Sexy isodopes


Raitt & fated staffer share a cocktail in happier days.

This is not a political blog, nor do I wish it to become one.

Nonetheless, I spent most of my day fielding emails and calls from people who thought I might know Lisa Raitt better than them. Likely, I do, even though our encounters during the last campaign were restricted to all-candidates debates. My supporters also built a fat file of damning information on her tenure as head of Toronto’s federal waterfront agency. The local media was not interested in passing that on to the voters. So, they got her as their MP.

Now they also have a rep who sees the medical isotope crisis as a great chance to build her career in Ottawa. So, she called the issue – which is seeing cancer victims denied needed therapy –  ‘sexy”, one she was happy to “roll the dice” on and take credit for solving.

This is the callous, egocentric chatter you hear a lot of in Ottawa. Reputations are made or broken in the “managing” of  “files.” Ministers or high-profile MPs who get their spins across in the media or QP can rocket in status overnight, and it’s that political momentum which is more important than the people affected by the actual issues.

This focus on party, leader and personal career is a cancer all its own eating away at the public body. It was at the basis of the dispute I had with the prime minister, and which cost me my party affiliation, my colleagues and my job. I argued that I worked for the people and answered to them above all. Stephen Harper was unwavering in his belief I worked for him, and voters second. He demanded I relent. I did not. You know the rest.

Mrs. Raitt is a very ambitious, career-oriented person. It defines her, I would say. Aggression has made her sharp, judgmental, combative and condescending. Clearly she’s also smart, accomplished, telegenic and marketable. Her entrance into cabinet in a significant role, and her placement in the Commons in the camera’s eye behind the PM, show the influence she can exert.

Unlike me, she places party above all. She sees herself on a political ladder to the sky, and her minister’s position is inherently partisan, rather than as a job to serve the people whose government it is.

Until last week, she was being touted as a Harper successor – probably the ballsiest woman in a caucus already swimming in testosterone.

But, that’s gone. Leaving a secret briefing book in a TV studio was bad. Throwing her assistant under the bus was worse. Getting steamy about a crisis that could help her career, even while it devastated Canadian cancer patients was the mark of a person in politics for the wrong reason.

We have too many.


#1 john on 06.08.09 at 10:49 pm

This has nothing to do with real estate. Good technique to steer the frustrated bloggers away from you for a while…still waiting for this correction (15-30 oh I mean 15 oh I mean wait and see in 2 more years…whatever)

#2 TS on 06.08.09 at 10:51 pm

Hi Garth, the actions of Lisa Raitt are not surprising. They are typical of the Harper Conservatives…the pursuit of personal ambition is all that matters regardless of the costs to the Canadian public. I wonder if the voters in Halton are second guessing their choice in the last election…I certainly hope so.

We need you back in parliament! Please run again….we will once again donate to your campaign if you do!

#3 Luca/toronto on 06.08.09 at 10:52 pm

Seriously, in my book and I bet in most Canadians’ as well, HEALTH CARE comes before GOD to some or right after God to others. This is why we spend an enormous amount of OUR money on it. Thus anyone that plays with it, GOT TO GO. PERIOD.

If Harper wants to give her a shot for a better position, I’m sure he can find another place to put her. Nothing personal, just thinking about all those people in canadian hospitals waiting for cancer treatement.

#4 john m on 06.08.09 at 10:54 pm

Lisa Raitt obviously has a good education but has the common sense and accountability of an “air head”…but most of all she has shown the compassion quite typical of a harper recruit and fits in well with his flock of sheeple…..time to send them Baaaaaaaaaaaaack to pasture. The citizens of Canada deserve better.

#5 Nostradamus Jr's Analyst on 06.08.09 at 10:58 pm

>>>Mrs. Raitt is a very ambitious, career-oriented person.<<

That’s a polite way of saying she’s a nasty b***h.

You’ll get a small measure of revenge/pleasure in a week or two when she’s fired/resigns.
I’ll get mine when the whole damned conservative party goes up in flames.

These clowns are wrecking my beloved country.

#6 Charles T. on 06.08.09 at 11:08 pm

The Liberal leader is expert at criticizing the government while offering no views of his own

The Fog Of Iggy

#7 Charles T. on 06.08.09 at 11:11 pm

The following are excerpts from a speech given by Congressman Clifford Stearns in the U.S. House of Representatives on April 28, 2009.

I am a strong believer in free markets. And inherent in that economic model is that not every person or idea makes money. It is time for Wall Street to understand this unmistakable tenet and not rely on the Federal Reserve and the American taxpayer to continue to save them when their gambles accumulate into significant losses.

Many economists look to the past to predict economic futures; it is a tested way to learn from past mistakes and avoid making them in the future. Looking to the past, we discover that Henry Morganthau, FDR’s Treasury Secretary, gave this very important quote in May of 1939 during the Great Depression. He said, “We have tried spending money. We are spending more than we have ever spent before and it does not work. I have just one interest, and now if I am wrong, somebody else can have my job.
I want to see this country prosper. I want to see people get a job. I want to see people get enough to eat. We have never made good on our promises. I say, after 8 years of this administration, we have just as much unemployment as when we started, and enormous debt to boot.”

This current economic policy of bailout after bailout and colossal government spending is just plain wrong, Madam Speaker, and the American people know it.

#8 Frank Luongo on 06.08.09 at 11:12 pm

Hi Garth! I just knew you would be all over this as soon as it came out … I could actually even see the “smile” forming on your face as you wrote this article. And you know what … Good on you! After reading what she said on, (and if the allegations are true) she deserves all the ##$%@ coming her way! Thanks for keeping politicians accountable in this country and if nothing less, it keeps the focus off of real estate for just one day :-)

#9 Jake on 06.08.09 at 11:31 pm

I liked the wolf in sheep’s clothing from yesterday’s blog better Garth. All joking aside, politics sure can be silly sometimes…..errr…..most of the time. The childish behavior often seen in footage from the house of commons can be embarrassing. Travelers to our land must think that they have come across a strange Canadian version of the Jerry Springer show when they encounter Question Period on their hotel televisions. What a joke! The fact that this silliness is making the top headlines is also a joke. A Canadian Soldier died today, but before we find out about that, we have to hear about how some elected official said the isotope shortage was ‘sexy.’ The system is screwed up, that’s all I have to say.

#10 Happy Renter in North Van on 06.08.09 at 11:32 pm

Your belief that MPs are primarily responsible to constituents should have resonated with Harper’s Reformer Populist lineage… Ironic considering you came from the PC part of the Conservatives… Talk about role reversal… Goes to show how Harper was willing to give up all his principles to attain power.

#11 kc on 06.08.09 at 11:47 pm

RESIGN and hope you never need isotopes for maybe the minister handling the case has a good memory.

#12 Gord In Vancouver on 06.08.09 at 11:47 pm

But, that’s gone. Leaving a secret briefing book in a TV studio was bad. Throwing her assistant under the bus was worse. Getting steamy about a crisis that could help her career, even while it devastated Canadian cancer patients was the mark of person in politics for the wrong reason.

We have too many.

I could not agree more with your final paragraph.

Lisa has a ton of potential but it’s too bad that we’ll probably never see it play out in politics.

#13 timbo2 on 06.08.09 at 11:47 pm

I wonder how many more we don’t have tapes on ?

#14 spork on 06.08.09 at 11:53 pm

Harper is unCanadian. I don’t think he likes the West, the Center, the French or the East. He just likes POWER. You can see it by the way he carries himself. He would have made a great Nazi. Blindly following orders until the day he could blindly give orders. I am no fan of the NDP but at least Layton tears him a new one every once in a while.

BTW…I am from Calgary. Not all Calgarians like the megalomaniac who is in power.

#15 rory on 06.08.09 at 11:55 pm

Good words …is it is also a permanent fixture in our CEO’s…’nuff said.

#16 CTM on 06.08.09 at 11:59 pm

A repeat post, but I think it’s more valid here.

I’m not one who’s prone to righteous indignation, but;

With both my parents being cancer survivors who have undergone, and may yet need more, radiation based diagnosis and treatment, I can think of nothing less sexy than an isotope shortage.

All politics aside, the manner in which these two harpies cold bloodedly and “strategically” discussed this issue is deeply offensive on a basic human level.

Do these women not have a family member or friend who has been affected by cancer?

Lisa Raitt is right about one thing. She’ll get ALL the credit! “Wow!”

#17 Nostradamus jr. on 06.09.09 at 12:00 am

Garth, you’ve censured a few of my posts.

…Is that the Journalist or the Politician in you?

You deserved it. — Garth

#18 James Reinert on 06.09.09 at 12:03 am

The real problem with our system is you don’t really know anybody. Everyone is so carefully managed and kept from revealing their true nature. Even with all the “exposure” and negative impressions that come out of Harper no ordinary Canadian has a sense of who the guy is. That should be ringing alarm bells but it doesn’t. You wouldn’t let your daughter go out with some creep who sidesteps every direct question and pulls an Eddie Hascal whenever something looks bad. But for some reason people let this guy run the country?

#19 CTM on 06.09.09 at 12:03 am

Oh yea, I forgot, if you can stomach it, get back in the fight Garth!

But, I could see why you wouldn’t…

And hey, I’m from Calgary, fer-god-sakes!

#20 Nostradamus jr. on 06.09.09 at 12:08 am

1… /…2 Who da thunk it Garth?

Vancouver rated world’s #1 most liveable city…


Uber Guide rates Whistler #1 ski resort in either Europe or North America.

#21 wellwell on 06.09.09 at 12:14 am

I just listened to the tape and read the Chronicle Herald story. Raitt is a political disaster! I would never have believed that she might not only lose her seat, but help to bring down the Harper government. A day is a long time in politics.

#22 . . . fried eggs and spam . . . on 06.09.09 at 12:40 am

“. . . she places party above all. She sees herself on a political ladder to the sky, . . . she was being touted as a Harper successor . . .”

‘Was’ indicates past tense. A nice example of what goes around, comes back around and sometimes, by sheer lunacy or madness, costs one their reputation and job.

Stay outta politics, Garth. It’s a vicious game, that’s all.
A classic example of history repeating itself. —

“. . . The far right is rapidly gaining ground in Europe in this depression exactly like they did in the previous Great Depression. History is repeating itself, as usual.. . . .”

Interesting because now there are two left-wing superpowers — China and Russia — and they may be joined by Pakistan, India (which lends creedence to Harper’s view on keeping Cdn. forces in Af’stan ’til 2015), as well as a few others.

