Pandemic puts

More 'bubble trouble' on the way


Calgarians lined up for hours to get H1N1 vaccine

On a highway not too far from the bunker is a yard where a local bus company keeps its rigs. These guys make their money in the charter business. You know, hauling old ladies to the casino, providing transportation for conventions, trucking tourists from the airport to Niagara Falls.

In the yard are tie-ups for about 30 buses.

One summer day in 2003 I was driving by, and noticed that every slot has a bus sitting idle. Then I heard that most drivers had been laid off. If bus rentals were a measure of economic activity, we were in trouble.

In fact, if you lived anywhere near Toronto, you might remember that summer.

More than 800 bus tours were scrubbed, costing businesses about $6 million. During one month alone hotel cancellations cost $39 million. The following month, area hotels were half empty. The dazzling shows at Toronto’s Prince of Wales Theatre played to rows of vacant seats. Restaurant receipts were down by about a quarter.

The mayor of Toronto pleaded with banks to provide more loans to struggling small businesses. The provincial health care system was burdened with $945 million in additional expense.

The Conference Board said the GDP of Canada as a whole declined by about $1.5 billion, while Toronto’s economy shrank by .5%. Nationally the travel industry lost $1.1 billion in bookings.

What caused this massive set of losses? A respiratory ailment called SARS, of course. It ended up killing about 50 people before disappearing – but not before forcing the quarantine of hundreds of thousands of people, and turning thoroughfares like Bay Street into the equivalent of quiet country roads.

I mention this in the context of H1N1. As you know, the US president has declared a state of emergency and there are lineups hours long in American cities of people desperate to get the vaccine. Troubling, there’s a serious shortage of the stuff stateside. In Canada, the sudden death of several children, as well as thousands of new cases are turning Swine Flu into the major media story of the day. Maybe the year.

The economic impact of this is completely unknown, but it will not be small. After all, eight million doses of vaccine in Canada are the result of one contract worth at least $400 million. More significant will be the toll on businesses if the next few months bring widespread school closings, forcing parents stay at home, or if the virus sweeps through offices and factories.

Doubtlessly many people will thump me for even raising this topic, since the conspiracy types already believe H1N1 is exaggerated, some kind of hoax, or (sheesh) an excuse to inject a microchip into everyone’s bloodstream. And I have no idea.

But I do know this: SARS hurt, a lot. If H1N1 is half the thing we keep hearing about from humourless public health officials, then it’s hard to see how this will not impact the economy and them, ultimately, the markets. If the US is as unprepared as the CDC and CNN make out, it could be another Katrina.

As you know, it also comes at a time when we’re already vulnerable, sinking wildly into public debt and our tourism sector’s trying to cope with an out-of-control currency.

Hopefully the thing will fizzle, victims will recover and the media can move on to the latest diddling bishop. But until that becomes clear, I’d be taking some profits, shorting the airlines, holding puts on the indexes, and sitting on cash.

Might be some great deals coming on motor coaches.


#1 jimmy on 10.27.09 at 10:35 pm

speaking of the economy…. I wonder if Canada should follow Brazils lead and put a 2% tax on foreign investment to push the currency down. Ottawa could make some big bucks off the foreign investments going into Albertas Carbon resources (for example), and maybe get the dollar below 85 or 90 cents/US for the manufacturers and exporters. Thoughts?

#2 Bottoms_Up on 10.27.09 at 10:38 pm

Humans erradicated small pox through vaccination.

Get the H1N1 vaccine.

Some other numbers I found interesting from the pdf on the following site (page 12):

in 2010 Canada’s debt to GDP ratio will be 35%; the average of the G7 will be 60%.

in the 1990’s, Canada’s ratio was ~65%

relatively speaking, Canada’s debt/deficit ain’t so bad…

#3 prairiegopher on 10.27.09 at 10:56 pm

Well I would like to say the thing is a hoax, but boys and girls this is real. My nephew has just been diagnosed with it and his Mom is a nurse. We spoke at great length about it and She says they have been attending briefings monthly for awhile now. If this thing takes hold it will be deadly. It can mutate and become resistant to the strain of vaccine they are using. You can get it more than once because of that. She said the hospital She works in was gearing up for this to hit in mid November. It has now hit hard and they are totally unprepared. The cost to the economy will be equal to a 911 catstrophe. So for the nay sayers, I say, take your shot when you can or hide out in the woods!!

#4 Finanzkrise on 10.27.09 at 10:58 pm

Fully agree with the economic risks associated with H1N1.

Regarding investment strategies – you mentioned writing puts on indices. Is this meant to partially cover shorts on specific sectors like airlines? What are your thoughts on buying puts as an alternative to shorting?


#5 nonplused on 10.27.09 at 11:09 pm

There sure is a lot of hype over this one. I think I already had it maybe, because I had the flu and the doctors in Calgary are reporting that over 90% of the cases they are seeing right now are H1N1. For most people it isn’t that bad. And even the regular flu kills 30,000/year state side, so probably another 3,000 in Canada just prorating.

But the hype! People on the radio wondering whether the vaccine is safe and such. Why wouldn’t it be safe? It’s made the same way as the regular vaccine. Now what you personally think about “adjuvants” and “mercury” and all that is an issue, but it affects most vaccines.

Here in Alberta the kids aren’t even allowed to shake hands after soccer anymore. That one blew my mind, since soccer is a contact sport. They are sweating on each other, pushing each other around, handling the ball, and making contact of one type or another all game long. So not shaking hands is supposed to be the deal clincher? If it’s that bad maybe we should cancel the game.

Which is what I think some of the parents are doing. Some schools in Calgary are reporting 10% absentee rates already, which would be high even with a flu outbreak. We are, as coaches, already bracing for a lot of no shows, and if yesterday’s practice was an indication we might be right to do so.

But in the back of my mind a doubt lingers. “If the government were in charge of the Sahara Desert, in 5 years there would be a shortage of sand.” (Milton Freedman). Maybe the hype, mostly initiated by various government bodies, will accidentally cause Garth’s economic outcome even if the risk from the virus itself is relatively manageable.

So, if Obama has declared a state of emergency, does he technically now wield the doctoral powers granted Bush under the Patriot act? If so, democracy in the US has been temporarily suspended. Well, not so much democracy itself, just the normal checks and balances inherent in their “3-branch” system. These declarations should not be made lightly.

Who knew, in this day of modern medicine, a tiny virus could be more dangerous to the nation that the Boomers? Gasp, the horror! (joke, for those sensitive to the conversation yesterday)

#6 Basil Fawlty on 10.27.09 at 11:15 pm

This state of emergency and talk of a pandemic makes no logical sense. The estimated number of deaths from H1N1 is lower then the number of flu deaths in any given year. In addition, the number of automobile deaths in the US per year is many multiples greater then the expected Swine Flu related deaths. Yet there is no talk of a general flu pandemic and there has never been a great panic or “state of emergency” over annual automobile deaths. How about the number of cigarette, alcohol or fat food related obesity deaths. These all far exceed expected H1N1 one deaths, yet there is no declared state of emergency for these preventable causes of death and ill health.
This whole issue smells like a rat and there is no shortage of rats on this planet.

#7 Nelson on 10.27.09 at 11:26 pm

They’re admitting that many if not most of the H1N1 cases weren’t that at all – and many weren’t even flu:;contentBody
“If you’ve been diagnosed “probable” or “presumed” 2009 H1N1 or “swine flu” in recent months, you may be surprised to know this: odds are you didn’t have H1N1 flu.
In fact, you probably didn’t have flu at all. That’s according to state-by-state test results obtained in a three-month-long CBS News investigation. “

#8 ruraldude on 10.27.09 at 11:32 pm

Everybody dances with the Grim Reaper and than we will all be equal.

#9 Alberta Ed on 10.27.09 at 11:55 pm

Gol-dang! them microchips… prolly gonna short out some of them other’n in thar already… Dunno whether the high Loonie is gonna hurt eny more than H1N1, but there ain’t as many Brewster rigs on the road hauling tourists to Banff and the Ice Fields these days. Fairmont Hot Springs in Banff not rehiring staff. Anybody tole Ottawa yet? Mebbe not…

#10 Soylent Green is People on 10.28.09 at 12:05 am

My child and I are not getting the flu shot, swine or otherwise. It is a big money making scam for the drug companies. Doctors who speak out about it are ostracized and lose drug company money (perks).


There is a reason 60 percent of educated health care workers historically decline the seasonal vaccine, and there is even more opposition to the H1NI.


But what if everything we think we know about fighting influenza is wrong? What if flu vaccines do not protect people from dying—particularly the elderly, who account for 90 percent of deaths from seasonal flu?


Simple ways to avoid viruses

3. Gargle twice a day with warm salt water (use Listerine if you don’t trust salt). H1N1 takes 2-3 days after initial infection in the throat/ nasal cavity to proliferate and show characteristic symptoms. Simple gargling prevents proliferation.

A. Some doctors will say anything to get parents to vaccinate, even if it doesn’t make sense or is an outright lie. They spread this incredible baloney to make parents like you feel guilty, and to create tension between parents of vaccinated and non-vaccinated children. It is a ploy to coerce you into vaccinating your child.

First of all, how could your non-vaccinated child be a danger to the vaccinated child? If the vaccines are effective, then the baby should be protected. Actually, it’s the vaccinated children who spread disease. Many of the disease outbreaks that we are warned about today, are caused by, and occur in, recently vaccinated children.


#11 Onemorething on 10.28.09 at 12:25 am

If this or any other threat comes our way in the next 12-18 months, it will be an absolute nightmare. Count on it!

We were in HK during SARS, it was not fully understood and therefore the unknown raised havoc. Katrina was a normal mother nature event that we at least knew that the it was coming, do its damage and leave!!

Unfortunately, the US screwed it up as being infrastructurally challenged for the initial event and not thorough in process to respond.

At least is was localized! The damage was seen and in front of you. The scope of work to make it right visible!

I repeat, a Pandemic of this magnitude will be worse than SARS as is has the legs to infect quicker and is borderless.

It would absolutely crush world markets and put a nail in the coffin of our false ecomony that has not bottomed yet!

Think of it as the stuffing of dollars into holes on a sinking ship to keep it a float, and a tsunami hits!

Catastrophic is the word that comes to mind!

That reminds me, where’s my generator eh!

