with spicy verbiage and the bawdy humor of the pictures selected to open each post: this is the sole rationale for my visits to this site, without this masturbatory input, well; my life would seem impotent (or is it omnipotent)at best. If Julie or her nephew are offended, or embarrassed by the sexual undertones of the writing style or perhaps by the graphic sexually charged images presented then they should seek the counsel of a trained psychotherapist or a blog with less prurient tastes.

#126 Cordoroy Cowboy on 03.25.11 at 3:25 am

Yes Julie, Garth should write two versions of this blog because life needs to be whitewashed for the faint of heart.
Trust me, your married mid twentyish nephew knows what deep throat means.

Is 69 before his time too?

#127 Wags on 03.25.11 at 3:26 am

While you’re writing is entertaining, I’d prefer more on Bonds (etc) vs bondage.

I’m here to learn (no need to heckle my fellow commentors). I have been following this blog for 1.5 years and have bought your most recent book. The book doesn’t have all the inuendos and still likely sells well.

And while some are not offended – it is Julie’s right to enjoy her own standard. Likely many will not respond to the blog as writing in merely invites attack to those with different opinions.

Many older people have older more traditional values (deal with it fellow commentors) and may not get past some of your sexuals references in time to read what is really important.

Question: who is your target audience? The young newbies, the middle aged, or the old foggies?

Thanks for all the insights and humour you have provided.

#128 pablo on 03.25.11 at 3:38 am

As to the post city panel discussion; OK hands up, who’s got no skin in the game, who’s not dependent on the ongoing success of the ponzi scheme being played out, oh wait there’s one hand, yes the bearded cowboy boot festooned man with the spectacles, step forward.

#129 Future Expatriate on 03.25.11 at 3:49 am

“Don’t go changin’, to try and please prudes,
Know it got you nowhere before
Don’t imagine, you’re too familiar
We love you just the way you are…”

#130 Future Expatriate on 03.25.11 at 3:51 am

And anyone who couldn’t handle that last photo (Bad Advice I) has obviously never been to a conservatives-only convention!!

#131 CalgaryBoy on 03.25.11 at 4:15 am


“Shaw lays off 500 employees, 140 of them in Calgary” and the gov’t is saying the recession is over?

#132 Aquarian on 03.25.11 at 4:46 am

Do you know how much porn those 20 somethings have been exposed to via the internet? Hello Julie.
Loved the panel guy that said the only way to go was up. He was just so cheesy, at least the other woman made up some drivers to justify her position.

#133 Aussie Roy on 03.25.11 at 4:50 am

Aussie Upate 2

An excellent article dispelling the RE myths, I’m sure the industy in Canada also use some of these.

Campaign for 1st home buyers to stike gains more and more support. Garth would this work in Canada?….

#134 tkid on 03.25.11 at 5:33 am

I think the tone and content of your postings is fine, Garth.

#135 SafetyBear on 03.25.11 at 5:55 am

Tall poppy syndrome. Those that are telling you to tone down the language that adds spice and individuality to the blog are merely trying to ensure you return to the pack. Be contrary.

#136 overseas on 03.25.11 at 5:56 am

My wife just had a boy!

Rio meet Garth….Garth meet Rio


#137 Mortgage girl on 03.25.11 at 6:04 am

Garth your sexed up message is not lost within the taut nipples (or did you say ripples) of your massive masculinity. Tell Julie she can provide a pg version on her own blog. Are u posting any pics of your massive masculinity any time soon ;)

#138 Rob now in Nova Scotia on 03.25.11 at 6:06 am

Garth, I fear that removing some of the more colorful language would change the character of the blog for the worse. It would be like reading the obituaries; real estate is dead. No, don’t change a thing. I still like the picture of the “Accident” blog the best.

#139 Markey on 03.25.11 at 6:10 am

One sees more suggestive pictures and hears more sexual innuendo in print and television commercials than on this blog. Why the moral outrage? At least Garth’s use is intelligent and illustrates a point.

#140 March of the Pigs on 03.25.11 at 6:32 am

if you do anything turn it up. Tell the sheep to bend over and learn how to laugh about it…

#141 March of the Pigs on 03.25.11 at 6:43 am


This video is a good example of why we can’t have unlimited growth. We’d be outside the universe in no time. It’s a quick ride back to planet Earth

#142 HappyPlace54 on 03.25.11 at 6:57 am

I think Julie’s post was somewhat tonge-in-cheek (so to speak).

#143 BZ on 03.25.11 at 7:08 am

Vulgarity with a message.

I think G&M or Star could learn a thing or to about flare…

#144 BZ on 03.25.11 at 7:09 am


#145 rent4ever on 03.25.11 at 7:10 am

My husband and I both really enjoy the blog and find the sexual references pretty clever. However, I’m on the opposite side of the fence as Julie – I’d be embarrassed to forward your blog on to my straight arrow boomer parents and relatives :). So I do agree that while there is a population that is ok with it and enjoys the witty remarks, you’re limiting your audience. By the way Julie, don’t worry about having to explain anything to your nephew. I can vouch for us 20 somethings…we get it.

#146 Cow Man on 03.25.11 at 7:20 am

Amigos: What planet is Julie from? In retirement I drive a school bus in Ontario. The bus is equiped with a camera and audio. The children are from different income level households and a rural, urban mix. We submit video and audio to the school for “corrective measures” when required. Julie needs to know that documentation has been submitted of grade 4 children speaking about oral sex. Not mid twenties adults. Nine year olds. Welcome to the real world Julie.

#147 X on 03.25.11 at 7:45 am

Look more house horny virgins, with a whopping 7K saved looking for a cash back mortgage:


#148 Paully on 03.25.11 at 7:46 am

She really thinks that a “twenty-something” doesn’t know what deep-throat means? Really? Maybe she should leave the Convent once in a while. Thanks to the internet, the guy is probably watching porn that would make her chastity belt spontaneously combust!

…and fat guys in bathing suits. Don’t let him ever go to Florida…

Garth, your double-entendre wit and wacky photoshop photos can make my day. Keep it up…Like with Viagra.

#149 Den the Pen on 03.25.11 at 7:51 am

If you take away the sexy, I’ll stop reading the blog on principle. We finally find some financial advice with nice legs, and we’re gonna have it ripped away by the tender sensitivities of prudes. If men in bathing suits make a 20-something uncomfortable, we have larger issues than real estate meltdowns.

p.s.: Deepthroat was a great movie.

#150 David B on 03.25.11 at 8:10 am

Julie has a fair point, I have passed over far to many comments on the cover page rather than the substance of your postings . Change is good … perhaps it is time for some good collections of Real Estate humour … we have enjoyed and continue to read and chat about the morning/daily political cartoons …. who knows, but change is good …. in fact is that not what all your hard work via the tap tap tappings of this daily blog is all about ….. Time for change …. do not be house proud and broke … invest wisely, be liquid and live within your means … to enjoy a long life!

Off to Starbucks for a Green Tea and quiet read of a good book …..

#151 Soylent Green is People on 03.25.11 at 8:12 am

This line should go: Have your kids started turning tricks after glimpsing my photos?

I really don’t want to think about our kids turning tricks.

Have your kids started turning tricks after glimpsing my photos?


#152 AM on 03.25.11 at 8:21 am

#95 Coin, “I prefer if Garth keeps his style of writing since it only appeals to fringe audiences, namely the poor and envious.”

And you’re here because…..?

#153 Herb on 03.25.11 at 8:25 am

#118 Valkyrie,

the deadpan of the day!

#154 bigrider on 03.25.11 at 8:26 am

Garth, well done on that interview !

I have forwwarded interview exchange to all my RE horny associates.

#155 Sincere in SK on 03.25.11 at 8:29 am

Hi Garth,

I agree with Julie. You have a great message. And most of the time you are hilarious. However, some of your comments are too lewd to be necessary.

I love reading your blog everyday and will continue to do so. However, I do think you have “turned off” some newbies (some of my friends included).

Thanks for asking what we (the readers) think! Actually, this was something I have been thinking about for a while. The “deep throat” comment was one of my least favourite.

I think it is a sign of maturity to be receptive to constructive criticism, as long as it is approached respectfully. Not many can do it. Thanks!

#156 jerry on 03.25.11 at 8:36 am

Dear Garth:
Keep the pictures a coming. I would even suggest that you had erotic foreign sub titles in order to capture the attention span of those who are not visually stimulated.

#157 Nemesis on 03.25.11 at 8:40 am

From the Bard to GT…

“This above all: to thine own self be true,
And it must follow, as the night the day,
Thou canst not then be false to any man.”

Change even one thing, and I will ride out to Ontario and personally spank those ‘taught ripples’.

(aside: One of these days I must tell you about the time we busted the ‘publisher’ of, ‘Spank’ – perhaps when you regal us with a denoument re: your brother’s choice of exotic Easter(?) family dinner guest/companion)

#158 Montrealer on 03.25.11 at 8:40 am

keep the images and wording! at work, I copy the text and paste into a word document, so I can read it at breaks like I read the newspapers.
And for the concern about buying in mid twenties, I could relate my story and much much debt I was able to pay off just by renting a house.

#159 Joe on 03.25.11 at 8:44 am

Re the sexual innuendo, I think its actually quite apropos, considering the other day on HGTV I saw a girl lovingly spread her arms around and lay her cheek against a granite countertop.

#160 Ralph Cramdown on 03.25.11 at 8:47 am

Maybe you can create a second copy of each post with a PG picture, and a “PG link for family and friends” link. But don’t tone down your voice.