So the battle lines are quietly being drawn up. That’s why the next few years — irregardless of what the economy does — will be mighty nasty.
Top 10 US ideas which can be applied in this country. —

“Get out of debt – NOW. Revolving debt in particular is murderous. . . . Stop spending more than you make – in fact, do the opposite — start saving. NOW.”
A good reason to blow up AF 447? —
Whether China is #2 in arms spending is open to debate, as no one really knows. Except they have vlallilions of lolly to fritter away. —

#23 Devil's Advocate on 06.09.09 at 12:44 am

I am appalled and disgusted by the tyranny of those currently in power and the apathy of the voters who re-elected them. As a long time Conservative, once patriotic Canadian I today find it difficult to stand proud and not choke on the words of our National Anthem.

#24 Andrew on 06.09.09 at 1:00 am

Dec 2, 2008 Squidly77 said..

“here are 3 reasons why you should not buy
1..inventories are growing rapidly which means competition will increase which means lower prices

2..sales are not only down they have fallen off of a cliff

3..thousands of new homes remain vacant meaning the builders will have to lower prices”

squidly, how did you get it so wrong? Inventories have fallen to half of what they were last year. Sales are up big time. If you weren’t so blinded with your realtor-hating slurs you might actually see what’s really happening.

#25 Barb the proof reader on 06.09.09 at 1:05 am

“.. she’s … telegenic ..” –Garth

Telegenic?? My bumpy knees are more telegenic.

Although…. kids may want to emulate her, in a Grizelda kinda way.

#26 CTM on 06.09.09 at 1:10 am

Happier times:

Now that’s sexy!

#27 Nuclear Medicine Grunt on 06.09.09 at 1:24 am


Did she really say that? I’d like to see a link to same.

What a scandal. I’m sure this will be great comfort to all the patients with thyroid cancer who now can’t get radioactive iodine to treat their disease and now have only hope that they won’t slowly succumb to metastasis.

Sexy, isn’t it?

#28 Too Old Bob$ on 06.09.09 at 2:00 am

Throwing her assistant under the bus and then driving the bus over her is more like it. Sounds like a good tatic, I think I’ll try that some time if and when I screw up. Actually I have a little bit of heart, I’ll warn my junior workers first that I will do that to them if it ever happens.
An insult to all people with Cancer, inclusive to ones that have passed on.
Amazing how someones personality and repute can be exposed with a boo boo. How many others have the same concept……next!

#29 Munch on 06.09.09 at 2:01 am

Brilliant, Garth!


You HAVE to expand your horizons! I have said this before!

There are much BIGGER issues out there, waiting for a champion. Leave the petty politics behind you, and sink your teeth into some glabal issues.


Stop stuffing around now, and kick something big in the teeth!

Sincerely yours


#30 Tom from BC on 06.09.09 at 2:06 am

Mr. Turner, I realize and respect that this not a political blog, but as someone who’s had cancer & gone through radioactive imaging as part of my diagnosis I felt I had to comment. Anger, outrage, disgust and sadness are just some of the emotions I’ve had since reading Mrs. Raitt’s comments. The first three are obvious – as for the sadness – I’m just very saddened that this is what our elected officials have become. Your explanation of how too many of “our” politicians operate these days is very sad indeed. I wonder just how “sexy” Mrs. Raitt would find my scars – both physical & emotional?

Thanks for all your work. This site is truly an amazing source of information.

p.s. Feel free to keep this post off your RE blog – I just had to vent a wee bit.

#31 Derek Lipman on 06.09.09 at 2:28 am


Terrific post; your analysis of Raitt’s downward spiral reads like a cautionary tale for shameless self promoters. Voters may archive the egregious Raitt and Harper into political footnotes, but they must remember that relentless ambition transcends party lines.

#32 Mike B on 06.09.09 at 3:26 am

Two questions 1) Is that a wig on her head? 2)Did she used to sell Real Estate? She looks familiar. Sexy? Maybe after 6 beer…. maybe. She kinda reminds me of the wife of galactic trader, Harcourt Fenton Mudd from the original Star Trek. Shiver up my spine… Brrrr
In it for the wrong reasons? I have yet to meet one recently who do not have some agenda. Most are poly sci grads from U of T or B.A. Grads or lawyers with egos the size of Alberta… Kinda like Harpo (economist).

As for the economy… Flaherty has proclaimed Canada as being in a strong position to exit the recession shortly.. OK wasn’t he the guy who claimed we would not enter a recession and then have no deficit and then misjudge the deficit TWICE!!!! Now that’s a politician.

#33 Mike B on 06.09.09 at 3:38 am

Ohhh now I see…. “sexy” is how the minitress referred to the isotope issue. Wheww that’s a load off my mind.

#34 Bottoms_Up on 06.09.09 at 5:58 am

What a sick human being.

#35 Peter on 06.09.09 at 6:10 am

Coho, you do not read this blog any more? Busy? Missing your smart and mature comments…

#36 David Bakody on 06.09.09 at 6:14 am

We have too many. Indeed we do and the saddest of all points is they are brewing more daily. I have lost too many hours of sleep ( my own fault for reading and having an interest in things political) perhaps it is time to hang up my sword or at least return it to it’s scabbard. As mentioned this is not a political blog …. unfortunately all things are political even more so to-day, think about the $ Trillion (s) or so called stimulus/bailout/war money that has flowed out world wide …. the fluctuations in interest rates and even the kindness of those who are sharing … all have political overtones. In -visional words like: Friends, Romans, Countrymen lend me your ears set the stage for influence beyond belief. Our MSM is the artist brush used to paint any portrait a government in power wishes to construct and it now appears the die is cast of change to world order that can not be stopped. So those who have educated themselves via this blog and others best go with the flow for to fight the current may be fruitless at best.

Mr. Turner I must correct you wrt:

It was at the basis of the dispute I had with the prime minister, and which cost me my party affiliation, my colleagues and my job.

Sir: The PC P of C was destroyed by Peter MacKay via the David Orchard Incident …..from that moment Reform had full control and will have 100% control once when the last PC member is replaced. MP/Ministers and even the PM’s come and go but those back room boys live forever so have no regrets. …..a small simple home bought and paid for full of love is worth 100x the speculation of wealth.

Pay down debt and save wisely while you enjoy each and everyday …..

#37 wjp on 06.09.09 at 6:21 am

Present company excepted…the majority of politicians, regardless of party affiliation could be described in a like manner…to go back to my mantra prior to the last election…we need a government of independent MPs in Canada and throw the party system on the scrap heap!
The system is inherently corrupt.

#38 Linda Pearson on 06.09.09 at 6:26 am

Ms. Raitt sounds more than a little condescending and patronizing, full of herself and her own capabilities. So far, she has managed to display an appalling tendancy t0 shoot off her mouth about issues far too important to be left to someone with her shocking lack of common sense. Health Minister Aglukkaq brings a wealth of qualities from her experience as a Territorial Member that Raitt would do well to cultivate in herself. Today, when Raitt looks in the mirror, she should adopt an expression of humility even if she has to fake it. If, at the end of the day, she still holds her cabinet position I’ll be surprised and even more disappointed in Stephen Harper than usual.

#39 Repatriated Expat on 06.09.09 at 7:11 am

I was browsing the reuters website yesterday and noticed that they filed an article on Lisa Raitt and the isotope issue under an “Oddly Enough” heading.

Usually reserved for weird and offbeat stories from around the world (like cloned animals with phosphorescence or record holding hot dog eaters).

I thought that was a strange category for the article, but actually, perhaps it should be filed under “tragedy”.

#40 john m on 06.09.09 at 7:30 am

Baird dismisses Toronto’s infrastructure funding plea with profanity
The Canadian Press and 680News staff Whistler, B.C. | Tuesday, June 9th, 2009 7:11 am

Whistler, B.C. – Toronto officials were profanely dismissed by federal Transport Minister John Baird during an unguarded conversation about bids for stimulus money.

The Toronto Star reported that the city’s only application for money under the federal government’s $4-billion infrastructure stimulus fund was met with profanity by Baird.

He told aides Toronto stood alone in not meeting the technical criteria for federal cash, yet was complaining about Ottawa dragging its feet.

The newspaper heard Baird say Toronto was the only municipality not to meet requirements, saying the city was “b— at us.” The Star said he then added: “They should f– off. ………………..time to get rid of this moron also!

#41 North of Upper Middle on 06.09.09 at 8:10 am

Gary Zemlak, the former provincial Liberal candidate, tried to sell me a Liberal membership in Milton the other day. He said Garth Turner was among those running for the nomination.
So is the rumour true, are you running for the federal nomination in Halton, or provincial, or none of the above?

Don’t believe everything a guy trying to sell you something says. — Garth

#42 ally ally oxycontin free on 06.09.09 at 8:11 am

New theme song for the Harper’s Bizarre government

Various photographic / ‘toony’ representations of the Bali betrayer!

Now he covers for Canada’s ‘Sexy’ Natural Resources Minister…

Three BUOYS searching for a ‘pier group’ at a remote location.

#43 Basil Fawlty on 06.09.09 at 8:12 am

The belief that politicians are responsible to their constituents is rather long in the tooth. In the case of the conservatives/alliance/reform party for example, the MPs are responsible to Steven Harper, who takes his marching orders from the large banks and multinational corporations. We do not live in a democracy it is a corptocracy. Corporations fund the main parties and “he who pays the piper, calls the tune”. The mainstream media perpetuates the democratic myth as they are also funded or controlled by corporate money. They present no real alternative, other then conservative or liberal to us the sheeple. It’s a sham! Wake up and think for yourselves.

#44 TS on 06.09.09 at 8:13 am

#6 Charles T. on 06.08.09 at 11:08 pm

Since Harper has never had an original idea of his own in his life, Ignatieff is wise to keep potential election platform ideas close to his chest… there’s less for Harper to try and steal. The Conservatives are morally and intellectually bankrupt. The sooner they are turfed from office the better off Canada will be.

#45 Kris on 06.09.09 at 8:26 am

Does Mrs Raitt own or rent?

#46 ally ally oxycontin free on 06.09.09 at 8:27 am

Lisa Raitt “rolling the dice” …

#47 Happyplace on 06.09.09 at 8:29 am

Having just gone through both parents undergoing chemotherapy and radiation at the same time, and more testing for myself, I will be happy to see Lisa Raitt’s career go down in flames.

#48 Nostradamus jr. on 06.09.09 at 8:30 am

#17 Nostradamus jr.

>> Garth, you’ve censured a few of my posts.