#12 Happy Renter in North Van on 10.28.09 at 12:29 am

It looked kinda bad when the Prime Minister hedged a couple of weeks ago whether he and his own family should get vaccinated… He didn’t know that vaccinations were being strongly recommended by his own Health Department…

#13 Munch on 10.28.09 at 12:31 am


#14 Another Albertan on 10.28.09 at 12:31 am

All I know is that I had the worst case of influenza in my life back in the spring. I’d never been so physically devastated as that 7-day period. Day 1 was a rapid decline, Days 2-5 were crushing. I was sleeping 14 to 18 hours/day at that point. Moving my fingers was painful, never mind any other major joints. Days 6 & 7 were “less worse”. By Day 8 I was back on my feet, but feeling very drained. It was not until two full weeks later that I felt that I was back in the game.

For those on their own or with limited support, I’d suggest having a week’s worth of stable provisions (soup, crackers, etc, etc… I’m not your mom!) stashed away ’cause you ain’t gonna be goin’ far if you’re knocked on your backside like I was.

So, yes, I agree wholly with Garth. The summation of effects across an affected population could be incredibly large. We’re going to find out just how well-managed and designed are all those corporate Pandemic Response and Business Continuity Plans…

#15 shalimar on 10.28.09 at 12:34 am

Probably half the people I have spoken to this week have had either themselves or close family member sick with flu over the last 2 weeks; its astonishing!
My 3 year old vomited for 24 hrs 10 days ago and then had a cough and my one year old now just has perma snot. I have a persistant cough and tight chest.
However fever is apparently not as typical with h1n1.
My point is, the actual # of cases is 1000s of times more than being reported so the relatively few deaths, although tragic, suggest it is a mild flu. The “cytokine storm” of an over effective immune system is the cause of the respiratory failure and death in healthy individuals.
These are some other preventions people may comment on:
Gargle with salt water twice a day, do a nasal flush twice a day and take black elderberry extract in early stages of symptoms.

#16 Jojo on 10.28.09 at 12:36 am

“The provincial health care system was burdened with $945 million in additional expense”. Ha….
Don’t worry our Ontario health care had spent over one billion just for consulting for the last 10 months.

#17 Nostradamus Le Mad Vlad on 10.28.09 at 1:26 am

“. . . it’s hard to see how this will not impact the economy and then, the markets. . . . when we’re already vulnerable, sinking wildly into public debt . . . with an out-of-control currency.”

Can’t do anything about the currency, as the US$ is hovering / sinking. Other than that, things are moving along quite swimmingly. Let’s go back a little, and figure out where this roller-coaster ride is headed.

Last week, a group of Latin American and Caribbean leaders agreed to create a new regional currency, aimed at reducing their use of the greenback.

Brazil, Nicaragua and a few other South American countries had decided to go the Russian way as well.

As I mentioned earlier, Japan had already switched to China, as China is a little more stable with the backing of Russia and Iran (all good friends). Whether South Korea and other places follow remains to be seen.

The US Fed (surprised?) is flooding the world with buckaroos to try and inflate away their debt of $105 trillion (give or take) in unfunded liabilities.

For all intents and purposes, each US citizen owes slightly less $350K, and it may be that this figure is part of The October Surprise.

Other than fat, what chance is there of ever paying it down, let alone off? With the debt growing at US$1 mln. every six seconds, I venture to say that a Cat in Hell does have a better chance of survival.

Unless the Cdn. / Mexican / US currencies are scrapped, and replaced by a single one (which has already been discounted by others).

Garth may have a point here. If one cannot afford a bunker, then either buy a coach (from a bankrupt coach company) or an RV to live in if the home goes.

In any case, plenty of things are taking place at Warp 9 thruout the globe.

BTW, Silver Star (just past Vernon) opens X-Country trails on Friday (snowing heavily) and the Connector, from Merritt thru West Kelowna was dumped on. BCAA closed their three travel operations here, and a group of folks are out of work from Nov. 15 or so.
Compare these two links and see why the m$m is no better than toilet paper. Walter Kronkite would not be overly happy. Newspapers are closing up shop too. — Patchy Recovery? Not! / The Real CNBC
These pix are spectacular. — Rare Albino Moose
Dimona is 50 miles (thereabouts) from Gaza, in the Negev Desert and has at least 200 (probably way more) active WMD.

If Israel wants to wipe Gaza off the map, blow up Dimona. Admittedly, there will be human collateral, but if that is the price then so be it. — Gaza

#18 Jack the Lad on 10.28.09 at 2:31 am

My daughter’s school has been shut down for a week. A friend of ours, his whole family has it.

They have a mild case; they describe it as just a bad flu. They don’t require hospitalization thankfully.

#19 Chris on 10.28.09 at 2:50 am

Hi Garth,

Interesting post. However, I would like to interrupt briefly to put the whole H1N1 into a little bit of context for a moment.

Contrary to what the media seems to drone on and on and on about re: the dangers of H1N1, the case fatality rate sits currently at (according to the live press conference held on CBC by the Toronto Public Health Board this afternoon) at 2.2 persons per million population (or 0.22 per 100,000), of which, 88% have pre-existing medical problems. So, that means, at 33 million, we should expect in the ballpark of 73-ish H1N1 deaths in our country. Unfortunate, yes, but not exactly a national emergency.

Now, the annual influenza, which affects us every year, no matter what, has an average of 2000-8000 fatalities annually (, or, 6 to 24 per 100,000 population. Yet, most of us don’t think twice about not bothering to get the annual flu vaccine.

Now, how about we all stop panicking, take a long deep breath, turn off the scare-mongering media, and get back to the real issues at hand; like why my taxes are bound to be going up, and how much the PC’s (and the equally incompetent “opposition” parties) are screwing up this once fine nation of ours….

#20 Rob on 10.28.09 at 2:54 am

Not sure why people who take the time to read through IMF and United Nations own documents are always called conspiracy types . Tis how the human brain works to protect its own sense of reality. Let me stress, Obama declared a state of emergency on the backs of 1000 apparent deaths from the swine flu . The World Health organization 3 months ago predicted that the virus would peak in October and there would be 30 to 90 thousands deaths worldwide by that time. There has only been 5 thousand deaths to date. The common flu causes on average 35 to 50 thousand deaths annually. Is there something not quite right here.
Baxter Inc applied for the paten to the h1n1 virus back a full year before the virus had even appeared ! They were also caught 8 months ago shipping vaccines with live bird flu in them. The drug companies make hundreds of billions of dollars off selling their vaccines to governments . If you think squalene, formaldehyde and mercury are vitamins, then stick that shot in your body. Mercury is a know neurological toxin and there is scientifically know safe level of exposure. Yet when put in a vaccine under the name thymerisal, it becomes good for you and your unborn baby. People need to wake up and do some research. These drug companies are creating future customers with the side effects these vaccines have.
The h1n1 virus is a combination of swine, bird, and human viruses. It has been scientifically proven that these 3 viruses could never combine naturally in nature. In other words the virus would have to have been made in a lab .The same lab that procuces the vaccine? Well, I already know the answer to that, so Garth if you want seconds, you can have my shot too.

#21 JoeCalgary on 10.28.09 at 3:06 am

A report out of India today says the virus is mutating:

“The viral is now leading to a condition called hyalinisation of alvelar membrane, or thickening of the lung wall by deposition of proteins. Due to this, oxygen supply is severely affected, and even ventilators have been of little help,” said Dr Pravin Shingare, joint director, Directorate of Medical Education and Research (DMER).

The new vaccine, adjuvanted or not, may soon be obsolete.

#22 Joe on 10.28.09 at 5:21 am

Maybe sometime you should explain why the rising dollar worries you so much. In the US they can compete with rest of the world without subsidizing business. Does Canadian business do such a poor job of extracting oil and gas from the ground that we can only sell it at an artifically low price( low dollar)?

#23 David Bakody on 10.28.09 at 6:02 am

Interesting ….. just how wide spread will the lack of gathering of people be? …. watching the National last night it appeared to me the couch who was interviewed on the hockey rink appeared to pooh pooh it all. Hello sharing water bottles let alone locker rooms full of crappy dirty cloths ….. Hello what about gyms and yes ladies and gentlemen …. the last resort to Canadian bodrum “Shopping Malls”

#24 Mikey on 10.28.09 at 6:40 am

i hope really hope the home prices come down 40% in the GTA could that be possible garth??


#25 ATP on 10.28.09 at 7:16 am

Enemies, be it terrorists, foreign nations, or viruses, are a government’s best friend to scare the “sheeples” into conformation.

I guess we are all “swineples” now.

#26 Kash is King on 10.28.09 at 7:38 am

Thanks for making this post Garth, because something really doesn’t smell right with all this media/puppet gov’t pimping of this vax.

Here’s something that might be important for Canadians to read:

Here’s part of it for quote:

“Interactions With Seasonal Flu Vaccines
GSK claims that no data is available on the concomitant administration of Arepanrix H1N1 with other vaccines, including seasonal influenza vaccines.

A study based on research in British Columbia, Ontario and Quebec, has shown that people who received the seasonal influenza vaccine last year are at greater risk of contracting the H1N1 flu this year.
Adverse reactions may be intensified with co-administration with other vaccines.

Despite the suggested evidence in unpublished studies that seasonal flu vaccines can increase the risk of H1N1 flu, Canadian provinces are recommending co-administration of both vaccines in as little as 60 days. This highly irresponsible recommedation by public health officials could potentially devastate the health of millions of Canadians. An example of the schedule of shots in Ontario is listed in the chart below released in a leaflet to all Ontarians in early October 2009.
The people in Ontario need to call the ServiceOntario INFOline at
1-800-476-9708 and request information as to why Ontario is contradicting studies which demonstrate the risks of administering both the seasonal flu and H1N1 vaccine within short periods.

In addition, the Government of Ontario (and Canada) need to respond to direct queries from the public to justify why and how recommendations are being be made to administer the H1N1 vaccine to those receiving the seasonal flu vaccine, when the studies that test the safety and efficacy for the “Rapid Evaluation of Pandemic H1N1 Influenza Vaccine in Adults Receiving Seasonal Influenza Vaccine” have not yet started as of late October 2009 (with no participants even being recruited).”

#27 moneyman on 10.28.09 at 7:38 am

I think hoping for the Canadian $ to be down to have an economy is akin to “trying to stay poor” longer so as not to starve.

Japan & Germany did not play it that way; they produced quality goods, sold them despite a big currency and the world bought.

Although the media put Japan down for deflation, I think their populations did well. So well, that they import migrant workers. GDP growth is a poor measure of quality of life in a country. The USA with 14 trillion $ of GDP has 1 out of 6 families living in poverty (

The Canadians pay more for everything in the country and needless to say outside.

What’s the point of a high nominal income that is paid in a deflated currency?

I think that our low $ of the last 2 decades is a product of inflation, although some have claimed credit for it, labeling it a brilliant economic strategy.

Some ride along a trend and claim the result of their “laisser faire” as government achievement.