#161 jem on 03.25.11 at 8:50 am


You’re one of the rare lucky individuals that is in a position to say exactly what you want and exactly how you want to. Don’t play to the masses and censor your thoughts.

I schlog it out every day in an overly PC world where everyone is so afraid to just be who they are. We all stay hidden behind our carefully crafted masks pretending to be something we are not. Reading your blog every morning is what gets me through it becuase for 10 minutes out of the day I’m reminded what it is like to be a real person and somehow it gives me the strength to carry on.

Don’t ever change. The world needs more Garth.

#162 SilverD on 03.25.11 at 9:01 am

Hey Garth,
If a 25 year old could be “offended” by your joke maybe he could also be offended by the reality of the situation?? These days everyone is so concerned with offending others that they stop expressing themselves freely.
And if it goes to “I’m afraid he’s going to ask me what it means..”…. well if you’re afraid of talking to your nephew about these issues and you expect Garth to take on that task then let him express it the way he does(that’s what makes this blog worth reading).
I’m just above that age and I’ve sent it to a number of people, all I do is mention that the humor is a bit different but the message is LOUD AND CLEAR.
If you loose that Garth, what will we all have to look forward to every day? Another dry and boring blog about real estate??
Keep up the good work! Cheers!

#163 OttawaMike on 03.25.11 at 9:01 am

Herbert Marshal McLuhan said it “the medium is the message”.

The puritans can go start their own blog. This one is a screaming success in all its tawdry glory.

Nice interview BTW, I’d say you nailed it.

#164 OttawaMike on 03.25.11 at 9:02 am

Kitchener 1
I noticed the empty reno centres here in O town to.

All anecdotal of course.

#165 Utopia on 03.25.11 at 9:21 am

#124 Michael Castanaveras

I loved that Macleans article too Mike. It was time a couple good journalists got to tearing the top off that organization. Nobody is really accountable if things go wrong with the policies they have put in place except a few unknown mandarins who will quickly be forgotten by all while all the rest of us wallow in the debt burden they leave in their wake.

When will CMHC start being accountable to taxpayers and begin living up to the term “corporate” that they attach to their name…..as in providing detailed quarterly reports and offering some real transparency in their business dealings to the tax-paying Canadian public?

#166 Moneta on 03.25.11 at 9:30 am



#167 Cowboy on 03.25.11 at 9:31 am

I find Garth’s humour funny, I can’t say I have blushed to anything said, it is entertaining and is more for making the subject of finances and houses more bearable. It is not for everyone I guess, some people are very uncomfortable with sexual innuendos…

It’s like Scottish humour, hey Garth are you Scottish by any chance?! It can be extremely crude but is not for the sake of being perverted, just making something funny and interesting…boring they are not!!

It may alienate some people but at least some of us can be entertained in this dreary life…

#168 Cowboy on 03.25.11 at 9:37 am

and I am not even sex obsessed, just find most things can be funny…

#169 DJ on 03.25.11 at 9:41 am

I can understand the ick factor of forwarding these blogs to other people. I see comments about how some think that this person’s son can handle it, but I have to ask, how many people here would feel comfortable sending it to their mother (or better yet, mother-in-law)?
Personally, I think Garth is a riot and I keep coming back for the photos and colourful use of language, but from a credibility stand-point, he sounds like a dufus in the Post article.
As far as outside publications, just the facts, man.

#170 Aussie Roy on 03.25.11 at 9:43 am

Excellent program from SBS Australia (Dateline) on the 64 million vacant properties in China. No bubble there – LOL.


Anyone for tulips? Atleast some central banks have the guts to call it as it is. Good for them…

The central bank, Nationalbanken, released its new economic forecast last week, warning of a high-risk situation that has developed in the mortgage sector for the last decade. The situation collapsed the housing market and economy once in 2008 and will collapse it again if corrective measures are not taken, reports financial daily Børsen.

Niels Bernstein, the central bank’s director, pointed to interest-only, variable rate mortgages introduced in 2003 and the government’s property tax freeze from 2004 as factors that led to the housing bubble in the years leading up to 2007.

“Our analysis shows that the introduction of interest-only mortgages and the freeze on property taxes were fundamental in creating the price bubble in the housing market in the middle of the last decade. It contributed to the over-heating of Denmark’s economy and caused the downturn in the wake of the financial crisis to be even bigger than it would have been otherwise,” Bernstein said.


#171 Nuke It on 03.25.11 at 9:47 am

Good to see you hitting above your weight. Sad to see Sherry Cooper drinking the infinite growth of real estate kool aid. I don’t see why housing won’t revert back to 1994 levels. At that price the stagnant average income will be back in tune with home prices. Leverage will be a very nasty word for home buyers as it became for those buying mutual funds in the late 90s.

I read that insurance companies got a $4 billion dollar hair cut as segregated funds had to make good on their 10 year return of 100% principal for all the overpriced funds sold to investors in 1999-2000. 10 years later they were underwater by 30-40%. The 3% MERs certainly didn’t help keep these afloat. Who would have thought that after 10 years equities would lose money. And these are companies that actually make stuff and invest and actively want to make money. Heaven help a heap of bricks, plywood and aluminum siding that is stuck in one space slowly rotting away with zero liquidity, zero mobility and produces zero income. A boring house in Canada cannot possibly compete with the international investment market.

Real estate will be repriced even more aggressively since it’s illiquid, competes directly with rentals and at almost 70% home ownership there are a lot more owners than buyers. Once these owners become sellers, that is going to happen very soon, well all bets are off.

Also what is it with 30 year mortgages. Isn’t that the same as renting but with all the aggravation at 4 times the monthly cost, massive downpayments, upkeep, property tax and commissions. It makes no sense to mortgage your life away for a roof over your head. Simply rent and use the downpayment and all the money you would have thrown into a house and buy a nice solid portfolio of good dividend paying banks, utilities and a couple of nice etfs. As a couple you have $30,000 today and $10,000 a year going forward. The money is liquid and like your principal residence all gains and income tax free. Even some RRSPs could make sense if you have excess cash to invest. The best part is you have no debt and are free to move and travel and live life now and have a great nest egg in the future.

#172 Fred on 03.25.11 at 9:55 am

Nice Picture!
Seriously, I like your blog, keep on!

#173 Utopia on 03.25.11 at 9:57 am

#74 Abitibidoug

It’s easy to get the impression many people have no memory of….real estate market corrections like the early 1980′s or early 1990′s. Is there any one out there who remembers what happened in the 1990′s?

Yes, I remember it well Doug.

Actually, I recall the recession of the early 80’s even better, the Gold run-up of the late 70’s are burnt into my brain forever and…….wait for it….

I saw Deep Throat the year it was made (1972).

PS: I still own a pristine Commodore 64 that I paid more than 1200 dollars for in the day. I was on the waiting list in Vancouver then for the very first production machines to market and got in quick….what the hell did I know eh? Those were the days.

Don’t hate me but the C64 was waaaay more interesting than deepthroat.

#174 victoria boy on 03.25.11 at 9:59 am

The “color” in this blog is like the crunchy stuff left over in the frying pan. Some would just wipe it away and call it disgusting. But those who understand the complex nature of its composition can transform it into a sauce that elevates the dish to new heights.

I cant do fast food anymore Garth. I need real butter. Don’t go all ‘low cal’ on me.

Thanks for the laugh #81. Lulu island – what a perfect name. I’m going to call it that from now on.

#175 Aurora Borealis on 03.25.11 at 10:06 am


Since you asked….

I don’t personally find your photos and humour offensive, though there does seem to be a bit of a fixation and yes, some of it is very adolescent, sexist, prejudiced against the old, overweight, unattractive, etc..

My husband can no longer read your blog at work because this site was banned due to the “innapropriate photos”. Yes, I know he shouldn’t be reading at work, but he used to do so on his lunch hour and otherwise doesn’t have time. I try to cut and paste the best of them to him via email, but it’s annoying and then he misses out on the comments, which are informative on their own at times.

We aren’t prudes – not by a long shot, but we are both hesitant to share your blog with some of our friends and family (and have gotten comments by those we did share it with … some were quite offended). We no longer share this blog because of this and that’s a shame because we know that some of these people would have been ideal clients for you.

I also agree that you are never going to be published as widely as others, will lose respect and become an easy target when the bubble does burst (I suspect you’ll be pegged as a “perv” when things start to pan out the way you’ve predicted).

I don’t think you should stop – just tone it down a little perhaps? Of course it’s your decision, and I will continue to be a fan, but I think you are limiting your exposure and possibly painting a bullseye on your back by the frequency of your use of sexual photos and innuendo.

I’d never have said this to you, but you asked. I suspect there are many more who feel the same but won’t post here because they are less vocal to begin with, and because they’ll be afraid of being abused by some of the more outspoken ‘adolescent types’ on this blog.

I also vote for not posting the moronic “first!” posts.

All of this aside, you rock! Thank you for providing the most honest and informative real estate and investing blog. Your infused humour absolutely makes an (often) dry subject more pallatable. Thank you Mr. G!

#176 Sheila on 03.25.11 at 10:09 am

It’s just that most of your metaphors paint a picture of a prurient old man, not getting any, but hounded by constant desire. That image detracts from the wisdom of your insights.
You’re a good writer who could show that your creative expression is not stuck in your gonads.

#177 Paul on 03.25.11 at 10:10 am

This would hurt.