…Is that the Journalist or the Politician in you?<<

“”You deserved it. — Garth””

…So if this is now also a political blog, why can’t we discuss “Canadian Immigration Policies”…those posts of mine you have censured previously?

I believe the last thing Ontario needs (and Canada for that matter) are an influx of large, uneducated, and unskilled immigrant families.

…Chrysler/US Supreme Court may yet still disable the Ontario’s CAW/Auto Bailout and turn Toronto into the next Detroit.


…You are a visionary as to Ontario future and the bunkers citizens need to own in order to protect themselves.

…Next time you visit Vancouver, spend a day or two on the North Shore….and hopefully, BC won’t see its citizens build those same bunkers.

…good luck to all Canadians in these turbulent times…

#49 Cash is King on 06.09.09 at 8:38 am

I’m sorry, but I thought the reason why people ran for Provincial or Federal office is for the power, and the unlimited potential it can bring?

The “I’m running for the people crowd” are the newbies running at the city level or local police, water, parks board.

The backbenchers are hoping for their Ministers to fail, The Minister’s are hoping for the key Minister’s to fail, the key Minister’s are hoping for the PM to drop dead of a heart attack that will lead to the election convention.

Minister’s want a major issue to happen on their watch. Their handling of the issue will determine their future in politics. Get it right, move on up. Get it wrong, get lost in backbencher waste land.

The only surprise with Ms. Raitt is that she was dumb enough to place her comments on tape and even dumber to lose the tape.

#50 PTDBD on 06.09.09 at 8:52 am

Morning thoughts as I crunch my cereal and read the Web Globe and Mail.

shhhhh…we must be quiet, comments have been disabled
don’t disturb the ruling carnivores
observe them in their natural element
calculate their bloodied expense sheets
where tax money is provided
for only the finest cuts

they gobbletoxic runoff
to regurgitate it to your children’s future
they crunch your bones
to fertilize their greed

radiation leaks from their pores
they use your cancer as a stepping stone

to them, it’s all sexy

#51 Signal Loss on 06.09.09 at 9:03 am

“Don’t believe everything a guy trying to sell you something says. — Garth”

Nice deflection. Actually I do believe you’ve had it with politics: it’s too damaging for too little gain, personal and otherwise. Better to write a blog and take the bike out to the bunker on weekends. (note: no sarcasm intended here).

#52 Herb on 06.09.09 at 9:11 am

Politics creates the conditions for economic activity. It also should be the guarantor of the common good. We now have the economic cart pulling the political horse, and the common good is irrelevant.

You are knowledgeable about both economics and the common good. Digital democracy needs its Byron, and we need you back in politics, Garth.

#53 Halton on 06.09.09 at 9:14 am

Dear Friend and Neighbour,
And this is what Lisa said on her blog.
“I want to thank all of you who voted for me and for a renewed mandate for Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the Conservative Party of Canada. I want to assure all who live in Halton, that I will do my best to meet the challenges of our rapidly growing community”

A statement about Isotope shortage effects several hundred residents in Halton.
“.We the residents of Halton would like Ms.Raitt to Resign today June 9 th before noon”.
Your actions over the last few weeks do not represent the people of Halton.
Sorry you scewed up not once ,but more than 3 times “Your History” This is the best thing for Halton.
Crash and Burn today.

Good Bye.

#54 alberta ed on 06.09.09 at 9:15 am

We now have a clear idea of what Ms. Raitt’s values are.

#55 Just a Carpenter on 06.09.09 at 9:22 am

“I am a strong believer in free markets. And inherent in that economic model is that not every person or idea makes money.”

…something this generation of speculators had to learn the hard way!

Watching the RE market here in the Okanagan we are still a long ways from any recovery and there is a lot of talk about the loss of jobs. But it is not all bad. Let me shed a bit of light…

remember all the comments of the lazy dope smokin construction workers? No longer are we forced to put up with them, good riddance! Hope we never get back to where we are forced to reward someone just because they are breathing and figured out which end of the hammer to hold.

No matter what the statistics tell you, daily experience reminds me that there is still a shortage of fully trained and qualified tradespersons.

Times are tough and those who relied on making money without actually working are in for a long dry spell, but for those with a marketable skill, life goes on.

#56 PJB in Sydenham on 06.09.09 at 9:22 am

I am sure there are tonnes of tapes with tonnes of politicians talking candidly as if they did not know they were being taped. As soon as one gets cocky (pardon the pun), they pull out the tapes..

#57 rory on 06.09.09 at 9:23 am

People….hello!!! …bashing Cons is not the approach needed …it is ‘the system’ that is breeding this behavior as it is rewarded at the highest levels, your just not supposed to get caught.

If you think the Libs and the NDP do not have ‘players’ in their midst you must be heavily into the kool-aid.

Focus on real change …keep the big picture in view – accountability, responsibility, duty, service …IMO.

#58 Pierre on 06.09.09 at 9:31 am

Dear Mrs Raitt,

My wife was diagnosed with breast cancer September 2007. We waited for her MRI because Chalk River was down and the supply of Isotopes was low.

Do you know what it means to wait for a final diagnostic?

Do you know what it means to have to tell your 10-year-old daugther that her mother has breast cancer?

Do you know what it means to get a phone call from your physician that confirms the diagnostic?

Do you know what it means to lose half your salary?

Do you know what it means for a family to struggle with finances, food and shelter?

Do you know what a woman’s breast looks after a lumpectomy and masectomy?

Do you know what it means to lose your hair?

Do you know how much time you spend waiting for meetings with doctors?

Do you know what it means to get chimotherapy, radiation and 5 years of tamoxifen?

Do you know what accelerated menopause is?

Do you know how to get by on 3 to 4 hours of sleep for 2 years?


I have so many more questions to ask you but I am too busy taking care of my daugther and my wife to meet with you BUT…

please can you find it in your heart to help solve the isotope crisis while so many women are waiting for a diagnostic and treatment?

Thank you for thinking of all the people who have cancer.

– Pierre
P.S. My wife is in remission today and she’s on her 4th month of taking tamoxifen.

#59 Rhino on 06.09.09 at 9:31 am

Well, folks, while I agree that our politicians need to get back to serving the people, the thing that comes most to my mind is “HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?”

I have to put the greatest responsibility on the MSM. After all, they are the ones responsible for pushing the persona, and not allowing the “real people” to get their voices heard. The sheeple who believe them are chumps being played by political masters.

This is the main reason I was drawn to our blog-meister, Garth. Finally, a politician wanting to get around the MSM by appealing directly to the people, and giving us peons an opportunity. It has been quite successful, though, unfortunately, we are the “informed” – not the sheeple.

Those of you who perpetually lament the garbage happening in Ottawa, and criticise the politicians, MUST SHARE THE BLAME – unless, you are prepared to speak out and even begin to inform the MSM that their actions are ruining our country.

After all, the “politicians” know that the smoke and mirrors are what is presented to the MSM, so up go the fronts. Reality is boring compared to the glitz and glamour. Maybe you should let them know you are tired of the editorialising of news, and want reporting, not bias.

Perhaps, if every one of us, kept up an email campaign to “our representatives(??!!)” in government, critiquing what they are doing, questioning the actions and decisions being made, maybe we can begin slow change. It is NOT a case of supportive notes to our preferred party – rather the contrary. Write to the people in power, saying we do not believe their words, are watching them carefully, and will spread the word at the grassroots leve. We CAN effect change.

But, it seems, so many here, and elsewhere, would rather pontificate than take action. They would rather support the blarney from the mouths of manipulators, or criticise, than question actions.

We have at our hands, a medium that is powerful. Let’s use it.

YOU are the ones responsible, and YOU have the politicians YOU deserve. It is YOUR FAULT!

Stop blaming others; take action.

#60 Bill-Muskoka (NAM) on 06.09.09 at 9:37 am

Clearly she’s also smart, accomplished, telegenic and marketable. Her entrance into cabinet in a significant role, and her placement in the Commons in the camera’s eye behind the PM, show the influence she can exert.

Garth, I strongly challenge that opinion. Lisa Raitt is NOT intelligent. She may be power hungry, arrogant, and devious, but an intelligent person looks forward to what consequences their actions may bring.

As to her being alledged a ‘looker’, a TV image to enhance the (DELETED)

The entire situation is beyond the pale. This government must be cast out like the trash it is. BUT as reported, Ignatieff is taking his orders from the Candian Council of Chief Executives, not the people.

Then we have John Baird, as is to be expected from his usual Bully persona, telling Toronto to ‘F**k off!’.

Canada has been thrown on the scrap heap under Harper, and there is no one to rescue her from herself. The people are Sheeple, and the future is dimmer than Dim Jim. I am no longer proud of my country, because it has become a cesspool of arrogance and corruption.

PMJC may have been arrogant, and indeed he was, but Canada was CANADA under both he and Paul Martin.

This current crop of miscreants are beyond disgusting. I cannot even think of a strong enough word or term to describe them.

#61 Soylent Green is People on 06.09.09 at 9:41 am

First off, I think Lisa Raitt’s real crime against humanity is having children and not being around to raise them. This women has small children, two boys. Who do you think is raising them? Strangers are… who will bring them up to be as cold and shallow as Lisa is herself.

Way to go, I guess motherhood is not very ‘sexy’.

If you don’t want to raise children, fine, then don’t have any you moron.


“You see, Jasmine is the daughter of Ralston MacDonnell.

Who is Ralston MacDonnell?

Well, let me tell you.

Ralston MacDonnell is Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors of the ISIS Canada Network of Centers of Excellence. He is President of MacDonnell Group Consulting Ltd., a group of engineering and management consulting companies with a track record of support for leading technology development and fostering economic growth in Canada. In other words, Ralston MacDonnell is connected.”

And, the kicker, the epitome of un-sexiness:

How nice to spend your time running around ordering pizza while your sons are doing exactly what?


#62 Bill-Muskoka (NAM) on 06.09.09 at 9:45 am

#43 Basil Fawlty

No, we live in a Hegemony. This hegemony is based on extreme ideologies (as most are) and Harper is one of the last purporters of such on this planet.

The Online dictionary is more succinct in defining the term ” The predominant influence, as of a state, region, or group, over another or others.

This NOT a democracy, nor the democratic process.

#63 60ish on 06.09.09 at 9:49 am

It seems there is a lesson here for politicians re choosing their personal aides. The 26 year old Jasmine MacDonnell was a walking disaster-zone for Mrs. Raitt. MacDonnell apparently ‘accidentally’ recorded the conversation in Vancouver, and then somehow let it fall into the hands of a reporter.