#28 Kash is King on 10.28.09 at 7:43 am

This is encouraging, let’s hope Canada can get the same results:

#29 somecatchphrase on 10.28.09 at 7:48 am

Methinks the media are desperate for a new storyline to fill the space between commercials.

Maybe they have data that people are tired of hearing about the economy/war/climate change? Time to invent a new crisis!

Maybe the change of story is an effort to bring up the numbers? Advertisers have cut back due to the recession, so revenues are down. Hyperbolic exaggeration is the media’s stock in trade.

Having said this, I’ll be getting the shot. Governments have a keen interest in protecting their assets. (Taxpayers) I doubt they’d be spending money on mass vaccinations if there wasn’t a legitimate concern. After all, that money could be put to much better use buying votes from some interest group.

#30 Freddy boy on 10.28.09 at 7:52 am


Gargle with salt water to prevent a virus …get real. Talk about spreading false information.

Yes this flu doesn’t appear to be any worse than the seasonal version….yet, but the potential is there to do some serious damage.

1. This flu is new to humans therefore there is no immunity in the population at all unlike typical strains of the seasonal flu. Combine that with the highly infectious nature of this flu & the ability to affect large numbers is of concern.

2. This flu seems to be affecting a disproportionate # of the young. The seasonal flu typically is only dangerous to the elderly & those with medical conditions. As yet it isn’t understood why this one is killing teens. Thankfully the # of deaths isn’t more than seasonal numbers (yet) but it is ignorant to use this argument as a reason not to be concerned. Talk to the father who just lost his son if the total # matters to him.

3. About the great medical conspiracy…funny how the overwhelming vast majority of health professionals are in the vaccine companies back pocket…..clowns.

Some of the discussion here is ridiculous. Go to a 3rd world country who has never had adequate medical & vaccination resources & see cases of polio or cholera and then pass out the salt water gargles….utterly shameful. Those posts show how much like spoiled children we can be in the developed world.

#31 Kash is King on 10.28.09 at 7:57 am

Sorry Garth, here’s one about the dreaded microchips (sheesh)

Quote:”Among the very first visitors to my birdflu666 blog was an Austrian manufacturer of RFID chips, strongly suggesting the notion that microchips are intended to be used in any mass vaccination campaign, hence the Austrian chip manufacturer’s keen interest in my criminal charges against Baxter.

Another US manufacturer in Florida is also working on “pandemic” microchip implants.”

Also has some cool pics in the comments part, of a microchip described thusly:

“New RFID with Embedded Antenna µ-Chip
–Makes Possible Wireless Links that Work Using Nothing More Than a 0.4mm X 0.4mm Chip”

Then you have stories of Dutch doctors complaining that the funny special needles for the H1N1 vax are thick and too blunt? hmmm

#32 David Bakody on 10.28.09 at 7:57 am

#24 Mikey on 10.28.09 at 6:40 am

60% of 750,000 is 450,000 …… which will get quite a lot of house in Halifax Dartmouth area. So could it, should it or will it ….. I say yes to all. There will be still million dollar homes (Estates) and so there should be but not family homes.

#33 Herb on 10.28.09 at 8:00 am

Way off topic, but important for a look through the smokescreen of the war in Afghanistan: the resignation letter of the US Senior Civilian Representative, Zabul Province, AFG –

The crux is on page 3, incl. some economic implications.

#34 OttawaMike on 10.28.09 at 8:10 am

The part I like about the conspiracy theorist refusing his/her vaccine is they will be the control group.
If they fall ill in huge numbers then the scare was real.

This whole thing may be another version of Y2K panic but I’m going for the vaccine as insurance.

#35 Bling Bling on 10.28.09 at 8:31 am

Great write up!
In this case if you want to short the index, I’d be writing (selling) calls, or buying puts. If you’re bearish on the market, you def. don’t want to be the one writing (selling) the puts!

#36 Samantha on 10.28.09 at 8:38 am

I got seasonal and H1N1 vaccines the same day as did my husband and mother. All three of us are in high risk groups.

Way too much misinformation about this vaccine, so remember that when researching info.

Adjuvants are added to vaccines so that one dose can be extended to four doses. Squalene is a lipid (fat) found in shark liver oil and occurs naturally in humans. Thermisol (mercury) is a minute amount and if one worries about that, then stop eating fish. Formaldehyde? That’s a good one considering the chemicals mixed into building products and commonly found in many homes.

I could care less about how ‘quickly’ the vaccine was developed. If we were talking about a bacterial infection along the lines of flesh eating disease, I don’t think anyone would give a rat’s behind about how quickly the antibiotics were developed if it meant saving your life.

But, because we are talking about a ‘flu’ virus, people seem to have this attitude that it’s only a flu and it won’t happen to me if I wash my hands and do whatever.

The H1N1 virus currently drives deep into the lungs which makes it particularly dangerous. Mutation is facilitated if people don’t vaccinate and the virus can spread freely. If this virus recombines, then we could be looking at a much worse situation, as in no vaccine ready and people dying from the mutated virus.

5000 dead currently as someone else noted. No, we haven’t hit 30 or 40 thousand yet. Consider how quickly this virus can kill, and perhaps reconsider that those numbers can change quickly.

I survived a flu virus in the ‘80s that knocked me flat out and damn near killed me. My lungs were so bad that 3 rounds of antibiotics didn’t kill the infection. I slept upright for 9 months which is the time it took for my lungs to finally clear. The parting gift of that ‘only a flu virus’ was CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) or ME (Myalgic Encephalitis in the UK) which I wouldn’t wish on anyone.
Make your own choice, but remember if you don’t vaccinate, the virus will spread with greater efficiency. You may not die if you get it, but if you spread it, think about the high risk groups, particularly children who might.

As to side effects of the vaccine, I had less than 24 hours of mild fever and sore at injection sight. I’ve done my part to protect myself, family and other people.

#37 Future Expatriate on 10.28.09 at 9:01 am

Anyone who trusts vaccines from governments needs to do some research on the W.H.O. smallpox vaccination campaign in Africa in the 80’s, and how, amazingly, miraculously, HIV-AIDS exploded throughout Africa a mere year later IN EVERY PLACE THEY VACCINATED and NOWHERE they DIDN’T.

Or, if you’d like an example closer to home, study the areas were an experimental Hepatitis B vaccine was deployed into the gay communities of San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York and compare the first explosion areas of HIV-AIDS in the US.

I don’t care WHO makes the vaccine, I don’t care WHO deploys the vaccine (no pun intended), I don’t care WHAT it’s for, it is far to easy FOR SOME PEOPLE to taint a vaccine with anything in the world they might want. UNBELIEVABLY easy.

And best believe that “They” want, because “They’ve” published ARTICLES about decreasing the worlds’ population by several billion and exactly the way to do it.


Make sure your Vitamin D3 levels are normal (most of us do not get enough sunshine and current sunshine is dangerous).

#38 oortog on 10.28.09 at 9:14 am


I truly enjoy your posts and they give a fairly accurate description of how the future will unfold.

I do take exception that you truly believe there is a way to ‘win’ this game.. or ‘secure’ ones future.

Stop struggling. The war was lost. We lost.

It doesn’t matter what we do or don’t do. The funds will be used to support those who have access to the levers of power. You will be shucked en-masse like the Walrus and the Carpenter. That fate is already sealed. The money is spent and it went to bankers and private entities that have ensured you and your offspring’s enslavement.

Out of the interest of full disclosure, I’m a proud card-carrying member of Gen X. I’m turning 40 next year.. Lets look through my eyes and see how in this game, we can secure ourselves a future.

As we were coming of age in the 80’s many of us saw our town close up overnight as the Free Trade Agreement shipped our labour to Mexico. The great consolidations began as US entities pulled back on their ‘branch offices’. No longer beholden to laws that mandated jobs here in country, if they wanted access to our marketplace. Our bellies went empty as our fathers looked for work. The Stelco’s, Inco’s and steel mills stopped working. GM, Ford, and Chrysler began the big layoffs. The rules changed.

They took our parents money.

We were told that in order to survive in the new economy, we would have to go to school longer and we would have to pay for that ourselves. Get something useful! Don’t expect a good job with an Arts degree!

We understood that, and accepted it. We went into debt… our parents who worked the Stelco’s and Inco’s had no jobs.. They could ill afford to put us though school.. And along comes OSAP. Educational grants disappeared. 18-22 year olds with 50K plus of debt so they could get a job as a programmer, an engineer, or a tax accountant. These were not supposed to be useless degrees!

This was the first time they took our money.. Before we even got our first paycheque, our labours were feeding the “haves”.

Then came the early 90’s. We graduated into a “Jobless Recovery”. Our 50K pieces of paper bought a few of us a descent life. Most of us however went back to working our high-school jobs. A physicist could be found in a Canadian Tire warehouse, a Mechanical Engineer in a Wal-mart working the fabric desk.

They kept taking our money. We were still paying the “haves” and having less to show for ourselves.

FINALY in the mid 90’s things started to change for us. The Tech boom had given us some employment and some hard earned cash. This was an important weapon in harvesting our labours. This lasted about four years before the tech crash came. Many of us got married in that time. Our meager nest eggs we had saved over the four good years vanished as the NASDAQ burned. This time, everyone got hit, Boomers too!

This is the second time they took our money.

We then had a second “Jobless Recovery”. Back to Canadian Tire, and Wal-mart.
We put off getting a house (How can you come up with a 10% down payment when you graduate 50K in the hole and can’t find work) .
We put off having children (40% of Gen X couples are childless).

Now over the last eight years, corporations built another weapon to line their pockets at the expense of those who bowed to their demands we were offshored/outsourced. Our jobs went to India, and China. Some of us had to even train our own replacements!

This is the third time they took our money. Just like they did to our parents.

And finally in 2008, the whole stock market imploded. They took our money again. This time it was a weapon called “derivatives”. This was a truly awesome weapon! This one was designed as a multi-generational enslavement tool. It would not only take our money again (for the fourth time) , it would also harvest our labour for generations! The elite held the world economy at gunpoint and they demanded HUGE sums of money, and they got it!

Now once again, we are building a new equity bubble. Yet another weapon to take our money.

Retirement will NEVER be an option for most people. The system is designed to keep you jumping for that carrot.. and you will NEVER get it.


It doesn’t matter what we do… we will be fleeced. They will come up with a way to nail us. It’s pretty obvious now that they want a surf-class. And they are getting it. They will keep changing the rules until there is nothing left for us.

Cash, bonds, equities, ETF’s are easily transferred assets. I can load up a card with cash and carry it with me wherever I go. Stocks and ETF’s are a stream of data in a fiber pipe. I can move that anywhere! They ‘Haves’ can take this easily with a law and transfer it to their pile in a heartbeat… they can do it via a bubble, or legislation, or theft. But it is easily moved. If they don’t have your ‘assets’ yet.. Don’t you worry.. they soon will one way or another.