#178 buylow on 03.25.11 at 10:19 am

I cant read your blog at work because of the pictures that others may see at a distance and take out of context

The wording is fine

#179 Grrr on 03.25.11 at 10:19 am


Send your son here.


#180 Utopia on 03.25.11 at 10:23 am

#163 OttawaMike

“The puritans can go start their own blog. This one is a screaming success in all its tawdry glory”.


Well said Mike. Why mess with success.

#181 David on 03.25.11 at 10:31 am

Dear Garth: In this uber-PC world, there is little tolerance for style, flair, wit, or double entendre. Please make your blog as dry, uninteresting, boring and purile as possible. Then will it really speak to people….like a big, heavy textbook.

Gotcha!….and a week early, too!

#182 Someguy on 03.25.11 at 10:32 am

Garth I was at your presentation in Vancouver. I remember some of your slides caused an ‘ew’ reaction. The reaction came from at most 1 or 2% of the people there. Political correctness needs to die in a fire along with most other forms of made up ‘decency’.

#183 SwampLily on 03.25.11 at 10:33 am

Don’t change!

#184 Nemesis on 03.25.11 at 10:37 am

Angry Afterthought… You want ‘obscene’ – this is obscenity personified…

[RobertReich] – Why Governor LePage Can’t Erase History

“Maine Governor Paul LePage has ordered state workers to remove from the state labor department a 36-foot mural depicting the state’s labor history. Among other things the mural illustrates the 1937 shoe mill strike in Auburn and Lewiston. It also features the iconic “Rosie the Riveter,” who in real life worked at the Bath Iron Works…

The LePage Administration is also renaming conference rooms that had carried the names of historic leaders of American labor, as well as former Secretary Perkins.

The Governor’s spokesman explains that the mural and the conference-room names were “not in keeping with the department’s pro-business goals.”

Are we still in America?”…


#185 refinow on 03.25.11 at 10:38 am

About the article, Brad Lamb says that the risky mortgages that were done two years ago are now with buyers that “have excellent liquidity”? What?!?!

What most are forgeting is if the first time homebuyers were morally swaded into seeking out the safe haven of the “5 year Fixed Mortgage” there is an invisible “EQUITY EATING MONSTER” waiting to gobble up any possible remaing equity in their home….

I like to call this monster IRD… It is that nasty fine print that even the most intelectual consumer would never understand…

That penalty you get to pay if you happen to need to sell your home before the term of your mortgage expires.

A friend of mine who like so many people, desided that he is not likely to receive the needed 8% increase in income this year, and in actual fact is likely to see close to a 15 – 20 % reduction in income, put his 450,000 home up for sale. His exit stratagy was clear, he can pay the realtor, and have enough left over to payoff all his credit cards, and still have some money in the bank… BUT

After accepting the offer to sell his home, thought to call Scotai Bank (his mortgage holder) to confirm his balance, and start planning for his debt free future…

Guess what….

After paying $22,500 in Real Estate Fees
2.925 GST on RE Fees
600 in legals

and here is the kick to the nads from the good old Bank…. a $24,000 penalty to break his mortgage

So now the official price tag to sell his $450,000 home just went to $50,025… 11.12 of the value of his home…

Sure he will payoff his mortgage, but now he gets the priviledge of keeping his $30,000 in credit card debt.

Now add a potential 10- 15% drop in value to that $450,000 home, you could easily be $100,000 underwater in a very short period of time…

If his mortgage was a variable, his penalty would have been $2,250…

Funny how even the intellectuals cant read this in the fine print when they are signing up for that 5 year fixed rate becasue it is safer for the first time homebuyers…
Safer for who ??? I think it is safer for the Banks….

#186 ash on 03.25.11 at 10:48 am

Check out this link, very good article

#187 March of the Pigs on 03.25.11 at 10:59 am

Deep throat was a movie?…

#188 March of the Pigs on 03.25.11 at 11:04 am

#168 DJ on 03.25.11 at 9:41 am

I sent it to my mother and she’s a real estate agent for over 30 years and she agrees, people are stupid take a number

#189 TherealDeal on 03.25.11 at 11:05 am

any man in his mid-twenties who is “offended” by your creative metaphor is either hypersensitive or a virgin.

#190 Chris on 03.25.11 at 11:13 am

If you want the PG version, go buy the books: http://www.greaterfool.ca/about-books/

Although, if your mid-twenties nephew needs his reading screened for 14A material, he’s got no business getting into real estate.

#191 kilby on 03.25.11 at 11:15 am

I find the pictures on the blog, as well as the sexual innuendo fine myself and have introduced many new readers who are “hooked”. But some see the pictures and after reading the text don’t take the message seriously….as well as “me first” being the first order of business some days. Olympic Village on Global news again this morning, apparently the “rainwater” flushing toilets don’t work and have to be changed back to conventional water. Does anybody know how many of those units REALLY sold with the big “sale” a few weeks back? Rennie Marketing made it sound like a huge success but everything has been very quiet on that front lately. Garth, I have e-mailed Global twice now suggesting having you on their show but my requests go unanswered……sponsor conflict?

#192 Gary T in Kelowna on 03.25.11 at 11:15 am

I agree with Alero01 Garth. I have been a follower of yours since the mid 90s. It’s time to tone it down. Your message is terrific but you are getting too raunchy. It’s bordering on the offensive.

#193 Junius on 03.25.11 at 11:17 am

Dear Garth,

Julie needs to get a grip. First of all, unless he was raised in the basement without TV or Internet the mid-20 something has been exposed to a lot worse on a daily basis than you dish out. Secondly, how can he possibly be mature enough to buy a house if he can’t handle your humour?

IMO – the humour is appropriate separate from the entertainment value because it underscores the emotional element of the housing debate. Hormonal charged realtors and horny virgin buyers are a reality in the marketplace. They are the bi-products of the greed and fear mentality.

Please don’t stop. What you are doing is awesome. If you really get too much flack just put a disclaimer on your site that people should be 19 or over.

#194 JayJay on 03.25.11 at 11:18 am

Hi Garth,

I have to say that I agree with Julie. Your underlying message is great and extremely relevant in our economic reality. However that message does tend to get a bit destroyed by the overly sexual innuendos that belong more on a fringe sex site than on a blog attempting to give economic advice.

It cheapens your message and it can cheapen the messenger. Just beware is all I’m saying.

I wouldn’t think of forwarding some of your messages to anyone that respects me because the act of forwarding the message will imply approval of the seedier bits of your articles.

That being said, we love what you are trying to do. You are like a voice crying out in the wilderness of real estate chaos and we appreciate it. Keeping it real doesn’t have to mean keeping it lewd.

#195 Junius on 03.25.11 at 11:23 am

#170 Aussie Roy,

Great to see you back! That video from Australia’s Dateline is consistent with what I saw in China. Mish Shedlock posted it a few days ago as well.

For all of those who think the Chinese buyers are going to rush in and save everything get ready. To paraphrase on of them here:

“China’s going to explode folks…down, down, down in the largest real estate bubble in human history. They will make Dubai look small and the US bubble insignificant. Yup. So much for Chinese buyers saving our market.”

#196 Alin on 03.25.11 at 11:23 am

When I read your first article I was suspicious. Even if I had the feeling that you might be right I didn’t take you very seriously. And that is because of your funny jokes. They are amusing but it’s not professional.

#197 Junius on 03.25.11 at 11:26 am

#14 BPOE,

While it is pretty hard to rank your posts because they are all somewhere on the scale between delusional and idiotic. However this one is worth a comment.

Has it occurred to you that if the US economy craters we are going down with them? Nothing could explode Canadian Real Estate values faster than a US economic explosion. It would be even worse than a Chinese when that comes. Unlike you Vancouver is not an island.

#198 Junius on 03.25.11 at 11:36 am

Re: The Panel

Nice to see that Harry Stinson sees a bit of reality through the fog of self interest. Brad Lamb is predictable but for me Sherry Cooper takes the cake.

Just look at her lazy analysis. She points out that houses have grown 5.7% per annum over the past 30 years but nearly double that in the past few years. As an economist shouldn’t this set off alarm bells?

She then notes the main reason for increases was cheap credit but suggests all will normalize or perhaps slip 6% because incomes will rise by 8%.

What a loon. First of all, if interest rates even go up 3 or 4% incomes are going to have to rise a whole lot more than 8% to keep up. She should know that.

Secondly, who says incomes are going up 8%? How can this possibly happen in the current environment?

Finally, what about rising costs and inflation which are pulling down affordability.

Any wonder she works for a bank?

#199 SK on 03.25.11 at 11:37 am

If this kid in his mid-twenties does not know about deep throating, then i could guide him towards some good education sites. No need for explanation, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Julie, cmon, wtf, omg, lmao, i can keep going…….

#200 Iconoclast on 03.25.11 at 11:39 am

Garth, I am never offended, but I can see how some might be.

You don’t want the message to be obscured by the earthy prose. But there are really only a couple of words that would ever need to be changed in any post to take the roughest edges off.

But you can’t take the blame for “Property Virgins” and derived phrases; after all it was a TV show!

The pictures are hilarious. No changes warranted.

#201 Scorpio on 03.25.11 at 11:42 am

Agree with #126 pablo…

Garth this is YOUR blog. Your creative use of the word is nothing short of genius and the pictures ~ priceless. Love your blog please don’t change a thing.

#202 Scalgary on 03.25.11 at 11:43 am


Great post again…

Regarding panel discussion, you were too polite and behaved like a gentleman…

They all are clever and know the outcome of this mess.