And speaking of aids, I hope Esther is doing well these days. I miss her occasional notes to your blog.

#64 Kelowna Bound on 06.09.09 at 10:04 am

Although I find much of what Raitt said, including the ‘sexy’ comment to be extremely distasteful showing just how self centred she is, it was a different part of the tape that really bothered me. It was the part where she demonstrated utter incredulity that a conservative back bencher would introduce a private members bill demanding mandatory minimum sentences for child trafficking. Not because it was bad idea, not because it was something her constituents didn’t want but because the PMO was in charge or the law and order platform and this would be a career limiting move to move in on his territory. That says more to me about her blind allegiance to party over principle than anything else on that tape.

#65 Andrew on 06.09.09 at 10:14 am

Nostradamus Jr your comments are a breath of fresh air on this blog of doom and gloom. Garth is having his feet held to the fire and he doesn’t like it, so he deletes your comments to make him feel that he still has some control. I’ve been a victim of his killer mouse too.

And that will continue so long as you have a man crush on me. — Garth

#66 hagbard on 06.09.09 at 10:17 am

Its the nature of the beast. Can’t wait for it to all come down.

#67 Rob H. on 06.09.09 at 10:25 am

Sorry Garth.. all I could hear was..

..blah, blah, blah..
..sour grapes..
..couldn’t keep my mouth shut so PM turfed me..
..ran for Liberals, got my butt kicked..
..bitter and angry, so wrote a book..

..I’m not a political blogger.. no, really.. I just talk about real estate.. and how the sky is falling because that evil Stephen Harper is ruining the economy.

(Ignore recent economic commentary regarding how Harper’s comments regaring Canada’s “last in/first out” of the recession appears t o be coming true.)

Gee, those comments are a surprise, coming from the president of the Lethbridge Conservative riding association. — Garth

#68 Andrew on 06.09.09 at 10:25 am

Lisa Raitt’s inappropriate words are coming back to haunt her. Garth, it’s odd that you would take such great pleasure in this because many of your predictions have proven to be impulsive and wrong. The difference is, you can delete the comments which reveal your “indiscretions.”

I take no pleasure in this. It’s sad. — Garth

#69 Evangeline on 06.09.09 at 10:29 am

((the pursuit of personal ambition is all that matters regardless of the costs to the Canadian public.))

I believe that is true of ALL politicians … what you see is never what really is

Garth, don’t go back into politics. Canada needs more sharp, high profile political pundits to wake up the sheeple. You can do that better from the outside of politics than from within. Plus you get to save your soul. If you wade back in — and remain honest — you will again have problems cuz ‘honest politician’ is an oxymoron.

#70 tjmikey on 06.09.09 at 10:34 am

Harper has some trouble in the political food chain.

Yet ANOTHER reason that I don’t bother to vote federally and I don’t trust ANY level of politician.

Nothing personal Garth.

#71 Evangeline on 06.09.09 at 10:43 am

((I am appalled and disgusted by the tyranny of those currently in power and the apathy of the voters who re-elected them.))

I am more apalled and disgusted by the voters. It is they who are to blame for whatever reason, be it ignorance, apathy, laziness or foolishness.

#72 Bogdan on 06.09.09 at 10:45 am

She definitely used her sexy neuron(s) when she said that. I think she’s dead from any future election point of view. Just imagine how much fun one can make on her “sexy” ideas :-)

Great job Garth! You are having the qualities a true leader, just that the society right now is based on propaganda, greed and stupidity. Thank you for your excellent advices!

#73 RJ on 06.09.09 at 10:50 am

People like her will destroy the loonie. Look what they did to Uncle Buck stateside. Everyone be as selfish as possible for the magical benefit of the commons.

#74 Bill-Muskoka (NAM) on 06.09.09 at 10:53 am

#67 Rob H.

You’ve been OUTED! LMAO!

#75 Bill-Muskoka (NAM) on 06.09.09 at 10:55 am

#64 Kelowna Bound


#76 Nostradamus jr. on 06.09.09 at 11:05 am

# 58 Pierre

The drug Provenge from Dendreon is the new Immunotherapy on the block…it is not a chemical poison chemotherapy.

It has just proven itself in its 2nd Ph 3 trial for prostate cancer and its next objective are Breast Cancer patients.


It is very possible US and Canadian politicians knew the bailouts would not fly past the U.S. Supreme Court…the best way out for Obama and Harper.

“See, we tried to bail out the auto workers but the law courts said no…so sorry”

Ontario will not do well if this happens folks.

You will need a strong Provincial Politician who will stand up to the CAW….Garth is your man.

#77 Mike on 06.09.09 at 11:12 am

Hey Garth changed the pict so now my posting earlier today make no sense… the stodgy woman with giant mole and hair extensions was waaaay better.

#78 Rhino on 06.09.09 at 11:22 am

#70 tjmikey on 06.09.09 at 10:34 am

You are part of the problem. Not voting fixes nothing.

Stop bitching and start acting.

Canada will only become what YOU make it.

#79 victoria reader on 06.09.09 at 11:25 am

I dont understand how people can support Raitt she obviously stands for everything that is wrong with our leaders. Unless of course they have a special interest. Everyone who reads this blog knew Garth would say something about Raitt, he only just ran against her in an election.

#80 Tom Jeffries on 06.09.09 at 11:30 am

Marie Antionette – ” let them eat cake”….

About the same regard for Canadians and their growing struggle to make ends meet, as the Court of the “Sun King”.

*Ever see a pair of colder more menacing, hooded eyes than Stephen Harper?

Harper reminds me of the kid that would do anything to become a Hall monitor at school.

Take a long look at this pathetic band of losers and then your heart will sink when you realize our “Political Class” (*sorry Garth) want nothing more than to advance their agenda.

That agenda is: make money, make more money.

This, in a Country where 1/5 kids lives in poverty.

Here in Vancouver – we just spent nearly a BILLION Dollars on a new “Convention Centre”, and less than 4 blocks away, people are dying in droves because of the world’s highest incidence of HEP C, and drug abuse and violence. The disgusting cesspool matches any of the World’s worst slums.

I find it disturbing that ONLY during election time do the Candidates mouth the same old line “We will eliminate poverty”….and what they really mean is = AFTER I GET AS MUCH POWER AND MONEY AS I CAN, and the citizens be damned.

When are we going to wake up?

#81 lemontory on 06.09.09 at 11:36 am

Some time back I ran a blog writing about various issues and on one post I talked about how much I disliked Harper vis-a-vis his position on childcare. This was approximately 3-4 years ago. Shortly after this post, an anonymous commenter wrote that I was inciting hate. My exact words were “I hate Harper”.

I discontinued blogging due to other commitments but every now and then, I would continue to get a comment about that post from some anonymous person accusing me of “hate”. Three guesses as to who and where these commenters might be coming from.

I said it before, and I’ll say it again. I hate Harper. There – you can chase after me for another 3 or 4 years.


#82 ralph on 06.09.09 at 11:39 am

today’s headline in Fortune 500:

“The next great crisis: America’s debt
At this rate, your share of the load will be $155,000 in a decade. How chronic deficits are putting the country on a path to fiscal collapse.”

So no matter what the gang the couldn’t shoot straight in Ottawa would have us believe; we are not out of the woods yet. This will affect Canada in a big way.

Note to the conservative party:

If you find yourself getting deeper in hole, stop digging.

#83 tjmikey on 06.09.09 at 12:01 pm

#78 Rhino,

Obviously you don’t understand the system, or, your an Easterner.

1) Regardless of the election promise…it is broken.

2) Due to simple population math, we in the west have zero political power.

3) Regardless of the region that generates a politician, the polititician will ALWAYS sway his or her political views to satisfy the voting power based on population density.

An example is Harper, who comes from the west and was supported with big western voting numbers.

Now that he’s in power he will do anything to stay in power, meaning that he has to turn his back on the west to please the ease so they will help him gain a majority.

I would love to tell you that my vote makes a difference…do the math…it doesn’t.

So, why bother?

#84 Bill-Muskoka (NAM) on 06.09.09 at 12:06 pm

A New Poll indicates that CPC politicans have now achieved their public recognition goal…that of being the most distrusted, abhored, and disgusting lot in our society.

Congrats to the drug dealers, pimps, pedophiles, lawyers, white collar criminals and others who have occupied the BOTTOM of the Trust List! Did I mention RE agents? You’ve all been raised in stature.

I guess now we know where the REAL BOTTOM of the current situation (Gene Pool, Gutter, Cesspool, Sewer) is?

#85 Casey from Calgary on 06.09.09 at 12:08 pm


It’s all about government officials and politicians constantly trying to maximize their own gains: … more pay, more power, more promotions, more election wins, at al. You may want to share following with your readers. It will require, oh, abouth three hours of “well waisted time” to wtch it all.

The Trap: What Happened to Our Dream of Freedom
Episode 1:
Episode 2:
Episode 3:

… enjoy!


#86 Herb on 06.09.09 at 12:12 pm

“… those comments are a surprise, coming from the president of the Lethbridge Conservative riding association. — Garth” (at #67)

Indeed! Not just that, Rob H. has dug deeply and discovered that the source of Raitt’s evils, Jasmine McDonnell, is the daughter of a connected Liberal, thus uncovering the Liberal plot to take “emberrass [sic] the Conservative Party of Canada”!

And again the CPC has reduced Canadian politics to the essential – for it. Let’s have a “Federal Garbage Day” and take out the trash.

#87 Got A Watch on 06.09.09 at 12:28 pm

Far be it for me to defend John Baird, who I find an objectionable idiot, but anyone who tells David Miller (Communist Mayor of Toronto) to **** *** is worth a back pat at least. Thumb’s up!

Apparently, the reason Toronto’s application to buy new streetcars was rejected (the only 1 out of 2,700 apps submitted) was that the vast majority of any jobs created would be about 100 in Ontario, and hundreds in some other country. Both the bidders, Siemens and Bombardier, would actually manufacture the product somewhere else (Bombardier in Mexico) then ship them to Ontario for “final assembly”, thus creating the absolute minimum number of jobs in Canada as they could.

Both bids fell seem to have fallen afoul of the “Buy Canadian” policy by paying only token lip-service to it, according to one discussion I heard on the radio here.

So John Baird was correct to reject Toronto’s application. He should just have been more polite, like “Go jump off the Island Airport Bridge”.

Far be it from me to defend the Harpooners overall. This federal Government is a pathetic disgrace, and the same fate as befell Kim Campbell will happen to the richly deserving Harper. If he wasn’t such an ego-centric jerk, most of his problems would not be the big problems they are.