Property is a different creature. It’s static… and sure you can kick people out of a foreclosed property, but then someone has to maintain it until sold. There are only so many buyers, this is true. And when they run out, the buildings remain.

As we see in the US, many of the abandoned McMansion communities have become squatter’s delights! The house is still providing its design.. shelter. It takes money and resources to keep the unwashed masses out.

The can devalue them, they can foreclose them, but they are the only asset they can’t ‘move’.

Given what we these eyes have seen over the past 40 years, the only conclusion any reasonable man can come to is we are playing a rigged game. When playing a rigged game, there are only a few ways to ‘win’.

I’ll post on how to do that tomorrow.

#39 Into The Sunset on 10.28.09 at 9:37 am

Comments kept short and making a point with 2 to 3 sentences are probably wished for by everyone reading the comments section. Please don’t write a book that after 3 seconds of reading becomes agitating.

#40 Bill-Muskoka (NAM) on 10.28.09 at 9:49 am

FUD! That’s the ticket! Keep that FUD coming, and just like ‘Wag The Dog’ the Sheeple will not pay attention to all the other things corrupt politcos are doing.

Ever notice how the MSM fails to inform the Sheeple of what the government is planning to do, until after it is done? Canada, what a country, eh?

#41 Nostradamus jr. on 10.28.09 at 9:50 am

It has started again….as I predicted nearly 500 years ago…

Garth…Yes, the H1N1 will affect Ontario Real Estate prices…but how will war affect Ontario Real Estate prices?

“”Separatists take slight lead in Quebec – poll

10:22 EDT Wednesday, October 28, 2009

OTTAWA, Oct 28 (Reuters) – Separatists in the Canadian province of Quebec have taken a slight lead over the governing Liberals, who are under pressure to investigate an alleged corruption scandal, according to a poll released on Wednesday.

The CROP survey for La Presse newspaper put the separatist Parti Quebecois at 40 percent popular support, up five points from a poll done by the same firm a month ago. The Liberals were down four points at 39 percent.””

…Ontario and Quebec will unfortunately go to war with each other…(as History simply repeats itself.)

…and Western Canada will secede from Eastern Canada.

Friends, move west before it gets too late.

…Mild climate, abundance of water, lectricity, food…and the rain is good for the skin.

…The North Shore of Vancouver is already the safest, private gated Community in Canada, accessible only by two bridges, one seabus route and one highway from the north.

Nostradamus jr.

#42 artisuseless on 10.28.09 at 9:51 am

It could be argued that the surrounding hysteria was what was crippling.

The vaccine does have some silly conspiracies surrounding it, but at the same time I don’t like that Glaxo is being shielded from future liability – the vaccines seem to be too rushed. People should make the decision based on what their Dr. tells them – not their friends, not public health bureaucrats, not the media and certainly not anything you find on godlikeproductions. Ask your Dr.!!!

What people need to do even before the vaccine is reset their priorties and stop being so selfish – if you are feeling sick, even if you don’t feel that sick, STAY AT HOME. Don’t go to work, don’t go to that social function, or to the mall – that’s how disease gets spread.

And people, wash your hands properly. Hot soapy water for at least 20 seconds before you eat, after the bathroom, and after you’ve touched anything other people touch.

#43 BOOM on 10.28.09 at 10:03 am

If a bunch of conspiracy theorists expire due to H1N1, what happens to their gold?

#44 Kash is King on 10.28.09 at 10:05 am

#33 Herb: How about this from the NY Times.

“Brother of Afghan Leader Is Said to Be on C.I.A. Payroll
Published: October 27, 2009 ”

#45 Ian on 10.28.09 at 10:12 am

All you need to know about vaccine campaign:

#46 Kash is King on 10.28.09 at 10:13 am

Folks from Ontario might want to familiarize themselves wrt what the gov’t CAN do if it feels it is required in a pandemic…..

#47 Downsized and Delighted on 10.28.09 at 10:14 am

Sars hurt alot because it occurred in Toronto and not the U.S. Who wants to travel to a risky area?

But H1N1 is everywhere. So it shouldn’t affect us the way that Sars did.

By the way – you get the flu shot to protect those at risk – not necessarily yourself. And since kids are most at risk from this flu, I think we should all suck it up and get the shot!

#48 PeckedToDeathByDucks on 10.28.09 at 10:19 am

Shtupid questions for shtupid times….

If you want high risk groups such as pregnant women and those with chronic conditions to get the vaccine first, why wouldn’t you do it via their doctor’s office by appointment? Instead you have them waiting in line in the cold or congregating closely in confined spaces for hours. Some were out of vaccine after only three hours.

If you are not going to close schools, why wouldn’t you give the vaccine for the high risk younger people in the schools?

#49 Mr. D - Ottawa on 10.28.09 at 10:19 am

Good post today!

I don’t plan to get any vaccine again in my life that contains any amount of mercury. I do everything possible to avoid toxins in food, personal care products, cleaning products, etc. I’m not allergic to anything, I just don’t want to pollute my body.

There are benefits. Your immune system can and should be strong enough to beat ANY germs that come your way. Anytime you get a cold (or flu) your immune system failed and it eventually fights back enough to eliminate the cold or flu (or you die).

Why would anyone with a super strong immune system bother with a flu shot (plus mercury)?

I haven’t had a flu shot in 25+ years. I also haven’t had the flu in 25+ years. I think I had it once or twice as a kid. I live in a city and work in an office complex with 1000’s of workers so I know I’m exposed to viruses. I also know when I’ve been neglecting my health because that’s when I may catch a cold. Luckily I only get a mild cold about once every three years. Most people get many colds every year!!

I’ve heard of a few people who have NEVER taken a flu shot and made it into their late 90’s with out ever getting the flu.

For the rest of the population, you probably should get the vaccine because you really need it.

I think Garth’s point is that anything that affects the health of a large part of the population will impact the economy. This will in turn impact the real estate market.

#50 kc on 10.28.09 at 10:31 am

39 Into The Sunset

“Please don’t write a book that after 3 seconds of reading becomes agitating.”

You must love 20 second sound bites … because it seems your attention span can only process tiny bits of information…. Guess what… you can change the station to “MTV” … it might be what you are looking for.

#51 PeckedToDeathByDucks on 10.28.09 at 11:03 am

And this little piggy went to the clinic
And this little piggy cried “Wee! Wee! Wee!” all the way home.

“Hogs considered for H1N1 vaccinations” By THE CANADIAN PRESS Last Updated: 28th October 2009, 3:27am
I wonder where they will be ranked in the priority system?

#52 Ken on 10.28.09 at 11:12 am

Low interest rates will be our downfall in the not too far future.

#53 RJD on 10.28.09 at 11:13 am

I’m not panicking but the cost to our economy of getting a shot is probably a lot less than me being at home for a week.

#54 jeff on 10.28.09 at 11:16 am

to all the anti-vaccine folks: why don’t you give Evan Frustaglio’ s parents a call, see how they’re doing

#55 DrC on 10.28.09 at 11:36 am

Ah the Swine Flu Panic-demic…

Thanks #19 Chris for the perspective.

Also see:

And for more perspective, vaccination against HPV will markedly reduce the risk of cervical cancer, a terrible disease that will claim far many more lives this year than H1N1 ( Where are the queues of people lining up to get Gardasil?

So bottom-line? Wash your hands!

#56 Nathan in Edmonton on 10.28.09 at 11:53 am

#38 oortog on 10.28.09 at 9:14 am
Wow, oortog, what career did you choose that you have to go back to Canadian Tire and Wal-mart for employment?
At 39 you should have actually had it quite good, if you bought a home when 30-years-old. If you borrowed 50k to pay for you education in the 90s–you over paid. I graduated in ’99 and had 15k in student loan – a little less than new car at that time (that lot of my peers bought when they landed their first jobs). 50k is probably the normal for grads today, which will be a hindrance. That being said I actually agree with you about the game being lost — people our age are in for some rough times.

#57 Toronto C9 Renter on 10.28.09 at 11:57 am

#38 ootog, I’ll say it since most are thinking it…

You got WAAAY too much time on your hands pal!

#58 Self employed on 10.28.09 at 12:01 pm

Get a load of this crap from Gregory Klump. An ecomomist and “expert” speaking to investors. You wonder how people could still be suckered into buying, well here you go folks!
How the hell does this guy sleep at night or is he really that stupid?

#59 Keith in Calgary on 10.28.09 at 12:16 pm

64,000 people died in the US from regular flu last year and as stated somewhere between 6-8,000 in Canada passed away.

To date the USA has had 550 +/- of H1N1 flu deaths since this thing came out in April of 2009. Pop 307 million……..

Brasil has 560 +/- of H1N1 flu deaths since this thing came out in April of this year, and their flu season is now over as their fall and winter has ended. Pop 190 milion….FWIW they had no mass vaccination program to speak of.

Canada has had 88 people die from H1N1 to date…….Pop 33 million…….

Somehow I get the feeling that the media and other brands of paranoia Garth eludes to regarding this thing are first and foremost politically driven, and then secondly, economically driven moreso, than out of a valid and humanitarian concern for legitimate health reasons.

#60 Jeannie on 10.28.09 at 12:40 pm

Since we’ve all got an opinion on this subject….I’m with the posters who work on building up their immune systems. For my family, it’s yogurt culture, Activia brand is one that we’ve had success with. Lots of raw fruit, eaten on an empty stomach, and never after meals. Sunshine on your body…if that’s at all possible, or else vitamin D.
A diet heavy in vegetables, raw salads, and virgin olive oil. Extra vitamin C in tablet form, and cod liver oil capsules. We haven’t had colds or flu for years.

#61 oortog on 10.28.09 at 12:43 pm

#56 Nathan in Edmonton on 10.28.09 at 11:53 am

I have two semi-useless pieces of paper.

One is for a Network Administrator. I worked for large companies like RBC and ‘Big 5’ accounting firms.

In the Winter of 2003 RBC decided it wasn’t making ENOUGH money so they killed half thier IT staff. I wasn’t one of them (I was too good). But the workload increased. I coudn’t take it anymore so I bailed. I vowed never to work in IT again.

My second semi-useless piece of paper is in business sales and marketing. I went back into sales. Marketing can easily be outsourced. YOu need someone to ‘press-flesh’ here on this Contnent.. so I’m ‘pressing-flesh’… for about thirty percent less cash than I could make as a Network Admin.

I have the gift of the schmooze.

Too bad nobody is buying anything.

50K back in the day was about right for a 5 year with honors if you had to go out-of-province/away from home to get an education.