The only difference between them you is that they are SELFISH LIARS…

#203 Q53 on 03.25.11 at 11:44 am

I’m with Julie. I appreciate your financial wisdom and advice you share on this blog but wonder why almost every article needs to be laced with sexual metaphors. Too much debt can destroy a family….so can porn. I agree, it’s bordering on the offensive at times.

#204 eaglebay on 03.25.11 at 11:47 am

I find that Garth’s words can be taken to mean many things. When I eat I deep-throat (swallow) my meat or whatever. You seem to insert sexual meanings to those words but they could mean anything really.
I find the prudes on this blog a bit perverted to always assume a sexual meaning to some of Garth’s words.
Maybe some of you should check their dictionary more often. I get hard (stiff) just thinking about some of the comments on this blog.

#205 unbalanced on 03.25.11 at 11:53 am

Poor Julie. I wonder about her reaction when the poor family of ducks were in the sewer grate!!!

#206 PEI Red on 03.25.11 at 11:55 am

Don’t cave to Julie’s request, Garth. The dirty talk just highlights the nefariousness of real estate dogma! (Yes, it’s a new form of religion!) Call a boner a boner and carry on.

#207 Nemesis on 03.25.11 at 11:57 am

Ok, I’ve already invoked the Bard… now it’s time to hall out the heavy artillery… and only fitting…

“And we should consider every day lost on which we have not danced at least once. And we should call every truth false which was not accompanied by at least one laugh.” – Friedrich Nietzsche

“The gods too are fond of a joke.” – Aristotle

#208 Mythbuster on 03.25.11 at 11:57 am

Tell the Puritans to change browser to Opera and turn off images. Then, all they’ll see is the text…. Perhaps this can be done in IE too. I don’t care to know.

Or she can copy your blog entry and paste into Notepad – this will remove all images and just leave the text, that she can email to her son.

Hey, aren’t people reading this blog supposed to be only those able to Think Out Of the Box?!

I wonder…

#209 Throwstone on 03.25.11 at 12:11 pm


Situation Civil servant with negative net worth

Strategy Rein in spending, work part-time, pay debts

Solution More discretionary income

In Vancouver, a woman we’ll call Suzette, 58, has put 37 years into her job and wants to retire in a few months, then return to work part-time. She will have to work to supplement her pension, for her financial cupboard is almost bare. Her assets are $2,500 in an RRSP. Period. She lives on credit. She rents a home from her ex-husband for $900 a month, which is 18% of her $4,983 monthly take-home income.

Her plan, which she would put into place when she turns 59 in March, would boost her monthly pension income with $3,500 parttime income and, after deductions and taxes, give her about $7,000 of after tax income each month.


Who cares if your a senior and you have’nt saved a penny …with a pension and a little partime job…or hobby–so let’s call it a Jobby–(Double dipping-TAKING A JOB AWAY FROM THE YOUNG)…



btw ADD in those nice senior discounts and life looks pretty sweet for the boomers….What a joke!…They have no idea what a hard life is….

Time to look for work out of Country…I’m not paying for these Fat Government Pensions…

#210 SK on 03.25.11 at 12:11 pm

If this kid in his mid-twenties does not know about deep throating, then i could guide him towards some good education sites. No need for explanation, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Julie, cmon, wtf, omg, lmao, i can keep going…….

Also, Garth, it must be painful to sit on those panels and rather infuriating. But, none of thise is overly suprising. The panelists even said it right, kids are getting down payments form their parents. This is plain and simple, kids are getting money gifted or loaned, just so they have the ability to get a loan. That is scary, but in all reality, with housing where it is, how could anyone save enough for a 25% down payment on a $400k house, less dealing drugs. That was my shout out to surrey.

#211 GregW, Oakville on 03.25.11 at 12:12 pm

Hi Julie, I find myself reluctant to send you this link,
since this site has been ‘weirded me out’ for a few year now. IMO (G’s site is tam!)
Warning mass media filters may be off.

#212 Live Within Your Means on 03.25.11 at 12:17 pm

Don’t change a thing Garth. No need to say anything more.

#213 Mitch on 03.25.11 at 12:24 pm

Garth, two things:

1. “Garth Turner: Excellent. I have an Ark Miles program.” I laughed out loud in the office. I won’t need to worry about investments when I’m jobless after being fired for reading hilarious blogs all day.

2. If a 20 year old doesn’t know what deep throat is, he also has bigger problems then investments. Your target market is intelligent people, and they get the jokes.

Great post, and one of the best blogs around.

#214 young & foolish on 03.25.11 at 12:28 pm

Please, oh please, do not succumb to the prudish minority! Your sense of humour is a welcomed counterbalance to the seriousness of your message!

8% pay increases are for specialists … not ordinary
folk who are involved in the majority of RE transactions.
Middle class jobs have been evaporating, and average incomes are under attack. Can Sherry Cooper really call herself a neutral economist? She sounds more like a shill.

#215 Live Within Your Means on 03.25.11 at 12:28 pm


Re the election. Bruce is the best!

#216 wetcoaster on 03.25.11 at 12:30 pm

Don’t change a thing Garth. I look forward to your blog posts as my post dinner entertainment. This lady needs to wake up, my early 20 year old’s Facebooks would shock you but like your posts, they are the reality, not the Beaver Cleaver world so many think still exists unless you are into some strange cult religion.

The more you keep your shtik, the more these nimrods in that article will lose sleep as their worst nightmare becomes reality.

#217 You never know... on 03.25.11 at 12:37 pm

Do not change one keystroke coming from your fingers. ‘nuf said.

#218 jack on 03.25.11 at 12:38 pm

Well i just got a whopping 2% raise at work, i’m extatic about this, now i can afford a house. has anyone on here gotten a 8% increase year over year over the last 3 years to justify this housing market. I don’t think so.
or maybe i am in the wrong industry.
I want what Ms. cooper is smoking

#219 Kevin in Winnipeg on 03.25.11 at 12:39 pm

This blog is for adults, although sometimes I wonder based on certain comments at times. I enjoy the pictures and banter. If guys in thongs chase away the 20 year olds, so be it. Off they go to update their facebook status.

Sentiment in Winnipeg is not changing. I hear everyday real estate always goes up. Just look at Waverley West in Winnipeg’s South. $140,000 for a small lot right next to your neighbor’s cookie cutter house with a view of hydro towers and Brady Landfill. Winnipeg should be embarrassed by it’s lack of vision.

#220 Ronaldo on 03.25.11 at 12:43 pm

#64 Houston – I sure hope Julie is not letting her nephew watch THE SIMPSONS. That would totally screw him up.

#221 Djumbe on 03.25.11 at 12:44 pm

Garth don’t submit to the sanitizers! It’s YOUR blog and you should ENJOY it. When it’s no longer fun I expect you will suspend this invaluable FREE service which you provide for so many. Your spice makes the otherwise dull but important fare more palatable and I for one enjoy it.

#222 eaglebay on 03.25.11 at 12:48 pm

I wonder if Bill Clinton knows what deep-throat means.

#223 BadMother on 03.25.11 at 12:50 pm

First time poster – daily (addicted) reader…

Garth, LOVE the blog. It’s truly my daily dose of reality, especially since my addiction to real estate is out of control since I’ve sold my 2 condos in TO the past few years. Sitting and waiting to buy that $600K home that’s been drastically reduced to $400K LOL!

Love the liquidity, love your insights. I’ve got to agree with Julie however. Don’t wanna sound like a prude, but the over-lusty language doesn’t do it for me. Frankly, you sound like an under-sexed teen (with a Hummer, even more telling) and therefore use the lewd language to fill a void. Don’t get me wrong, ” property virgins” and the odd reference is fine, but sometimes I feel the references get a little over-used and you lose respect to outsiders…just sayin’

Instead of being embarrassed to send this to children, how about trying to send this to your parents! I’ve wanted both my parents to see your blog but feel they’d be turned off by the language. I enjoy a little perverse reference like anyone, but feel like I’d need to edit and email in order to get your point across. I’d say limit it to one or two references/blog, not per paragraph.

Sorry bloggers, I know most of you enjoy it but there are plenty of other sites you can go to get your rocks off (postings later??).

And Julie…your nephew knows what deep-throating means. Trust me honey, chances are he knew by the time he was 10. I wouldn’t worry that he’s offended by this site. Far from it, he’d likely enjoy it more.

Oh yeah – the images are bang-on. Not offensive whatsoever. Just downright entertaining.


#224 JoshL on 03.25.11 at 12:57 pm

I love how Barry refers to the trend of real estate as a “trajectory”. As if all one has to do to predict the future is to draw a straight line through the past. You can take any stock plot and draw a hundred lines through it to disprove this theory.

Also it sort of makes prices sound like a projectile of sorts. In which case Barry should review (take for the first time?) his high school physics. Gravity takes hold eventually.

#225 Kitchener1 on 03.25.11 at 1:00 pm

Garth, as per Julie’s comments, here are my thoughts

Not sure it will make it thru but at least you will get a good laugh out of it.


It didn’t. — Garth

#226 poco on 03.25.11 at 1:13 pm

#174–victoria boy
with reference to Lulu Island, that is the official name of the island that makes up the city of Richmond–I guess when they named it,they had the foresight of what was to come

#227 KingBubbles on 03.25.11 at 1:14 pm


I find your blog insightful and entertaining and I find nothing wrong with the content.

On another note, what impact do you think the looming election will have on interest rates and the real estate market this spring?

#228 TS on 03.25.11 at 1:15 pm

Oh the World stage. H and F make me so proud to be a Canadian. Their pride is overwhelming. (sarcasm)
It causes me to reflect on who are the GREATER FOOLS?