Don’t get fooled again. If Harper ever did anything right in his life, it must have been by sheer accident. Yes, I hate the man, and his Party. My Dad was a Party official, and I should be a loyal Conservative, but the whole Party disgusts me. Voting for them again is out of the question, and if that means Iggy for PM, so be it.

#88 Kelly McMae on 06.09.09 at 12:33 pm

Yep, talking politics most days is akin to debating religion. Duplicate desired effect by banging head against brick wall repeatedly, then continue until unconscious or vehemently righteous.

#89 VOODOO on 06.09.09 at 12:34 pm

“We’re in a full-scale recession in B.C.,” said Jock Finlayson, executive vice-president of the Business Council of British Columbia. “Getting out of it is going to depend on when the global economy, and the U.S. economy, bottom out, and how things look after that.”

#90 Skeeter in Calgary on 06.09.09 at 12:34 pm

What I would really like to know is why a fired staffer would go to court to protect her former boss and how (with no income) she can still afford to hire expensive lawyers. I would make a wager that within a year she’ll be sitting on some plum patronage appointment. And yes, Mister Harper you “did have a choice”.

#91 john on 06.09.09 at 12:41 pm


Why don’t you explain why you exclude blog entries which are not offensive…this is wrong!!!

Suck it up. — Garth

#92 Garth Vader on 06.09.09 at 12:53 pm

“…Next time you visit Vancouver, spend a day or two on the North Shore….”

Garth, if you do decide to visit North Vancouver please take my advice

Please avoid either of the North Shore bridges or upper level highway during rush hour (6:30 – 10am & 3 – 7pm weekdays and all day Saturday and Sunday).

Do not try to visit, leave or go anywhere in or around North Vancouver if there is even the rumor of an accident on any of the above mentioned routes as there will be absolute gridlock, this happens at least twice a week.

Avoid the “bad” areas of North Vancouver like central Lonsdale for example due to a spate of recent robberies involving gangs, knives and guns.

If you must drive try to keep your eyes on the road and don’t be distracted by the insane amount of signs absolutely everywhere instructing people what they are or are not allowed to do.

If you are a pedestrian take extreme care due to motorists ignoring all above mentioned signs due to signage overload. I am not kidding about the signs!

Bring money – and lots of it… oh and an umbrella is a necessity. It can be sunny everywhere else in the Lower Mainland and raining here.

If you rent a car make sure it is a Monster SUV so you fit in with the locals, oh and make your own rules, after all you are bigger than the average car visiting from elsewhere in the Lower Mainland.

Don’t let people see you shopping at WalMart.

Oh and you better like Sushi as it is trendy and everywhere.

North Vancouver is nice, it is my home but it has its share of problems too, just like everywhere.

Michel de Nostredame was one of, if not the most respected prophetess’s of the last 5 centuries, you my friend (and possible neighbor) should be ashamed to use his good name for peddling your rubbish… in fact I have to say you are a complete fool, maybe the greatest one!

Thank you Garth for moderating the crap this idiot posts, in fact do us all a favor and just don’t approve any of it.

#93 Samantha on 06.09.09 at 12:54 pm

If Ms Raitt considers this issue “sexy”, then I shudder to think what she might consider “funny”.

Resign, Ms Raitt, and as penance for a very foolish and appallingly ignorant remark: go take a Palliative care course and devote volunteer hours in a ward dedicated to people who are dying. Perhaps the education and experience might help you redefine what you consider “sexy”.

This remark is for my Dad who died of cancer in six, short, terrible weeks. I would not wish the experience on anyone Ms Raitt – not even you.

#94 Don on 06.09.09 at 12:57 pm

john: #1 @ 10:49 pm ?

Gosh golly “john”, could you be more obvious? Y’all worked till 10:49 pm just to insult Garth. Hope they pay you overtime.

#95 Garth Vader on 06.09.09 at 12:58 pm

Right back to Real Estate!

this story sums the whole sorry mess up.

“We were spending as if there was no tomorrow, particularly on property. We thought we had found the answer to everlasting economic growth and that answer was to build lots and lots of houses – and sell them to one another.

Everybody was fuelling the boom.

The government gave tax breaks for building, renting and buying houses”

#96 My_View on 06.09.09 at 1:16 pm

So what, another election coming, what a waste of money, how many elections has that been in the last 5 years? How about the provincial Liberal scandal? The opposition is making a big deal of everything besides the economy, the opposition is tring to steer people into BS because they cant call the Con’s on the economy.

#97 Bill-Muskoka (NAM) on 06.09.09 at 1:16 pm

For those who may not have gotten the ORIGINAL story? Here it is Raitt ‘ready to roll dice’ on ‘sexy’ isotope crisis from The Chronicle-Herald that broke it.

#98 Bill-Muskoka (NAM) on 06.09.09 at 1:21 pm

#83 tjmikey

Well, it seems Iggy is being more pleasin’ than Harper to Stelmach’s desires.

Stelmach Tories praise Ignatieff over Harper: Leaked memo reveals Alberta rift with Ottawa

#99 Bill-Muskoka (NAM) on 06.09.09 at 1:27 pm

So John Baird was correct to reject Toronto’s application. He should just have been more polite, like “Go jump off the Island Airport Bridge”.

#87 Got A Watch

No, Baird, if he were anything other than a self-effacing moron, would have done what a gentleman and real leader would have done, which is to say ‘We have found the application from the City of Toronto did not conform to the requirements and we have advised them to please resubmit their application. We look forward to reviewing the ammended application as soon as possiblt that we will be able to work together in accordance with the legal provisions set forth.

That is what a true leader would have done. But then we know that Baird is NOT a leader, just like his Boss Caesar Disgustus, and the rest of the CPC kiddies posing as our government.

#100 Barb the proof reader on 06.09.09 at 1:29 pm

#36 David, do you watch Bill Moyers on PBS Friday night. Although it’s not MSM, it is nationally broadcast television and you’ll find inspiring straight-talkers. It gives me hope every time I watch his show.
Each Moyers episode reminds me there ARE very brilliant, hard-working, inspiring humans, willing to fight the good fight, no matter the consequences, and will not stop fighting for truth, goodness and fairness. No wonder the Republicans and Harper want to get rid of public television. It’s just great to ‘see & hear’ responsible citizens, while finding out about their work. I watched last Friday, and the week before, all great shows. You can replay them anytime on the PBS website when you need a jolt of reassurance.

#101 wjp on 06.09.09 at 1:32 pm

Stimulus Results in the U.S.?

#102 Barb the proof reader on 06.09.09 at 1:41 pm

Bill Muskoka NAM, we just happened to catch the Comedy Channels Colbert Report after Jon Stewart. You might enjoy this one. Stephen Colbert goes into training in Iraq, and unwillingly but, due to special orders, is forced to have his coiffure sh-sh-sheared! It’ll be on the comedy network website now, clips of it hit news shows.

#103 mattbg on 06.09.09 at 1:41 pm

It’s sad that Harper’s diverted so far from his original message. I think “small government during a recession” would play pretty well right now… but there is no way to get back there from here.

#104 Nostradamus jr. on 06.09.09 at 1:42 pm

Western Canada’s time will come.

…If GM/Chrysler bail outs fall apart…Ontario becomes a welfare state.

Will Western Canada support a third welfare state region? (Atlantic Canada, Quebec and now Ontario)

…As an original Ontarian but now a +twenty year BC citizen, I say NO…I say it would be time to break up Canada.

Even Garth admits National Politics in Canada does not work.

Canada’s Breakup is inevitable, imo.

#105 . . . fried eggs and spam . . . on 06.09.09 at 1:57 pm

Received a joke, which could be turned into reality very quickly, except that it requires common sense and obviously, the vast majority of MPs don’t have that quality. See what you think.
It all sounds reasonable. No hiring them back as consultants for double the salary either!

Dear Prime Minister Harper and Team,

Please find below my suggestion for fixing Canada’s economy.

Instead of giving billions of dollars to banks and car companies, that will squander the money on lavish parties and unearned bonuses, use the following plan:

There are about 14 million people over 50 in the work force. Pay them $2 million apiece severance for early retirement with the following stipulations:

1) They MUST retire. Fourteen million job openings — Unemployment fixed.

2) They MUST buy a new Canadian CAR. Fourteen million cars ordered — Auto Industry fixed.

3) They MUST either buy a house or pay off their mortgage — Housing Crisis fixed.

4) They must send their kids to trade school / college / university — Crime rate fixed.

5) Buy $50 of alcohol / tobacco / gas a week; there’s your money back in duties / taxes, etc.

Suggestions are free. It can’t get any easier than that!

Yours sincerely, etc., etc., etc.

P.S. If more money is needed, have all members of parliament pay back their falsely claimed expenses and second home allowances.

If you think this would work, please forward to everyone you know. If not, please disregard.
If there is any spare change left over, here are two ways to increase retirement. BTW, I still prefer silver bullion. /\ /\
Keeping with the link I posted yesterday, about paying off debts, mortgages ASAP and saving as quickly as possible (see above), this — — The whole deck of cards is falling in upon us, yet ‘most no one even realizes it.
Guess who worked side by side with Hank Paulson at Goldman Sachs? Mark Carney. Who is benefiting the most from these bailouts? Goldman Sachs.

It is easy to connect the dots between the two, and the downfall of the economies. —

I highly doubt the Demdumbcrats are any different from the other bunch of hosers, so unless we take action for ouselves, we’re all screwed. —

#106 PTDBD on 06.09.09 at 2:07 pm

“What the hell is wrong with these people Mr Speaker?”, he asked.

the rhetorical question went unanswered
for Mr Speaker had no ears
and the Minister in Charge had no solution
although she was working “very hard”
for Parliament had no leadership
and Canadians had no help
as it ever was.

#107 hobbygirl on 06.09.09 at 2:12 pm

Raitt is nothing more than a snake in the grass, I get depressed when I hear about such self centredness.

#108 Stephen Smith on 06.09.09 at 2:15 pm

Lisa Raitt’s email:

Perhaps she needs to hear from all the people who have either had cancer or had a loved one suffer from it. I just shet her an email on behalf of my wife and my mother.

[email protected]

#109 PTDBD on 06.09.09 at 2:22 pm

Way back in 2007, they were “working very hard” to “get the job done”, yes, on this issue…

Garth had a very humorous cartoon at the top with Homer as Harper’s nuclear safety adviser. None of it is very funny though, nor is it “sexy”. At the time, I was incredulous that there was no Plan B in case of shutdown.