Even more if you wanted your Doctorate in Comp-Sci.

#62 bill on 10.28.09 at 12:45 pm

Apparently the h1n1 is related distantly to a previous flu. I heard that this is providing some immunity or a lessening of the symptoms to older people.
Does anyone know of this in more detail?

#63 Kash is King on 10.28.09 at 12:47 pm

5 alledged deaths in Sweden so far from vax:

“Swine flu peaks out before vaccines even make it into widespread distribution ”


As per my own post#31 above, the RFID microchips appear to be “repeaters”… ie they will bounce RF waves if “received” to “the central scrutinizer”.
What is all around us that emits RF waves? Those new energy effecient lightbulbs… put an AM radio off-channel up to one of those bulbs= loud noise emitted.

Now think back to the odd “green” policy coming from the “conservative” puppet gov’t no less…. whereby normal, non RF-emitting bulbs are to be banned from existence. Strange coincidence? You decide.

If they were concerned about the green, they would have mandated LED bulbs… or how about releasing info on Nikola Tesla’s patents with reference to free-energy.

#64 oortog on 10.28.09 at 12:48 pm

#57 Toronto C9 Renter on 10.28.09 at 11:57 am

True that man… when your life savings gets ripped out from under you on average every 5 years.. you think a lot.

#65 Soylent Green is People on 10.28.09 at 12:54 pm

Re Smallpox

“To bolster their claim that smallpox inoculations were safe and effective, vaccine proponents often resorted to medical ploys. For example, smallpox victims who were previously vaccinated and required hospital services were frequently registered as unvaccinated. According to Dr. Russell of the Glasgow Hospital, “Patients entered as unvaccinated showed excellent marks (vaccination scars) when detained for convalescence.”(62) Even the renowned George Bernard Shaw was aware of the medical shenanigans used to hoodwink the public: “During the last epidemic at the turn of the century, I was a member of the Health Committee of London Borough Council. I learned how the credit of vaccination is kept up statistically by diagnosing all the re-vaccinated cases (of smallpox) as pustular eczema, varioloid or what not — except smallpox.”(63)”


Re Evan Frustaglio

The media reported he died of swine flu but there is no way to know that the Monday night he died. The Ontario lab can only test for regular flu. To test for H1N1 the test has to be sent to Winnipeg which could take up to five days for the results. Evan may have died of menengitis.

….”Over-the-Counter flu medications are known to cause tachycardia, convulsions, loss of consciousness and, in rare instances, death, in the young. OTC cold & flu products and the young do not mix.

The NML in Winnipeg is the only lab in Canada capable of verifying influenza strains. Coroners can’t. The NML can only confirm hemagglutinin and neuraminidase combinations, but not cause of illness or death. Takes a day to ship the mucous specimen, where it’s tossed to the back of the line of hundreds more sent from across the country, so backlogged that lucky to get a result in 7 days. No sample from Evan Frustaglio went to NML. So no official confirmation which, even if did identify an unprecedented super influenza, couldn’t pinpoint cause of death. Making the coroner’s claim extraordinary.

Evan was given OTC and went into cardiac arrest with extreme fatigue and waning consciousness. Autopsy and full public disclosure of his medical history will reveal existing underlying conditions that reacted with whatever OTC he was given.

I think the symptoms this boy had sound more like menengitis than flu- I had bacterial menengitis a few years ago and it was misdiagnosed as flu by a doctor- I had terrible muscle aches and chills and could only warm up temp by taking hot hot baths, as I read this boy wanted to do – I was only correctly diagnosed when I returned to the doctors office with red blotches over my face and entire body and said -OK I have a new symptom and this is definitely not the flu – but the illness comes on so quickly that’s why I think this sounds more like bacterial men.

This kid was sick for a week,and his symptoms were minimalized in the fervor of competitive hockey. With back pain ,vomiting and sore throat my first thought as an R.N. would be meningitis. The regional childrens hospital is in London. Why drive back to T.O. to a walk in clinic??

At 16 I had identical symptoms as this kid after suffering what was thought to be a mild concussion. Didn’t think anything of it. After MRI scan I was sent home. Later, I became ill with nausea and vomitting, similar to a bad case of the flu. My older brother was the only one around and he took me back to the hospital. They did a PET scan and discovered bleeding in my brain. I had immediate surgery. If I had not been rushed back to the hospital, and if they hadn’t done a PET scan, I would have died, probably in my sleep.

Parents and GPs were warned today not to mistake meningitis for swine flu as millions of children began the new school year.

The two illnesses have similar symptoms, including aches and pains and cold hands and feet.

Cases of meningitis typically rise in the autumn – the same time experts have predicted a surge in the number of cases of swine flu.

Schools and universities going back means people are in close proximity, making it easy for illness to spread, and the flu virus tends to thrive in the cooler months.

At least two people are already known to have died from meningitis after mistakenly being diagnosed with swine flu.

Today, Steve Dayman, chief executive of the charity Meningitis UK, said parents should “trust their instincts” and watch out for the disease, which can kill in under four hours.

Dayman said: “Meningitis occurs throughout the year but very shortly we will see the number of cases going up.

“It’s very difficult for GPs to identify meningitis in its early stages because it’s very similar to flu – with symptoms such as cold hands and feet and aching limbs.”

He said a pin prick rash that can turn into purple bruising is a classic sign of a meningococcal meningitis and requires urgent attention.

But he said parents should be on their guard even before this happens and seek medical attention if their child appears to deteriorate rapidly.

Children under five are most at risk from meningitis, followed by teenagers and students.

“The issue with children is that there is a rapid deterioration in their condition – within a matter of hours,” Dayman said.

“I think it’s important for parents of children to contact their GP if they feel concerned – meningitis should be a consideration.

The strain causes almost 90% of cases and can kill in under four hours.

Dayman said: “We’re urging [parents] to know the facts and be extra vigilant as their children return to the crowded environment of a school, where germs spread more easily due to close human contact.

“Meningitis and septicaemia can be hard to recognise in the early stages because the initial symptoms are similar to many mild childhood diseases.

“A child with bacterial meningitis or septicaemia will usually get ill quickly and get worse fast.”

Classic symptoms of meningitis include a headache, stiff neck and a dislike of bright light. Other symptoms are difficulty supporting own weight, fever, vomiting and diarrhea, confusion and drowsiness.

Septicaemia leads to aching limbs, cold hands and feet and a rash.

One could have substituted meningococcus, blastomycosis or any other potentially preventable/partially treatable infectious agent

It is very easily miss strep infection on meningitis if you assume everything high fever is H1N1.

Suggest that a very sore back and sore throat/neck with early fever and vomiting moves toward bacterial meningitis

I agree with many of that comments that the OTC meds KILL the immune response (which is a natural defence and proctection) by lowering temperature/fever and not giving good chances to produce anti-bodies in a first stage of recovery…
It’s likely many ppl dont know about it and unitentionnally abuse OTC meds which work in fact against their immune systems

The three red flag symptoms of meningitis are cold hands and feet while the rest of the body has a fever, severe limb, joint and muscle ache, and pale and mottled skin. If parents are concerned about their children it is better to be safe than sorry and take them to the doctor.”

#66 Duane on 10.28.09 at 1:03 pm

I’ll be taking my chances using a powerful natural hormone – vitamin D3.–NqqB2nhBE&feature=player_embedded#

#67 Kash is King on 10.28.09 at 1:05 pm

Thank God, the vax nightmare may be over!

“U.S. may end up discarding unused H1N1 vaccine”


#68 SJC on 10.28.09 at 1:07 pm

I disagree, the facts show that the regular flu kills far more many people per year than this H1N1 and I don’t see any direct economic crisis from it. I think there has been some very large contracts made with some of the pharmaceutical companies and the media is doing their job at fear mongering!

I’m sorry, but I would not even think being injected with that mercury serum. How is it that a drug can take 5-15 years to get passed by the FDA after all extensive testing is done but a untested vaccine can be pushed out in what a couple months? Why don’t you people use your brains and get informed first.

Interesting Video:
Watch this video of Gary Null PH.D. speaking out at the New York State Assembly.

#69 jess on 10.28.09 at 1:13 pm

Cognitive dissonance

another classic boomer book
When Prophecy Fails is a 1956
“Baby Einstein became a multi-million dollar franchise; its revenue grew from $1 million in 1998[2] to around $10 million in 2000.[3] Aigner-Clark sold a 20% stake in the company to Artisan Entertainment in February 2000 and sold the rest to The Walt Disney Company for an undisclosed amount in November 2001.[4] The franchise is named after and pays significant royalties to the estate of deceased physicist Albert Einstein, putting him in the top 5 of most earning dead celebrities, according to Forbes.[5]

….will future law suits blame their cognitive disfunction on hours of watching these useless videos?

qui tam actions—a term derived from English Common Law meaning “he who sues on behalf of the king as well as himself”—allow private citizens with knowledge of fraud to help the government recover ill-gotten gains and additional civil penalties.

#70 spuddups99 on 10.28.09 at 1:19 pm

get your shot and quit being idiots. the flu season is just starting and the local hospital emergency deaprtment has visits up 30%. Usually activity at this time of year is negligible. Our healthcare system (hosptials) will close due to the amount of people needing treatment for not getting their vaccination. therefore when you really need to go to the hospital, help will not be there for you.

#71 Dad was wrong on 10.28.09 at 1:28 pm

Meanwhile, back in our usual topics de jour…

Norway joins Australia in raising interest rates:

And US new home sales fall ‘unexpectedly’:

#72 Future Expatriate on 10.28.09 at 1:28 pm

#43 – Cute, but ass-backwards.

It’s the “conspiracy” theorists who will be the survivors… YOU’RE the idiots lining up in droves to let the gov inject you with germs, viruses, and whatever “they” want.

#73 Fred on 10.28.09 at 1:58 pm

As Garth has stated interest rates have only one direction to go here on Canada. As countries, provinces, states and others compete to attract investors; fiscal prudence, responsible monetary policy, reasonable budgets, and interest rates that outpace inflation will be preferred over those of us forever pushing this problem down the road.

Norway on Wednesday became the first European country to raise interest rates since the onset of the financial crisis, citing a nascent rebound in the global economy and inflationary pressures in its petroleum-exporting economy.

Reserve Bank of Australia is first of G-20 central banks to raise rates as financial crisis eases. (Oct 6, 2009)

#74 ValueHunter on 10.28.09 at 2:04 pm

Has the swine flu vaccine been proven effective? I have not seen any report that it actually works. Could it be a placebo?

If you are vaccinated, you will be immune to the swine flu virus, wouldn’t it make you a carrier for the flu virus and make spreading the virus easier?