Canada’s Leadership in the Spotlight in IMF/World Bank and EBRD Annual Reports

No near structural deficit here Ma. Canada is different. Life is so good on the World stage. Wish those people at home would just lighten up.

#229 earlymidlifecrisis on 03.25.11 at 1:16 pm

Don’t change a thing. The references and pics are exactly what will turn that generation on to the reality message, not turn them off. They were too molly-coddled when they were young anyway, which is why SOME are so useless today. Wasn’t that the generation that that received endless A’s for anything encouragement? Aunties sheltering attitude is reminiscent of this. He’s a 25 y/o male; he knows what deep throat means regardless of whether he’s seen the movie. I love this blog; most financial pages are too dry and sterile for me. “It doesn’t take an economist to figure out that old people suck more than they blow” says more than 2 ordinary financial pages.

#230 Sasquatch on 03.25.11 at 1:20 pm


As a 27 year old guy, I can attest that the language or pics don’t offend. If the mid 20’s guy has the internet and skin thicker than panty hose, he’ll be okay. I think Auntie there just thinks that her nephew is still 5 years old. If he does have skin akin to soaked toilet paper, then he shouldn’t have a wife, kids, and certainly not a house.

#231 morry on 03.25.11 at 1:25 pm

Listen up you horny old toad:

How many Condos and Homes do you own? Confess yourself…

#232 dave99 on 03.25.11 at 1:33 pm

wrt the innuendo,photos…

no, it doesn’t offend me, and I’m dumbfounded that so many others think it is inappropriate. Really? have you folks seen the internet recently? Or television?

But I do have one big regret about this blog, and that is the way its format limits any indepth discussion of the topics.

As I’ve said before, I really wish this was set up as a discussion board. The current format makes it almost impossible to have any sort of intelligent discussion on the topics at hand. Just lots of one liners, anecdotes and personal opinions.

The “blog” format is a effective medium for the blogger’s own posts. But completely ineffective for a site that gets as much traffic and comments as this one does.

A discussion board format would be very welcome! (at least for me)

#233 allister on 03.25.11 at 1:34 pm

Julie – you’ve been unemployed a long time since the Canadian Film Censorship Board layed you off.

I thought the 50’s were gone, but there are some who still live it.

#234 Abitibidoug on 03.25.11 at 1:40 pm

In response to post #173 by Utopia: It’s good to see someone that remembers past real estate corrections and understands real estate (as well as gold) is cyclical after all. You’ve got me beat with the Commodore 64, although I still have my Commodore PR100 programmable calculator, which is worse for wear but still works. As for Deep Throat, haven’t seen it yet.

On the subject of Garth’s sexual references I’m largely too busy taking in the words of wisdom, but do stop to laugh here and there. it’s great to read a blog that’s amusing as well as informative, as the two don’t always go together. As for those who think it’s excessive, maybe so, but the whole real estate bubble has been like an orgy of excess, so it’s appropriate in that respect.

#235 TO Girl on 03.25.11 at 1:42 pm

You’re a brilliant writer, Garth. You can craft your language in a different way without jeopardizing your point. Some people can’t get past all the noise; and yours is a voice worth hearing.

#236 Keen Reader on 03.25.11 at 1:43 pm

I too love the sarcasm and get a good laugh from most pictures. The racier stuff does make it hard to recommend this blog to friends and colleagues. The issue is not the younger crowd, but getting the important message across without reservations about the objectionable stuff. It’s your blog and I’ll keep reading, but should the focus be on the peanut-gallery crowd or the masses? Thanks for the great work anyhow!

#237 Vancouverite Who Saw the Light on 03.25.11 at 1:44 pm


Although I find it hard to believe that any of the sexual innuendo in this blog could possibly shock or dumbfound anyone in their mid-twenties, I’ll let that one go.

The take home message is this:
Your nephew can brave his introduction to sex ed by reading a mildly suggestive blog, jam-packed with real estate and investment truths OR by finding himself with his pants around his ankles and a big bank standing behind him.
Your choice.

Tell it like it is, Garth . . . we can take it.

#238 Jeannie on 03.25.11 at 1:47 pm

Garth, this blog is interesting and informative enough, the adolescent, double entendres are not needed to grab attention.
Julie is simply stating her opinion, and that should be respected, the name-calling is childish.

The response here is mixed, there are those of us who don’t need this ‘stimulous’ to enjoy the Blog.

The meat of your writing is why we come here, a good teaching tool for me, and your knowledge of the economy is convincing, you get your point accross very effectively.
This blog will not suffer from boredom or dryness if it’s less raunchy in tone. Your blog, your call.

#239 kilby on 03.25.11 at 1:49 pm

#209 Throwstone: Suzette must had a hell of a good job, I just retired from a government job paying $54,000 per year and after 20 years I gross $1,070 minus tax and $190 for medical etc…And $518 from my CPP for a total of $1,268 per month clear and my wife who still works at a good paying job has no pension. I am a pretty typical pension earner and if not for investments (and real estate sold) would be “poor”. These stories of civil servants with $5k per month pensions seem to be the ones people notice, not the majority which are a damn sight lower…

#240 Cato on 03.25.11 at 1:49 pm

I wouldn’t change a thing Garth, subject matter is pretty dry and for some downright depressing. Might as well have a few laughs on the ride down. For those whining about professionalism, take a walk past the desks of those trading your money & mortgages. Garth is a choir boy in comparison.

Surprising perennial bulls aren’t at least hedging their statements at this point to avoid looking like fools and losing all credibility in the future. Brad Lamb et. al. can always say one thing and do another. If you want to judge how they really feel just look at where their money is going (or in this case not going). Besides this isn’t going to end in tears for guys like Brad, the average middle class worker & taxpayer will bear the brunt of this. There are 2 sides on every trade – for everyone buying during the peak others were selling. For anyone dumping stocks in spring of 2009 others were buying.

Any of this sound familiar?http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=INmqvibv4UU#at=43

#241 Mister Obvious on 03.25.11 at 1:49 pm

#178 (Buylow)

“I cant read your blog at work because of the pictures that others may see at a distance and take out of context. The wording is fine.”

Reminds me of an old joke:

Q: “Why don’t government employees read Garth Turner’s blog in the morning?”

A: “Because then they’d have nothing to do in the afternoon”

#242 Cattle Country on 03.25.11 at 2:03 pm

Do not stop the awesome references.
I love the references to house porn.

#243 BRando on 03.25.11 at 2:07 pm

Garth – stick to your guns and keep the language and pics interesting. Discussions about financial topics can be damn boring and this makes for an entertaining and educational daily read.

People that take issue can scroll past the pics or TRY to find another site for realistic deets.

Thanks for keeping this site NC 17.

#244 bill on 03.25.11 at 2:08 pm

you are in good company Garth….


to bad he cant comment.

#245 John on 03.25.11 at 2:12 pm


Remeber me? I’m the guy from the show that couldn’t make you laugh.

O.K.- The nieve nephews is in his Mid-Twenty’s? WTF? Welcome to 2001.

Here’s a title for your next blog update- “2 Girls 1 Cup with the Devil in Miss Jones Condo behind the a Green Door”.

Ha Ha Ha You want to see sick? Look at the Equity being sucked out of the Okanagan / Kelowna Real Estate Market!! It’s Perverted. You can walk down any street seeing a sign in the front yard promoting a “Real Estate Escort” with the Prominent Tattoo of their “Broker / Pimp” clearly marking their listing /corner. Big, Strong Pimp = safer corner.

By making your blog “Racy” just shows how ludacris the media promotes real estate.

Thank you for your incredable blog!

#246 bill on 03.25.11 at 2:23 pm

and here is a vivid interpretation of the coming housing debacle.
hopefully it wont hit as hard as seth did

not for the faint of heart julie but no sex…

#247 Timing is Everything on 03.25.11 at 2:24 pm

Every person has their ‘line’. I know I have mine.
My line is wide and greyish…but once crossed…crystal clear.

BTW, you are well within my ‘grey’.

Keep it up, for as long as you can…

#248 Kate on 03.25.11 at 2:25 pm

After all, that’s a personal blog for God sake. I personally come here just for the pictures!

#249 rental monkey on 03.25.11 at 2:30 pm

Good God People!!

Seriously, Garth’s innuendo are offensive? It is his way of illustrating a point: thus being: think back to your first teenage “encounter”. Did you not want to just keep going because it felt SO good, heart pounding, breathing heavy, warm in those not so familiar places? EVEN WHEN YOU KNEW THE RISKS that could come from it all? That’s his point, people are so “house horny” and delusional they just keep jumping in, even if it might not end so well.

This a FREE blog in A FREE country that endorses and covets FREE speech. If it is too much for you, forget all about Garth and go read something a little more sanitized. Be warned however, the puritanicals may miss giving you the truth, because it might not be politically correct.

And the pictures are considered sexual? I guess those afternoons I spent in gyno row at the Ballet in the 90’s have left me less sensitive. (YA, you know what I’m talking about!)

Keep it up Garth and PLEASE ~Don’t change a thing!!~

#250 SAD on 03.25.11 at 2:32 pm

Important News Release from CREA!!!!!


The Touching Stories

#251 Dorf on 03.25.11 at 2:47 pm

How shall I answer Julie?

First, tell her that most 22 year olds don’t have the life experience, and therefore the capacity, to understand or otherwise comprehend the gravity or the content of what Garth is saying.