#110 dd on 06.09.09 at 2:34 pm

#48 Nostradamus jr. on 06.09.09 at 8:30 am #17 Nostradamus jr.

1/…So if this is now also a political blog, why can’t we discuss “Canadian Immigration Policies”…

Nost … Canadians standard of living is going to go down the tubes. In 20 years there will be more people retiring and less people working. How do you suppose we solve this problem?

Lets open up the boarders to Mexico and Central America. We need a young population to bring in a greater tax base.

#111 smw on 06.09.09 at 2:37 pm

#104 Nostradamus jr.


When do YOU leave Canada?

#112 tjmikey on 06.09.09 at 2:58 pm

#98 Bill

Yeah, until he’s elected.

Believe me, he’ll forget about the whole thing.

#113 Barb the proof reader on 06.09.09 at 3:03 pm

Addendum to #102:

Colbert (kohl-BEAR’) is taping 4 shows in Iraq airing Monday thru Thursday. Highlights:

-Colbert announcing “we must officially declare we won the Iraq war since no one is talking about it”
-Telling a soldier who earned a college degree while serving that he is the only 2009 graduate with a job
-An appearance from John McCain, who reminds the soldiers to clean their muskets

watch episodes

Garth, just thought people could use a little humour :) And kudos to you for setting aside time on your RE blog to help Canadians look at these Raitt / Baird types and how they operate. After all it’s their garbage that negatively affects Canadians in every area including real estate.

#114 David on 06.09.09 at 3:12 pm

Thoughtful and introspective Burkean conservatism has a long and honourable tradition in Canada, until about 30 years ago. Empty bubble heads like Raitt and her ilk are a disgrace to this great and wonderful nation. Enjoy your M&M martoonis and pizza Harperites, it is probably a lot more fun than I had watching my sister die of liver cancer 5 years ago. People who trivialise human suffering most likely have a gene missing. Narcissistic careerism is all that counts when the last vestiges of public life are drained of content.

#115 jess on 06.09.09 at 3:17 pm

shameful … and i would also add the auto workers with the asbestos related cancers…do you think the car companies are dumping this on sick people didn’t mr. buffet own an asbestos mine? Maybe those prize winning kids from B.C. whom drafted a bill to ban this material will accomplish more than the adults.

#116 smw on 06.09.09 at 3:23 pm

#110 dd

Can’t we just extract credit from our ever increasing HELOCs for the next 20 – 30 years to cover discrepensy of future taxes?

#117 Bill-Muskoka (NAM) on 06.09.09 at 3:43 pm

#102 Barb the proof reader

Thanks. I was already aware of Stephen getting the
‘close shave’ and recorded the show last night. I especially liked that President Obama appeared via sat link to urge the General to ‘Cut that man’s hair!’ LOL

I will watch it early this evening. I prefer to get to bed at a reasonable hour and our DVR sure makes life simpler than struggling about the channels.

I stopped watching Colbert, but saw a news item in U.S. A. Today on his visit to Iraq. I have the DVR set to record him this week ONLY! Jon Stewart always is recorded. The best news show on TV IMHO.

Weather here is cold (12 C as a high today)and wet. Where is SUMMER? :-(

BTW, I see Baird has ‘apologized’ to T.O. Mayor! A mature man would not have needed to because he would have engaged his brain before opening his mouth. ;-)

Layton, on the other hand, said exactly what should have been said. His question has needed asking for several years.

#118 Uptown on 06.09.09 at 3:46 pm

LOL, I read that as fatted staffer, then saw the pic! Treadmill —> this way.

#119 Bill-Muskoka (NAM) on 06.09.09 at 3:50 pm

#112 tjmikey

Oh? Do you know someone elgible to fill the position that would actually do that? I can’t think of anyone myself. ;-)

They all could be a threesome in the sequel to ‘Dumb and Dumber, and Dumbest’; ‘The Three Amigos’; ‘The Good (forget that one), The Bad, (all three), and The Ugly (take you pick, eh?)’; or ‘The Three Muskytears.’

#120 Bill-Muskoka (NAM) on 06.09.09 at 3:51 pm

#111 smw

Should have been about 500 years ago, eh? ;-)

#121 Bill-Muskoka (NAM) on 06.09.09 at 3:52 pm

#108 Stephen Smith

Probably a waste of time as she does not have an Aide at the moment to read it to her.

#122 David Bakody on 06.09.09 at 3:59 pm

#99 Bill-Muskoka (NAM) on 06.09.09 at 1:27 pm

Would this be the one once called “Loud Mouth Baird” who is now rumoured to be after Harper’s job? He may be now a notch higher as “Sexy Lisa” has dropped to the bottom.

#123 Phil on 06.09.09 at 4:02 pm

PLEEEEZ…..Quit the politics.

#124 POL-CAN on 06.09.09 at 4:02 pm

Mortgage rates raised again today. Second time in a week….

#125 dave99 on 06.09.09 at 4:08 pm

#105 Fried Eggs,

Brilliant. And it only costs $28 trillion!

#126 Live Within Your Means on 06.09.09 at 4:21 pm

Thank goodness I don’t have to have another bone scan or need those isotopes for my ongoing treatment. When I heard the tape I was totally disgusted by comments expressed by Raitt. She’s more concerned with her political mileage than those who will do without diagnostic and ongoing treatment. Stevie’s govt. fired the nuclear watchdog because she was a Liberal. It was considered a national crisis back in ’07 but not now. And now Stevie has the temerity to accuse the op parties of cheap politics. How’s about Harpie spending million of $ trying to denigrate Ignatieff with those not very effective ads.

#127 The Tallyman on 06.09.09 at 4:23 pm

Mr. Speaker…

How many sheep does it take to knit Stephen a sweater.

#128 jess on 06.09.09 at 4:29 pm

the next wave,8599,1901718,00.html

#129 Rob H. on 06.09.09 at 4:32 pm

Oh. I’ve been “outed”. No great feat, seeing as my name, profession, age and an acknoweldgment of the fact that I’m a constituency President of the Alberta PC party is on the front of my blog :)

Oh – and btw, two blogs earlier, I strongly attack the passage of Bill 15, so, the implication that I’m a kool-aid drinking Tory is perhaps off-base, my opinion of why the PM is pressing the bill being – “here’s the thing.. polls are neck and neck, boyo.. and gosh darn, but putting the bad guys in jail is a great way to solidify your base and get the vote out.”

Just calling them as I see ’em..

#130 GB on 06.09.09 at 4:50 pm

100% correct Garth. This lady should be ashamed. But I doubt she is….more concerned for her own career.


#131 Bonnie N BC on 06.09.09 at 5:19 pm

Thanks for the post Garth

Just when I think I understand the Conservative strategy they exclude an apology from Ms. Raitt for her remarks.

It not only makes them look mean but absolutely out of touch with the electorate.

Is it just me or does the Cabinet always seem to go rogue when the PM is outside the country?

Anyway, I guess it’s back to real estate.

#132 Comrade Okie on 06.09.09 at 5:31 pm

Real Estate someone mentioned. Meh…. only money.

Money doesn’t buy you a soul.

Nor did voting for Lisa Rait.

I guess my instincts were pretty much on the mark once again, re Ms. Rait.

Maybe I should start a ‘ligion, and swing some virtual sword. Seemed to have worked for that George guy who is now playing WWF bad guy with Billy Bob, what’s the definition of it, Clinton.

All the world is a stage.

#133 Barb the proof reader on 06.09.09 at 5:59 pm

#117 Bill-Muskoka (NAM),
I agree on all counts. I caught the Layton clip, good for him, it came across very effectively.
Bairdy-boo will eventually fully crash & burn. Logic dictates it’s just a matter of time before all these Harperites self-destruct.

A chilly 14 here.. I put earmuffs & mittens on to cycle 1.5 miles. Wimp.

#134 GG on 06.09.09 at 6:34 pm

And this hypocrite, egotistic bimbo is going to decide the fate of of Canada’s nuclear industry and its 60 thousand plus jobs.

This is getting very scary.

#135 Dan in Victoria on 06.09.09 at 6:37 pm

Who in the hell does she think she is?I could care less about all the politicians and their back stabbing,squabbling,and grandstanding.I look down on them with utter contempt.Do what you will to each other.But you have crossed the line when you start scheming and playing around with the lives of average canadians,this is real life,affecting honest and decent canadians, not some game or political exercise.Is this what we have come too?Is this what our elected fellow canadians think is right?Is this what people voted for?Look inside,Ask yourself.

#136 . . . fried eggs and spam . . . on 06.09.09 at 7:22 pm

Remember “Population Control”, by about 1/2 to 2/3 thruout the globe? — — Comment from

“Bloody good time to have a major war, then, eh what?”
Compare all these (almost) simultaneous reports today, from different parts of the world and then figure it out — from June ’09 forward and for a good few years to come, things are heading south.

None of these include Eddie Bauer going under, Lloyds job cuts are 4,500, BoE extending QE, British Airways cutting 2,000 cabin crew and the swing toward the right- and far-right with the European elections. /\ /\ /\ /\ /\ /\

Comment from “There will be no liquidity without manufacturing and manufacturing jobs.

“The Capitol Market boys see the world only in terms of a confident public willing to borrow to spend, and that is just not going to happen after the battering working people are taking right now.

“No jobs, no recovery. It is indeed just that simple.”
To be used in conjunction with the phoney and fake Pig / Bird / Human flu combo, a chart from 2500 BC to 2040 AD re: Climate Change. —

BTW, where DID all those rambunctious Sunspots go? /\ “We are NOT amused!” — His Lowliness Queen Al Bore

#137 . . . fried eggs and spam . . . on 06.09.09 at 7:31 pm

#125 dave99 at 4:08 pm — “Brilliant. And it only costs $28 trillion!”

The best part? Mexico pays the whole schmozzle!

#138 john m on 06.09.09 at 7:55 pm

OH I CAN HARDLY WAIT TILL THIS IS RELEASED :-)…air head has made some more comments…….Last night the Canadian Press was reporting that another segment of the recording would soon be made public in which Raitt takes aim at Environment Minister Jim Prentice for “pandering to the oil sands.”

#139 Herb on 06.09.09 at 8:00 pm

Rob H. @129,

calling them as you see them is the way to go. Calling them on the basis of party lines is not.

If you agree that seeing everything in the light of partisan utility is a dead end and the last thing we need in Canada, perhaps you would use your good offices in the CPC to work towards stopping this Manichean nonsense, and to get back to politics as the art of the possible in the pursuit of the common good.