#75 Soju on 10.28.09 at 2:05 pm

What’s your point Garth? Will there be a hiring spree due to all the people suffering from the flu?

#76 Azza4 on 10.28.09 at 2:12 pm

Garlic kills any virus quickly. Just remember this if you get sick. Eat garlic and you will be up in no time and virus will be down and out. For small children cut the garlic and rub it into skin on sole (be careful as it could burn the skin). This is common knowlege in Europe.

I really don’t get it. Why should you even consider flu vaccine? There are no drugs to fight viruses and every single doctor will admit it. Vaccine may or may not save you from contracting flu. On the other hand we have natural powerful fighter against viruses in garlic, which is provided to us free from Mother Nature. Garlic wins it every time. With our oldest boy we had all sorts of viruses. Viruses as opposed to bacterial infections cause high fever. As soon as it was the case rubbing garlic killed most symptoms in 2-3 hours.
Why would you go to hospital for 12 hours if you can go to your nearest food store, pick up head of garlic and be ok in 2-3 hours?

Not to mention that flu shots cause flu-like symptoms in some people. Even though this effect is denied by drug companies I experienced it first hand 5 years ago. I decided to try it then first time. Bid mistake it was! Since then no flu shots and no flu either. So I guess you better spend time on building up your immune system than in line to get flu shot.

As parent you want to get your children to the sea (ocean) on vacation as that will bust resistance to viruses for the year better that any flu shot.


#77 Kash is King on 10.28.09 at 2:18 pm

Bear in mind these are “charges” so far..

This one aledges something else:

“WHO memos 1972 explains how to turn vaccines into a means of killing”

And lastly, I’ve been unable to figure out this conspiracy, so if anyone has any ideas? Related to immune suppression? Barium is a known T3 immune receptor inhibitor…

There’s two pages (translated text ,so hard to follow)

“Pilot monitoring the production of chemtrails by 2 C-17 Globemaster cargo planes in 6000 m height over Germany ”


#78 Partisan Spectator on 10.28.09 at 2:18 pm

Jeff #54,
Following your cynical logic, everyone who is not a driver should give a call to relatives of casualties of motor vehicle accidents (est. 2730 people in 2005, StatsCan)

Agree with Keith in Calgary #54.
The news about H1N1 is overexaggerated.

#79 lgre on 10.28.09 at 2:34 pm

“It can mutate and become resistant to the strain of vaccine they are using. You can get it more than once because of that”

so what’s the point of getting the vaccine? pointless if you ask me. The vaccine has been out a very short time and nobody knows what effect it will have on people over the longer term. Get it at your own risk.

#80 Comfortable in a coma on 10.28.09 at 2:39 pm

#3 prairiegopher
Somehow your letter makes me think I should send it to ten of my friends. If we forward it enough Bill Gates will donate all the vaccines we need?

#81 Azza4 on 10.28.09 at 2:47 pm

#54 jeff

You, sir, are troll.

#82 My_View on 10.28.09 at 2:50 pm

Canada vs U.S.A. Real estate

#83 David Bakody on 10.28.09 at 2:58 pm

H1N1 … Flue Shot …. If what the WHO is saying is true I and my family will have had the the flue shot. Having been in RCN (Navy) I may had few dozen shots over time with one called the 5 in 1 shot in the arm with an air gun more than once! I am still here alive and well tapping on this key board.
Now back to CBC Breaking News

TSX drops triple digits on fears that recovery is stalled.

Mr. Harper still has billions to give-a-way and our economy is as strong as the Canadian Shield as proved by his poll #’s being 40% PLUS!! Taxes will not rise and unemployment #’s are down. . So go for it get in on buyer’s wars over housing drive house prices up even higher Canadians will pick up to $600,000,000 in CMHC looses if Mr Harper told untruths about our economy.

#84 Jake on 10.28.09 at 3:03 pm

45 Ian, Thanks for this,

The media’s assumptions are driving me crazy. I am not surprised that CBS’ findings were given no credit. Everyone who is under the weather is told they have swine flu. A bunch of people in my med class are home with colds. They have sent emails to the class declaring that they have the swine flu. Two of them got the shot at the University of Alberta hospital on Monday, but they think they got it too late. I was home sick two weeks ago and both of my daughters caught the bug from me. Looking back, I guess it was the swine flu since we all had runny noses and were tired. I also experienced some stiffness…definitely swine flu. Now I have natural immunity, so the shot won’t be necessary. Moral of the story, if anyone is sick, they have the swine flu. Feel free to diagnose your friends, if in doubt, call a reporter over for a second opinion. No need to test anyone to confirm the diagnosis.

#85 David Bakody on 10.28.09 at 3:16 pm

#71 Dad was wrong on 10.28.09 at 1:28 pm

So the interest rate up cycle has begun. The question is will our banks caution perspective home buyers and tighten mortgage qualifications.

#86 Rob on 10.28.09 at 3:19 pm

I agree. There was no aids or hep C epidemic in Africa until the U.N started landing planes over there and unloading pallets of vaccines. There has now be an explosion of aids and hep C in young girls who have never even been sexually active . And the girls are finding that when they get older the level of sterility has dramatically increased . Its to the point now that when the tribes see a U.N plane landing the people scatter into the bush to hide. Combine this with the Rockefeller foundation and Henry Kissenger who are two of the main proponents of the U.N program . My god read some of Kissengers documents, he refers to the population as “useless eaters”. These are the people behind the global vaccination programs. The U.N has admitted in their own documents that a world population of 500 million would be more desirable . People who think the government loves them and would never lie about the health implications of all these drugs they are pushing, I pray one day will take the time to peer down the rabbit hole just a little bit . One example, Squalene. Yes it is found in shark liver oil, and when ingested is naturally broken down and digested. But when it is shot directly into the blood stream it bypasses the digestive system. What it does now is turbo charge a person’s immune system to the point where it attacks its own cells. This it what causes neurological disorders, arthritis, and allergies in kids later in life. I don’t feel any apprehension about pointing this stuff out . I have done more research than you will ever know trying to prove all this stuff wrong . I would love to believe all these vaccines are put out in the best interest of the public, but sadly the opposite is true. The people in the upper cap-stone of control in this world want to reduce the worlds population through GMO foods, vaccines, fluoride in the water, spraying of the skies with jets. Next time you are out on a sunny day watch the jets contrails. When we were kids they use to be about 3x as long as the jet and disappear in a few minutes. Now they streak across to the horizon for hundreds of km and fan out and create an all day haze. Just go on utube and type in “Chemtrails”. The point is, governments around the world no longer control anything. It has become a corporate dictatorship The definition of government and corporations in business together is Fascism . The two main Political parties in Canada are just there to keep us all distracted and entertained. When we get fed up with team A, they just replace it with team B and the agenda keeps moving forward.

#87 Jake on 10.28.09 at 3:20 pm

#65 Soylent Green,
Thanks for your posting. I hear your frustration on the Evan Frustaglio situation. Having recently studied virology, I was very confused that every other possible cause of death had seemingly been ruled out the very night he passed away. The papers reported that he died of swine flu because the coroner told his father so. MSM picked it up and his picture next to the title “Swine Flu” were depicted all over the news the next day. Now he very well may have died from swine flu, but suspicions are not science. Sorry people, but wanting more proof around his death does not make someone a heartless bastard. The whole country feels for his family. So take your “tell your conspicacy theory to the Frustaglio’s” line and shove it you know where. The people being the least sensitive to the Frustaglios are the ones who haven’t given them time away from the lights and cameras to mourn their son.

ps. Seriously people, we have all learned that we cannot always trust the MSM/politicians on issues regarding real estate or the economy, but when it comes to the swine flu they love us and are looking out for our best interests?

#88 David Bakody on 10.28.09 at 3:26 pm

G&M news:

RBC poll finds most people don’t have the money to invest or they don’t fully understand how a TFSA works

We all read here that most working Canadians are one pay check away from financial disaster, the opening line above kinda proves it.

#89 Stop Puttin Down Boomers on 10.28.09 at 3:34 pm

As I’ve a compromised immune system, I’ll be getting the H1N1 shot. I & my husband have been getting the flu shot for the last 7 years and since then have not experienced a really bad flu, but had prior to that. My husband’s job requires him to be in various schools daily. I agree with Samantha. I do take antioxidants and other vitamins, including D3 daily and up the dosage at this time of year.

#90 miketheengineer on 10.28.09 at 3:37 pm

Garth et al:

My thoughts for today.

Unless you bury yourself in your bunker for the next 6 months, you are bound to get ill. Took my daughter to the walk in Clinic in Mississauga Sat, every patient had to put on a mask that was coughing. That was ALL of the them. The doctor had a mask on too. Everyone else was left to their own accord.

When to an appointment, on Monday morning. They guy sitting next to me, was coughing his lungs out, had a hoodie over his head (he had the hot/cold thing going on) Definitely sick. When to the supermarket today, 2 parents with a kid ~ 5 or 6, and the kid was coughing his lungs up. Everyone I bump into has some kinda sniffle going on.

This cold or flu or whatever it is, is making the rounds, and mark my words, everyone is going to feel the affects.

Stock up on (1) soup, ready made, (2) medicine, and (3) long term items, canned goods, or dry stuff, like rice. Mexico, locked down their capitial earlier in the year, making it difficult for some to get food.

Last thing you want, is a food shortage, or medicine shortage, or a shut down of the city you live in, due to too many people being sick.

Vitamins – Went to look for Vitamin D3, and could not locate any in the 2 walmarts I went into. I didn’t check for Vitamin C.

Good luck to all.

#91 dd on 10.28.09 at 3:39 pm

Talked to someone today that was sick for three weeks because of H1N1. Three weeks not working…

#92 Herb on 10.28.09 at 3:42 pm

Kash is King @ #44,

there should be nothing surprising about such CIA activities, but there are two surprises here: it became known/was leaked, and the NYT published it.

Either would make sense only if the USA wants to dump Pres Karzai and is hastening the process by discrediting his brother.

#93 Nostradamus Le Mad Vlad on 10.28.09 at 4:00 pm

#6 Basil Fawlty; #7 Nelson; #8 ruraldude; #12 Happy Renter in North Van; #19 Chris; #20 Rob; #25 ATP; #26 Kash is King; #29 somecatchphrase; #37 Future Expatriate; #38 oortog; #48 PeckedToDeathByDucks; #49 Mr. D – Ottawa; #60 Jeannie; #66 Duane; #68 SJC; #72 Future Expatriate

“This whole issue smells like a rat and there is no shortage of rats on this planet.” / “Everybody dances with the Grim Reaper” / “we all stop panicking, take a long deep breath, turn off the scare-mongering media,” / “Obama declared a state of emergency” (see link + following para. — Martial Law ); “a government’s best friend”; “Time to invent a new crisis!” / “your Vitamin D3 levels are normal” / “The elite held the world economy at gunpoint and they demanded HUGE sums of money, and they got it!” / “wouldn’t you give the vaccine for the high risk younger people in the schools?” / “I haven’t had a flu shot in 25+ years.” (“. . . we see Barack Hussein Obama usurping “emergency” dictatorial powers in the name of a faux “pandemic”. (Little wonder that Dr. Kissinger and Z-big Brezinsky – Nixon’s brain trust, would so advise Obama today.)”