Give him the Reader’s Digest version of what you have read. Rent, save up your money, don’t buy a house for the next 5 years, conversation over.

Second, tell her that she must be loads of fun times for a man, with her irrational fear of anything that can be tied into sexuality.

Throw out the TV, lock yourself in a closet with your effeminate nephew and repeat Mea Culpas until you come to grips with the real world.

It really is nasty out there, and you cannot do much to hide it for very long. If you thing Garth is outrageous, try listening to Howard Stern sometime. That will give you a much more factual taste of modern day society, and what level of tolerance most other people exhibit.

Garth is tame and very polished.

Now go to church and confess that you had impure thoughts.

#252 BrianT on 03.25.11 at 2:52 pm

#203Q-I am surprised you and many others do not realize that Garth has tried to illustrate the pornographic nature of the modern HGTV culture. How is the sick obsession with the female status gain from an expensive, enormous, well decorated home any different from a male obsession with pornography? In fact, the two obsessions are extremely similar, in that human relationships are devalued in both cases. CMHC, etc. have used this weakness to gain power in the same way beer is sold using bikini models.

#253 BrianT on 03.25.11 at 2:55 pm

#240Mister- “What does retirement mean for a government employee?” A: “Just having to drink coffee on your OWN time”.

#254 Whistle punk on 03.25.11 at 2:57 pm

Everybody has to bitch and complain, if you don’t like reading this blog then leave. Don’t let the door hit you in the ass you might get turned on it will be the only time you get your ass spanked.

Have we become like the USA and have the blinders on ?

You can’t hide the way things are, ignoring shit doesn’t make things go away. Our economy in Canada is in poor shape, look at the USA our boat is sinking too. The bailing buckets have holes in them more water is pouring in than going out.

Look around people there is nothing going on people are being laid off, very little money being spent.

I think the boomers are realizing oh boy we have screwed up and too proud to admit it. This blog waves that in front of their face and they don’t like it.

You can’t fix greed and stupidity.

#255 VICTORIA TEA PARTY on 03.25.11 at 3:08 pm


Julie’s got it right. While I’m a libertarian, when it comes to free speech (that includes pictures), there is a difference between freedom and license.

Community standards and individual standards are fraught with each group’s and person’s points of view, thereby prolonging the freedom vs license debate for all time.

For me, however, a picture is worthwhile if, in headlining the article, it thus enhances the written word’s impact.

Given the seriousness of just about everything that’s ongoing in this world, including an unnecessary general election in Canada in May, I suggest photos be published that are entirely relevant to the discussion at hand.

An additional photo possibility could be publications of Canadian scenery, visual respites to all that is being dealt with by this blog. Some relief is a good thing! Most Canadians have never seen much of their country. So much scenery so little time in which to see it.

Now, about that photo on Bad advice ll.

It must have been taken by the Hubble telescope. Who are those creatures, and which black hole, in deep space do they reside, if reside is the proper word to use here?
Light years. A good thing.

The photo

#256 Dorf on 03.25.11 at 3:17 pm

Now, about the roundtable:

Most of the commentators are so afraid of the idea of declining real estate that they will not even say those words out loud. They are believers. Belief is only the basis for religion or superstitions.

Harry seems to be exposed to the idea somewhat, he must have already braced for the worst, in case it happens, but refuses to be the one to pull the trigger on the whole mess, hoping for good results instead.

Everybody I know is in financial trouble, everybody is divorcing or splitting up over money issues. Every second day it seems my kids come home from school and tell me that Johnny’s or Cindy’s Mom and Dad are divorcing.

Lastly, I am an expert level Telecomms Analyst (I speak fluent TCP/IP and others) who went driving heavy transport trucks because it paid twice as much with only 6 weeks training.

I remember watching a docu about the “then current” Nortel CEO (he probably has hanged himself by now, or should have) a bunch of years ago when I was still in the trade. It was a state of believing coupled with a state of denial. It was a sell job to shareholders. The guy struck me as a dinosaur who was afraid of change and insisted that his company move slowly and methodically and therefore was the reason they didn’t seem to keep up on changes in technologies.

I remember knowing full well that Cisco was on the leading edge of technology, and everybody was using their stuff. They were extremely responsive to the market. Nortel was dated equipment, almost obsolete by the time you installed it. Kludgy equipment for the guy who doesn’t know any better.

I watched the docu through two eyes:

-one eye was a top level tech who knows the game and the arena well ( the skeptic)

-the other eye was a generic, prospective investor with an open mind and little or no technical knowledge ( the sheep)

The sell job was on about how “leading edge” Nortel is and how it was going to be the next sliced bread.

I knew different. Nobody I know is using Nortel gear or wants to. Cisco is leading the market by leaps and bounds. Techs are excited about using Cisco stuff and I refuse to install anything Nortel because I know better, although I will service existing installations.

I told my lawyer/investor buddies about this. They were big fans of Nortel and were slobbering over the idea at getting 2 for 1 on BCE for their Nortel investments.

I told them to dump the Nortel and buy Cisco. They didn’t listen. I told them Nortel is going to the toilet, they are giving you something for nothing and nothing is what you can hope to end up with, because you are investing in a loser. They didn’t listen.

I wonder if any of them are willing to part with their Nortel stock today ?


#257 rower on 03.25.11 at 3:18 pm

Don’t you ever change your style, Garth. In a world of doom and gloom, we need all the laughs we can get.

If someone isn’t “grown-up” enough to handle your blog, how in the hell are they going to handle real life?

#258 Throwstone on 03.25.11 at 3:21 pm

kilby #238…

Is that the difference between Federal Government Pension and Provincial Government Pension?…

Or the additional 17 years working in Government?…

Sorry Kilby…Just not buying it.

#259 Daisy Mae on 03.25.11 at 3:23 pm

So…..the government has fallen. I just heard Stockwell Day on the radio saying that Harper will be back, the people are ‘pleased’ with his handling of the economy. Now, please tell be WHY would he say that in light of the fact that the Conservatives are responsible for destroying the economy with their 0/40, 5/35, 5/30, liar loans, CMHC and trillions in toxic mortgages. Is the public that gullible?

#260 Daisy Mae on 03.25.11 at 3:28 pm

Stockwell Day is saying what’s he’s been told to say but still, the general public seems to believe everything they hear…..

#261 GregW, Oakville on 03.25.11 at 3:53 pm

Hello #97 Rico Suave, The way I see it I’m not totally sure he ever really left. ;)
Once you get more that one person in a room you will have some, like it or not.

#262 Daija on 03.25.11 at 4:01 pm

YEP what I get from your entertaining and creative innuendos in amongst your more serious content, is, This Man Exudes Confidence ! He’s Funny, Smart, Caring ’cause he shares all this info with us, and Confident ’cause He Knows His Stuff. Besides cracking me up regularly (photos included), I find this actually enhances your expression of all of this Financial education, which I for one have never been taught anywhere in my life so far.

I also fully agree that Julie’s nephew will not be shocked. If he’s confused about certain references, there is always Google…. He’ll learn something…

Keep it coming, rippling abs and all :)

#263 Tkid on 03.25.11 at 4:08 pm

Another election. Joy.

Bet the three stooges get in; Jack Layton with his hands on tbe purse strings; Cold-fish Ignatief; let’s divorce Miles Duceppe. There’s a happy threesome if ever I saw one. I doubt that coalition will last beyond six months.
Or vote for control-freak Harper. What a wonderful choice.

#264 tmg on 03.25.11 at 4:10 pm

Don’t tell anyone…but…Julie’s nephew is the one posting, “FIRST.”

#265 kilby on 03.25.11 at 4:13 pm

#257 Throwstone.

If a government employee is a doctor, scientist or lawyer and earns $175,000 per year, they would get a large pension. That is often the trade off between the higher paying private sector and public service, you get a pension (which you pay into every cheque) There numbers are in the minority though. I know that with provincial (BC) and Municipal (BC) pensions, they are not indexed, if there are sufficient funds they MAY grant something, 2009 it was zero and 1% for 2010.

#266 realpaul on 03.25.11 at 4:34 pm

The Bananna Republic aka Canada has decided to overthrow Bolivia in the number of governments in power for the shortest period of time …. 4 in seven years…Ai Yi Yi Senor….what an embarrasment !!!

Foriegn investment was at its lowest…persoanal and corporate taxes were at their highest under the Liberal Party…at a time when Canadians were flirting with debt income ratios of under 50%….now we have debt loaded beyond 160% and a liberal/socialist/separatist coalition seeding the way to gain control of the country’s finances???????? What a recipie for disaster…….Do you think the international community hasn’t noticed…they sure have in London. Don’t expect rates to go anything but up as a risky tax and spend/ pay me or I’ll leave goof troop comes waltzing through your bank account.

#267 Chris no longer in England on 03.25.11 at 4:45 pm

Julie wants to protect her nephew’s eyes, ears and mind from Garth’s suggestive language? (After all, he is only in his mid-twenties!).


PS Julie: What do you think he might get up to behind closed doors in his newly acquired house?

#268 Chris no longer in England on 03.25.11 at 5:02 pm

#67 nonplused – very funny, and also true. I also think that Julie is more worried about explaining her own knowledge than protecting her married nephew from Garth’s careless sprayings.