#140 john m on 06.09.09 at 8:08 pm

Something that has become quite apparent to me and i am curious if anyone else has noticed…it seems the Harper government is trying to create bad feelings between the east and west……..john Baird’s comments yesterday…toronto can f–k off (while in Whistler BC ),flaherty’s comments about investing anywhere but Ontario….there are many more examples……..For decades our politicians have worked to make our country united..a Canada for one and all………. This should not be tolerated! Do we have a seperatist movement within our government?

#141 Bottoms_Up on 06.09.09 at 8:33 pm

#48 Nostradamus jr:
“I believe the last thing Ontario needs (and Canada for that matter) are an influx of large, uneducated, and unskilled immigrant families.”
Ok, let me ask you this: how did YOU get to this wonderful country of ours? Did YOU just sprout up from the ground? I can tell you I’m here because my Irish decendants (largely unskilled) came here in the 1830’s.

Also–Canada’s birth rate is 1.6, far below the 2.1 needed to sustain a population. Thus, we either need to supplement with immigration, or significantly stimulate the birth rate.

Thirdly, I know many 1st and 2nd generation Canadians, and they are largely educated (and rich–actually, as a requirement of entering Canada one must show they have enough money to live for a few months). We are talking about people that were MD’s in China, engineers, Ph.D.’s etc.

So I don’t know what planet you’re from, but I do know your comments are unwashed.

Remember, you heard it here first.

#142 eddy on 06.09.09 at 9:04 pm

Baird is an idiot and and should be removed, not for telling Miller to F…off, but for making Miller look like the good guy!!! Miller and Dolt On e-Guilty are just tax junkies

#143 Mike B on 06.09.09 at 9:05 pm

Great to see PolCan back on the blog refocussing back to RE … Glad to see mrtg rates going up … hopefully it will put a halt to the toronto madness. We are in the same boat PC so email me if you are so inclined.

#144 David on 06.09.09 at 9:30 pm

We are often informed by our leaders that we do not have enough women in politics. Here we have Raitt a very intelligent woman who is handling herself very well by the way under the barrage of attacks she has suffered the last few days.

Did she make a mistake. Of course she did. But this is not a good reason to give up her job. She is handling this crisis over the cancer treatment very well. There is no other solution other than what she has offered.

If anyone should lose their job it is Caplin here in Ontario. He was the Minister in the Loto gate and got moved after the Premier stated he had confidence in his ability. Guess what he was moved to health. Under his watch this portfolio is being mismanaged. The Premier has great confidence in this minister. it pays to have a mother who was a federal minister.

There are more important issues than to haunt someone over a comment they may have made. Let get on with running the country.

You obviously do not have cancer. Or care. — Garth

#145 AppleCrunch on 06.09.09 at 10:05 pm

You know what? I can’t stand the sight of her… she needs to go… NOW!

I don’t want her as my MP let alone Prime Minister!!!


#146 MenWithHats on 06.09.09 at 10:15 pm

We are often informed by our leaders that we do not have enough women in politics. Here we have Raitt a very intelligent woman who is handling herself very well by the way under the barrage of attacks she has suffered the last few days.


Mickey Mouse is good as his job too .
In this menagerie of morons it is not difficult to stand out .
Raitt was showing her wit . Or at least half of it .

#147 Soylent Green is People on 06.09.09 at 10:57 pm

har har she doesn’t have an aide to read it to her, that makes me laugh. Who’s going to listen to her whine about her useless husband now ha ha ah

I’m a huge big fan of Colbert, HUGE FAN! Love him dearly.

For me, best t.v. ever:


According to the folks at Brooks, the label (often worn by Colbert) designed a one-of-a-kind, made-to-measure camouflage-patterned suit based on its Madison style suit in “Army digicamo” material. The jacket’s body is lined in tan, its sleeves are lined with a cream-and-green-striped fabric, and it’s paired with coordinating flat-front trousers.

#148 Benita on 06.09.09 at 11:08 pm

Raitt’s comments make her appear to be uncaring and without a soul.

I am not a fan of Lisa Raitt, but I have to wonder if
her Aide Jasmine MacDonnell could really be so incompetent…not just once but several times.

#149 Barb the proof reader on 06.10.09 at 12:50 am

Several of my aunts and uncles died of cancer. In their memory, I’d like to see Raitt fired now that there’s proof of her disrespect for Canadians.

#150 GTA001 on 06.10.09 at 1:18 am


Ms Lisa Rait’s comment about the nuclear isotope issue clearly shows that either she is very stupid or totally incompetent. If the best nuclear engineering minds at AECL could not solve the technical problems of the MAPLE-1 and MAPLE-2 isotope reactors (built in May 2000) , how in the world would “throwing more money” at it solve the problem?

The briefing document that CTV recovered indicated that the both the Chretien Liberal and and PMSH Conservative governments spent $1.7 billion over the last 8 years in a futile attempt to maintain the aging NRU and get both MAPLE reactors to be operational and meet safety standards!

If this idiot fool of a woman had bothered to read the briefing notes that she left at CTV, it would have dawned on her that the NRU (built in 1957) has a history of leaks and ongoing power loses over its 40 year history. The reactor will have to be shut down for at least 3 months and who knows how much it will cost to fix it. Ms Rait DOES NOT understand that AECL is OUT of options since the replacement MAPLE-1&2 reactors are not active and probably will never be operational.

So “throwing money” at the isotope problem is political speak for fixing the NRU so it can produce the nuclear materials for the medical industry, at least until the next leak or power loss. This allows the PMSH Conservative government to spin the repairs as “solving the problem” in time for the next election even though there are not putting forward any long term plans for the reactor at Chalk River.

If this is her way of solving the problem in the ministerial portfolio and moving up in the Cabinet and maybe the next leader of the party if PMSH stepped down, the comment by Dirty Harry (played by Clint Eastwood in a police drama movie ) that “your a legend in your own mind” to a criminal is an appropriate description of the 5 hour recording by her former communications coordinator.

It becomes very clear that her blind ambition exceeds her intelligence. Ms Rait is not interested in serving the residents of Halton and the people of Canada during a serious medical crisis,but furthering her political career. Fortunately, the supposed unwitting action of her former assistant, destroyed the career of a mean spirited , back stabbing and self centered MP!

#151 Liz on 06.10.09 at 5:33 am

Did you see Harper in France? Holding his arms behind his back like old pics of Mussolini. The guy is a dolt. Uncultured no matter how many times he leaves the country on the taxpayer dime.

Run against Radioactive Raitt again.

#152 Samantha on 06.10.09 at 5:54 am

#144 David on 06.09.09 at 9:30 pm

Quote: “We are often informed by our leaders that we do not have enough women in politics.”

Quality trumps quantity regardless of gender. Also, I don’t need my “leaders” to inform me. I can think for myself.

Quote: “Here we have Raitt a very intelligent woman who is handling herself very well by the way under the barrage of attacks she has suffered the last few days.”

Your assessment of Raitt as “a very intelligent woman” is not supported by the very unintelligent comments recently brought before the public. Further, “the barrage of attacks she has suffered” are the direct result of her own commentary. Her suffering is by no means comparable to the suffering of people whose lives have been touched by cancer.

Quote: “Did she make a mistake. Of course she did. But this is not a good reason to give up her job.”

Oh yes, but it is a good reason to “give up her job”. Actually, in the real world, we call it “getting fired when you screw up.” People do make mistakes and sometimes those mistakes are of such a serious nature that the price they pay is to forfeit their job.

Quote: “There are more important issues than to haunt someone over a comment they may have made. Let get on with running the country.”

No one is haunting her over her comment. I believe the correct phrase would be “holding her accountable”.

And yes, by all means let us get on with running the country. The public reaction is evidence of what happens when the citizens of this Country remember who really holds the power. We do. Our votes take politicians in or out. They work for us. Screw up – make that one foolish, critical error and the public will deliver it’s performance appraisal, and one way or the other, a “pink slip.”

#153 Bill-Muskoka (NAM) on 06.10.09 at 8:24 am

#152 Samantha

As Nova Scotia just taught to the CPC and Liberals. Ontario will get its chance and there will be Hell to pay for their actions.

#154 Bill-Muskoka (NAM) on 06.10.09 at 8:36 am

#133 Barb the proof reader

Watched the Monday episode of Colbert report. The real Star was President Obama. He was hilarious with a totally straight face, especially to line about his Big ears. The troops LOVED it!

Imagine Harper trying to be funny? Steve could never humble himself enough to make fun of his Big anything!

Oh wait, the only thing Steve is Big about is his ego, waistline, and snoz! Remember the Snoz Ads from the PMPM election? Good grief, even Jon Stewart picked up on that one.

#155 Samantha on 06.10.09 at 11:15 am

#153 Bill

Indeed. The last paragraph of the following quotation extracted from a CBC article (link follows) is another fine example of poor political performance:

“Liberal Leader Stephen McNeil was skeptical of Dexter’s promise to balance the budget.

“There isn’t a single leader in the province of Nova Scotia that can guarantee Nova Scotians they’ll have a balanced budget next year,” said McNeil.

“If they’re doing that, they’re misleading Nova Scotians because they don’t know the facts. No one knows how deep a deficit we’re in. No one.””

#156 Samantha on 06.10.09 at 11:25 am

For anyone wanting more information regarding the medical isotope issue, here are some links to the CBC program “The Current” where this issue was profiled on several occasions (one dating back to 2004). Well worth the listen.

You can find the other episodes on this issue by searching the CBC website using “Isotopes” as the search word.

Incidentally, Raitt is interviewed in the 2008 program.

#157 Soylent Green is People on 06.10.09 at 11:35 am

blahha ha ha ha

Radioactive Raitt

Best caption for photo:

“Speak directly into the martini, Minister.”

#158 Soylent Green is People on 06.10.09 at 1:16 pm

“It’s clear that these remarks have been interpreted that way. So I want to offer a clear apology to anyone who has been offended by what I’ve said.”

Isn’t saying “I’m sorry you feel that way” just another way of saying I’m not sorry?


#159 Greg W., Oakville on 06.10.09 at 2:15 pm

Hi Garth, Beyond ‘sexy’. Were might isotopes come from as soon and safely as possible.

Could the recenty close down research reactor at Hamilton’s McMaster University be ramped up again, and used to make medical isotopes to help meet demand for them???