Curiously enough, the German govt. are being given one vaccine, the population another. Why?

Germans (and plenty of others) have refused to have their shots, because of that one reason alone (some govt. workers receive different shots).

In some respects, this is how the French Revolution began. The elite flaunted their lavish lifestyle on the peasants, the peasants became so riled up and angry they ignored the authorities, took matters into their own hands and tossed the scumbags out.

Worked for them, probably work sometime else as well! Samantha #36 does have a valid point, ‘tho; if one does have further underlying illnesses, it is probably worth having a shot. As for moi, I’ll pass!

It is quite clear (to me, anyway) that people don’t have a clue as to the reality of life anymore, they have become so ingrained with rules / regulations made up by others for them to obey, then their own likes / dislikes, wants, etc.

Birth / Life / Death — Beginning / Middle / End (then re-birth, which all prove to themselves at their appointed time).

Everyone will go through the experience of floating above, and looking at their lifeless bodies, suits of clothes (whatever you want to call it), prove to themselves the reality of the continuation of life and then move through a large, circular white cloudy tunnel into one of the lower psychic regions.

Only then does one realize that we are IN this world, but not OF it. This planet is a very good classroom to get as many experiences in life, that’s all.

We’ve all been there and done that before many times, and will do it again. Yes, we meet our family, friends and others whom we already know, which each will see for themselves.
In case anyone forgot, this. Comment by is better, so: — “Of course, for a NAU to work, both Canada and the US economies have to be brought down to the level of Mexico’s.”

#94 kitchener1 on 10.28.09 at 4:07 pm

No one here has mentioned the effect of H1N1 on the upcoming olympic games in BC.

If it breaks out and countries impose travel restrictions, will Canada do the same with the Olympics coming up?

With the Olympics coming, how will that effect Canada in terms of a greater outbreak? Remeber in Toronto, SARS was brought over here via a plane ride from Honk Kong by a Dr. Imagine the consquences if it really goes viral and we have people from all over the world watching the olympics in stadiums.

I was watching Global a few nights ago and the fear they are spreading is borderline insane. Supposdly, everyone that has had “flu like symptons” in the last month “had” the swine flu. Come on, give me a break.

#95 Daystar on 10.28.09 at 4:15 pm

#2 Bottoms_Up on 10.27.09 at 10:38 pm

Those are dated numbers concerning Canadian federal debt to GDP ratios. Last year, we ran a 5.8 billion dollar deficit. Its now official. This year, we’ll run 56 Billion, likely more. Next year, its a repeat. Add it up and we are cruising to $600 Billion dollar federal debt and a 1.1 trillion dollar economy. This translates into 54% debt to GDP ratios exiting 2010 and thats not all! When one actually realistically combines the intergovernmental debt to GDP ratios (feds/provinces/municipalities) one can add on another 300 billion est. putting us into intergovernmental debt to GDP ratios in the 80’s so its like this. Canadians simply cannot run 90 billion dollar federal/provincial deficits year over year and not expect things to fall apart.

Is it bad governmental budgetary planning to not have a long term plan for economic downturns? Is it bad governmental planning to tax and spend to balance in the best of times? I say its not just bad planning, its worse than bad because such fiscal planning that doesn’t run surplus’s in good times is a plan to never pay off debt and to have a plan like that is to be at the mercy of high interest rates should our debtload become to ridiculous for investors to support our currency.

I don’t know about you but bells and whistles and horns and sirens and alarms are going off everywhere. What I do know is that people who watch 90 billion dollar fed/provincial deficits show up at their doorstep and say all is well and fine, no need to worry, simply aren’t paying attention.

#96 Popeye on 10.28.09 at 4:16 pm

#79 lgre on 10.28.09 at 2:34 pm
The H1N1 vaccine is VERY similar to the regular flu vaccine.

(what you’re saying would be like saying “it’s OK to drink coke but beware that having a pepsi might be associated with currently unknown long term side effects”)

They have studied the adjuvant in clinical trials in thousands of people and it is ‘safe’ by the standards that our professionals have developed. The only thing that makes this vaccine different is the hemagluttin peptide has a different amino acid sequence (this is how H1 is different from the other ‘H’ proteins, H2, H5, whatever, just like how the same protein can differ between two human beings–it’s just based on genetic variation). The human population has never seen this ‘H’ before (because it came from a pig flu virus), thus the concern and mass vaccinations.

So the right question to ask is: does the H1 amino acid sequence contain a combination of amino acids that for some reason could cause an increase in adverse reactions through stimulation of the human immune system?

I find it highly unlikely that this vaccine would be any different than any other vaccine on the market in terms of safety in the general population….

#97 Popeye on 10.28.09 at 4:20 pm

Here, make your own judgement on the safety and efficacy of the H1N1 vaccine (this is the information that Health Canada consulted before approving it’s use):

#98 Popeye on 10.28.09 at 4:24 pm

#95 Daystar on 10.28.09 at 4:15 pm
That means our politicians lied to us by publishing old information?

We should all be up-in-arms over this!!

#99 Daystar on 10.28.09 at 4:26 pm

#36 Samantha on 10.28.09 at 8:38 am

Heavy rounds of antibiotics and CFS…. you know they are linked, right? You’ll have to introduce the healthy bacteria into your system again to get your digestive system working effectively (and its alot more than one strain, I assure you). If you haven’t done this, its the quickest explanation as to why you have CFS.

#100 Popeye on 10.28.09 at 4:30 pm

#59 Keith in Calgary on 10.28.09 at 12:16 pm
The concern is WHO is dying, not how many. The H1N1 is killing young, healthy people.

The other concern is that this thing could rapidly change into a HUGE killer, wiping out 50 to 90% of the population. Take a look at the history of influenza pandemics: they kill a large proportions of the population, and target healthy people.

Thus, get vaccinated. (unless you’d like to just ‘roll the dice’….)

#101 Kash is King on 10.28.09 at 4:46 pm

GAH! GARTH! PMSH (if you are reading this)

Somebody do something! This is an EMERGENCY !

Dr.Rauni Kilde former Finnish Minister of Health just got fired for blowing the whistle on the WHO’s campaign to alledgedly depopulate the world population by 5 BILLION people via this “swine flu vaccine”

Stop them!


Just youtube:

Finland just changed it’s law to get around the WHO’s “forced” injections by declaring H1N1 is “not” a dangerous contaminating disease.

Stephen Harper: if you are a caring human being, will you not do this for us too, and speak out and tell the rest of the world to do this also?

If I recall, the Nuernberg Law states that if ANYONE is aware of a genocide about to take place, they are compelled to speak out against it, and to try to stop it.

DO SOMETHING QUICK !!!!!!!!!!!!!

#102 OttawaMike on 10.28.09 at 5:15 pm

So let me know if I have this right: 25 million died in 1918 from a flu pandemic

-When Vitamin D and tin foil hats could have saved them all.
I hope the majority here is correct and it is all an overblown non-event.

Now back to finance and RE. Here’s a woman who escaped paying her $460,000 mortgage debt because the lenders lost the paper trail:

#103 steven rowlandson on 10.28.09 at 5:28 pm

As a certifyable silver bug and a real conservative I have no intention of getting the flu shot. I never had one before and based on what I’ve heard online a shot would do me no good at all. The flu virus is a fast mutator and therefore the vaccine would soon be ineffective because of that alone. Then there is the issue of toxic adjuvants and god knows what else is in the mix. I think vitamins C,D and scotch plus good hygene might be a better treatment. It may or may not kill H1N1 patented lab viruses but it certainly will do no harm and might even be enjoyable. Especially the vitamin glen livet scotch.


#104 lgre on 10.28.09 at 5:43 pm

#96 Popeye on 10.28.09 at 4:16 pm

You sound like salesman for GSK so therefore I’m not getting into the science and ingredients of this vaccine, the swine flu has been around before (1976) and so has its vaccine, the only problem was that a lot of people had serious issues from the vaccine. Get educated before you start spewing your salesman pitch.

CBS ” 60 MINUTES” Swine flu

#105 Citizenman on 10.28.09 at 6:02 pm

I thought that people may be interested in seeing the latest on the housing crash in California.

You will be amazed at the beautiful streets.

#106 Nostradamus jr. on 10.28.09 at 6:17 pm

…There will never be a Flu or H1N1 pandemic in Vancouver.

…We are protected by the Salt Air from the Ocean.

Move west to Vancouver and live a long and healthy life.

Nostradamus jr.

#107 john m on 10.28.09 at 6:32 pm

“TSX drops triple digits on fears recovery is stalled “……..the winter “doldrums” are just starting and …….actually there really has not been any recovery–no increase in productivity…….just billions in bailouts and propaganda to convince the sheeple what a great job the government is doing…….im not buying it and never have….H1N1 could be the icing on the cake?……..H1N1 an epidemic or not …we are in trouble.

#108 RJD on 10.28.09 at 6:34 pm


You live in a very sad world.

#109 Alex on 10.28.09 at 7:00 pm

Peter Shiff explains RE :

#110 TJ on 10.28.09 at 7:01 pm

File this under ” We are all in this Together” –

It’s from John Mauldin. * USA is OUR BIGGEST MARKET.

There has never been a sustained inflationary period without wage inflation. Wages are basically flat and falling. With 9.8% unemployment, 7% underemployed (temporary), and another 3-4% off the radar screen because they are so discouraged they are not even looking for jobs, and thus are not counted as unemployed (who made up these rules?), it is hard to see how wage inflation is in our near future.

Think about this. Only a few years ago, less than 1 in 16 Americans was unemployed or underemployed. Today it is 1 in 5. That is a staggering, overwhelming statistic. Mind-numbing.

#111 Kurt on 10.28.09 at 7:05 pm

Extra! Extra! #105 NDJ plumbs new depths of self-parody! New standard for trolling declared!

#112 FORREST on 10.28.09 at 7:13 pm

H1N1 is a diversion away from what really “plagues” us……’t policy.

#113 Men With Hats on 10.28.09 at 7:23 pm

It is Carnival ! Ariba , ariba .
The last good idea Brazil had was not punishing people for public fornication during Carnivale .