#269 BrianT on 03.25.11 at 5:04 pm

Re this blog and sex-this is today’s Toronto Star-a lot happening in the world including the fall of Harper’s guv-yet plenty of room on the banner for:

High School clerk gets SPANKED for Porn Video
Can you evict a tenant for having LOUD SEX?
Former ESCORT says she is deeply hurt by lobbying report

#270 Hoof-Hearted on 03.25.11 at 5:04 pm


It appears that once you talk porn-ish(above the normal daily volume), more bloggers(bloggerettes?) with female names tend to stop talking on the cellphone, stop putting the make-up on while driving, and send subliminal messages.

What do you make of this ?

#271 CowtownMiscreant on 03.25.11 at 5:08 pm

This woman clearly hasn’t had to think about what goes through the mind of a man in his twenties since she was in her twenties.

If she asks to borrow his computer to check his email and takes a look at his history and bookmarks she’ll never ask the question again.

The language is fine.

#272 Chris no longer in England on 03.25.11 at 5:26 pm

Oh dear – third post from me. Having read down the comments a bit more, I see the anti-porn brigade are sticking to the same line: if you want to take this blog “to the next level”, if you “want to be taken seriously”, if you want to get your message across “to more people”, then TONE IT DOWN. May I respectfully point out to the porn-and-innuendo-naysayers that Garth is not the leader of a new movement, the next messiah or remotely responsible for leading us all to safety through life’s choppy waters. He writes this blog because he likes to communicate, and I suspect he doesn’t really care if we follow his advice or not. True perversion is requiring someone to alter themselves into an image acceptable to the adorer. We don’t own a piece of Garth just because we read this blog. (I really must get out more). Time for alcohol.

#273 Steven Rowlandson on 03.25.11 at 5:32 pm

Garth how much are those yuppy palaces worth should they get contaminated by radio isotopes from japan?


#274 HouseBuster on 03.25.11 at 5:43 pm

An intense topic requires intense language.

#275 HouseBuster on 03.25.11 at 5:49 pm

Why would those morons force an election at a time when Harper has 40% support? The 3 stooges have no common sense.

#276 Devore on 03.25.11 at 6:01 pm

#130 pablo

As to the post city panel discussion; OK hands up, who’s got no skin in the game, who’s not dependent on the ongoing success of the ponzi scheme being played out, oh wait there’s one hand, yes the bearded cowboy boot festooned man with the spectacles, step forward.

The others are experts in the real estate industry, so they have what we call credibility.

Sorry, I can’t keep a straight face here.

#277 bob on 03.25.11 at 6:01 pm

Any 20 or 30 something spending 300k should get used to grown-up words. Besides,I doubt the young lad will blush ,he’s already heard it all auntie.

#278 SaggyBottomBoomer on 03.25.11 at 6:03 pm

Garth, please don’t change a thing on your blog. For those that are this easily offended perhaps you can surf over to
http://www.churchlady.com. Yes that’s a joke. If your afraid of linking to this blog I would also suggest getting new friends or growing a set and not being afraid to express your opinion. There are a plethora of sites with dry technical analysis on financial matters for those of you that prefer to not read the content here.
I was grateful to leave the 50’s and enjoy the more liberated world ushered in by the 60’s. I would appreciate it if those of you intent on bringing them back would just start your own blog and leave the adults here in peace.
Now if you’ll excuse me I have to go and give the wife a pearl necklace.

#279 HouseBuster on 03.25.11 at 6:19 pm

#255 Dorf – I told them to dump the Nortel and buy Cisco. They didn’t listen. I told them Nortel is going to the toilet, they are giving you something for nothing and nothing is what you can hope to end up with, because you are investing in a loser. They didn’t listen.

I wonder if any of them are willing to part with their Nortel stock today ?
Well then you obviously need to work on your communication skills because you didn’t explain it well enough. What kind of friend are you?

#280 ballingsford on 03.25.11 at 6:23 pm

Holy crap Garth, usually when I get home from work and read your blog, there are only about 150 or so comments. Tonight there are 264.

You must have touched a nerve today!

Anyway, my vote is to keep the funny pictures. The young ones today (even before they reach the mid-twenties) know a lot more about sex than I did at their age. Nowadays, they use jargon that I’ll never understand.

So Garth, now that election days are here, are you going to run in your riding??? Please, please, please!!!

I don’t want to see another Conservative minority government. I want the Liberals in, even though I don’t fully support their leader. The backroom boys make the necessary decisions anyway.

#281 Utopia on 03.25.11 at 6:27 pm

#227 KingBubbles wrote….

“On another note, what impact do you think the looming election will have on interest rates and the real estate market this spring?”


If I can comment on that one KingBubbles I would say that the election will have no impact whatsoever on the housing market. The real question to ask is, “What impact will a housing correction have on the fortunes of the government that is in power when it occurs”?

This should also be an answer as to why the Conservatives would secretly welcome an election now that places them into a majority government (if only by a slim margin) rather than have to test voters following a real estate correction and the economic fallout that accompanies one.

I think the opposition has misjudged the mood of the country. Canadians are not angry at the political leadership and they do not want to mess with what is already working. You know the old expression “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”.

At the end of the day I believe voters will be prepared to forgive the Conservatives some of the past shenanigans and give them another mandate.

The whole world is coming apart at the seams and Canada is virtually the last man standing. We are in surprisingly good shape when you consider what so many other countries in the West are living through these days.

Does it not puzzle anyone else that the opposition would demand to fight an election at a time when we are an obvious economic sucess compared to all the rest? This is a win-win for Mr Harper by all accounts. Even in the event he comes back with another minority the opposition will have to swallow hard as the budget passes. The country will not tolerate another election within a years time and will punish those who bring one about based only on their own desire to hold power.

It is obvious to me that the Liberal led push to unseat the government was premature and unnecessary. They should have waited for the correction to ufold which it is now in the process of doing. They could have taken the Government down at any time they chose. Instead they pulled the trigger when the polls were not in their favour.

Polls may not be all that important though. Those who actually vote will choose the next government and it will almost certainly not be represented by young Canadians who by and large avoid voting like the plague.

That assures another Conservative Government.

#282 pigeon patties on 03.25.11 at 6:28 pm

I don’t think the innuendo adds anything to your writing, but if it titillates the juveniles here, maybe you need it.

As long as you keep out the unnecessary cursing I’ll keep dropping by.

#283 brainsail on 03.25.11 at 6:58 pm

Garth, stay the course you are on!

The English idiom “don’t judge a book by its cover” is a metaphorical phrase which means “you shouldn’t prejudge the worth or value of something, by its outward appearance alone”.

#284 Willa on 03.25.11 at 6:58 pm

Julie’s nephew won’t be offended. Only Julie is offended. I can’t think of a single person under 35 who gets offended at sexual content.

It’s a selling point, Julie. He’ll think you’re hip. Send him the blog.

#285 S.B. on 03.25.11 at 6:59 pm

They are leading Canada into the same CHAOS as everywhere else. A divided and scared population is easier to control. Tinfoil? Just watch them.
We will have a new dictator. “hope and change?”
Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

“We know he has WMD”
“I am the War president”

#286 Otto Doppelganger on 03.25.11 at 7:01 pm

Hundreds line up downtown Toronto for iPad 2 release

“I am going to buy two, one for me and one to cover my cost of lining up,” said Mike.


#287 BrianT on 03.25.11 at 7:07 pm

#265Real-If turning your country over to international financiers was an economic cure-all, Britain would be the richest country in the world,not in the sorry shape it is in currently (with a very bleak future).

#288 Professor on 03.25.11 at 7:08 pm

Hon. Garth,
Dude, you’re a poet, don’t change anything. Let Julie keep breastfeeding her adult children. Then they can go get creamed in real estate.

I thought you were done with politics.

#289 Professor on 03.25.11 at 7:14 pm

oops, aunt Julie,
Lighten up aunt Julie
Regardless, there’s nothing on this blog that I haven’t heard before.

#290 Jim on 03.25.11 at 7:31 pm

Wow very telling watching the confidence vote on CPAC, Harper didn’t speak on the motion got his fat sidekick Baird to do the talking and then Harper did not make a speech after the historic non confidence vote against his government for being in contempt of Parliament. Held a quick press conference in which he refused to answer any media questions. Talk about Contempt of the process. I was expecting some historic and amazing political debates and Harper just doesn’t have it! He is not a leader! just good at staging a media process.

How does this relate to Canadian real estate? All fluff and no substance and eventually the staging will wear thin and it will not end well. Harper will crash along with Canadian Real Estate.

#291 Nostradamus Le Mad Vlad on 03.25.11 at 7:31 pm

Talk about stirring up a hornet’s nest! At least I don’t have to edit it. Ratio seems to about 80% pro-Garth’s missives, the remainder changing. I side with the former.
Japan — We ain’t seen the beast yet, and More nukes. 15:06 clip Almost one million killed in and from Chernobyl.

2:05 clip The Onion on destroying money. Satire, and US$5 Gal. Gas before summer.

The Crusades (#4) are here, started by dubya and continued by Obama. Syria’s next, then Iran. When do China, Russia and India step in to protect their interests?

US Finances near worst in world. Telling times. No jobs.

Prophetical IMF They called it right, so they must be benefiting from it. QE3 Oui ou non?

UK “. . . why the Bank of England appears to have given up on the inflation target.” Imagine what the combined debt interest payments of the Eurozone is. EU Disintegration? Anything is possible.

Confiscate Private Property Although this is in the US, one can certainly see Harper pulling a similar stunt here — he is a control freak, after all.

The sea level hasn’t risen in fifty years, and Another hockey stick (trick).

Utah One reason why JFK and RFK were killed was because they were going to dismantle the US Fed. Could lead to the eventual breakup of the US. Everything changes, no matter what plus Gold and Silver doing well, while the dollar drags its feet.