My understanding is the Maple reactors were actually close to being useable before the guy Harper hired decided to close the maple project down. I believe one of the ‘backup’ shutdown control system had an issue that need to be figured out before the reactor could be commitioned. There were also a few of the normal ramp up testing to be completed. Maybe the reactor are closer to being finished and usable that we have been lead to beieve by the harper Government?

Could the maple reactors project again be looked at as a future source of medical isotopes? It may be quicker than biulding new reactors and cheaper than trying to repair the old NRU at Chalk river that has a leak somewear deep inside the core.?
Since money to throw at the issue doesn’t seen to be the issue, a relook at the maples could be of some use.

The closing down of the new maple reactors new build project has in part lead to this medical isotope shortage, as well as has lead to a law suit against the Governmnet by a private company that had a contract to recieve the isotopes for resale.

Maybe my info/understanding of the issues with the maples is not quit right? Having some so-called nuclear reactor experts, with the understanding that ‘money isn’t an issue’ should look at the maples agian.

Could the new reactor biuld that ontario is considering, hopefully the new ACR-1000 or the up dated CANDU-6 could also be inhansed to make medical isotopes?

#160 Bill-Muskoka (NAM) on 06.10.09 at 2:45 pm

#155 Samantha

Oh Golly Gee! I shall change my opinion immediately whereas you have found a quote from a Liberal leader!

I suppose that works with the group you adhere to? Not moi!

I suppose you would also have us believe that an opposing party spokeperson would say ‘Oh, YES! I think Dexter will do what we cannot!’?

Come the next election the Cons and Libs have cooked their own goose by, try to grasp this, THEIR ACTIONS!

I look forward to seeing a forward looking representation in Parliament and our legislature. That will be made up of the NDP, Greens, and Independents.

#161 Bill-Muskoka (NAM) on 06.10.09 at 2:53 pm

#158 Soylent Green is People

Makes me wonder if her make-up, er, Image Consultant, was handy with the glycerine?

Now, perhaps a brain transplant will help her to think before she opens who ignorant mouth publically or privately? I doubt it. She would probaly get Abi Normal’s brain. WAIT! She already has that one. I suspect it is the same one cloned in the CRAP’s Death Star’s enviro vats. The ones with the Blue Kool-Aide. A mandaTory issue for all Steve’s caucus members.

Obviously, there are three types of Harperites.

1. Those who can learn by reading (There are?)

2. The few who can learn by observation.

3. The rest have to pee on the electric fence.

At least they have helped the economy in one instance. Johnny Baird now is the Poster Child for the new Man-Girdle

#162 Samantha on 06.10.09 at 4:01 pm

#160 Bill- Umm…I think we have a miscommunication.

The portion of the article I highlighted with italics didn’t take when I posted it here. The part I was trying to highlight is as follows:

“If they’re doing that, they’re misleading Nova Scotians because they don’t know the facts. No one knows how deep a deficit we’re in. No one.””

In a non-partisan sense, I was trying to illustrate the foolishness of that statement. “No one knows how deep a deficit we’re in. No one”. Good heavens, these people are accountable to the public and if they choose a life of politics, it is there doggone responsibility to know. If they don’t know how deep our deficit is, then we have waaaay bigger problems than I think.

Hope this clarifies my previous post.

#163 Herb on 06.10.09 at 4:35 pm

I did not enjoy Radioactive Raitt’s meltdown at her news conference (on There seems to be some persona confusion between Stoneface Dolly and Weeping Nell.

It would have been better if she had remembered her next of kin in Question Period and apologized in the House for what she said, not for what some people might have thought she said.

The Minister really is in need of a good Director of Communications, if not a non-partisan conscience.

#164 Bill-Muskoka (NAM) on 06.10.09 at 6:00 pm

#162 Samantha

Clarification accepted. Thank you. Ontario experienced the same thing under Flaherty who left the incoming government with a $6 billion (5.6 by the MSM) deficit. Dim Jim counted on the sale of Ontario Hydro to balance the province’s books. Didn’t happen. Now we have a healthcare tax under McGuilty. Dim Jim didn’t know according to the MSM. He still is without a clue.

I have a friend who has worked in the Provincial government for decades and the story about Rae Days was not the reduced hours, but rather, they claim, that Rae took the money and hired more union workers with it.

The CUPE is so strong now that firing someone is almost impossible. My friend lives with that reality daily as management.

Regardless, the Rae Days were not only a good idea and solution, but are being copied by many now. Comes dfown to the hard choice between still getting a paycheck, or none at all.

As a small business person I can readily relate to such an approach. There are good times and bad times, and if one is flexible in their thinking they will make it through the bad times. If not, then they will go out of business, or hurt a lot of people who have counted on their management skills.

#165 Samantha on 06.10.09 at 8:19 pm

#164 Bill – I agree with the reduced hours. A friend in his 50’s has just accepted reduced hours in order to keep working. It’s better than losing a job and no paycheck at all.

Your post reminded me of the Japanese business practice where in good times employees were rewarded, but in tough times, everyone took a voluntary cut in wages or whatever might be necessary and worked as a team to pull the company out of trouble.

It’s a nice concept because it is extended mutually between employer and employee. I think this practice also demonstrates dedication, loyalty and pride in a job well done.

Your mention of flexible thinking brought to mind an article I read many years ago. The article stated that flexibility and adaptability to changing conditions would be important attributes/assets for people in the work force. Flexible thinking helps one think outside the box during times of difficulty.

Musing a bit about employer/employees – back in the day when I hired people, I always valued attitude over “book learning” or prior job history. It was my privilege to take young, green, inexperienced people with great attitudes and train them. Their positive, can-do attitudes made my job easy, and I will always remember them fondly.

#166 Bill-Muskoka (NAM) on 06.10.09 at 10:02 pm

Musing a bit about employer/employees – back in the day when I hired people, I always valued attitude over “book learning” or prior job history. It was my privilege to take young, green, inexperienced people with great attitudes and train them. Their positive, can-do attitudes made my job easy, and I will always remember them fondly.

#165 Samantha

Human talent is a precious commodity that always deserves respect. I remember the first employee I ever hired. He was a recovered drug addict, was honest, and the best, most reliable employee I ever had. He was also the last to have to go when they Federal Reserve destroyed the American economy back in the early ’80s’.

He stuck with me, and I with he and his family to the very end. In fact, I made sure he got paid even when I did not.

Having worked with the highest educated (PhD’s) people over the course of my life I can totally agree that formal education is not the criteria. Rather it is merely a tool, that depending upon the content of character of the individual may, or may not be a true asset in their job performance.

Some people are all ‘book learning’ and others know how to do critical thinking to actually solve a problem. They also are not so proud as to not ask for guidance.

I truly appreciate your time in replying and look forward to us sharing in the future. You seem to have your mind set firmly in reality. I suspect a lot of experience got you to that point? I know it has been my muse for a long time.

Good night.

#167 Soylent Green is People on 06.11.09 at 12:32 am

Re #163 Herb on 06.10.09 at 4:35 pm – WELL SAID!!

By the way, I just watched her little press conference and I am loathe to admit I laughed a tiny bit here and there through it, that’s how little sincerity I got from it.

Also, I noticed she never actually said the words: “I’m sorry.”


To get this much protection from the P.M., especially for a women, doesn’t she HAVE to be sleeping with Harper or doing something weird with him behind closed doors? He def. looks like a sub who needs a good whipping every now and then…

Just saying…

#168 Bill-Muskoka (NAM) on 06.11.09 at 7:56 am

He def. looks like a sub who needs a good whipping every now and then…

#167 Soylent Green is People

Wouldn’t that be an interesting disclosure?

Personalities like Harper always have a very dark shadow side. I have seldom seen anyone who’s eyes tell me to WATCH OUT as much as Harper!

There is a coldness present that indicates, at least to me, serious psychological dysfunctionality. The MSM, of course, only sees money, power, suits, and appearance.

#169 Soylent Green is People on 06.11.09 at 8:47 am

Bill Cottage, I agree, Harper’s cold shark eyes creep me out every single time. I can see the pressure getting to him, he sends a quick sext to Lisa saying: it’s time, get your rubber mallet out of storage and meet you at your taxpayers paid for it condo where conveniently your husband and kids are not living there.

BTW, I’m all for women in politics although it doesn’t strike me women are interested in playing those types of games at all, women are more generally practical and get-the-job done type of personality in my opinion and politics is a lot of ass sucking and brown nosing which frankly, we have too much laundry to do to have time for that.

But, if women are in politics, I would prefer them to have no kids or older kids who can take more care of themselves i.e. Hilary Clinton. Women with small children who play very time consuming pol game will pay for it one day alone in the nursing home b/c their kids are too busy with their own career and never learned any different from their parents on how to treat your so-called loved ones.

Final note: Lisa sure fell apart on the stand when the chips were down. Not very executive of her, sort of a career limiting move. Didn’t Harper tell her “cry you die.” This is not the sort of person who can handle a crisis with zero grace under pressure.

Off with her head please. What she did at the Port Authority is disgusting. No regard for tax payer’s money.

#170 Soylent Green is People on 06.13.09 at 1:22 pm

She took the time to dye her hair (blond being too sexy?) before starting to sob…

From the Star:

While she appeared conflicted about her apology, Raitt seemed calculating in other ways.

Every politician uses image as a tool (or tries to). After the tape story surfaced, Raitt darkened her hair from strawberry blonde to a deeper brownish red and chose a little white jacket with ribbon belt and piping for her news conference.

“Darkening your hair like that drives me crazy. I hate it,” says Suzanne Timmins, fashion director at The Bay. “When you’re not fair any more, you’re saying, `Take me seriously.’ All women should fight against that (stereotype).”

Wardrobe stylist Loretta Chin agrees darker hair suggests “a position of strength” while the jacket is “softer and more feminine. White also denotes innocence.”

Yesterday, Raitt, who’s married to comedian David Raitt and has two sons, John Colin, 7 and Billy, 4, masterfully handled a scrum after a Toronto speaking event.

Asked what has been hardest for her, she said it was “calling my 7-year-old and explaining to him that I was going to be making an apology because my words were taken in a bad way and just trying to explain to him what he would be seeing.”

My words were taken in a bad way? She doesn’t sound like a rational person to me.

#171 Moribund Monty on 06.25.09 at 8:31 pm


I coudn’t agree more about her.

Since our world is about to get a whole lot smaller due to the looming oil shortage, it must have a great effect to come on the economy.

Maybe, you could give us an up to date blog on just what is going to happen as the cheap oil disappears.

Jeff Rubin`s book is sure scary and if half of what he says comes about, we are in for God onlky knows what.

Moribund Montague.