#114 D from London, ON on 10.28.09 at 7:34 pm


– a good post. I agree with your reasoning and my family will be getting the H1N1 and seasonal shots as they become available, and for the same basic reasons you state.

I am very tired of the fighting between the groups of “skeptics” (which includes a broad range of people, from reasonable to just plain koo-koo) and the government and MSM who are loaded for Bear. It’s time to shit or get off the pot – either bare your arm or not and time will tell who was right (or maybe not, sometimes things are like that).


– I’m with you, dude. Somehow no matter how we all try to get ahead (no matter the generation) those in charge seem to get all the dough. I look forward to your post tomorrow.

#115 greyhound on 10.28.09 at 7:50 pm

Is Garth’s blog getting more popular? Lately there are routinely over a 100 comments on every one of his posts…

#116 kabloona on 10.28.09 at 8:57 pm

Okay, enough of the vaccination conspiracy theories – back to real estate. I thought these comments from the BOC Governor were quite intriguing:

Wed Oct 28, 7:02 PM
Julian Beltrame, The Canadian Press

OTTAWA – Bank of Canada governor Mark Carney has repeated his concern that Canadians may be getting in over their heads in the purchase of homes, saying the government has ways of slowing the market.

Carney told a Senate committee Wednesday afternoon that the central bank is conducting an analysis of whether Canadians are taking on too much debt, particularly in buying homes.

Canada’s housing market has rebounded more strongly than other parts of the economy with sales at times hitting record levels, although prices remain depressed from last year.

The central banker said “exceptionally low” mortgage rates are luring Canadians into taking on mortgage debt to purchase homes. Deputy governor Paul Jenkins said the effective variable rate is currently at 2.25 per cent, a post Second World War low…..

….Carney said he was speaking hypothetically, but added: “If this were to persist, there are other options. The housing market is subject to considerable regulation and policy influence.

“That would be the way to approach it.”

Carney expressed concern over the potential creation of a housing asset bubble last week, but Wednesday’s comments were the first in which he speculated what action policy makers might take.”

#117 Jonathan on 10.28.09 at 9:12 pm

Tomorrow is October 29… it’s the big crash day.. or at least it was in 1929.

TSX has fallen 600 points in the last four trading days. Canadian dollar down, US dollar rising. Watch the bond spreads. Stock market could be in the midst of a huge correction.

#118 HouseBuster on 10.28.09 at 9:19 pm

Ask Maudlin to visit Iceland and tell you what he finds regarding inflation.

Inflation is up because their currency fell not because wages went up.

#119 eddy on 10.28.09 at 9:48 pm

And who could forget Mel Lastman, talking SARS on CNN: “World Health Organization?, who are these people? I’ve never heard of them”

No flu shot for me after watching this video:

and a good Janet Tavakoli interview:

#120 Rob on 10.28.09 at 10:01 pm

I’ve just figured out how the game governments try to hide from us is being played. Denial does not give us a free pass to a fair and prosperous future . If society doesn’t even know its under constant attack from corrupt governments, how can they possibly make a better future for the next generation?

#121 Future Expatriate on 10.28.09 at 10:53 pm

#107 – And we all will be dying and escaping from a VERY sad world indeed.

Those who trust those they shouldn’t much sooner than others.

And so it has always been. One day it may change, but that day is yet far, far away.

#122 Soylent Green is People on 10.29.09 at 12:11 am

Unless you have a hepa filter mask, don’t bother with the throwaway kind you wrap around your ears. They are useless after twenty minutes of breathing your spit on them. When I see public health officials wearing them it makes me laugh. They know it’s useless too.

#123 amos811 on 10.29.09 at 7:56 am

I like #38, when will u post how to do it?

#124 Soylent Green is People on 10.29.09 at 9:05 am

Yesterday I complained to many media outlets about reporting a healthy 13 year old died last Monday in Toronto of H1N1 with no proof (the test would take at least five days after being sent to Winnipeg). Here’s one reply which is a fascinating look into MSM investigative techniques e.g. they don’t have any:

RE: H1N1 did not kill 13-year-old Toronto boy‏
From: [email protected]
Sent: October 29, 2009 4:13:15 AM
To: [email protected]

Dear Xxxxxx:

It’s possible you know more about these cases than the coroners who performed post mortem tests, but for the moment, respectfully, we have to go with the most reliable information we can obtain — and that would be from the health authorities who are directly involved with the cases.

From the Canadian Press:

“Public health officials confirmed that the sudden death of 13-year-old Evan Frustaglio was a direct result of swine flu. The Toronto teen, an avid hockey player with no known health conditions, was taken to a walk-in clinic Sunday and advised to take over-the-counter medications. He appeared to be recovering on Monday, but collapsed later in the day and died within 10 minutes. The family of a teenaged Toronto hockey player, who recently earned his assistant captain’s letter, says he died Monday from the H1N1 virus. Paul Frustaglio says the coroner’s office Monday night confirmed his son died of the virus.”

If and when the final confirmations indicate the deaths were from something other than H1N1, we will of course report that very prominently.


Steve Winogron
News Director
CHUM Radio


So now what I would like to know is, who controls / monies up The Canadian Press.

#125 TheBigLebowsky on 10.29.09 at 11:34 am

hey #107 the same group of people are advocating vaccines as are secretly doing this to us . It is sad, but unfortunatly true.

#126 Soylent Green is People on 10.29.09 at 1:07 pm

The Canadian Press says they got their information from a news release from Toronto Public Health; here’s the link / story.

I am surprised to find Toronto City Hall being in total control of a story published across North America verbatim with no questions asked causing panic re lining up for mercury flu shots.

Is this normal?

#127 Kash is King on 10.29.09 at 4:41 pm

Hi, my last post on this topic.

People, please do not base your final decision on whether or not to get the vaccination based on what I posted here. Please consult with your family doctor to arrive at your best decision.

#128 Samantha on 10.29.09 at 6:18 pm

#99 Daystar and #113 D from London, ON – Thank you. This is for you and anyone else that has commented on this posting by Garth.

Have you read Osler’s Web? I highly recommend that book for the history (and health authority politics) behind CFS.

What I contracted initially was definitely viral. My husband, who was not known to me at the time and lived on the West coast, also contracted the same virus.

We both experienced symptoms over the years, unaware that what we each chalked up to working too hard and repeated “flu” was actually CFS. The diagnosis finally came several years ago, long beyond the better prognosis of an early intervention according to the Specialist who diagnosed us.

The story of a virus and how it changed our lives doesn’t end there.

What I am about to write will give you and anyone else reading this an understanding of why I now get vaccinated for seasonal flu, and most recently H1N1 viruses.

They say lightening doesn’t strike twice. Fast forward to early 2000’s and my husband and I contracted another flu virus. That’s all we thought it was. Just a flu.

I won’t bore you with the blow by blow account of how it progressed from flu symptoms to other very painful and debilitating symptoms. But, I can tell you it was bad,

Onto the medical merry-go-round and we received the Fibromyalgia diagnosis first, then CFS diagnosis.

My symptoms progressed and the Drs. began to suspect MS. More tests. Growing list of symptoms: night sweats across a section of my back so severe that I could literally wring the moisture out of the sheets, paralysis, numbness, throat muscles don’t respond and can’t swallow saliva, and on. My husband followed with similar symptoms, but did not experience the paralysis in his legs or feet.

During the lumbar puncture, the Neurologist didn’t find MS. He did find I have positive monoclonal proteins (bands). There are several types of cancer that can develop depending on the Ig classification, Lymphoma for example. The type of monoclonal band I have is for Multiple Myeloma.

3% of the population over 80 years of age develop this condition. I’m just shy of 30 years under that demographic. So, it’s a bit early.

The reason I mention this, is that it is possible my situation evolved as a result of CFS (Osler’s Web explains the incidents of Lymphoma that evolved during the epidemic).

And, it is also possible that I have monoclonal bands because of a virus, possibly the last one I contracted that led to the Fibromyalgia diagnosis.

As it stands today, I get my blood run when there is bone pain and/or another specialist orders it and/or once a year. When my levels hit 10, then a bone marrow punch, staging, typing and whatever treatment is available to reduce pain and maybe give me a bit more time.

I was up to 6 last winter, but back to 4 again. The levels can fluctuate, but they won’t ever go away. The abnormal self cloning cancer cells are there.

And most recently, new immune deficiency on IGg subclass and my lymph glands on both side of the neck and thyroid show nodules which are being monitored. Any growth and biopsy. Fun, huh?

But the end of my nose doesn’t hurt. That’s a coping mechanism I use to laugh and keep going when the sword of Damocles becomes a bit oppressive.

My husband has started the night sweats and he has tremors and is waiting for another MRI. So far we know it’s not Parkinson’s.

So, I have wondered many times if we had gotten flu shots, maybe we might not have contracted those two viruses. Maybe it wouldn’t have made any difference.

I just hope by disclosing a bit of what myself and my husband experienced, that maybe people will reconsider how serious a virus can be, and of what it can trigger by it’s impact on your immune system.

If a vaccine is available, take it. A vaccine isn’t bullet proofing and not 100% effective, but it’s the best we’ve got right now. Hand washing alone won’t cut it. At work, you wash your hands and then touch something. Then what, wash again? hand sanitizer? gloves? (not sterile once you’ve touched something, same as masks.

Bacteria and viruses abound and some of them extract a heavy price.

Personally, if my health were different, and I had a healthy immune system, even one pumped up with Vitamin D3, I wouldn’t put it up against Ebola Marbug or HIV, and they are both viruses.

Hope this makes sense.

#129 Bottoms_Up on 10.29.09 at 6:38 pm

#118 eddy on 10.28.09 at 9:48 pm
Your video says 4,000 cases of Guillain-Barre syndrome after 40,000,000 Americans were vaccinated in the 1970’s.

That’s an incidence of 1 in 100,000, and therefore considered a ‘rare’ event.

What would the alternative be of not vaccinating 40,000,000 people against the flu? Sure, 4,000 people may not develop GB syndrome, but how many people would die? 10,000? 100,000? 1,000,000?

#130 TheBigLebowsky on 10.30.09 at 1:19 pm

thats not even taking into consideration the tens of thousands of adverse reactions to the vaccines and lower level neurological disorders popping up later in life. Vaccines are the biggest and most evil scam in the history of man. Until a person understands the big pharma creates these crisis so they can introduce their new drugs which create future problems.

#131 TheBigLebowsky on 10.31.09 at 11:23 pm

#57, don’t speak for most. I agree with his premise. Its people like you who refuse to wake up that is the problem > Do at least 5 minutes of research before you start attacking someone. You are a sheep and are exactly what the New world Order want us to be . Google New World Order, that will be a good place for you to start.