Righthaven (copyright law) shoots self in feet, plus NYT pay wall toast (for the time being).

#292 rick from uruguay on 03.25.11 at 7:40 pm

Real estate bubble mentality is not the only US export. The uber religious stupidity continues to make US the focus of mirth and entertainment for the rest of us on the sidelines.Keep poking at all balloons.

#293 Devore on 03.25.11 at 7:45 pm

#186 ash

I like this line the best, nice soundbite summary:

If a bank refuses you a loan, and CMHC gives you one, the loan is sub-prime.

Although I prefer to get all of Leo’s latest directly from his Pension Pulse blog.

#294 Tkid on 03.25.11 at 7:46 pm

274 Housebuster, they have forced this election because they are bored and fed up with getting along with Harper. Ignatief could have waited until the housing bubble popped and been given a majority government by an electorate mad at the cost of everything combined with a home losing value every day.

Harper IMHO has done everything in his power to get Ignatief to call an election short of punching him. Harper dare not call the election himself; he would lose votes and after losing his way into two minority governments he won’t do anything that will lose his way into a third minority government.

Harper has spent the last few years doing his best to look and act like a Liberal in order to get Liberal loving Ontario to give him a majority government. The fly in this ointment is Rob Ford; has Ontario has enough of spendthrift politicians and will Ontario perceive the Conservatives as spendthrifts or as wise managersnof their money?

If Harper is elected with a fat majority government make no mistake, he will impose austerity.

If the three stooges get in I have no frakking idea what will happen.

#295 VICTORIA TEA PARTY on 03.25.11 at 8:07 pm

#280 Utopia.

Yes, you’re right. Also, the Opposition parties didn’t have to make the hard choices that the Harper crowd has had to do since the 2008 melt. They had the luxury of being able to snipe whilst collecting nice pay and perks the rest of us could only dream of, but paid for none the less. So to hell with them.

Canada’s stimulus package, back then, was probably poorly thought out and executed. But just look at the mess the Yanks created, also in 2008, that virtually ensures an End of Days for the Greenback.

At least in Canada the stimulus, so-called, was aimed at juicing the real estate biz, and some corporate assistance for the auto industry.

Sure, the result is a bubble. But, as you say Canada, amongst all other industrialized nations, is the last man standing. Eg: Just look at Japan Inc. Can you say “it’s over?” Seems like it.

We should, therefore, count our blessings and re-elect the Harper group. The Libs can’t represent me. Too much electoral desire and not enough policy discipline. The other parties are just so hopeless. We have no time for perceived political losers at this point in time. Maybe later; much, much, later. But I really hope not.

I think the Harper campaign theme could be fought along the lines of: “It’s the credit ratings, stupid,” as you think of “debt funding issues” in the US, Japan, UK, France, Italy, Germany, Greece, Portugal, Spain, Ireland, Italy, central/eastern Europe, all of Africa, most of South America, most of Southeast Asia. And there’s more, but my head aches right now. Get the drift?

#296 Uki_7 on 03.25.11 at 8:10 pm

Garth, I started reading this blog just recently and found it very interesting. My vote : please, PLEASE do not change your style.

#297 Daisy Mae on 03.25.11 at 8:14 pm

Chris writes: “(Garth) writes this blog because he likes to communicate, and I suspect he doesn’t really care if we follow his advice or not.”

Garth DOES care if we follow his advice. Very much. Our lack of knowledge and contradictatory comments are sometimes very frustrating. Otherwise, why would he bother?

I don’t mind the sexual comments but I, too, hesitate to forward the blogs to my kids ’cause it’s a reflection on me and I know I’d get: “Moooother!” from my daughters! LOL

#298 Daisy Mae on 03.25.11 at 8:23 pm

Ballingsford writes: “I don’t want to see another Conservative minority government. I want the Liberals in, even though I don’t fully support their leader. The backroom boys make the necessary decisions, anyway.”

You make a good point! Iggy IS just a spokesperson, isn’t he?

THAT makes me feel better! Maybe there IS a chance for the country! LOL

#299 David on 03.25.11 at 9:10 pm

Garth: for those who still really want your sage advice, but don’t want the potty mouth, set up a parallel “premium” censored version…for say, $5 a month.

You’ll see pretty fast how many ‘Julies’ will actually walk the talk.

#300 Cabot Lodge brylcreem & trenchcoat on 03.25.11 at 9:28 pm

Garth your a Harley man – not some mommy’s boy. Let it roll.

#301 BrianT on 03.25.11 at 9:31 pm

#294Victoria-A RE bubble makes everything look pretty-do you remember the view of the USA,Portugal,Spain,Ireland as long as their RE bubble was inflated?

#302 mikef on 03.25.11 at 9:34 pm

Garth please don’t change.
Serving transvestites as a waiter.

To Le Mad Vlad:

Good work.Keep ’em coming

#303 yogi on 03.25.11 at 9:43 pm

I enjoy your posts and your writing style – it is entertaining and funny. The pictures are sometimes funny but it is obvious that you are going for shock value similar to a Howard Stern. I would say that he has done very well, but in the end does not have credibility. Shock sells and you will likely have more readers because of it – people that heat the pictures will visit just to see how mad they should be this week.

The decision you have to make is whether the shock value is worth lessening your credibility. If I know anything about you after reading your blog daily for 2 years is that you really don’t give a flying @%^! about what people think of you and that you will likely stick to the pictures but tone it down a smidgen. Either way I will keep reading.

Well done on the panel, too bad ponzi schemes only fail under their own weight.

#304 Enlightened on 03.25.11 at 9:43 pm

#231 – Dave99

I concur – a discussion board is an excellent suggestion and is hopefully (the only) change Mr. Turner would consider.

#305 Timing is Everything on 03.25.11 at 9:50 pm

#295 Uki_7 – said “My vote : please, PLEASE do not change your style.”

Well, Garth’s writing style is excellent…It’s his clothing style that may need some ‘cleaning up’.

“What should I wear today? How about a suit, yellow tie and cowboy boots?….That should do! I’m too sexy for my boots….too sexy for my boots! Wow, I really do look damn fine in yellow tie! Too sexy for my tie, too sexy…”


#306 Andrew on 03.25.11 at 11:37 pm

I wish you would right a new Shakespeare on the economic chaos.

A midsummer’s swoon perchance?

I believe there is a reasonable amount of bawdy venom in your blog, measured and not strained. Frankly in the style of a Greek tragedy, you could supply a rather witty chorus.

I can see merit in producing a rational youth version of the blog intended to improve financial literacy at a young level say grade 6-8.

#307 nonplused on 03.26.11 at 1:07 am

#88 low density Sam

That was funny.

#113 Meme Gene,

Not the Catholic church.


The point you are trying to make, of course, is that home speculators are acting on animal instincts, so drawing reference to the one instinct that overwhelms everything we do (if we’ve eaten and gone potty) seems an effective way to make the point. “People are not being rational”, but said “You are acting like a teenager in the back of a car!” Sometimes you have to talk in a way the listener will understand.

As for making the Financial Times, well, I don’t think that’s your goal. And it wasn’t Shiller’s until the market capitulated either.

#308 Reallystate on 03.26.11 at 1:58 am

Re: US style housing meltdown. Here is my opinion why the US housing market went bust. Mortgage interest income tax deductibility. Many climbed the property ladder & took on greater debt and leverage to save on tax. Creative banking, ninja mortgages, ultra low interest rates are partially to blame. The US economy expanded from 1990 to the recent peak. Then from 4 percent unemployment to ten, ahh. I suspect that when the Canadian housing waters get rough, mortgage income tax deductibility will save the day here.

#309 Shaq on 03.26.11 at 2:10 am

ALL u people who are saying Garth to tone it down.
Suck on it ppl. The world aint pretty and pure. Its Fuc#ed, ugly and evil. So wake up and smell the shit.
No one is here to cater to your wishes princess. Its his blog an he can do what he wants.
You and ur hypocritical two face family and friends who frown and sex can go die in Lybia or some wired azz place.

#310 betamax on 03.26.11 at 5:12 am

#281 pigeon patties: “I don’t think the innuendo adds anything to your writing, but if it titillates the juveniles here, maybe you need it. As long as you keep out the unnecessary cursing I’ll keep dropping by.”

This from the guy whose nickname is an allusion to birdshit. The ‘irony meter’ just went nuclear.

#311 Julie's prudishness is not the point on 03.26.11 at 1:02 pm

I love the humor and banter — sexual and otherwise — on this site, and if your main purpose is to just have some fun and be entertaining, by all means, please keep it up.

But Julie and others have a point — and it’s not about her being a prude or naive about her son’s knowledge about sexual matters. She’s just pointing out — quite wisely — that all the sexual references just make it easier for those in power (and the mainstream media) to discount Garth’s message. And Garth’s message IS very important, and we don’t need any other additional reasons for it to be ignored/discounted.

I too choose not to forward Garth’s website to many of my friends, family, and colleagues. It’s not because I don’t think they know what ‘deep throat’ means or that it will make them become sexual deviants — it’s because I know the real and important message will be discounted and/or lost on them once they see pictures of Hooters girls, etc.

If Garth’s main purpose is to have fun and express his great sense of humor, then I applaud him and encourage him to carry on as usual – I for one enjoy it. If his main purpose is to try and effect change and/or influence people, however, he’ll obviously need to decide if the means (toning it down a bit) is worth the end (reaching more people).

Thanks for asking! :)